The History of Dragons

Dragons are the most powerful of all magical creatures native to the earth. They are magically infused Dinosaurs.

If a natural creature is exposed to magic enough then it will transform into a magical creature. In humans case their magical form is a Witch (female), Warlock (male), in a Monkey’s it is a Troll, whilst in a Dinosaurs case it is a Dragon.

As a result of this there are many different types of Dragons. Each with their own unique set of powers and abilities.

Dragons have played an important role in our history. Having been both enemies and friends of humanity at various different points.

Origins and Age of the Dinosaurs

The first Dragons existed alongside their natural Dinosaurian kin. These Dragons were created by two all powerful Demons named Gedrix and Malerk.

Gedrix and Malerk were two non corporeal Demons who had the ability to possess other life forms. Using this power the two Demons were able to take control of various other powerful beings including several Gods.

Ultimately however the Demons were never able to possess any of the Kardons, the most powerful Demons and so they were never able to possess Khastran the king of the Hellish Realm.

Khastran would banish them both from the Hellish realm. The two Demons who were also sworn enemies with one another, would later find out the location to the portal to The Realm.

It is said that whoever is the first to enter The Realm will gain power over all of creation itself. It is believed that these Demons were the first two life forms ever to discover its location, long before even Khastran. They were also believed to be the first Demons ever to exist on the earth.

They arrived on Earth, the planet the portal to The Realm existed on, towards the end of the age of the Dinosaurs. The two Demons both possessed large Tyrannosaurus Rex’s.

They then using magic transformed many of the Dinosaurs around them into Dragons to use as soldiers in their war with one another, whilst they both tried to find a way to open The Realm.

The war waged on for many years, during which time whole Dinosaur species were wiped out in the crossfire. Huge areas of the earth were scorched and rendered uninhabitable.

Eventually however Malerk would be overthrown by one of his own Dragons. Another Tyrannosaurus Rex named Delos. Delos wished for his people to be free from the rule of the two Demons and led a revolution against Malerk where he was finally able to destroy him.

Unfortunately Gedrix proved to be too powerful. Just as he was on the verge of defeat, Gedrix managed to cast a spell which began to slaughter all life on the planet.

The spell was known as the Destroyer and very few beings used it. It would eliminate all life on a planet right down to the smallest organism and render the entire planet a wasteland.

Gedrix had never been able to master it before now and hoped to use it to exterminate all life on the earth, whilst he would place himself in a magical suspended animation that would protect him. He would then emerge after the spell had killed off all the Dragons and then be able to open the portal to the Realm undisturbed.

Gedrix’s spell was able to wipe out up to 65 percent of all life on earth before Delos with his last dying breath was able to find a way to reverse it. By then however most Dinosaurs had died, the earth had been damaged and the Dragons were all gone. All of the Dragons had been forced to sacrifice themselves to end the spell. The magic in their bodies was needed to counteract the effects of the spell.

The earth would recover eventually, but the age of the Dinosaurs and the Dragons had come to an end.

Gedrix meanwhile would remain in suspended animation for millions of years under the earth. He believed that it would be millions of years before he could emerge again and therefore set the spell to make him sleep for that long.

The Lost Years

The Dragons would return during the lost years when a Witch named Sarkasan would bring a Dinosaur back to life through magic.

Sarkasan had been one of the most powerful witches during the age of magic. After Khastran drained the earth of most of its magics and left it a barren wasteland, Sarkasan sought to try and find a way to bring magic back like many of the other surviving Witches and Warlocks She was more militant than most however.

Other Magical creatures hoped to show people that magic was a force for good. Whilst Sarkasan wished to find a way to force everyone to become magical creatures again with those who fought against it being deserving of death in her mind. She regarded all natural creatures as inferior.

Not surprisingly as a result of this she was cast out by her fellow Witches and Warlock’s. Now on her own she would later stumble upon the bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex which were sticking out of the earth due to an earthquake.

The bones were worshipped by a group of Demons who believed them to belong to an ancient Demon and even made sacrifices to it.

Sarkasan realising that they belonged to a natural creature used her magic’s to bring the beast back to life. Sarkasan had unlike any other magical creature on earth mastered the power to completely resurrect another life form.

Bringing the Tyrannosaur back from its old bones the Rex would subsequently slaughter all of its Demon “followers” before Sarkasan would subdue it using her magics.

She then transformed the beast into a Dragon which she would christen Draig.

Draig and Sarkasan would together revive many more Dinosaurs (which Draig was able to reach using his magic’s) and soon created an army of Dragons, with which Sarkasan sought to overrun the earth, restore magic and force its people to become magical beings again.

