The History of Werewolves

Among the most dangerous and feared of all supernatural creatures is the Werewolf.

A strange hybrid of Man, Wolf and Demon,. Werewolves are descended from legendary Demons known as Lycans. Lycans were the pets of Khastran and one of the few Demonic species capable of killing Gods and Angels. Not surprisingly Werewolves are among the most powerful Demon species on earth. Though they have been hunted extensively throughout the years by both humans and other Demon species alike, they are nevertheless still fairly common throughout the entire world.

Just as with Vampires there is more than one type of Werewolf, though they are not as diverse as Vampires. It is important for any hunter to know the differences between breeds as some Werewolves still retain aspects of their humanity whilst others are completely consumed by the curse and must therefore be destroyed as any common Demon would.


The ancestors of Werewolves, the Lycans were among the first Demons ever created by the Creator of all things himself.

Lycans were truly hideous beasts. They had thick, dark brown, scaly, bumpy skin, no legs (they simply floated with a blue light protruding from their bottom half) long incredibly thin arms, with long thin, curved silver talons, as well as a silver row of short spikes which ran from the top of their heads right down their backs. They also had massive oval shaped heads with large yellow eyes and a black pupil, as well as two rows of razor sharp teeth and no nose.

The Lycans were as single minded as animals and incredibly dangerous. Though they possessed tremendous strength what made them such a threat was the poison in their claws and fangs that was known as Lycanthropy.

Lycanthropy had the power to weaken, hurt and even kill the most powerful Gods and Angels as well as Demons. Their poison was capable of affecting most other life forms, though not always in the same way. For instance Natural creatures would be transformed into Demons similar to, though not as powerful as Lycans.

The only creatures not known to be affected by their poison were the Kardons, Khastran’s species. This coupled with the Kardons greater strength allowed them to dominate the Lycans. Khastran however did not mistreat the Lycans as he enjoyed the chaos and misery they spread across the omniverse. Khastran kept them as pets and used them as attack and guard dogs.

Many Lycans fought on Khastran’s side when he took over the earth. The strongest and most fearsome of the Lycans, as well as Khastrans own personal favourite, Dycra was said to have slaughtered thousands of Angels before they finally managed to slay him.

After Khastran and the Kardons were imprisoned; the Lycans would continue to roam the Omniverse though without Khastran to lead them they were never quite so organised and therefore never quite as much of a threat again.

Many years later during the lost years, the spirit of Dycra would be disturbed by a powerful sorcerer named Eilok. Eilok had the power to control Demons and planned using this power to summon an army of them to take control of the world.

Ultimately this plan failed as several of the few surviving sorcerers banded together and not only summoned up an army to combat his, but they also managed to break his power over his Demon army. The Demons angry at being used then turned on him and tried to kill Eilok who was forced to go on the run.

Eilok now a desperate man soon learned of a valley where the dormant spirit of Dycra was said to rest. The valley called Dersa was apparently where the Angels had killed Dyrca and his spirit thus dwelled there though it was dormant. Nevertheless the spirit of Dyrcra naturally attracted Demons and various other supernaturals making it a hotspot of paranormal activity.

Eilok hoped to not only revive Dyrcra’s spirit but fuse it to his own body and gain his power with which he could rule the world.

Eilok was successful in reviving the spirit of the Lycan but unfortunately for him when he tried to fuse it to his body the Demons spirit proved to be too powerful for him to control. As he attempted to contain it something went wrong with the spell and the Lycan’s soul was instead fused with Eilok’s pet Wolf!

The Wolf then proceeded to attack Eilok, infecting him with the curse of Lycanthropy. Eilok quickly dispatched the beast with his magic’s afterwards. Being in the body of a Wolf, the Lycan was obviously not as powerful as it had once been.

Still Eilok had been infected with Lycanthropy for which there was no cure, however his magical power over Demons allowed him to limit the poison so that it only affected him on the night of the full moon, as well as the other nights of the week of the full moon.

Thus Eilok became the first Werewolf. Whilst he would remain himself most of the time on the nights of the week of the full moon he would change into a hideous Lycan/Wolf monster that much like all Lycans would have an instinctual desire to destroy any life form it crossed paths with.

In his Wolf form Eilok would infect others and create more Werewolves. He later wanting to gain more control over the power of the Lycan found a way to change into the Wolf whenever he wanted and retain his own personality. This also prevented him from turning into the Wolf automatically on the full moon. However even then there were problems as if he remained in the Wolf form for too long he would lose control of his own personality and become a savage Wolf monster for hours afterwards.

Still he was now able to gain more control of his own Lycanthropic powers which he used to build another army of genuinely loyal Werewolves. Those he infected would from this point would be able to control their transformations in a similar way leading to a new species of Werewolves from the original race who had to change on the week surrounding the full moon. The new species of Werewolves would become known as Lycanthropus Extremus, whilst the originals are simply known as standard Werewolves.

