The History of Vampires

Vampire is the collective name given to various Demon species created by Khastran. The first ever Demon.

Though the various Vampire races have many differences to each other and are all unique in some way. There are still a few key features that run throughout all of the different breeds, such as having the ability to turn human beings (and in some cases other natural creatures) into members of their own kind, and an inhuman thirst for the blood of natural creatures.

Vampires being the direct descendants of the first and most evil Demon Khastran are naturally the most destructive Demon species on earth. Their influence however spreads far beyond this planet, with the monsters having consumed entire worlds and races across the entire universe.

They are the most hated and feared creatures across many galaxies. Even other Demonic species and supernatural creatures are known to live in fear of the worst Vampire breeds.

As Fritz Klaber a famous 19th century Vampire hunter said “when monsters want to scare one another they tell each other Vampire stories“.

It is known that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of Vampire species. Despite this however only 40 species have been studied in great detail, all of which we will be looking at here as well as the history of these beasts.

The study of Vampires was for years a poorly understood and barely thought out field of research. Due to the fact that there were so many different breeds and myths about Vampires no one was sure which legend was true or not.

Professor Lawrence Van Helsing in the late 19th century would change that when he managed to compile knowledge of many Vampire species from around the world. He also discovered information about their origins which had remained a mystery for years before hand.

Most of the information gathered here as well as our modern understanding of Vampires comes from Lawrence Van Helsing’s research.


Vampires are the children of Khastran. The first Demon to exist in all of creation as well as the most powerful and dangerous.

Khastran himself was created directly by The Creator of all things. He believed that he was the Creators favourite son.

In the beginning The Creator created the Heavenly Realm. Realm’s are multiverses, and in the Heavenly Realm all of the universes were white, whilst the stars were blue.

The life forms that lived within the Heavenly Realm were referred to collectively as Angels. Angels were all naturally drawn towards good and the Heavenly Realm itself was a paradise. The Creator invented it simply because he was bored and lonely, being the only creature in existence. He sought to create what was in his mind, the perfect place to live and the perfect life forms for company.

The Creator eventually grew bored of the Angels however and so he created another multiverse. The Godly Realm. The universes in the Godly Realm were purple whilst the stars were green. Its life forms were collectively referred to as Gods. The Gods were on average stronger than the Angels but they were not drawn towards any kind of moral alignment. They could be both good and evil.

The Gods fascinated the Creator as unlike the Angels they would regularly war with each other. Many of them were just as kind as the Angels, but others were brutal and vicious.

Eventually the Creator grew bored of the Gods too however and he created the Natural Realm, which is the multiverse our universe exists in. All of the life forms that exist within the Natural Realm are called Naturals collectively.

Naturals much like the Gods had no moral alignment and could be both evil and good. Unlike the Gods and the Angels however they were mortal. The Creator also had no contact with them either unlike the Angels or the Gods. They had no idea why they even existed.

Unlike the Godly and Heavenly Realm’s certain aspects of the Natural Realm’s design could also prove fatal to the creatures who lived in it.

The Creator did however add a supernatural force called Magic to the Natural Realm. Magic was everywhere in the Natural Realm but it could only be accessed through certain rituals and enchantments. Natural creatures who summoned and were exposed to raw magic enough times would become a magical creature.

The Creator found the Natural’s to be his most fascinating creations. Whole species could spend millions of years adapting to their environment and then literally be wiped out in one catastrophe. Other races meanwhile could reach a point where they were able to survive beyond their whole planet’s destruction. Also unlike the God’s and the Angels, many natural creatures had to kill in order just to survive. Others who achieved sentience would wonder why they were created. Was it on purpose? Was it just some cosmic accident?

They unlike the Creators other creations would have to face the prospect that they would not only die one day, but could die at any moment. Some would accept it, whilst others would deny it and invent false ideas of an afterlife. Some societies might embrace science and never even discover magic, and believe throughout their entire history that there is a rationale scientific explanation for everything.

Others would become completely magical. Some might be destroyed by a scientific invention gone wrong. Others might be ruled over by a tyrant who was the only member of their kind who discovered magic and used it to dominate the others.

The Creator found the Natural’s the most interesting because he never knew what was going to happen next with them. Still even they could not entertain him forever and so he eventually decided to create a new Realm. This Realm would be the opposite of the Heavenly Realm in that it would not only be a hideous place to live, but the creatures who lived within it would all naturally be drawn towards evil. This was the Hellish Realm.

The universes in the Hellish Realm were all bright red, whilst the stars were pitch black. All of the creatures native to the Hellish Realm were referred to collectively as Demons.

Khastran’s species who were known as Kardons were the first Demons ever created, and he was the first of them as well as their undisputed ruler. The Kardons fed on the blood of other creatures, much as their children the Vampires later would. They lived in the worst world which lay at the centre of the most horrifying universe, which in turn was at the centre of the Hellish Realm itself.

Khastran was said to have lived in a castle of fire the size of a continent. Though he had absolute control over most of the Demons there was one member of his kind named Zukara who defied him. Zukara was almost as powerful as Khastran was and would regularly try and take his place as the supreme Demon. Though all of these attempts to dethrone Khastran were failures, Khastran was never able to capture and destroy Zukura either for many millions of years.

Khastran also had a daughter named Echidna. She wavered between being his enemy and his ally. At certain points his cruel treatment of her, as well as her own twisted, Demonic desire for power would lead her to turn on him, but she would usually end up going back to him. Though stronger than most other Demons, she was still much younger than her father and therefore not as powerful as he was.

Khastran would always take her back, not out of affection, but just to humiliate her. He would always make her grovel and beg first. The more and more times her attempted rebellion’s against her father failed and she was forced to come crawling back, the more crushing was the humiliation.

Khastran honestly believed that his daughter unlike Zukara could never be a true threat to him which again was why he enjoyed keeping her around. He loved watching her humiliate herself when she tried to outsmart and defeat him time and time again. She was aware of this and it drove her mad, being kept around essentially as a joke by her father. She was determined one day to prove him wrong above all else.

The Creator finding the Demons evil and destructive nature interesting decided to initially give them power far beyond that of the Gods and allowed them to ravage all of the other realms. The Creator himself even joined in the Demons destruction, but eventually he felt that the Demons were too destructive to be allowed to continue to have this power. He did not have any real affection for his other creations, but he did not want to see them all be destroyed as he hoped he could get some amusement out of watching the different realms war with each other.

Thus all of the Demons power was greatly reduced, though Khastran and his kind as well as a few other Demon species still remained strong enough to kill Gods and Angels.

The Creator would go on to create more realms in an effort to amuse himself (including a realm that was completely magical).

Eventually however The Creator found that he could no longer amuse himself and so he decided to end his life. Before his death however he decided to create one last realm, simply called The Realm. This Realm had no life forms in it, but it contained virtually limitless power. It is said that whoever was the first to enter would become as powerful as the Creator himself and rule over all the other realms for all eternity.

This realm could also only be accessed through one portal, on one planet, in all the universes. The Creator let this information be known to the most powerful life forms in each realm, the strongest Gods, Khastran and the Kardons, the most divine Angels, the most advanced civilisations in the Natural Realms, but he did not let any of them know where the portal was. With that The Creator then vanished. Never to be seen again.

There are some who believe that The Creator is not dead and that this is merely the latest way he is amusing himself. They believe he is secretly in hiding, watching so many of his creations war with each other in order to find this realm. Some believe that The Realm doesn’t give ultimate power to whoever is the first to enter it, and that this is merely another sick joke on The Creators part.

Others believe that The Creator intended it as a curse with whoever wins it being confined to the same fate as he had, of eternal life and ultimate power but not knowing how to use it.

Some believe that it was his last act of spite to his creations who had failed to give him meaning and enjoyment. Others believed that it was simply because he believed that the Omniverse needed someone to manage it in his place and this was the best way to choose a successor. To give all of his children a chance.

Whatever the case, Khastran became determined to find The Realm. He believed that he was the one The Creator wanted to find it as he felt The Creator like him was evil. He argued that The Creator must be evil as no truly benevolent creature could create other life forms to suffer the way that the Natural creatures do.

Khastran also claimed that no truly benevolent creature could create something as dark and twisted as he was. He pointed to the fact that there was corruption even among the Angels whilst among the most evil Demons such as he, there were absolutely no shades of grey whatsoever.

Thus Khastran felt that the Creator was ultimately evil and that he had been created to replace him. Khastran believed that the Creator had made it hard for him only because he was so cruel he could never simply give even his “favourite son” anything for free.

Khastran would eventually discover the planet the portal existed on. Our world, Earth.

At this point in its history the earth had become a magical planet. The early humans had discovered magic not long after they had invented the first tools. They used it to not only bring about an end to the Ice Age but also take control of their entire world which they would transform into a magical paradise.

Sadly the time of magic came to an end when Khastran and the Kardons arrived on the earth. The monsters drained most of the magic from the planet (though a few scant traces remained) in order to render the humans powerless, after which they then proceeded to inflict unimaginable torment on them.

Khastran would have a final battle with his old nemesis Zukara during the time he ruled the earth. Zukara by this point had built up a decent army of Demons and decided to launch a final strike at Khastran.

Though Zukara’s forces were able to slaughter many of Khastran’s Demons and bring devastation to many parts of the earth. Ultimately Khastran finally managed in a one on one battle, to destroy his Demonic rival once and for all.

The Gods and the Angels soon began to wonder why Khastran was spending so much time on a seemingly insignificant planet in the Natural Realm? They soon discovered that it was because it contained the portal and would mount an alliance against Khastran and his Demons.

The Angels and the Gods had never been great allies, but they still worked together to defeat Khastran’s forces. According to legend Khastran was on the cusp of discovering how to open the Portal when his forces were defeated.

Khastran and his Demons were only defeated because his daughter Echidna betrayed them. Khastran had greatly underestimated his daughter whose betrayal allowed the Angels to make a decisive victory which shattered many of his forces. Khastran however just after their defeat managed to find his daughter and rip her head clean off.

Khastran knew with his depleted forces that were there was no way he could continue to keep fighting the armies of the Heavenly Realm and the Godly Realm. He decided to surrender before they could kill him. He knew that the Angels could never kill him if he was no longer fighting them. Doing so would be considered an act of evil. If an Angel commits an act of evil then it becomes a Devil (which is not the same as a Demon).

The Gods would have happily killed Khastran but they did not hold the sway in their alliance with the Angels, as they were fewer in number. There was a civil war in the Godly realm due to the God Set going rogue.

The Gods had to respect the Angels wishes who instead decided to imprison Khastran and the rest of his species in Purgatory. A realm where nothing existed.

Little did the Angels know that Khastran had already made plans for his escape. Just before he surrendered he created a book, bound from his own flesh and inked in his own blood which he left with a group of humans, who he had gifted with immortality and other demonic powers (though they still remained basically human.)

These humans had worshipped Khastran when he ruled the earth. Khastran spared only the most evil humans from his cruelty. In order to prove themselves to Khastran the humans were forced to commit the most twisted acts.

Each page in the book Khastran had created had the power to make a human being the first of a new breed of a lesser blood drinking Demon similar to a Kardon but not as powerful. These creatures would come to be known collectively as Vampires.

Each Vampire species would have some of the powers of Khastran but none of them could have all of them, and none to the same extent. The reason for this was because the human body simply could not contain the full power of a Kardon. Never mind that of Khastran the leader of the Kardons.

Once someone was turned into the first of a new Vampire species the page that made them would then burn away. The book contains hundreds and thousands of pages.  It could only turn two people into Vampires over the course of every 3 months however.

All of the Vampires that the book created had the power to transform others into lesser Vampires like them, who could in turn transform others into Vampires.

The book contained a powerful binding spell where if the Vampires, the children of Khastran outnumber the human beings on earth. Then Khastran would be pulled from Purgatory and back on to earth where he could finish opening the portal, gain the creator’s power and make the entire Omniverse suffer forever.

The goal of the Vampires therefore was to kill and turn the humans around them until humanity was wiped out, after which their father would rise.

Khastran could see through the eyes of all of his children, though he could not either influence their actions or communicate with them. Still watching his children inflict horrors on humanity would help to somewhat alleviate the endless tedium of being trapped in the void of Purgatory.

After the Angels and the Gods (who were completely unaware of the existence of the book) left the earth then the humans that Khastran had entrusted to keep the book would use it to create the first Vampires, beginning their bloody legacy.

At the same time however from the beginning of their existence the Vampires would face a rival race of Demons. The Vandals.

The Vandals were the children of Khastran’s archenemy, Zukara. After he killed Zukara, Khastran had literally ripped his body to pieces and scattered them across the entire world in his fury.

Like Khastran however Zukara had established loyal human followers throughout his time on the earth whom he had also bestowed demonic powers too.

This cult managed to find a piece of his flesh. They would later become rivals of Khastran’s human followers and after they found out that he had created demonic children who could possibly free him, they sought to create children of Zukara who could destroy Khastran’s children. From the last piece of Zukara’s flesh they created a book that could transform people into the first of a new breed of Demon, all of whom would collectively be referred to as Vandals.

Vandals have many similarities to Vampires as both Khastran and Zukara were from the same species of Demon after all. They are also every bit as twisted and brutal as Vampires too. Still Vandals differ to Vampires in a number of important ways.