The Dragons would destroy many villages and cities, but eventually Draig despite being her first Dragon would turn on Sarkasan, when the Vampire hunter Leontine managed to convince him of how evil Sarkasan truly was.

This led to a civil war between the Dragons with some remaining loyal to their “mother” and others standing with Draig. A white Dragon, a magically fused Spinosaurus named Alectros would become Sarkan’s second in command and favourite “son” in place of Draig.

The war raged on throughout the remainder of the Lost Years, but it ended when Set attacked the earth. During his attack on the earth Sarkan would be killed, but the Dragons lived on and took part in the battle against Set as well as aiding the Gods in rebuilding the earth afterwards,.

War with the Gods

At first the Dragons and the Gods lived in peace on the earth. They even teamed up to take on another foe, the Evil Echidna, who created a race of Vampiric Dragons known as the Hydra! Eventually however the Dragons would be spurned on to attacking the Gods by Gedrix who returned after a long absence.

Gedrix had been freed when Set attacked the earth. The magical bubble that he placed around himself was broken and he was freed form his long slumber.

After Set was defeated Gedrix would convince many Dragons to fight back against the Gods. The Gods had come to dominate the earth after Set’s rule and naturally many of the Dragons resented them for this. The Dragons had helped the Gods rebuild the earth (though the Gods would often leave the Dragons role out and take sole credit to the humans as their creators.)

Gedrix however would inspire many of the Dragons to rise up against the Gods, telling them that they would be more fit to rule the earth and also pointing out the cruelty of some of the Gods against humanity. Gedrix couldn’t simply use the Destroyer spell again as he knew that the Gods would be powerful enough to reverse it right away and.

Of course little did any of the Dragons know their new leader was in fact a Demon. Gedrix had attempted to possess one of the Gods, but had discovered that they had since developed a way to block it. He therefore remained in his Tyrannosaurs body in order to gain the support of the Dragons.

Gedrix would become referred to as the Typhonic Beast by the Gods.

The Dragons would increase their numbers, not only by bringing more Dinosaurs back to life, but also by populating isolated valleys and islands around the world (where the Gods couldn’t find them) with Dinosaurs. If their numbers ever dwindled then they could simply travel to one of these valleys and then transform one of the Dinosaurs there into a Dragon.

The valley’s and islands would often be terrorformed by the Dragons into being more suitable for the Dinosaurs to live in. These “lost worlds” would continue to thrive long after the Dragons war with the Gods and some of them would even be discovered by human travellers throughout human history.

During the wars the Dragons would ally themselves with the Werewolves whose lycanthropy was a poison to the gods. Gedrix would using the Lycanthropy and the darkest magics create a weapon that could kill the Gods right away. Several Werewolves were sacrificed for the creation of this weapon, but they viewed it as a necessary sacrifice.

Armed with these weapons. The Dragons would slaughter many gods and capture several of them too.

The Dragons briefly seized control of Olympus, but they would be foiled by Leontine, Draig, Hercules and Alectros. Despite Alectros’s disdain for Draig (who had never sided with the Dragons as he never trusted Gedrix). He nevertheless aided them after he found out the truth about Gedrix.

Gedrix simply wanted to use the Dragons to dispose of the Gods who were the biggest threat to him. After which he could then open the Realm and gain its power for himself. He would most likely dispose of all the Dragons once he was done with them too, but he of course lied to the Dragons and made out that together they would all build a better world.

Alectros helped his former enemies sneak into Gedrix’s base deep in the underworld. Gedrix had made this his base as he believed it would be easier to try and open the Realm from here as it was already a portal in the earth. Gedrix also enjoyed imprisoning the leaders of the Gods in the very hell they had created too.

Hercules and the others would manage to free the Gods, as well as destroy almost all of Gedrix’s supply of weaponry (only Gedrix had the knowledge to build the weapons.) The gods fought back against the Dragons, whilst Hercules lured Gedrix to the deepest pit in the underworld.

He managed to throw the monster after an intense battle into the pit, which was then sealed over by the Gods trapping him in there. Sadly Hercules died after the battle from his wounds.

After this the Gods would fight back.against the Dragons around the world and were able to gain the upper hand as the Dragons no longer had Gedrix’s weaponry.

The Dragons were defeated and the Gods reclaimed control of Europe and Africa. In China however the Dragons were able to mount an impenetrable defence against the Gods. These Dragons had managed to collect the last supply of Gedrix’s weaponry and were able to use it to defend their territory against the gods.

Eventually these Dragons formed a peace treaty with the Gods who agreed that China would remain in their hands.

The Dragons the Gods had captured in Europe meanwhile were punished.