Eilok would form an alliance with the city of the Vampires but both armies were crushed by the combined forces of the city of Calcas and the Dragons. During this battle Eilok finally met his end but both standard Werewolves and Lycnathropus Extremus would live on past the lost years and Set’s attack on the earth.

Over the years two more Werewolf breeds would emerge, Wolfmen and Wolvrons. Both are the children of two Werewolves. The difference is that Wolfmen are born when their mother is in human form whilst Wolvrons are born when their mother is in her Wolf form.

Wolvrons have no humanity in them. They are complete monsters and remain in their wolf form permanently. They stand roughly 9 feet tall are bipeds, have completely snow white fur as well as virtually limitless strength and speed. They have the power to infect those they bite or scratch who will permanently transform into Wolvrons who are much smaller at 7 foot tall and less powerful and have brown fur.

Wolfmen meanwhile as their name would suggest are more human in appearance whilst in their Werewolf form. Though they are still as single minded as animals, they are still the weakest of the Werewolf breeds.

There are no differences between the Wolvrons and the Wolfmen who are the children of Standard Werewolves and Lycanthropus Extremus, though more often than not in the old days it was the Lycanthropus Extremus’s who gave birth to Wolvrons as they can control when they change and often wished to birth them to use them as warriors.

The Age of the Gods

The Gods would come to view Werewolves as one of their greatest enemies due to the fact that the Lycanthropy in their claws could poison them. Indeed it was one of the few things on earth that could actually harm the Gods apart from the most powerful magics, though it could not kill the most powerful gods.

The Werewolves in the early years of the Gods rules would side ironically with their old enemies the Dragons to try and exterminate the Gods from the earth.

Some Werewolves however knowing that the Gods would prevail sided with them instead. The Gods however were reluctant to let any Werewolves live, and so the Werewolves had to prove themselves in order to be spared by the gods.

The Goddess who took the most kindly to Werewolves was not surprisingly Artemis the Goddess of the hunt who came to have many of them as pets, though even she still was somewhat suspicious of them and only ever kept a few around at a time.

After the Dragons were defeated the Werewolves numbers were naturally culled. A few Werewolves did remain independent from the Gods but they were always outlaws. Many of these Werewolves would later join Ares army.

After the gods left the earth the Werewolves survived but the hatred of Werewolves would continue to flourish. Humans viewed them the same as they would any other Demons, whilst Demons took a similar attitude towards them as the Gods as the poison of Lycanthropy could affect Demons too.

The Werewolves would later gain acceptance during the reign of Emperor Trajan. Trajan thanks to Leontine’s influence saw Werewolves as humans infected with a Demonic virus rather than Demons. Though a large part of why he accepted them was simply because he felt that they would be useful allies against Vampires.

Werewolves poison did not work against Vampires who were the children of Khastran, but Werewolves could not be turned into Vampires and as they were still human they were more loyal than other Demonic soldiers.

Werewolves played a large part in the Trajan wars against the Vampires and after the Vampires take over was foiled, Werewolves would be welcomed into human society throughout the entire Roman empire.

The fact that Werewolves had turned on their oldest allies the Vampires would lead to the origin of the phrase “Never trust a Werewolf.” Though persecution against them was made illegal, racist attitudes and even random attacks against the werewolves still persisted.

After the fall of the Roman Empire humanity would turn on the Werewolves once again. Now forced to go on the run once more. As a war broke out between the Vampires and their sworn enemies the Vandals, the Wolves were often forced to work with their old allies the Vampires once again.

Despite their earlier betrayal Vampires would still provide shelter to Werewolves who were hunted mercilessly by humans and Demons. The Vampires would uncharacteristically protect Werewolves simply because they could be useful allies against the Vandals and also because in some twisted way Vampires were desperate to own them as pets.

After the Vandals won the war, Werewolves much like Vampires would be forced to go into hiding once again, and they and Vampires would often stick together in these times of duress. Some Werewolf clans did stick together and mount their own resistance movements against the Vandals and even achieved some small victories and seized some small regions, but ultimately they were never able to make a sizable dent in the Vandals power.

Still ironically the Vandals would make life easier for the Werewolves in one way when they covered up the existence of supernaturals around Europe which naturally helped them to remain hidden from their human enemies at least.

The Werewolves would after the fall of the Vandals be turned on by their old allies the Vampires when the Vampires sided with the Nazi’s and began purging Europe of all non Vampiric supernatural creatures. The Werewolves were exterminated in mass numbers.

Still the Werewolves managed to survive and have continued to be widespread around the world to this day, though like all supernatural creatures their existence is still covered up.

For many centuries Werewolves were viewed as cowardly, self serving, dangerous monsters but in recent years they have come to be seen in a more sympathetic way by supernaturally aware humans and organisations such as Rentros.

Their history is now viewed by some historians and experts on the occult as a persecuted race desperate to try and find a way to survive, and the heroic exploits of certain Werewolves such as Mark the Werewolf member of the Legion of the Paranormal have been celebrated.