They feast on souls rather than on blood as Kardons also fed on souls too. Though they are capable of feeding on blood as well. They prefer not to as it reminds them of their hated Vampire enemies. Vandals believe the fact that they eat souls makes them superior to Vampires, as they are able to completely destroy a persons rather than simply kill them.

Vandals also feed using their massive talons rather than fangs. They will kill their victims by stabbing their hands into their bodies and draining their souls out. Its a slow, agonising death for the victim. Vandals also have the ability to devour ghosts too.

Despite this however Vandals do no wish to exterminate all of humanity like the Vampires do. They feed on human beings and naturally do not want to see their food supply replenished. Also they know that if Vampires out number all of humanity then Khastran would be free.

Whilst they may view human beings as being nothing more than cattle, ultimately their main goal is to exterminate Vampires from the face of the earth. Many Vandal species were stronger than many Vampire species, but nevertheless the strongest Vampires are stronger than the strongest Vandals. Vandals can not feed on Vampires or steal their souls and neither can turn each other.

Vandals have often been thought of as lazy and ineffective compared to Vampires as they have generally tended to remain hidden, but ironically they have had arguably a bigger influence on human history than Vampires.

They have managed to build a more cohesive secret society than the Vampires too, though that’s not to say that all Vandals are a part of it.

One group in particular who believed that they were the special children of Zukara, kept the last remaining piece of his flesh in the hopes that they could bring him back from the grave.

Vandals and Vampires have been at war with each other throughout their entire existence. Even those who do not know about their history will still feel an instinctive need to attack each other. At different points one race has had the advantage in terms of power over the other, but their war still continues to this day.

A third group of Demons created by a Kardon named Ghouls were created before either the Vampires or the Vandals. A Kardon minion of Khastran on earth transformed a human into a lesser Demon simply as a form of amusement. This human had apparently once been one of the greatest magical warriors on earth, Varden and the Demon turned him into a monster to crush the rebellious humans spirit.

Varden had the power to turn someone into the first of a new species of Ghoul but he could only do this once every hundred years. Originally under his influence the Ghouls were a dangerous race. Ghouls in contrast to Vampires and Vandals eat the flesh of their victims completely. They will eat just about anything from humans to demons, though they can only turn humans into members of their own kind. The Vampires and the Vandals would actually team up in one of the few times there has ever been an unthinkable Vampire/Vandal alliance in order to kill Varden.

After Vardens death though some species of Ghoul would survive, 13 in total, they would never be as big a threat as the Vampires or the Vandals apart from a few instances. Most of the time the Ghouls would become the servants of either the Vandals or the Vampires whenever one held sway.

The Lost Years

The earth had been left in a bad state by Khastran and his Demons. Magic had mostly gone from the earth though a few witches and warlocks remained who would try and bring it back.

Many areas of the earth had also been left as a desolate wasteland and the human population had dwindled. Many other species had been driven to extinction.

The first Vampires were born into a harsh and unforgiving world, but in spite, or perhaps because of this they thrived.

The Vampires managed to take control of the city of magic which had been established by one of the few remaining wizards on earth (who had hoped to use it to help bring magic back to the earth and become the dominant force again). Following this many warlocks and witches would become obsessed with destroying Vampires.

The Vampires main enemy however during this time was the immortal Vampire hunter, Leontine.

Initially just an ordinary human, Leontine spent her whole human life hunting the monsters and even led the army that eventually overthrew their city.

Eventually however when she seemingly nearing the end of her time. Leontine was approached by a witch named Xelax who also wanted to see the Vampires exterminated too, and cast a spell that would make Leontine virtually immortal.

The spell didn’t just simply make Leontine ageless however. It works where whenever Leontine dies, her soul inhabits the body of a recently deceased woman and reanimates it. Whilst she can still technically die, she will always be reborn, and furthermore Leontine will continue to be reborn as long as there are still Vampires and therefore she has continued to be reborn into new bodies throughout all of human history.

Leontine was able to kill all the human members of the human cult Khastran had established to guard the book and create more Vampire species.

Afterwards Leontine would keep the book for many years. She was sadly unable to destroy it due to the fact that it was made from the flesh of Khastran and no force on this earth could harm it.

Still Xelax would manage to create a race of Vampire hunters from the book itself. Xelax managed to draw power from the book and embedded it into a group of human beings. They did not become actual Demons, though they did feel compelled to be violent towards Vampires and Demons, which could sometimes manifest itself in being violent towards people too. These creatures would be referred to as Kresniks.

The Kresniks were not Xelax’s first attempt at fusing the power of the Vampire to a human being. She had attempted to do so to one of the greatest warriors of the time, named Alinork. Sadly however unlike the Kresniks, Alinork would become infected by the evil of Khasrtan and turned into a hideous Vampire/human hybrid.

Though Xelax attempted to help him. Sadly Alinork gave in to the Demonic influence and became a monster. He had the powers of many different Vampire breeds, but could not turn anyone into a creature like him.

Over the many centuries Alinork would waver between good and evil. Sometimes his evil side would be dominant and he would work with the Vampires. At other times his humanity would be dominant. Currently as of the writing of this article, he claims to be reformed, though naturally very few Vampire hunters trust him.

Xelax also infused the power of the book with several Wolves turning them into supernatural predators of Vampires. These White Wolves would be utilised to protect many villages from the Vampires. A single White Wolf could kill multiple Vampires.

Despite these setbacks many Vampire species on earth were created during this age, though very few would survive until modern day.

The lost age would come to an end when the evil god Set attacked the earth. Set had been driven mad when he saw the creator and his Demons such as Khastran inflict pain and suffering on other life forms. He came to the conclusion that the creator was pure evil and therefore everything he had created was evil too.

Set planned to destroy all of creation itself and he managed to drain the power from his fellow Osirians to become virtually omnipotent. He destroyed entire universes with his power across many realms in his rampage.

Eventually Set came to the planet earth to destroy the portal to The Realm. Unlike Khastran he did not wish to gain its power, as he believed he was already the most powerful creature in all of existence. Set wanted instead to tear it apart, as he saw it as the ultimate sign of the Creator’s evil, that he would make his own creations fight and kill each other over it, and that the Creator through the Realm would allow the possibility of a creature as evil as Khastran to rule the omniverse.

Even Set could not destroy it however, but his attempts to do so began to devastate the entire surface of the earth to an even worse extent than Khastran. Entire species were wiped out, and life forms were twisted into hideous monstrosities.

Set would be opposed by the most powerful Gods, Demon, Angels, and the most advanced Natural Creatures who all entered into an unholy alliance against him (though Khastran was still not freed from Purgatory to help against Set.)

It was actually Leontine herself who killed Set. She was chosen by the most powerful members of the alliance against Set to wield a powerful weapon they had created. The weapon could harm Set but they knew they would never get near enough to use it.

Thus they gave it to a Natural Creature who Set would never believe could harm him. Leontine managed to catch him off guard and struck Set with it. Leontine only managed one strike before he destroyed her latest body. Still that one blow weakened him enough that he wasn’t able to recover and the combined forces of the Gods, Demons and Angels then finally destroyed Set.

After Set’s death several Gods whose planets had been destroyed including the Olympians would rebuild the earth. They restored it to its natural state and even brought magic back to the planet in full (though not as the dominant force.)

There were many reasons the Gods did this. The earth reminded the Olympians of their own planet that had been destroyed. Also the earth had been left in such a devastated state by Set. Far worse than even how Khastran and his Demons had left it, that they took pity on on the planet and its people.

Most importantly however the Gods wanted to protect The Realm from any other life forms who wanted to gain access to its power and rule the Omniverse.

After Khastran’s attack the Angels and the Gods had managed to cover up why he had visited the earth. Sadly in the war with Set many other life forms who took part in the battle became aware of why Set had visited the planet, and therefore became aware of The Realm’s location.

On earth meanwhile many Vampires had been wiped out during Set’s attack. Nevertheless during the invasion the Vampire named Slarchon who was Leontine’s nemesis managed to steal the book from her. She would use it to create more Vampire species in the years to come.

The Age of the Gods and The Roman Empire

The Gods who now ruled the earth initially did not think that the Vampires were any more than average Demons. However the more and more of them that began to spread out across the earth, the more the Gods would begin to view them as a credible threat.

It was during this time thanks to Slarchon who could fly that the Vampires began to spread all over the world like never before. One Vampire named Seekrops was the first Vampire who would go on to terrorise the oceans. Seekrops as a man had been cursed by Poseidon the God of the Oceans to wander the 7 seas in a boat with other lost souls forever.

Slarchon however used the book to turn him into a Vampire which allowed him to leave his boat. Armed with his new found Vampire abilities Seekrops would attack Poseidons favourite people, the Mermaids and would turn many of them into Vampires too.

The Vampires war with the Mermaids would continue under the ocean for many hundreds of years to come.

The Vampires would also destroy the city of Atlantis during this time too. Atlantis was the most advanced city on earth but the Vampires still managed to take it over when Slarchon turned the former greatest warrior of Atlantis, Korsea into a Vampire. Korsea had saved the city from Ares the God of War and slain many of the most dangerous monsters. However his career had come to a dismal end in the later years of his life. In part to ill health but more due to the effects of many injuries sustained in various battles over the years.

Though the public still loved him, Hera, who ruled Atlantis removed him from his position as Atlantis’s defender. All Korsea had ever known was being a warrior and without it he became severely depressed and even contemplated suicide. Slarchon approached him and offered him the chance to become a warrior again, telling him that as a Vampire he would be stronger than ever. She also told him that he owed Hera and the people of Atlantis, who both cast him aside as soon as he was of no further use to them nothing. Eventually he agreed and, the once greatest warrior of Atlantis the first of a new race of Vampires.

Korsea subsequently turned many people including most of the army into Vampires. His incredible fighting skills as well as his inside knowledge of Atlantis made him the best candidate to spread Vampirism across Atlantis. Hera did her best to try and banish the Vampires from the city but eventually they overran it.

The Goddess soon realised that there was nothing she could do as their hold on the city was too great. In order to stop the Vampires from using the resources of Atlantis to invade and conquer lesser cities. Hera destroyed the entire city using a powerful weapon which sunk it beneath the ocean.

The event broke Hera. Atlantis which she had built, had been her proudest creation and she considered it to be the greatest civilisation on earth (which in many ways it was). The fact that she couldn’t save it from an evil she had completely underestimated completely destroyed her and the guilt would remain with Hera forever. She would subsequently help Leontine in her battles with the Vampires around the rest of the world as a result.

Sadly however there was a limit as to how much Hera could help Leontine. Ultimately all of the Gods efforts were taken up with battling Ares who sought to try and conquer the world and gain the power of The Realm. There were many Vampires in Ares army but again Hera aside not many of the other Gods (who did not care about Atlantis like she did.) Believed the Vampires to be particularly dangerous.

There was at least one survivor of the destruction of Atlantis. Ironically it was the warrior who had taken Korsea’s place as the guardian of Atlantis. A young woman named Lucia who survived thanks to the efforts of her mother, who was the high priestess of Atlantis (this was part of why Korsea hated her as he believed she had only replaced him due to nepotism.)

Her mother sensed that Hera would simply destroy Atlantis rather than help it as it was too far gone. So she created a magical barrier around her daughter which protected her from the destruction of the city. Unfortunately however Lucia would remain in the magical bubble in suspended animation for thousands of years until the second world war when she was finally released.

The Vampires also created from the pages of the book several giant Vampire creatures which they used to cause havoc across various cities. Though the Gods managed to defeat these giant beasts. It did still alert many of them such as Athena to the dangers the Vampires posed but sadly once again all of their time was taken up with Ares.

Ares would however later revive the daughter of Khastran, Echidna. Her corpse had been buried beneath the earth. Ares revived her, but in order to ensure her loyalty bound her to him with a spell. If she disobeyed his orders then she would die.

Echidna would create many monsters to serve Ares. Her most notable creations were the Sarks. The Sarks were Demons who like Vampires, Vandals and Ghouls could turn human beings into members of their own kind. They could appear human, though their true forms were hideous, white haired, orange skinned, rotting, fanged, clawed, green eyed Demons.

Sarks fed on the conflict between people. They could take control of human beings through powerful hypnotic powers and force them to kill each other. However they would often use their shapeshifting powers to blend in with the rest of humanity and manipulate them into fighting each other for their own benefit.

Sarks are an even more secretive race compared to Vandals. It is not known how widespread they are. So little is known about them, but they do not seem to hate Vampires as much as Vandals do. They still generally dislike Vampires as they see them as a threat to their food supply, but they have been known to work with Vampires on certain occasions.

It is believed that Sarks have been responsible for many conflicts throughout human history. The more conflict and strife there is in their vicinity, then the stronger they grow, though there is a limit to their strength. At their strongest they can rival among the most powerful Vandals and Vampires.

Echidna would later go on to create many more Vampiric monsters for Ares including the Vampiric Dragons, the Hydra’s. Eventually Echidna would turn on Ares too however and find a way to break free from his binding spell.  She summoned up an army of Vampiric monsters to destroy all life on the earth after which she then hoped to open The Realm herself.

The Hydra’s were her most powerful creations, but she created many more powerful monster breeds. Among these included the Cyclops, giants that had been turned into monsters by Echidna’s powers. They were stronger than regular giants and consumed the entirety of their victims.