Depending on the severity of their crimes they were either killed, or they were doomed to be imprisoned in one tiny area for thousands of years after which they would then be freed.

A few Dragons managed to remain rogue, however such as Alectros and Faufner who would continue to plague the Norse Gods.

The European Dragons would often horde money and riches in order buy warriors and mercenaries to help protect them from the hordes of warriors and Demons loyal to the gods who hunted them. Whilst some Dragons preferred to work alone it was often the Dragons who had wealth who were able to protect themselves more. This in turn led to Dragons being seen as greedy, evil monsters in the west.

One small group of Dragons would later using magic travel across the universe to a far away planet where they settled. They would continue to live there for many thousands of years to come.

On Earth meanwhile another group of Dragons would create a tiny pocket dimension which they were able to live in in safety away from the Gods.

In China the Dragons would create great a kingdom of magic. Whilst they were seen by the people as benevolent creatures of wonder and awe, they were not always such merciful rulers.

They generally tended to live on a giant island in the sky where their palace was. Though a few Dragons did live on the ground below. The Chinese Dragons ruled through their Demon, magical and sometimes even human minions below.

Any action against the Dragons would be met with a swift and brutal reprisal. The Dragons main force consisted of the Terracotta army, a vast army of the greatest human, magical and Demonic warriors who helped to maintain order and the Jiangshi Vampires.

These Vampires were domesticated by the Dragons. The Dragons had found a spell which forced these Vampires who were particularly vulnerable to magic to obey their every command. The Vampires were reduced to being the guard dogs of people in the kingdom to protect them.

Unfortunately for the Chinese Dragons their time would come when one of their own, another White Dragon named Lenak who believed that the Dragons should rule the earth turned against them.

The other Dragons did not want to launch a war with the Gods. They feared that another conflict between the two could potentially wipe out all life on the earth

Lenak would work with Ares, a renegade God who wanted to conquer the world. Both Ares and Lenak were aware that they couldn’t trust the other and both had plans to take the other down once they had disposed of their enemies.

Lenak promised to help Ares get his hands on Gedrix’s God killing weapon, whilst Ares supplied Lenak with weaponry that could harm his fellow Dragons.

Lenak would manage to find a way, with Ares help to sneak into the Dragons main base where he broke their spell that controlled all of the Jiang Shi.

Lenak did this in order to distract the Dragons. (He believed he could easily dispose of the Jiangshi after)

The Vampires naturally began slaughtering the people they were supposed to protect. Whilst the Dragons were dealing with this problem, Lenak then used the same spells power to turn the entire Terracotta army into stone. He also kept his end of the bargain and supplied Ares with the last of Gedrix’s God killing weapon (though he kept some of it himself for his planned final showdown with Ares)

Lenak threatened to wreak more havoc on the land unless all of its people bowed to him. Some did, others didn’t and all of China was thrown into a great civil war.

During the battle Lenak would have most of the Terracotta army destroyed but the most loyal soldiers were sealed beneath the earth. The Terracotta army were still aware and awake, they just couldn’t move, sleep, or speak and they would never die. It was a living hell and Lenak wanted to extend their torment by sealing them up under the earth in the dark where no one could find them.

The civil war between the Dragons and their servants completely destroyed the entire society they built in China, and killed most of them.

After the war, as the kingdom lay in ruins Lenak managed to hide from the Dragons who wanted him dead by turning himself into a human after faking his death. Even as a man he would still have great magical powers, though they were still greatly diminished and no match for a full Dragon.

Whilst the few surviving Dragons tried to rebuild their kingdom. Lenak plotted against them in secret. He joined forces with some of the most powerful Witches and Warlocks in the land. He convinced them that they needed to destroy the last few surviving Dragons in order to finally be free.

Working together, they all created a spell that could trap the last few surviving Dragons. The Dragons at this point were mere shells of their former selves and more vulnerable than they had ever been before. Though individually a Dragon was still stronger than any Warlock.

Working together with the Witches and the Warlocks, Lenak was able in secret to create a spell which they hoped would trap the Dragons. Lenak told the Warlocks and Witches that they would drain the Dragons power, but in truth he wished to blow them and all of the other Witches and Warlocks up.  Eliminating both the Dragons and the Witches and Warlocks who had the knowledge on how to defeat them. Though he was successful, just before he completed the spell one of the Dragons realised who he was and managed to, with all of his strength cast a final spell that seemingly trapped Lenak in his human body forever.

Unable to morph back into a Dragon, Lenak would continue to try and find ways to restore his original form in order to rebuild his kingdom. It was no easy feat however as his power was greatly diminished and China was after the fall of the Dragons; a dangerous, anarchic place populated by monsters, with the Jiang Shi eventually becoming the apex monster on the continent.