Still there are those who view Werewolves as monsters and even hunt them as common Demons.

The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle as Lycanthropy is known to affect Werewolves personalities even in human form to some extent. Ultimately Werewolves are not just simply Demons and whilst some do give into the Demonic poison that runs through their veins, they are still people who are in need of help above all else.

Different Breeds of Werewolf

Standard Werewolf

The original breed of Werewolf, they only become the Wolf 7 nights of the month including the 6 nights before and the night of the full moon.

In their Wolf form they have black fur and walk on all fours. They are immensly strong, more so than many Demon, Vandal and Vampire species.

Their biggest strength is in the poison of Lycanthropy which can weaken and even kill Demons, Angels and even Gods. Though their Lycanthropy is not as powerful as that of pure Lycans, it can still be deadly to many powerful species.

Only Vampires, Vandals, Ghouls and other descendents from Kardons are immune to their poison.

These Werewolves despite being the original Wolves are not as common as Lycanthropus Extremus.

In their human form they still have some powers such as advanced strength (though it is only slightly above that of an ordinary human) advanced healing capabilities, senses and an extended lifespan. They can live up to 200 years.

When in their wolf form they have no control over it and will kill even their dearest loved ones if not restrained. They can be killed with any weapon made of silver (silver chains can restrain them too). Fire and decapitation can also kill them, though their strong necks make this difficult.

Lycanthropus Extremus

These Werewolves in their Wolf form are no stronger than standard Werewolves, but they differ from them in a number of ways.

They do not change automatically on the night of the full moon and they can change whenever they want into the Wolf, and they can maintain control of the Wolf for an extended period.

However if they remain in the Wolf form for too long then they will loose control and remain in the wolf persona for hours. Extreme stimuli can also provoke them into turning into the Wolf too.

Whilst these Wolves have an extended lifespan too the older they get the more they desire to turn into the wolf and the more they desire to let it loose. Many of them by the age of 50 will have given in and permanently transformed into the Wolf.

Only those with the very strongest wills can resist these urges, but even then they describe it as a constant struggle.

These Werewolves in their Wolf form are bipedal with lighter fur. They share the same weaknesses as the standard Werewolves.


The children of two Werewolves in wolf form, and those they infect. Wolvrons who are born from two Werewolves are 9 feet tall, completely white and far more powerful and dangerous than any other Werewolf breed and their Lycanthropy is more advanced too.

Those they infect will transform into permanent Wolf creatures, though those they transform are not as powerful as White Wolvrons, they are still stronger than either standard Werewolves or Lycanthropus Extremus’s.

Wolvrons are among the strongest supernatural creatures on earth with only the strongest Vampire breeds being above them in terms of sheer power.

They still share the same weaknesses as regular Werewolves however.


The weakest Werewolf breed, these Werewolves are the children of Werewoves in human form. An ordinary human and a Werewolf having children together will not be enough for the curse to be carried on and their child will still be a human.

Wolfmen have normal lifespans, no advanced powers in human form and in their wolf form they are more human in appearance though their lycanthropy can still affect Demons and other supernaturals.

Relationships to other Supernatural Creatures


Whilst Vampires are generally destructive beasts to everyone and everything around them they do seem to view Werewolves with some degree of affection.

This most likely stems from the fact that Werewolves ancestors were the pets of the father of all Vampires, Khastran.

Vampires have often shown a desire to keep Werewolves as pets. Whilst this did lead to Vampires sheltering Werewolves, at the same time this has led to some Vampires wanting to dominate Werewolves and generally treating them no better than animals.

There have also been two historic clashes between Vampires and Werewolves, during the Trajan wars and during the Second World War.

Still despite this Vampires and Werewolves have often been allies and indeed a Vampire is the only creature a Werewolf will not instinctively attack in Wolf form (unless of course it is a Lycanthropus Extremus who is in control and wishes to attack a Vampire for their own means. Also a Werewolf will still attack a Vampire in self defence too).


Vandals like Vampires are immune to the poison of Lycanthropy. Vandals and Werewolves however are sworn enemies. Again this most likely stems from the fact that the Vandals ancestor was a sworn enemy of Khastran and therefore his pet Lycans.

That plus the Werewolves close ties to Vampires has often led to them clashing too.


Most Demon species consider Werewolves to be abominations and seek to destroy them. Whilst many Demons claim that it is because Werewolves are human/Demon hybrids and thus supposedly inferior, it is most likely from fear as Werewolves due to their Lycanthropy are strong enough to defeat the majority of Demon breeds.

By Ferne Shelley

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  1. There’s quite a lot of interesting aspects to your article. I was curious as to where some of the mythology had come from, though I do recognize some aspects of Greek mythology and traditional Werewolf Lore, (even some Arab lore?) there’s a much in here that I don’t recognize its origins. It would be interesting if you could add a bibliography or reference notes.


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