Echidna’s armies devastated and destroyed whole civilisations before finally being destroyed by the Gods, including Ares, and the Dragons who briefly entered into an alliance with each other.

Most of Echidna’s children would be slaughtered in the war such as the hydra, but a few of the smaller and weaker children survived. There are currently 23 of Echidna’s children that still exist today. Collectively the children of Echidna are referred to as the Empusa’s.

The Empusa’s prey primarily on magical creatures such as Witches. They were created by Echidna to be able to drain the power from both Gods and Dragons. Though it would take multiple Empusa’s to drain all but the weakest Gods (except for the Hydra) they can drain Witches no problem. They feed on magic and Ichor (which runs through the veins of all Gods). As there are no Gods on earth anymore, their main source of prey in the modern world is magical creatures.

In many cases they have been known to keep Witches and Warlocks alive for ages in order to feed on them. Once they drain a Witch, or a magical creature, or a God they will gain its powers for a limited period of time before it wears off.

The longest they can hold their power for is a few hours. The Empusa are obviously immune to almost all forms of magic.

The Empusa’s would later flee to the land of magic known as Exaros. Exaros was created by a group of powerful Warlocks and Witches to be a land where magical creatures could live away from the rule of the Gods and the rest of humanity that feared them. It is shielded from the rest of the world. Unless you use a particular spell, you will never find it.

Naturally as their prey was in a greater abundance, most of the Empusa’s, who could sense the magic from the place gravitated there. Though the Empusa are sometimes still found in other places, by and large they are most common in Exaros.

Empusa’s just like Vandals hate Vampires due to their mother’s hatred for Khastran. However unlike the Vandals they have not been locked in a war with them for centuries, simply due to the fact that most of them live in Exaros and are rare elsewhere.

Before her death Echidna would infect one of the Gods who lived in Norway called Ymir. Ymir had once been one of their bravest warriors, and after he was infected by Echidna he tried to control himself. Insisting to his fellow Gods that he could control the evil inside him, sadly though he held out for many years, eventually he too became a monster.

Ymir created a race of monsters known as the Jotunn. These monsters feed on Demons and humans. They were originally created by Ymir to help humanity. He hoped they would slay the monsters and Demons that were terrorising people all over the world. At first the monsters were hailed as heroes, but eventually they started to turn on the humans when there weren’t as many Demons around to feed on.

It was not long after this that Ymir would give in to his thirst. Many believed that it was the failure of the Jotunn that finally convinced him that he could not hold back any longer.

Ymir would try and use his army of Jotunn to sweep the earth, but fortunately Ymir was killed and most of the Jotunn were slaughtered by the Norse Gods before they could have a chance to spread.

A few of the Jotunn would survive however and have continued even to this day. Though they are still rare, as all other Demon races have naturally wanted to keep their numbers low.

The Jotunn are as single minded as animals. They are also incredibly powerful, more so than most Demon, Vampire, and Vandal species. They have the power to turn all other Demon species and even Vampires, Vandals, Sarks, Ghouls, and Empusa’s into members of their kind as well as feed on them.

Together Vampires, Vandals, Sarks, Empusa’s, Ghouls and Jotunn’s are referred to as the children of the Kardons as they are all merely descendants of  the Kardons.

It would be after the Gods left the earth that the Vampires would attempt to take over (the Gods left after Ares was finally defeated and banished from the planet, because they felt that their presence was harming humanity. Despite their faults the Gods did still care for humanity)

During the time of the Gods, the Vampires slowly began to build up their forces in secret with Slarchon as their leader. They had built up a reasonable army despite the loss of Atlantis. They had also suffered some other huge setbacks during the three wars which took place in the time of the Gods. The war against Echidna and her children, the war between the Dragons and the Gods, and the final war against Ares and his forces, but ultimately they managed to build up a reasonable army.

After the Gods finally left, (which is when recorded human history began) the Vampires managed to seize many areas, but they would later face a new enemy in the form of the Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire had first become aware of the danger Vampires posed when Nero one of their emperors became a Vampire and nearly burned Rome to the ground.

Though the Vampires were stronger, ultimately they were not as united as the Romans. Vampires being such naturally evil, greedy, and selfish creatures were unable to work together as strongly as the Romans were.

The Romans also had help from other supernatural creatures too who viewed Vampires as the greater threat. These included Werewolves.

A very decisive battle was fought between an army of Vampires and other supernatural creatures and Romans during the reign of the emperor Trajan. Trajan in particular had a hard policy against Vampires and viewed them as the ultimate threat to the civilised world. Among Vampire hunters he is celebrated even to this day for helping to reduce the Vampire population considerably and drive many Vampire species to extinction.

The army of Vampires that had emerged just before his reign was the largest ever assembled and the war took place over many areas of Europe throughout most of Trajan’s reign. Many Romans even turned themselves into Werewolves willingly in order to battle the Vampires.

Many supernatural creatures would be more accepted into Roman society after the Vampire war. Sadly however after the fall of the Empire as societies descended into barbarism, the supernatural and the natural would turn on each other once again.

After the war, Vampires would mostly flee to remote areas beyond the Empire’s reach such as Scotland.

Trajan would also set up organisations around the world designed to combat the paranormal. These organisations would be referred to simply as Trajan’s and they tried to gather information on Vampires, Demons and the occult long before Van Helsing’s research. Its is not known how much information they managed to find about the Vampires, but wherever they existed they often had authority above and beyond anyone else in the area.

Many believe that they were actually the creation of Leontine instead, but they would be known as Trajans and they would endure long after the Roman Empire fell.

Slarchan also gave up on her kind after the war as she believed that they would never win due to the fact that her kind were so treacherous and disloyal. She simply threw the book away, though the book would fall into the hands of various other sorcerers and be used to create more Vampire breeds in the following centuries often by people who had no idea of what it actually was.

The Vampires would later get even with Rome, when the Vampire known as Attila the Hun managed to discover the God Mars’ ancient sword. This sword which had been created for Ares had virtually limitless power. When Attila wielded it he had the power of a God and was able to sack Rome itself.

Though Atilla was later destroyed by Leontine, his influence along with the decline of Rome in general helped to lead to a rise of Vampires around all of Europe.

After the Roman empire fell another kingdom at the heart land of Europe known as Maruca would rise and attempt to take its place. The Vampires and the Vandals would ultimately bring about the ending of this kingdom too.

Beyond the Earth

The curse of Vampirism would get a chance to spread far beyond the stars when a group of Martians arrived on the earth.

The Martians were a highly advanced race. They were a peaceful people who believed in science and rationality above all else. There were no supernatural creatures on their planet.

The Martians travelled to the earth simply to explore and observe. They had no desire to interfere in the affairs of earth at all.

Whilst the expedition were exploring the earth one of them was bitten by a Vampire. This breed of Vampire had the power to turn other natural creatures into Vampiric life forms unlike most races who can only turn humans.

The Martian quickly changed into a Vampire and then returned to its home planet where it infected more. Very soon the Vampires overran the planet. The Martians had no experience of the supernatural and the few weapons they did have were useless against the Vampires. Never had the Martians experienced such cruelty and naked evil.

Most of the Martians were turned, those who weren’t were kept in cages like cattle. They were tortured for the amusement of their twisted Vampire captors and bled like animals.

The Vampires completely and utterly destroyed the entire surface of Mars and any traces of its civilisation.

After the Martians were exterminated the Vampires using their technology headed out into space.

They would wipe out whole civilisations on other planets, turn members of their kind, absorb their knowledge and technology, and build up a powerful interstellar empire. Their greatest advantage was the fact that no life forms on any world other than earth knew their weaknesses.

Naturally the Vampires selfish and greedy nature would lead to some problems in working together. Still the knowledge the Vampires absorbed made them among the most advanced races in the universes.

The “Space Vampires” would be opposed by the organisation known as The Manilorians who had been formed by a Goddess known as Maniloria. They were made up of life forms from many different planets to combat the paranormal across the entire universe.

The Manilorians had been formed after the Vampires had taken over Mars. They had actually driven them from the planet in the first place, and prevented the blood suckers from returning to earth after they had consumed Mars and other worlds.

Sadly however they were never able to wipe the Vampires out completely, but they have nevertheless continued to fight the bloodsuckers and protect the earth for thousands of years.

The Vampires wished to return to earth initially just because it was where they had originated. However later ironically when battling the Manilorians, some of whom’s people came from earth. The Vampires found out about their history, that if the Vampires outnumbered humanity then their father Khastran would rise. They became even more determined to conquer humanity, though fortunately the Manilorians have been able to hold them off to this day.

In the 1960’s however a small group of the “Space Vampires” managed to make their way to earth and tried to launch an invasion, but they were opposed by a group of supernatural creatures called the Legion of Paranormal, who successfully foiled their invasion.

War between the Vampires and the Vandals and the Vampire Hunter Renaissance

For the next several centuries on Earth the book of Khastran would fall into the hands of various different people, creating new Vampire breeds along the way.

Things would get worse for the Vampires however as they soon entered into a centuries long war with their old enemies the Vandals.

Many Vandal breeds had always banded together as a hidden society, even during the time of the Roman empire. They had even provided some assistance to Trajan during his war against the Vampires (though Trajan only worked with them a few times as he generally considered them to be as bad as the Vampires morally if not as dangerous.)

The war between the Vampires and the Vandals would be fought for almost 1000 years from the fall of Rome right the way through to the 13th century across all of Europe, with both sides managing to seize certain territories at different points.

During the wars both the Vampires and the Vandals would destroy most of the Trajans across Europe too.

The Vampires managed to achieve a huge victory over the Vandals when they found the book of the Vandals. The book had been missing since Set’s attack on the earth but the Vampires had managed to finally find it and decided to take it to the top of the famous mountain of everlasting torment!

The mountain of everlasting torment had been created by Ares. At the top of the mountain there was a massive pit full of green liquid, If someone fell into the pit, they would suffer the most unimaginable agony non stop. Those who fell into the pit could also never escape from it either, except for Alinork, who was the only being ever to have crawled out of it. Even then however it took him close to 100 years. Overcoming the agony of the pit was said to be what finally enabled Alinork to resist the Demon inside him.

The pit was also seemingly never ending too and could store a virtually limitless supply of souls.

The Vampires hoped to throw the book into the pit in order to prevent any more Vandals from being created. Though the Vandals tried to stop them, and there was a huge pitched battle fought atop the mountain. The Vampires still succeeded in throwing the book into the pit.

The Vampires would also managed to imprison one of their ancient enemies during this period too, the Vesikas. The Vesikas were originally one all powerful Demon named Larika. Larika was one of the most powerful of all Demons. He despised Khastran for the most petty of reasons. He believed that he was the most evil of all Demons instead of Khastran, and should be made their king by the Creator instead.

He went to incredible lengths to prove he was more evil. He even wiped out his own kind, in order to prove that he had no loyalty to anyone, unlike Khastran who still had a family, a people, even pets!

Larika eventually met his end when he picked a fight with several Gods who managed to overpower him and smashed his body and soul into thousands of pieces.

Unfortunately these pieces would later form into separate individual Demonic spirits who would become known as the Vesikas. The Vesika’s retained some of the memories of Larika, and were still all connected, but ultimately they were separate beings.

Eventually the Vesika would come to earth, after having drifted from world to world across whole realms. Whenever they arrived on a planet they would cause as much havoc as they could, sometimes even destroying the entire world they visited. Eventually however, round about the time of the 10th century they sensed Khastran’s children, the Vampires and initially thinking it was him, arrived on our world to try and get revenge on their former archenemy.

Of course finding Khastran gone, the Vesikas would try and destroy Khastran’s children instead.

The Vesikas had the power to possess any natural creature, as well as many Demon species too, though they could not possess Vampires or Vandals. Whilst their host bodies could be destroyed through vast amounts of damage, the Demons themselves could only be destroyed by strong magics.

The Vesikas hated Vampires even more than the Vandals did, but they never became allies of the Vandals, as they hated them too. The Vesikas, much like the Demon who spawned them are desperate to prove that they are the most evil creatures in all of creation, but they are particularly obsessed with proving that they are far more evil than Vampires and Vandals.

In the late 12th Century the Vampires and the Vandals would pull their resources together by using the most advanced sorcerers in both of their ranks to create a magical book called the Demoraca that absorbed and trapped the souls of all of the Vesikas. The Vandals and the Vampires had also imprisoned witches and warlocks all over Europe and would use them as a slave labour forced to build weapons against each other including the Demoraca.

The Demoraca would later backfire on the Vandals and Vampires however as a group of witches who managed to escape from their camps would manage to steal it and use its power to absorb and trap various other Demon species across the globe, including both Vampires and Vandal species. Before its power could be used to trap all Vampires and Vandal species however, the two bitter enemies would launch a final magical strike that destroyed the entire area that witches were using the book in, killing all of them and burying the book under the earth where it would remain trapped until the 1950s before being freed by an eccentric millionaire known as Michael Carpenter.

Carpenter was in actual fact a warlock who had used magics to make himself eternally young. He had lived for over 300 years, acquiring many magical artefacts and playing a key role, from behind the scenes in many key events in human history through this period.

Unfortunately for Carpenter, a Witch rival of his cursed him. It was an utterly irreversible curse, and one that killed its victims in the slowest, most agonising way possible.

Carpenter tried using all his wealth, knowledge of magics, and resources to try and find a cure, but he couldn’t do it, and in his last few months, as the curse began to slowly rip his body to pieces, Carpenter decided to free the Vesikas. He had found the book they were imprisoned in many years ago, but until now he hadn’t even opened it out of fear.

He had simply used it as a symbol of fear to his enemies, but even then it hadn’t worked as no one believed Carpenter, or anyone for that matter would be insane enough to bring the Vesikas back.

Carpenter however, having lived for so long, having influenced so much, couldn’t stand the idea that he would die and the world would just go on without him. So in his last few months he used all of his resources to free the Vesikas, and he was successful. The monsters have since continued their war with both the Vampires and the Vandals.

The Vandals would ultimately manage in the long run to win the war simply because they were simply better organised and because they had more help.

Whilst most Demons and people of Europe would rather the Vampires and the Vandals simply wiped each other out, in a fight most people and Demons would still nevertheless want the Vandals to win.

The Vandals would gain a particularly strong ally in the form of the Goblins, the collective name given to all of the creatures who originate within the Goblin Realm. The Goblin Realm was one of the last to created by The Creator. Its Universes are green whilst its stars are pink.

The Goblin Realm was an attempt by the Creator to create a realm of creatures who would all work in unison. All previous attempts had ended in a dismal failure, despite the Creators best attempts.

So for the Goblin Realm, The Creator decided that he would lock them in a war with another realm, having come to believe that the only way for a group of people to unite was against a common enemy.

The Goblins were locked in a perpetual war with the Monster Realm. The inhabitants of both Realms were told by the Creator that they were his favourite creations, and that their goal was to wipe the other one out to determine who was his most favourite.

For the most part the Goblins and the Monsters fought with each other, with both believing that they were the Creators chosen people and would be rewarded when they destroyed the other.

Still even then there were some divisions, with many Goblins and Monsters refusing to fight, even forming alliances with each other (though this was difficult as much like with Vampires and Vandals, Monsters and Goblins have an instinctual loathing of each other.)

Some would even just forget the war and flee to other planets in other realms and live their own lives. It would be one of these Goblins that would begin the war against Vampires.

This Goblin, named Dowerth, was originally a selfish, vagabond. He was the head of a small community of Goblins who hoarded wealth and lived underground.

Like most Goblins they regarded himself as superior to all other life forms, and even kept several humans as slaves. However all of that changed when they were visited by a young girl from a nearby village that had been torn apart by Vampires. The Goblins however at that point, like many before them underestimated the Vampires and simply took the young girl whose name was Flescha in as a slave.

Sadly for Dowerth, the Vampires would next attack his community (in order to get at the slaves they were holding.) Completely unprepared for Vampires, the Goblins were butchered just as easily as the humans.

Only Dowerth and Flescha escaped, and together they would continue to hunt Vampires over the earth, with Dowerth inspiring many other Goblins to fight the good fight.

Not all of the Goblins intentions were so noble. Many did it because they were paid handsomely by the wealthy to protect them for Vampires. Furthermore the more Goblins started fighting Vampires, then the more Vampires would begin to attack and kill Goblins, which in turn led to more Goblins viewing Vampires as their enemies.

The Goblins would prove to be arguably the most vital allies of the Vandals against the Vampires and by the end of the thirteenth century. After close to 100 years of fighting. The Vampires had lost almost all of their territories to the Vandals.

The last place the Vampires had control over was England, due to the fact that the Prince of England, John was a Vampire.

John would be opposed by a man named Robin Hood, the most skilled archer in the land who eventually was able to topple the phoney Vampire king of England.

After John’s death the last power base for the Vampires vanished. The Vandals subsequently ended up controlling most of European society, including the Ottomon empire from behind the scenes.

Whilst most of its population were unaware of this. All of the leaders of Europe were completely under the thumb of the Vandals. The Vandals did not control their every action however. They did not care if the humans warred with each other. The Vandals simply used the resources for their own benefits, though all European leaders had to cater to every one of their demands and could not do anything against them. Any Monarchs that spoke out against the Vandals were quietly disposed of.

They would also suppress all knowledge of the supernatural from most of Europe for their own benefit. They felt this would make things easier for them as their prey would no longer be able to defend themselves. Not only did they spread propaganda about Demons and the occult just being myths, but they also destroyed information on them too and shut down all of the remaining Trajans and destroyed all of their bases. By the 19th century there would only be one left. The Vandals would also try and police other forms of supernatural activity too.

Though they weren’t the strongest supernatural creatures, their superior resources allowed them to enforce this.

Many other Demons came to love the new Europe the Vandals had created. Here their prey was completely unaware of how to fight them.

The Goblins would be rewarded too with wealth and high positions across Europe. Though some Goblins, including ironically Dowerth, refused to be under the thumb of the Vandals, most of them were happy with the new arrangement.

Naturally the Vandals also began to systematically exterminate their old enemies the Vampires across Europe. They succeeded in wiping out many Vampire species from Europe and dwindled their numbers considerably. In the smaller regions that the Vandals did not care for, the Vampires were still able to survive. Still the Vandals essentially ruled in Europe whilst the Vampires reached the low point in their history.

Whilst the European Vampires were being hunted by the Vandals the reverse was true in China. The Vampires of China had virtually driven the Vandals who lived there to extinction, though even then the Vampires didn’t hold the power in China. They were simply more numerous.

The Vandals wanted to find the book of Khastran in order to prevent any more Vampire species from being created.

The book had fallen into the hands of a group of Demons who lived in a Pocket Dimension, known as the Sohers.

The Sohers were not one species of Demon. Rather they were a group of Demons who considered themselves the elite. Initially they created their own pocket Dimension and fled there. Pocket Dimensions are as their name would suggest, mini Dimensions usually no bigger than a large island.

They can be created using the strongest magics. The Sohers created their dimension as sanctuary for Demons all around the world to live in order to be free from the human filth. Many viewed the Sohers as cowards who knew they would never be able to take the earth by force. So they fled to their little corner.

Still their dimension did become known as a paradise for Demons. Humans (who they regularly captured) were kept as pets and tortured by the Demons for fun in the Sohers dimensions. Many Demons therefore would do all they could to try and join the dimension. However again the Sohers would accept only what they regarded as the best, which earned them a reputation as effete snobs among the Demon world.

One Demon species that was allowed in despite not being one of the most ferocious were the Desmaks. The Desmaks were a low level race of Demons who were nearly extinct. They didn’t have any devastating powers, but they also weren’t able to blend in with humanity either as they looked absolutely hideous.

These Demons begged the Sohers to let them in, and at first they naturally refused. Later when they saw how pitiful the Desmaks were, they decided to take them in as they felt they could be a rich source of amusement.

They treated the Desmaks appallingly. Indeed they were barely better off than the Sohers human victims.

This would later prove to be their undoing however. During the Vandals rule over Europe the Sohers decided to finally take control of the world beyond their pocket dimension.

The Sohers had grown jealous of the Vandals who ruled over all of Europe. The Vandals were feared and respected throughout the world due to the power they wielded, whilst the Sohers were now seen as pathetic cowards. Fewer and fewer Demons expressed a desire to join them and so the Sohers decided that they would show the Vandals who the real elite were. They launched a full scale war on Europe from their Dimension.

They honestly believed in their arrogance that a victory over the Vandals would be easy as they consisted of the strongest and most ferocious Demons.

Sadly however whilst they put up a good fight. They were ultimately crushed by the Vandals in less than a decade of fighting.  These Demons had spent too long living in paradise. Only occasionally venturing out to snatch the odd human. The Vandals meanwhile had been maintaining an entire continent, as well as several empires for centuries.

The Sohers suffered devastating losses. The only reason they weren’t completely wiped out was because the Vandals could never quite gain access to their dimension.

The Sohers did not give up however and after their crushing defeat they managed to find the book of Khastran.

Knowing full well what it was capable of, the Sohers leaders hoped to use it to fuse the power of the Khastran to themselves to create a new army that could vanquish the Vandals. Again even though the Vampires had failed against the Vandals, the Sohers believed in their arrogance that they would be able to use the power more wisely.

Sadly for the Sohers this would be their undoing. The leader of the Sohers conducted a ritual which would enable him to become essentially a Vampire/Demon hybrid. However in the middle of the ritual his pet Desmak killed him. It caught him completely unaware. He also had never expected it to strike against him anyway.

The Desmak then performed the ritual (being close to its master it knew what to do) and it became the first of a new race of Vampire/Demon hybrids. The last of the children of the Kardons.

The Desmak would go on to liberate his people by infecting all the Desmak’s he could. The Desmaks now armed with the power of the Vampire slaughtered the rest of the Demons in the Sohers home dimension.

The Desmaks would rename themselves, Fiends. The Fiends would continue to grow their numbers whilst striking out against the Vandals in Europe. The Fiends ultimate aim was to conquer all other races of the world. They did not wish to destroy them. They simply wished to rule them and make them suffer, as they had suffered as the lowly Desmaks. They despised all other life forms and viewed them as inferior.

The Fiends would continue to launch attacks against the Vandals for years. They did not launch a full war like the Sohers. Instead they would slowly build up their numbers, staged hit and run attacks on key areas, and generally undermined their influence anywhere they could.

The Fiends would also supply assistance to the Vampires too. Though the Fiends hated most other life forms, initially they did feel a certain kinship with Vampires due to the fact that they were both the children of Khastran. Still neither had any true affection or trust for each other. The Fiends still kept the book of Khastran for themselves to prevent the Vampires numbers from growing.

The combination of the Fiends and the Vampires working together would gradually help to undermine the Vandals power over the next few centuries.

The Vampires would regain control of their book when a group of Vampires formed an unlikely alliance with the Vandals to steal it back from the Fiends.

A notorious Vampire named Varnae (who at that point was an ally of the Fiends) agreed to help a group of Vandals sneak in there to steal the book. The Vampires and the Vandals knew that the other would stab them in the back, the first choice they could get. However they also knew that they would never succeed without the others help. Without a Vampire agent on the inside, the Vandals couldn’t possibly hope to get into the Fiends home dimension, whilst without the Vandals resources Varnae couldn’t hope to steal the book back.

A team of Vampires and Vandals, thanks to Varnae’s help managed to make their way into the Fiends dimension and though they were almost all slaughtered. (Thanks both to the Fiends and their own members betraying each other.) Varnae was able to successfully steal the book.

Varnae would use it to create more of his kind in the hopes of bringing about a revolution against the Vandals. Sadly for the Vampires, he was unsuccessful and would later be forced to flee across Europe. He fled not just from the Vandals, but also vengeful Fiends, becoming their most wanted man.

He finally met his end in the land of Moldova where he was killed by an angry mob. The book would remain there for many years afterwards however, with Varnae having hidden it in an old church.

The Fiends meanwhile would despite Varnae’s betrayal continue to work with the Vampires. Towards the end of the 19th century the Fiends had built up a massive army and did plan to take Europe by force. The Vandals however, who by that point were a dying empire would manage one last victory. They managed to cast a spell which sealed them in their own pocket dimension. They accomplished this by working with the Witches. The Vandals had persecuted the Witches throughout their rule. The reason for this was simple. The Witches were humans, their prey, who thanks to magic could actually pose a threat to them.

Here however the Witches agreed to work with their old enemies due the threat the Fiends posed.

The Fiends trapped on the inside of their dimension were never able to break the spell completely. They were able to break it partially however. This would allow only a few Fiends to leave their dimension at a time. The Fiends on the outside were never able to reproduce, as they could only turn someone into a member of their kind in their own dimension.

Still the Fiends have remained a menace to this day, though there can only ever be 30 of them on earth at any given time.

Fiends feast on both the blood and soul of their victims. Whenever you kill one its soul will survive and return to its own dimension. There it can be given a new body by its masters if they choose to do so. Thus they are very hard to kill. Fiends have continued to work alongside Vampires even to this day, being one of the few species that they seemingly get on with at times.

The Vampires new leader meanwhile would be created in the 15th Century. Vlad Dracula!

In life Dracula had been the Prince of Wallachia, but at a young age he was sold by his father Vlad Dracul the Second, alongside his brother Radu the Third to the Ottomans who held them both prisoner for 6 years. After the assassination of his father and brother, Vlad escaped to Moldova where he at first settled down, married and had 5 children, 4 boys and a girl.

He later joined a Demonic cult that had discovered the book of Khastran. They had no idea where it had come from but they believed rightfully that it contained incredible power. They intended to use it to transform one member of their cult into a Demon but they felt that only the most worthy member should be allowed to become a Demon as they viewed it as a gift!

After joining their cult Dracula would prove himself by passing their gruelling tests (which had killed all the others who had tried) after which using the book they transformed him into the first of a new breed of Vampire.

Armed with his new Vampiric powers and abilities Dracula would return to Transylvania where he would reclaim the throne and slaughter all of his usurpers.

After he became the ruler of Wallachia a second time, Dracula would first of all have all the members of the the cult who had made him a Vampire killed and the book locked up.

He was unsure of what to do with his family. He certainly had no affection for them and he did consider just killing them. Still he decided to spare his children as he wanted the Dracula legacy to live on in case anything happened to him. He decided he would raise them until they became adults after which they would become Alpha Vampires like him. He would raise them to be loyal to and fear him.

They would be the only other Alpha Vampires he would create however, as he didn’t want anyone else to challenge his power.

Dracula’s wife, Marvia Zeleska managed to escape with one of the children, Dracula’s daughter Marya Zeleska. They were on the run for 9 years before Dracula managed to find them. He had his former wife brutally tortured to death and his daughter taken into his care. Dracula at this point didn’t even care much for his daughter, he simply wanted her back because he hated the idea that anyone would steal from him.

Dracula tried to crush all of humanity out of his children before they were to become Vampires. He made them do the most horrible things even as children in an effort to warp them. Marya would take part in some of these atrocities too, but only to save herself. Underneath she deeply despised her father whilst all of her brothers having been raised to be monsters never knew any better, and embraced the horrors Dracula made them inflict.

Under Dracula’s rule Transylvania would become a haven for the supernatural. Vampires, Demons, Werewolves all flocked there because it was the one place where the supernatural were dominant. Even in the Vandal ruled Europe, Demons still had to lurk in the shadows and never step out of line so as not to offend the Vandals. In Transylvania however they could do whatever they wanted.

Dracula would be able to defend his kingdom against the Vandals too, which in turn inspired other Vampire clans across Europe to fight back against them.

Human beings were kept in cages in Transylvania, tortured and reduced to nothing but cattle. Such was the extent of the influx of supernatural creatures to Transylvania that to this day it is still a hotspot of paranormal activity.

Dracula’s favourite method of murdering his victims was to impale them on wooden stakes. He did this to mock the fact that this was how his own breed of Vampire could be killed.

Dracula’s rule over Transylvania would come to an end when he was contacted by the father of all Vampires himself Khastran. Every hundred thousand years the barriers between all realities are weakened. It makes travel between the universes much easier. Khastran fortunately could still not escape from his eternal prison as the lock placed around it still cut him off from the rest of creation.

Still the weakening of realities allowed him to send telepathic messages to his children. Even then however the messages were very slight, but he still nevertheless using all of his power was able to send a message to what he believed was the most evil and twisted of his children. Vlad Dracula.

At first Dracula dismissed the messages Khastran sent into his head as a Demon trying to possess him. However eventually the voice in his head began to overwhelm him and he could not resist it any longer.

Khastran told him to come to the black forest in Germany and Dracula sensing there was a limitless power behind the voice agreed out of both curiosity and fear.

He left the kingdom in the hands of his children who by this point had all become Alpha Vampires like him, whilst he and an army travelled to the centre of the black forest.

There Dracula felt the voice stronger than ever and was able to communicate more clearly with Khastran.

Khastran explained to Dracula who he was and that he needed him to come to the black forest as it was here that Khastran was sent through a portal to Purgatory by the Angels and Gods.

Khastran told Dracula that it was his job to use the book to create more Alpha Vampires and more Vampire species until his children overran the earth so that he could escape his prison. Dracula was unsure at first as he did not like the idea of being just a servant of Khastran,  but Khastran assured him that once he was free his children would share in his power and that if Dracula helped to free him then he would rule over entire planets, galaxies, even universes. Khastran was actually telling the truth. He did not love his children. A creature as twisted and evil as Khastran could never possibly come close to feeling affection for anyone but himself.

Still the fact that they were his children, meant that he regarded them as being above all other life forms. Added to that having been able to see through their eyes he had seen all the horrors they had inflicted across the entire universe and it excited him as to what they could be capable of. Particularly if they were given much greater power. When he became the supreme being ruling over all of reality he would still give his children power beyond even the greatest Gods in order to see what horrors they could unleash.

Khastran also showed Dracula through visions the wonders of the Omniverse, the different universes, life forms, and how the power he already had over one small kingdom was nothing!

Dracula agreed to use the book to create an army of Vampires who would exterminate humanity and free his father.

Unfortunately for Dracula in the time he was away the Turks (commanded by the Vandals) sacked Transylvania. His children tried to defend the kingdom, however not only were they inexperienced but they were also betrayed by Dracula’s daughter Marya who despised her father.

The Vampires and Demons who lived in Transylvania meanwhile were caught off guard and similarly without Dracula to unite them through fear. They were badly organised and ultimately overrun.

All of Dracula’s children escaped Transylvania, leaving the book behind. By the time Vlad Dracula himself arrived back from the Black Forest, he had lost his kingdom and the Turks had taken the book away from him.

Now on his own and on the run Dracula would dedicate himself to trying to find the book as well as build an army of Vampires and Demons to destroy mankind.

Meanwhile the 4 sons of Dracula would travel round Europe creating more members of their breeds and becoming notorious and feared Vampires in their own right. They would become known simply as the “Dracula brothers”. The Dracula brothers would ironically be seen as heroes by many other supernaturals for defying the Vandals, who by this point had come to be seen as oppressive by other paranormal creatures over the centuries. The Vandals had tried to tighten their grip due to the Fiends and Vampires constant attacks, which had simply turned many of their Demonic allies against them. Only the Goblins remained loyal to the Vandals (though that was more due to their hatred of Vampires.)

The Dracula Brothers would later be reunited with their father however who took control of them once again. One of the brothers however named Blasko would regularly clash with his father as he had assumed leadership of the brothers in his fathers absence. Though he still followed his father, as even he was scared of a reprisal.

Together the 5 Vampires built a massive power base in Germany, managing to overthrow the Vandals who lived there. It wasn’t as strong as their former empire in Transylvania. From the beginning the Vampires would be opposed by a group of paranormal creatures which included the Frankenstein’s Monster, a Mummy named Kharris and Dracula’s own daughter Marya as well as the Vandals.

The Dracula brothers battles with Marya and her friends would last many years, but eventually Vlad Dracula would be overthrown (he was also betrayed by Blasko) after which he was then killed by the combined might of his daughter and her allies.

Despite this Germany would remain a strong hold for Vampires from this point on and Dracula and his children’s actions had helped spread Vampirism across Europe once again. The Vandals still had the power across most of Europe, but the Vampires had thanks to not only aid from the Fiends, but to Dracula who remained a symbol for the monsters even after his death. Made something of a come back.

The Vampires would in the 1600’s manage to regain control of London too, but the Vandals later burned the city to the ground in 1666 which wiped out most of their forces.

Not only did the Vampires still have the Vandals to battle, but a new organisation would soon rise up to plague them as well, Rentros.

Rentros was started by a Demon of the same name. The Demon Rentros was a peaceful and benevolent creature. He loved human beings and had protected them all over Europe before eventually coming to settle in a tiny village called Metsville.

He was beloved by the people of the town. He often saved them from various threats but sadly even he was unable to protect the town when it was was attacked by a horde of Vampires. Rentros fought bravely against them but he was overpowered by the beasts and captured. They then tortured him brutally as they began to slaughter the village.

Rentros was forced to watch as the Vampires made the villagers suffer. Ultimately however it was the Vandals who completely slaughtered the village as they didn’t want it to become a breeding ground for Vampires. By this point the Vandals had begun to clamp down even harder on the Vampires as they were terrified of another Vampire uprising and unlike before they did begin to target even the smaller areas.

The Vandals viewed the village as a total lost cause as most of its people had been consumed and turned, and the survivors were aware of the supernatural. The Vandals decided to dispose of the village and they burned it to the ground. Killing most of the Vampires and all of the people. Whilst the Vampires and the Vandals were fighting each other Rentros escaped (though not before killing a few Vampires and Vandals along the way)

Rentros felt that humanity needed to be able to fight back against the supernatural again and so he travelled the land training people to fight demons. And giving them knowledge on Demons and Vampires and Vandals (the little knowledge he had.)

The organisations that he set up in many ways took the place of the Trajans that had come before. They would remain hidden however so as to avoid the Vandals who would shut down many Rentros bases around Europe.

Still the organisation would persist and eventually survived the Vandals. By the early 20th century there were over 50 Rentros cells around the world.

Vlad Dracula would be brought back to life in the 19th century when he was resurrected by one of his former minions. Little did even Dracula know that his breed of Vampire could be brought back from the grave if blood were spilled on its remains. One of his former worshippers found this out by accident when blood had been spilled on the remains of another Vampire.

He returned to where Dracula’s corpse had been buried and brought the Demon back from oblivion.

Dracula would then venture to the small town of Klausenberg which he would subsequently rule with an iron claw for many years. In the over hundred years since his death an Ottoman warlord named Janus had used the book to become a new Vampire king.

The book had been taken back to Turkey after it had been stolen from Castle Dracula. The Vandals had demanded that it be brought to them, but Janus who had been part of the team that had raided castle Dracula realised that if the Vandals were scared of it then the book must have some power and he used it to become a Vampire king. Much like Dracula he used his Vampiric powers to conquer a local kingdom right at the heart of the Vandals power. He also hid the book just as Dracula had done to make sure that no one could rival him.

Dracula however who had heard stories of a Vampire king in Turkey, realised that he must have the book and prepared to build an army to conquer his kingdom and get the book back.

Unfortunately during this time Dracula would face his greatest adversary. Professor Lawrence Van Helsing. Van Helsing was arguably one of the most influential Vampire hunters who ever lived.

He was the first to gather together information about the various different Vampire races. There had been legends and myths about the various different Vampire breeds, but no one really knew which were true. Van Helsing would travel the world in an attempt to verify the myths. He also managed to find out about their origins which he learned from Leontine and would bring that knowledge to a wide audience when he published several books about Vampires.

These books were naturally dismissed by the mainstream scientific community (they permanently damaged Van Helsing’s reputation as a serious Doctor), but still they would become the basis for almost all Vampire research from then on and vital sources for Vampire hunters. Rentros itself would use them in their war against Vampires too.

Van Helsing was aided in his research by many other Vampire hunters including Leontine.

Lawrence Van Helsing was not the only member of his family to become a Vampire hunter. His brother Joseph Van Helsing actually became a Vampire hunter before he did.

As an infant Joseph had been abducted by a group of renegade Angels. These Angels had many centuries earlier been transformed into Devils and were desperate to make up for their past sins. They had heard of a prophecy which stated that the Van Helsing child would make a change in the war against the Vampires (which referred to the fact that Lawrence Van Helsing would shed light on many of their weaknesses allowing generations of Vampire hunters to know about the evil they were fighting.)

Unfortunately the child’s first name was never specified and the Angels snatched the Van Helsing’s first born Joseph. The Van Helsings would many years later have another child named Lawrence. They never told Lawrence about his brother as they were too distraught.

The Angels hoped that they could raise Joseph to be a great warrior (as well as protect him during his early years) and gain their redemption this way. Many of the Angels even believed it was their destiny to help bring this great warrior that they hoped would wipe the curse of Vampirism from the earth.

Joseph became a great warrior and would work with his Angels fighting Demons, Vampires and Vandals across Europe. Over time however he came to clash with the Angels due to their ruthless methods as ultimately they were still Devils and Joseph therefore turned on them. During one such fight Joseph managed to kill one of the Angels (albeit by accident) and from then on the Devils finally gave into their evil urges and sought to destroy Joseph.

Joseph would later join the last Trajan organisation and continue to fight Vampires and Demons. He would also later work with his brother Lawrence and even supplied him with information on Vampires from the last surviving Trajan archives.

Dracula would during his battles with Van Helsing manage to steal the book back after Van Helsing had stole it from Janus who he also slayed. Dracula used it to create multiple new Vampire breeds, though Van Helsing was eventually able to get the book back from him again.

Van Helsing and Dracula’s war with each other would spread out across the entire world, from Paris to China to London where they had their final battle in which they both killed each other.

In the final years of his life one of Van Helsing’s students was an Irish man named Bram Stoker. After his death Stoker would write down Van Helsing’s final battle with Dracula as a book simply called Dracula, though he changed certain aspects of what happened for the novel. The novel would later become a massive success around the entire world making Dracula and Van Helsing famous among the general population. Most people however were unaware that they were real.

Dracula would be resurrected yet again at the beginning of the 20th Century by one of his own followers who Dracula was able to influence from beyond the grave. The follower named Klove had been under the Vampire’s will for so many years. After he died Klove believed he was finally free and buried Dracula’s remains in an old church in Chelsea, but Dracula’s spirit was able to still influence him to the point where he travelled to London and murdered a young girl and then spilt her blood over the Vampires remains.

Dracula would then travel to Germany in order to form an alliance with one of his children, Orlock Dracula.

Orlock had always been picked on and demeaned by the other members of the Dracula family due to his hideous appearance. Still whilst he despised his brothers he did always have a grudging respect for his father who in turn recognised his great intellect and cunning, though they otherwise both despised each other.

Orlock had managed to establish a power base in Germany and Dracula wanted to form an alliance with him in order to take advantage of it for his own ends. Orlock was somewhat reluctant, but Dracula was able to convince him that he could help him achieve greater power. Orlock only agreed as long as they would be equals claiming that he would never blindly follow his father again. With no other choices Vlad agreed and from this point on he and Orlock would work together to try and destroy mankind.

Vlad realised that he didn’t need to summon an army of Vampires. All he needed to do was exterminate humanity. Whilst it was true that the Vampires were a cowardly, hateful, selfish race of creatures always fighting amongst themselves, at the same time humanity he felt were no different and that with a little push they could be provoked into exterminating one another.

At the same time Orlock who had a fantastic scientific mind attempted to create a plague that could potentially wipe out humanity.

Dracula would play a role in the first world war. He aided the Kaiser during the war by supplying him with loyal Vampires and magical weapons. However at the same time Dracula’s agents around the world also did the same for the other powers. Dracula did not care which side won, he simply hoped to keep the war going long enough so that it would slaughter billions.

Ultimately however this plan failed when Germany was defeated, though even after Germany’s defeat Dracula and Orlock would remain in the country.

Orlock meanwhile did manage to create a new lethal strain of flu which he unleashed upon the world towards the end of the war. Orlock’s strain of flu led to the 1918 flu pandemic where 100 million people, a third of the worlds population died.

The plague which which was also created using magics was eventually cured by Rasputin.

Rasputin was a wizard from Russia. He had special magical healing powers unlike any one else. He used these powers to heal Tsesarevich Alexei the heir to the Russian throne. After this he became a trusted friend of the family and did genuinely try and use his position to influence the Tsar in a more positive way, such as trying to convince him to pull Russia out of the first world war. Sadly his wild lifestyle of constant drinking and sleeping around led the family to disown him out of embarrassment. He was eventually assassinated by Felix Yusupov who poisoned him, shot him and beat him.

Rasputin survived however thanks to his own magical healing powers and fled Russia to mainland Europe. Eventually he settled in Germany where he came into conflict with both Vlad and Orlock.

Rasputin managed using his healing magics to find a cure for the demonic aspects in the plague. Had it not been for Rasputin then the plague would have most likely killed billions, if not wiped out humanity.

Rasputin would continue to fight Vlad and Orlock who still remained powerful figures in Germany after the war for many years before they drove him out.

Dracula would later aid the Nazi party in coming to power. Dracula was a close personal friend of Adolf Hitler. He did not genuinely believe in Hitlers ideology that there was a master race. In his mind all of humanity were nothing but cattle.

Still he felt that Hitler’s ideas about German nationalism and the Untermensch were interesting and had potential to lead to a major crisis for humanity and thus he supported him.

Hitler meanwhile did genuinely believe in the superiority of Vampires to other supernatural creatures. He hoped that the Aryan race, the supreme example of humanity is his view would one day become Vampires, the supreme example of the paranormal.

Dracula felt that regardless of the outcome he would win. Either Hitler would win and exterminate most of the rest of humanity and turn the Aryan’s into Vampires in which case the Vampires would outnumber humanity. Or Hitler’s dangerous ideas could lead to a second world war, which in turn could potentially lead to billions of dead humans.

Orlock was responsible for most of the Nazi’s scientific advancements and weaponry both natural and supernatural. Joseph Menegele himself was a protege of Orlock.

The Vampires in Germany and the Nazi’s would work together throughout the war. Many other Vampire groups around the world would come to their aid, whilst others didn’t as they were scared that they wouldn’t fit in with the Nazi’s idea of the perfect Vampire and  aided the allies. Non Vampiric supernatural creatures were rounded up into concentration camps around the world too and systematically exterminated which again led to supernatural creatures working with the allies.

The Vandals not surprisingly suffered the most. The Vandals power base had gradually fallen throughout the 18th and 19th centuries thanks to the Fiends and the Vampires. By the early 20th century it was a mere shell of its former self.

The Nazi’s and the Vampires together dealt the final death blow to it and managed to completely destroy the tiny influence it had left. The majority of Vandal species were exterminated in Europe during the war

Dracula did suspect that Hitler might betray him once the war was over, though he had plans to escape if that happened. Again he did not care as he felt that as long as the Nazi’s policy of exterminating other sections of humanity was implemented, then it could very well lead to the extermination of humanity.

Unfortunately for Dracula though there was a second world war the Nazi regime was crushed by the allies.

Vlad and Orlock would be forced to flee Germany after the War. Vlad however considered the war a success as not only had it led to millions of people dying, but also the creation of a new super weapon, the atomic bomb.

Many soldiers during the war had become aware of Vampires but they were never allowed to speak about it once they got home. Though the Vandals had been crushed, the governments of the earth still carried out their policy of covering up existence of the supernatural. They felt that it was better for civilisation. Nevertheless many people from that generation were aware of the supernatural.

Throughout the 50’s and the 60’s Vlad and Orlock would establish a global organisation named Striga, which united various Vampire species and had cells and agents all over the world.

The organisation attempted to provoke a third world war which Vlad believed would lead to the final extinction of mankind.

During the 60’s Striga would form an alliance with the Reptoids a group of half Demon, half Reptile aliens who feasted on blood. The two races hoped to take over and harness humanity as a food source. Once again Dracula was aware that the Reptoids would most likely betray him but he didn’t care as he knew that once most of humanity were exterminated then Khastran would rise.

The Vampire/Reptoid’s plans however were ultimately foiled by the Grey Alien named Zelorak who was a Vampire hunter.

Eventually Striga was shut down by Legion of the Paranormal and Dracula and Orlock were forced to flee and go on the run. Vlad would later have many more confrontations with the descendant of his old archenemy Van Helsing, Lorrimer Van Helsing who had helped to drive him out of Germany years earlier during the second world war.

Lorrimer eventually managed to slay Dracula in a final battle in the year 1988. Since then the Vampire has not been resurrected as the Van Helsing family has kept his remains hidden and performed a spell which prevented his soul from reaching out to his minions.

Vampires have continued to be a menace around the world in the decades since. Though they lack a leader they are still among the greatest threats to humanity and among the most widespread Demonic species on earth.

Relationships with other Supernatural Creatures


The archenemies of the Vampires, Vandals have devoted themselves to exterminating every single Vampire species on earth. The Vampires likewise have devoted themselves to exterminating the Vandals.

Both species are shown to take a particular delight in murdering and tormenting one another. Whilst there is an established history between the two races, the hatred also appears to be instinctual as Vampires and Vandals who know nothing about their history will still attack each other and generally find the other loathsome and repulsive.

Over the years the Vandals have succeeded in wiping out many Vampire species whilst the Vampires have in turned exterminated many Vandal species too.

For centuries the Vandals had the upper hand in Europe whilst the Vampires had the upper hand in China. In the last hundred or so years however Vampires have gained the upper hand in Europe too. There are currently only 13 Vandal species whilst there are 40 Vampire species.

Over the years many Demons and human have often formed alliances with Vandals to take on Vampires. Many people have often incorrectly assumed that Vandals are not as brutal as Vampires due to the fact that they are a more secretive race and not as much is known about them, but they are every bit as evil as their Vampiric enemies. Ironically as they come from the same species of Demon as the father of the Vampires, Khastran then they are far more closely related to each other than they are to other Demon races and share far more in common, yet they will always be the bitterest of enemies.

Blood Wolves

The natural predators of Vampires. These wolves were created by Xelax using the Book of Khastran itself. They are also known as white wolves as they are all without exception snow white, though they also have bright red eyes and larger fangs than regular white wolves.

These creatures are stronger than many Vampire races. They will instinctively tear any Vampire to bits as soon as they see one and once they pick up a Vampires scent they will have it for life.

Blood Wolves only prey on Vampires. They have no need to feed apart from when feasting on Vampires and are normally quite docile and no danger whatsoever to human beings.

They also may prey however on Vandals but they are not as determined to hunt them and some Vandals have even managed to tame Blood Wolves and use them to hunt Vampires. Vandals however still despise them and regard them as filthy animals, though they believe that they have their uses.

Blood Wolves have been driven to near extinction by Vampires, who will often band together in groups to exterminate the Blood Wolves.

The myths about Vampires and Werewolves being sworn enemies came from the Blood Wolves preying on Vampires around the world.


Another creation of Xelax, Kresniks are people imbued with Vampiric powers and abilities, though they themselves are not Vampires. They feel compelled to commit violence towards Vampires and Demons, though sometimes their violent tendencies can be directed towards humans.

Kresniks can only reproduce the same way that human beings can. They cannot turn other people into members of their own kind like Vampires, but they can have children who will become full Kresniks with ordinary humans.

Kresniks have the power to track down Vampires and can sense them no matter what they look like.


Werewolves and Vampires are often depicted as sworn enemies in popular culture but in truth they actually have a decent relationship with one another. In fact ironically Werewolves are arguably the only creatures in existence that Vampires could be said to have any kind of affection for.

The reason for this is because Werewolves are descended from Demons known as Lycans who were the pets of Khastran. It was not possible for a creature like Khastran to ever have true affection for anything, but he did enjoy the pain and chaos the Lycans were able to inflict on other life forms.

The Lycans had a poison in their claws and fangs called Lycanthropy which could poison most other life forms including Demons, Angels and Gods. This poison could also transform Natural creatures into similar Demons to Lycans.

They were as single minded as animals and absolutely savage to the core and Khastran kept them as pets. Khastran and his Demons were the only creatures that the poison of Lycanthropy did not work on.

Vampires therefore naturally feel somewhat fond of Werewolves, and Werewolves in their wolf forms do not naturally feel inclined to hunt Vampires, though Werewolves who can control their wolf form can overcome this.

In the olden days Vampires would often give shelter to Werewolves who were hunted extensively by not just humans but Demons who viewed them as abominations. However the Vampires did not always treat the Wolves they sheltered well and almost always regarded them as pets, but still that was more to do with the chaotic nature of Vampires in general.

Vampires would often use Wolvrons the ultimate Werewolves to battle Blood Wolves.

Despite this there have been many Werewolves who have hunted Vampires over the years. The Emperor Trajan offered protection to Werewolves provided they help his men fight against the Vampires. Trajan did this as he felt that Werewolves due to their power and the fact that they couldn’t be turned into Vampires meant that they would be effective enemies against Vampires.

Vampires during the second world war would also round up Werewolves into camps alongside other supernatural creatures.

It often depends on the morality of the Werewolf if they hate Vampires or not, but the creatures have no real instinctual hatred of each other.


Cousins of Vampires, the Ghouls throughout most of their history have been servants of the Vampires. At one point among the Vampire community it was seen as an embarrassment not to have a Werewolf and a Ghoul as pets. Vampires often use Ghouls as disposable foot soldiers and to cover their tracks. Ghouls who eat flesh will often dispose of the bodies of Vampires victims. This is where the myth of Ghouls only ever eating dead bodies comes from. It is of course not true and Vampires will often use Ghouls as attack dogs.

Ghouls loyalty to Vampires comes again much like Werewolves from the fact that their creator was a servant of Khastran and thus they naturally feel inclined to be docile to them and also simply the fact that Vampires are generally much more powerful and are therefore able to bully the lesser Demons easily.

Despite this however there have been instances of Ghouls turning on Vampires. When the Vandals ruled over Europe many Ghouls worked for them instead (though normally Ghouls have an instinctive hostility to Vandals).

The original Ghoul also despised Vampires along with Vandals as he wished for his people to rule the world. Under his command the Ghouls tried to kill the Vampires along with the Vandals, but an unlikely alliance between the Vampires and the Vandals resulted in his death.


On earth Vampires are among the most destructive Demon races. Many Demons are terrified of them, some respect them, whilst others regard them as nothing more than destructive animals.

Still most Demons tend to view Vampires as a threat to all and therefore will often side with their enemies.

Different Species of Vampire

There are 40 documented Vampire species, though it is believed that there were likely hundreds more Vampire species that are now extinct and many more undocumented.

All Vampire species can be divided into 3 different groups of Vampires however.

A person is turned into a Vampire when the Vampire infects them with a piece of evil from its own soul which it can do through either its bite, a scratch or its blood depending on its breed. Sometimes the Vampire will have to kill the human before they can be turned, sometimes the opposite is true.

Still regardless once the evil is in the humans body it will take it over and it is from here that the three groups of Vampires are divided.

Soul Vampires are where the evil grows into a Demon that reanimates the human body and changes it in numerous ways. Here the persons soul is not ejected from the body. Everything we are comes from our soul, our mind, our memories etc. The Demon which exists side by side with the original human soul however will suppress all of the persons positive emotions and feelings such as love, compassion, mercy, pity and add a psychotic, Demonic bloodlust to their personality as well as enhance any dark and twisted urges the person had in life.  These Vampires are the weakest physically of of the three types.

Pure Vampires are where the evil keeps the human soul in the body but transforms it into a Demons soul. Once again after the human soul is transformed into a Demons, all humanity is purged from the body, both physically and emotionally and the Vampire is devoid of all compassion, love and remorse.

Savage Vampires are where the human soul is ejected from the body and the evil grows into a Demon that reanimates the human body and changes it. This Demon has nothing to do with the human that came before. These Vampires are generally as single minded as animals and are the most powerful and dangerous of all Vampires.

Soul Vampires are generally looked down upon by Pure Vampires who consider them too human. Pure Vampires are the most common breeds whilst Savage Vampires are the rarest.

Soul Vampires and Pure Vampires personalities are still both determined by the people they were in life and so Vampires when turning someone will often choose damaged, broken, bitter, hateful, psychotic people to become Vampires.

Despite the differences between all Vampire breeds they all have some strong similarities.

For instance all Vampires must feed on the blood of natural creatures as their father Khastran and his race were blood drinkers.

Most Vampire species are asexual. Indeed many of them are actually impotent. Some Vampires do have a sex drive but even in those who do its very limited and almost non existent anyway.

Vampires are generally unable to feel enjoyment out of anything other than hurting people and other life forms. They attack and kill simply to feel anything at all.

It is impossible for a Pure Vampire or a Savage Vampire to be benevolent. It is possible for Demons to become benevolent the same way that Angels can become Devils. The more good acts a Demon carries out the more that it will change in a positive way.

Pure and Savage Vampires however being the children of the ultimate evil Khastran are not capable of being anything other than pure evil.

Soul Vampires however are capable of being benevolent. It is still incredibly rare. In fact there have only been 4 known cases.

Marya, Dracula’s daughter, Carlene an English Vampire who was a member of the Legion of the Paranormal, her protege named Chloe from New York and the time travelling Vampire named Professor Fang.

The reason that these Vampires are capable of fighting their demonic nature is because there is still some humanity in them. Their soul is still human. It is merely influenced by a Demonic spirit which compels them towards violence and represses the positive emotions in their brains.

It has not eliminated them however and so it is possible for a Vampire to fight the Demons influence, but it is next to near impossible. The Demons influence is said to be the strongest form of mind control in the world.

Still at least 4 people have managed to resist its control. Though all 4 of them have described their existences as “constant unrelenting pain” and “a living hell”. They have to struggle every second of every day against the Demon’s influence to commit acts of violence. They also are barely able to enjoy any quality of life as the Demon suppresses all of their interests and affection for anyone. They have to struggle to feel any joy for anything.

Physically many Vampire races share some similarities too. All Vampires skin is cold, wet, and slimy to the touch. Many people have compared touching a Vampire’s skin to touching a slug! Some Vampires will also leave behind a slime trail like a slug too. Some may even be dripping with slime!

Many Vampires also appear filthy, many are bald, many are thin and pale, many also stink. In some cases a Vampires stench can be absolutely overpowering. They also all have fangs.

Many Vampire species also share similar weaknesses too. All Vampire breeds can be killed by natural elements. This is because all Demon species are vulnerable to certain natural elements though obviously it varies from species to species.

Many Vampire species can be killed by a wooden stake through the heart. The reason for this is because the evil that transforms a person into a Vampire usually grows from their heart and so it is the centre of their power.

Some Vampire species can be killed by other natural elements piercing their hearts such as Silver,  Diamond or even Gold.

The rays of certain stars can destroy Vampire species too. Many Vampires are vulnerable to the rays of earth’s sun, whilst others are immune to earth’s sun yet vulnerable to the sun’s of other worlds.

All Vampire breeds are vulnerable to Angelic powers too. Again this is a weakness that many Demons have.

Many centuries ago a group of Angels that had settled on the earth cast a spell that imbued their power with the symbols of Christianity, the Cross, the Bible and any water blessed by a priest.

This made these symbols effective weapons against certain Vampires and Demons who are vulnerable to Angelic powers. Whilst many Vampires are immune to the enchantments in Christian symbols, no Vampire is completely immune to the strongest Angelic powers.

All Vampires are immortal too without exception.

All Vampires can be killed by complete bodily dismemberment whilst fire is also fatal to many Vampire breeds too.

Ultimately though each Vampire species is unique they are all still the Children of Khastran and thus they are all destructive, bloodthirsty monsters.

Tepes Vampires (Pure Vampire)

Tepes Vampires are Dracula’s breed of Vampire. They are the most common Vampire in Europe thanks to Dracula’s influence and the Second World War. They can appear mostly human but their skin is chalk white and they are always unbelievably thin too. Also when they feed their eyes will go bright red and their upper canines elongate into fangs.

These Vampires are vulnerable to holy items such as the cross, holy water, the bible, and can be killed by exposure to direct sunlight, a wooden stake through the heart, decapitation and fire.

These Vampires may also feel a need to sleep during the day as their energy is drained during the day. Contrary to popular belief they do not need to sleep in coffins.

In terms of powers and abilities these Vampires have super human strength greater than that of most other Pure Vampires. They also have superhuman durability, and hypnotic powers too. They can place a human or a Demon under their spell with a hypnotic gaze. The longer their victim is under their control the harder it is for them to break free, but it is possible. These Vampires are often dependent on their human and Demon servants during the day to protect them.

These Vampires can be brought back to life by spilling blood on their remains, though there are other methods of bringing them back to life too.

These Vampires are named after Vlad Dracula’s famous nickname Tepes which means impaler.

Nosferatu Vampire ( Pure Vampire)

Orlock’s breed, these Vampires are fairly common in Europe. Physically they have no hair on their entire bodies, not even eyelashes! They also have bright red eyes with no pupil, yellow teeth with elongated fangs, long yellow, rotting talons and completely snow white skin. Their skin is also scaly and pebbly too much like a reptiles. Finally their facial features are always long and pointed too.

The Nosferatu share many common Vampire weaknesses. They are repelled by the cross, the bible, can be killed by a wooden stake through the heart, and will be destroyed by contact with direct sunlight.

In terms of powers and abilities they have supernatural strength, durability and the ability to levitate. They are also very slow moving too however. They also have strong hypnotic powers. Anyone a Nosferatu bites will be under its control until the Nosferatu dies. No one can resist their control no matter how strong willed they are.

Though these hypnotic powers are stronger than any other Vampire breeds, the only way they can hypnotise someone is through their bite.

The Nosferatu will use these humans under their control to cover their tracks and keep them hidden as their hideous appearances mean that they can’t mingle among humans.

They reproduce by biting alone though not everyone they bite or kill will become one of their own kind, only those they choose to infect.

Jurak Vampires (Pure Vampire)

The oldest Vampire species on earth, Jurak’s are all short, have purple skin, white hair and are all without exception obese.

These Vampires are among the most powerful and dangerous breed due to the fact that they have the power to move objects and life forms with their minds. Though doing so for a long period of time can drain them, its still nevertheless a devastating power.

In terms of physical strength they are quite weak. They have no superhuman strength and are slow and cumbersome.

They can be killed by a silver sharp to the heart, decapitation and though sunlight does not destroy them they will go comatose during the day time and so they have to find a secure place to live. These Vampires generally tend to live in the countryside picking off stray travellers.

They reproduce through infecting their victims with their blood and then killing them. The change will happen over the course of several hours.

Marok Vampires (Soul Vampire)

These Vampires are utterly hideous. They are covered from head to toe in filth and scabs and green slime drips from their fingers and feet. Their hair which is long and white is also thinning. They have thick white hairs coming out of their noses and ears too.

Their teeth are made of iron. These Vampires main strength lies in their bite. Their physical strength is slightly above the average of human beings, but their bites are poisonous.

The poison from a Marok Vampire which can infect Demons too causes unimaginable pain and even hallucinations. It will kill its victims in the most excruciating pain over the course of several days. The poison actually stimulates the persons pain receptors in a persons body to the absolute maximum amount they can be.

These Vampires reproduce through scratches though again its only if they choose to infect someone.

Jiang Shi (Savage Vampire)

The Jiang Shi are the apex Demons in Mainland China. Whilst they are extremely common in China they are quite rare in other places around the world.

The Jiang Shi possess incredible strength and durability and speed (though they tend to move by hopping on two feet)

They are as single minded as animals, though they have demonstrated some limited intelligence. Generally speaking however they exist only for the kill .

The only things that can harm or destroy Jiang Shi’s are certain magical spells and weapons infused with magic as well as certain herbs which can act as repellents provided they are exposed to them for long enough.

They can transform people into members of their own kind through a bite or a scratch.

Kelad Vampire (Pure Vampire)

These Vampires are believed to be extinct. They were killed off by the Vandals just as they took over Europe. Prior to the Vandals taking over Europe these Vampires were fairly common and they were very powerful.

Kelad Vampires are over 7 feet tall. They have thick blue skin, long black hair, massive yellow fangs, green eyes, long claws and more pointed features.

They are among the strongest Pure Vampires and the only three things that can kill them are direct sunlight, a weapon made of gold piercing their heart, or decapitation. Gold is the only substance that can pierce their skin, though injuries made by gold weapons also leave permanent scars.

They reproduce through mixing their blood, but will have to kill their victims first in order for the drastic physical changes to occur.

Snail Vampire (Soul Vampire)

The most hideous and unfortunate Vampire species of them all. Snail Vampires have no legs, instead from their torso down they have a massive shell that looks like a Snails. Their skin is green and they have no hair on their bodies. A green slim drips from their bodies and from their nose and mouth in particular.

They have the ability to retreat into their shells and will often drag their prey into their shells and tear them apart.

Snail Vampires move by crawling along the floor with their arms. They will often dwell in rocky areas where they will disguise their shells as rocks and pull anyone who gets near inside. The shell will block anyone’s screams. Though they are slow moving normally they can dart out of their shell with a lightening speed.

They turn people into members of their own kind through mixing their blood. The change happens whilst the person is still alive. It is an unbelievably painful experience for the person as the shell breaks out of their back. It is said to drive them completely insane making all Snail Vampires lunatics even by Vampire standards.

They can only be killed by fire.

Spectral Vampires (Pure Vampire)

Named because of their power over Ghosts and Spectres, these Vampires still feast on blood, but they can not only take control of ghosts, they can hurt and even destroy them too.

These Vampires are naturally among the most feared as they have the power to torment their victims long after they have killed them as ghosts.

These Vampires have no supernatural strength whatsoever but they are still difficult to kill due to the fact that they have teleporting powers.

They have to turn their victims by bite and can be killed by a silver sharp or a wooden stake through the heart, direct sunlight or decapitation.

Beast Vampire (Savage Vampire)

The Beast Vampire is possibly the strongest breed of Vampire on the earth right now. It is a giant Vampire that stands about 13 feet tall.

Its skin is grey, and rock like and it has completely green eyes. This Vampire can only turn people into members of its own kind by feeding them huge amounts of its blood. The blood will kill them in a slow painful way. It will then bring them back relatively quickly after which they will then grow over the course of several weeks into their full size.

Only the strongest people’s bodies can contain the energy needed to become a Beast Vampire and therefore despite how difficult they are to kill, they are rare.

These Vampires have the ability to tunnel into the earth. They are nocturnal and will spend the day sleeping under the ground, though sunlight will not destroy them.

Their strength is virtually limitless and they have a massive appetite. Only two things can kill them. One is a weapon made of diamond through the heart, the other is a specific spell which similarly has to be fired through the heart. The Vandals would use this spell during their take over of Europe to dwindle their population.

Gretak Vampire (Pure Vampire)

These Vampires are capable of possessing other human beings. When they are staked or decapitated their spirit will leave their corpse and can take over any other body they wish.

It is possible to exorcise the Vampiric spirit by certain rituals and holy water though only within the first few hours. After that the Vampire will have complete control over the person it takes overs body forever.

There is a spell that can block a Vampire from possessing a human which takes the form of a mark on their arm, though there is a spell that can also remove the mark which some Vampires have exploited.

The only way to destroy these Vampires is to burn them whilst they are still in someones body.

They reproduce through biting, but they can only turn people who already have a darkness in their heart into members of their own kind.

They look relatively human but when they have to feed their upper canines will elongate into fangs and their eyes go yellow with no pupil.

Draugr (Pure Vampire)

These ocean dwelling Vampires were once the scourge of the 7 seas. They have blue scaly skin, no hair, and black eyes like a shark.

They have the power to change into a much larger and more powerful form, though they can only remain in this form for a short period of time and it may leave them drained afterwards. Still this shapeshifting power can be the deciding factor in a fight.

Draugrs are completely immune to magic and its this power which allows them to turn mermaids into Vampires. Mermaids are simply magically infused humans and the power of the Draugr curse over rides that and turns them into Draugrs.

They are the primary enemies of Mermaids and have slaughtered millions of them. Whilst the Mermaids currently have the upper hand in their war with the Draugrs, their battle is still ongoing.

Draugr’s can be killed by decapitation or a bronze sharp through the heart.

Deleritas Vampires (Soul Vampire)

These Vampires can only turn people once they have driven them completely insane. They will capture their victims and relentlessly torture and torment them until they are driven insane after which they are then turned through a bite.

They will always murder their own loved ones first in order to break their last tie with humanity.

These Vampires are naturally among the most unpredictable and dangerous breeds. They can be killed by fire, silver and sunlight.

Temero Vampire (Pure Vampire)

These Vampires have the ability to turn any natural creature into a member of their own kind. All other Vampire races only have the ability to transform human beings into members of their own kind.

On Earth these Vampires were all exterminated by the Vandals who naturally viewed them due to their ability to reproduce more easily as one of the biggest dangers to their power.

Just before the last of these Vampires were wiped out however one of them was able to bite a Martian who had landed on earth. This Martian then after returning to Mars infected others. As the Martians had no experience of the supernatural they were easily overwhelmed and the Vampires would then using the Martians technology venture out into space and conquer other planets across the universe becoming a powerful intergalactic force in the universe.

Whilst these Vampires may have been wiped out on earth they are still going strong on other planets around the universe.

They have the standard Vampire weaknesses such as being vulnerable to holy items and certain natural elements. Though they are strong their main power lies in their ability to transform more than just human beings.

Changeling Vampire (Pure Vampire)

These Vampires are shapeshifters. They can change into anything that is twice their body size or half their body size.

They can also walk about during the day and have a real taste for magic. They are often known to prey on Witches and Warlocks.

They can be killed either by a silver sharp or a wooden stake through the heart or decapitation..

Gerstov Vampire (Pure Vampire)

These hideous looking Vampires have dark green skin, no hair, large yellow eyes, long talons and are hugely thin.

These Vampires though possessing some strength are able to conjure up illusions against their enemies. Ultimately the illusions can’t hurt their enemies physically but they can still be used to confuse and torment them. These Vampires also have a limited ability to read people’s minds.

In close combat they will use their claws which can slice right through solid steel. They are also fast and agile.

They can be killed by fire, sunlight and a wooden stake through the heart. They also reproduce through a scratch and are most commonly found in Scotland.

Vetala Vampire (Pure Vampire)

More common in India than anywhere else in the world. Vetala’s will often live in caves and in the wild, despite the fact that they still have a human level intelligence. They have completely black skin, black eyes, bat like ears, no hair and a mouthful of yellow fangs.

These Vampires can only be killed by an iron sharp through the heart, though they are nocturnal by nature the sun does not destroy them.

They are fast, and agile and they have the power to rip someone’s soul from their bodies and twist it into a hideous, Vampiric spirit that will attack and destroy anything that comes near it.

They reproduce through biting and mixing their blood.

Saran Vampire (Pure Vampire)

Saran’s are most common in North America, specifically in California. They can appear completely human but in order to feed they must assume another form.

They can assume 4 different forms in total. One is of a human, the other a human with razor sharp fangs, the other a human with a large reptilian brow, red eyes, massive fangs and paler skin and the final form is a large hairless, reptilian bat.

They are strong in all 4 forms, but they are at their strongest in their more demonic human form and at their fastest in their bat form.

They are vulnerable to holy items such as the cross, holy water, wooden stakes through the heart, fire and direct sunlight and they must sleep during the day.

They reproduce purely through a bite.

Dehon Vampire (Pure Vampire)

These Vampires are the closest relatives of the Sarans and they too are most commonly found in California. As they have so many similarities some hunters have mistaken them for the same breed but there are key differences.

Dehon Vampires can appear human like Sarans but they can only change their appearance in one way. When they feed the upper bridges above their eyes grow larger and more reptilian and their upper canines elongate into fangs.

They have the standard Vampire powers and weaknesses, super strength, speed, durability, but they also have a greater immunity to magic than most other Demon races too. They also have incredible fighting skills and abilities which they all automatically learn as soon as they are turned which makes them very devastating in close quarters.

They reproduce by draining their enemies until they are almost dead and then force them drink their blood. They can be killed by wooden stakes through the heart, fire, decapitation, and direct sunlight. Though direct sunlight can kill them, they can move about freely during the daytime as long as they stay out of direct sunlight. Holy items such as the cross, the bible and holy water will hurt them too.

Green Eyed Vampire (Soul Vampire)

Named after the fact that when they need to feed their eyes turn bright green, along with their fangs elongating, though other than that they look mostly human, albeit pale and thin.

These Vampires have the ability when they drink the blood of another supernatural creature to absorb their powers and abilities albeit only temporarily. They are very fast and agile but can be killed by silver and decapitation.

They reproduce by dripping blood into their victims eyes.

Siar Vampire (Savage Vampire)

Siar Vampire’s are incredibly powerful Vampires that can only turn someone into a member of their kind once they are already dead.

They drip their own blood onto the victims bodies which will turn them into Vampires.

They can only be killed by sunlight and thus are virtually unbeatable at night time, though certain magics can be used to repel them.

Alakese Vampires (Pure Vampire)

These Vampires can appear human though they always have bright blue eyes and razor sharp fangs. They have massive tentacles that can emerge from their body and stretch to over 15 feet long. Their tentacles can also instantly regenerate when they have been sliced off.

They reproduce through a bite and can be killed by fire or iron.

Baslir Vampires (Pure Vampire)

These Vampires are completely grey skinned with yellow eyes and long claws. Their voices are high pitched and they are often known to cackle non stop.

These Vampires have incredible healing powers and abilities. They can instantly regrow severed limbs and their pain threshold is incredibly high. Despite this they can be killed by a stone sharp through the heart and decapitation.

Though they generally tend to reproduce by biting and infecting their victims these vampires can also reproduce by mating with humans. One of the few Vampire races to have a sex drive, these Vampires have been known to violently rape women so that they can impregnate them. They do this as the Vampire child in the woman’s stomach will eventually take control of their own mothers and force them to do horrible things including murder their other children.

The woman will still be aware but unable to move, speak, they will be trapped in their own body. Worse the Vampire may also cause them unbelievable physical pain by injecting a special kind of poison into their veins which though not lethal burns hot.

Once a Vampire is born the first thing it will do is often murder its mother. Even when born they are still tremendously strong. They will grow to full size in a matter of days. There is a spell that can be performed that can make the woman give birth to the Vampire much earlier but this has a 50 percent chance of killing the woman too.

For years many people falsely believed that their offspring retained some humanity due to their human mothers, but they don’t. They are 100 percent pure Vampire and must all be destroyed.

Heklox Vampire (Soul Vampire)

Marya Dracula’s breed of Vampire, these Vampires are fairly widespread throughout the world.

The reason for this is because they look completely human (apart from when they feed) and they can also venture out into the daytime.

These Vampires can naturally blend into our society more easily. They have many of the standard Vampire powers and abilities such as super strength, speed, healing, durability, and weaknesses such as being killed by a wooden stake through the heart, fire, decapitation, can be repelled by holy items etc.

These Vampires are often looked down on by other Vampires for being too human. Indeed there have been 4 recorded cases of members of this species of Vampire turning against the rest of their kind and becoming genuinely heroic individuals.

The first member of their race Marya Dracula, Carlene a member of the Legion of the Paranormal, Chloe, Carlene’s protege and Professor Fang, a Time Travelling Vampire.

They are also capable of feeling affection for each other too, unlike most Vampires.

Still despite this these Vampires are ultimately Vampires and are still brutal, bloodthirsty monsters.

Howler Vampires (Pure Vampire)

Named after their scream which can shatter their victims ear drums. These Vampires will use their screech to deafen their victims and then their razor sharp claws to blind them. They will do this to their victims so that they can then toy with them for hours before tearing them to bits.

They are very fast and agile and can jump over 50 feet in the air. They have brown skin, no hair, blue eyes and live at the tops of mountains or in other high area’s including even the tops of trees.

They can turn people by ripping their hearts out and dripping blood into the hole. For this reason all of these Vampires have a hole in their chest where a yellow light shines.

Nelapsi Vampire (Savage Vampire)

Possibly the most dangerous and powerful Vampire breed on earth along with the beast Vampire. These Vampires physically all have long, jet black flowing hair, completely red eyes, massive fangs, and black claws. They also tend to be 7 foot tall.

Their strength is well beyond that of virtually any other Demon species on earth. Their skin is impenetrable,  and they can move ridiculously fast.

Their greatest power however is their glare. Simply by staring at their victims they can cause them the most intense, excruciating pain that can cripple them and permanently drive them insane.

There is no known way to kill a Nelapsi, however they can be put out of action permanently provided they are buried under the earth and a spell is performed using certain herbs which will put the Nelapsi to sleep. It is possible however to break the spell using other magics in which case the Vampire will awaken.

It is best to perform this spell during the day when the Vampire sleeps. At night a Nelapsi is virtually unbeatable and it is advised that you avoid all kinds of direct combat with a Nelapsi at night.

Only the strongest and most evil can become Nelapsi’s and thus they are rare.

Battica Vampire (Pure Vampire)

Battica Vampires resemble large green, bipedal bats with arms as well as wings. They can fly through the air with tremendous speed and can carry objects and life forms several times their own size through the air with minimal effort.

Originally during the war with the Vandals these Vampires took control of the centre of France.

The Vandals worked with a powerful witch who managed to cast a spell upon the first of these Vampires. The first of these Vampires had a stronger link to its “children” than other Vampires as it could send images into their head and control them to a limited extent. It was for this reason that these Vampires were able to work together better than other Vampires as it was able to control them and force them to work together.

This proved to be their undoing however as through that link a witch was able to cast a spell that put all the Vampires to sleep. They were then buried under the ground. The Witch could not cast a spell that was strong enough to kill the Vampires and the spell that put them to sleep was so delicate that if even one of the Vampires were killed then the rest would wake up.

Thus the Vampires were buried in a massive cavern outside of Paris. A Vandal was placed on guard to make sure that no one could ever free them.

To this day the Vampires remain asleep. They can be killed by a silver sharp through the heart or decapitation. They can reproduce through a scratch.

Belesk Vampire (Pure Vampire)

Blasko Dracula’s Vampire breed, these Vampires look completely human except for their pale skin, though they can assume the form of an 8 foot tall, muscular Demon with a bat like head. In this form which they can only assume for a limited period of time they are naturally much stronger. In their human form however they have minor hypnotic powers over humans but can control many animals at the same time, they are also able to control the elements around them such as lightening, winds and thunderstorms too, albeit again only for a limited period of time.

They sleep in coffins during the day and can be killed by stakes. They are also vulnerable to garlic which can weaken but not kill them and holy items.

Decra Vampires (Pure Vampire)

These Vampires always levitate, though other than this and fangs they appear otherwise human.

They can drain the knowledge from anyone whose blood they drink which makes them very dangerous enemies. These Vampires often occupy high positions in society from behind the scenes and often have other Vampires or Demons serve them.

They can be killed by fire and magic.

Ferez Vampire (Pure Vampire)

These Vampires have the power to drain the youth from their victims as well as their blood.

They also have the power to bring the recently dead back to life as hideous zombie servants, though they only live for a short time. They can be killed only by metal piercing their hearts.

Caltra Vampire (Savage Vampire)

These Vampires are rare. They exist mostly in Scotland. Among the strongest Vampire breeds, though not quite on a par with the Nelapsi or the Jiang Shi they have massive talons that can shred solid steel and are pack hunters.

They often enjoy wearing the skins of their victims as clothes. They can be killed by decapitation and fire.

Evin Vampires (Soul Vampire)

These Vampires are quite common in America. They are known to live in packs, picking people off along the highway. Though they are reasonably strong, the fact that they show some human feelings such as affection for one another has led some other Vampires to regard them as inferior and weak.

They can be killed by decapitation, but the blood of a dead man that is over one week old can poison them and so their blood must always be fresh. They are also nocturnal too.

Stone Vampire (Pure Vampire)

Named after their hard, stone like skin, these Vampires are generally between 6 foot and 7 foot tall and though very slow are almost completely indestructable. Only bronze can shatter or pierce their skin.

Miko Vampire (Pure Vampire)

These small, squat, green Vampires live in lakes and will  grab passers by and pull them under the surface. They are known to toy with their victims by pulling them under allowing them to escape and then pulling them under again.

They can be killed by a silver sharp through the heart and are nocturnal.

Nexol Vampire (Pure Vampire)

Nexol Vampires resemble living skeletons. Despite this they are tremendously strong and durable. They have the ability to remove limbs from their bodies that can still move, though decapitation will still kill them.

They can also be killed by a Jet stake through the heart.

Reptix Vampire (Soul Vampire)

These Vampires are bright red with long flowing black hair, thick ridges above their eyes and massive claws on their hands and feet. These Vampires have a gruesome taste for children and are known to fly away with them.

They can only be killed by silver weapons.

Pyro Vampires (Pure Vampire)

These Vampires burn hot and can set someone on fire if they touch them for too long. They can also use their touch to make their victims bodies burn inside but not set them on fire in order to torture them.They can also conjure up fire in their hands and shoot fire balls at their victims.

They can only be killed by decapitation and being immersed in clear running water.

Rox Vampire (Pure Vampire)

These Vampires have the ability to appear human but they can change into giant bat like Demons. They also have the ability to have children with each other (though not with human beings).

Their children never age. They remain infants forever. They physically resemble batlike monsters with arms. They are very fast, and strong and completely loyal to their parents who often use them as guard dogs.

They can be killed by stakes, weakened by holy items, and are nocturnal.

Striga Vampire (Soul Vampire)

Striga’s are only able to turn Witches or Warlocks into members of their own kind. Their strong, Demonic bodies allow them to absorb more magic than ordinary humans can and so they are stronger than regular Witches and Warlocks.

They are absolutely hideous to look at. They have green faces, long hook noses, big chins, massive fangs, white hair and long finger nails.

The image of Witches being hideous, evil, bloodthristy monsters comes from early legends about the Striga’s.

Striga’s are vulnerable to holy items, decapitation and silver.

Chubacabra (Pure Vampire)

These Vampires have no facial features at all. They are completely black from head to toe, have yellow fangs and have a strong stench that is absolutely overpowering. They are small agile and absolutely vicious. Fire and gold weapons can kill them.

Melesk Vampire ( Pure Vampire)

Ocean dwelling Vampires, these creatures were often subservient to the Draugrs but eventually turned on and took over when the Draugrs were weak. However they took over a dying empire and the Mermaids later drove them from the ocean.

These Vampires are green, bald and have a blue slime dripping from their noses and fingers which stinks. They have many of the standard Vampire weaknesses and powers, but often travel together in packs which can make them dangerous.

By Ferne Shelley








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