Not long after the fall of the Chinese Dragons the Gods would also leave the earth, after their own war with Ares.


Many Centuries later. Draig would attempt to build another magical kingdom alongside the Warlock known as Merlin.

Draig hoped to build a kingdom that would not conquer the rest of the world and force it to become magical. Instead it would lead by example. It would become such a perfect place to live that it would hopefully convince the rest of the world, that magic was not to be feared and could be a force for good.

The kingdom the Dragon, the Warlock and a king named Uther would build together would be called Camelot. Both magical and non magical people would be allowed to live here with magic only ever being used for the good of its people.

Unfortunately Camelot would soon run into problems when Morgan Le Fey, one of Uthers two children along with Arthur’s son was turned into a Vampire.

Le Fey was a kind hearted woman who loved her only son Mordred, so much so.that after he became a Vampire, Morgan actually tried to cure him.

Draig told her that there was no cure and that for his sake it would be better to kill him. Morgan ultimately lied to her brother and father and said that she had killed Mordred after which she then continued to try and cure him, whilst keeping her son locked up in the woods. Sadly not only where her attempts predictably a failure but Mordred managed to escape and subsequently killed his Grandfather, and slaughtered many knights and civilians before escaping.

Arthur blamed Morgan Le Fey for this and banished her from Camelot. She would later become an enemy to Arthur for this betrayal.

Mordred meanwhile would be determined to rule Camelot, seeing it as his right and he would later form an alliance with an evil Witch and old enemy of Merlin, Morgause.

Together they would form an alliance with Draig’s old archenemy Alectros who simply wanted to see Camelot fall in order to make Draig suffer.

Sadly the trinity of evil, Mordred, Alectros and Morgause would manage to bring about the end of Camelot. Draig and Alectros fought an intense battle with one another which brought their centuries long feud to a head and finally saw Draig triumph over and kill his archfoe. Mordred meanwhile would kill Arthur in battle as well as turn Nimueh, Merlin’s lover and protege into a Vampire. Nimueh and Merlin would later kill each other in battle.

Morgan in the last few years of her life had managed to make peace with Arthur. Feeling guilty for the collapse of Camelot, she swore to her dying brother that she would destroy the monster she created.

Morgan Le Fey and Mordred would continue to battle each other for many centuries afterwards.

Distressed over what had happened to his kingdom, Draig fell into a deep depression and would spend many centuries simply wandering the English countryside alone. He did not create any more Dragons, as he believed that they had no place in the world of man.

He would later come into conflict with a young prince named George. George believed the Dragon was responsible for a string of gruesome killings and abductions of young women and sought to slay him to prove his worth.

Though brave, George was no match for the Dragon who effortlessly defeated him. Draig spared George however and George in turn realised that Draig was not behind the attacks. Together the two of them were able to find and destroy the real culprits, a group of Vandals and free the girls.

The Dragon however let George lie that he had defeated a mighty Dragon in order to make him sound more brave and the story entered into mythology.

George and the Dragon would work together a few more times before Draig left England for good.

Return of Gedrix

Gedrix would be freed by a small group of Dragons who still believed in him. These Dragons had remained in the underworld for centuries after the Gods had left. Every day they kept trying to find a way to break the barrier that kept the Demon sealed in the pit, until eventually they were successful.

These Dragons were a loyalist cult who believed that Gedrix would deliver them to glory, with of course none of them being aware of the monsters true motives.

Gedrix and his new Dragon followers would travel to the island of the sky above China. The Dragons believed that from here Gedrix would try and rebuild their power base, but instead he hoped from to create another destructor spell.

Fortunately Leontine being aware of his freedom would contact Draig and together the two of them would travel to the island.

Draig and Gedrix would have a battle which ended not only in the final destruction of Gedrix but also the complete destruction of the island.

Draig survived the fight but he was so badly wounded by it, that he would retreat onto a tiny little island where he would remain for many centuries.

Most of the Dragons on the earth had either fled or been killed at this point and thus they became a rare species who eventually passed into legend, as mankind came to believe that the paranormal did not exist thanks to the Vandal’s influence.

The Atomic Age

The island that Draig lived on would during the 1960’s be struck by an atomic bomb which horribly mutated him. His magical abilities prevented the atomic power from killing him, but it still affected him in many ways, making him grow larger, twisting his body out of shape and it made his firey breath more atomic.

The pain of his mutation also drove him insane and in his new gigantic form he would go on a rampage through several cities, before the Legion of the Paranormal were able to defeat him by burying him under the ground.

He would remain trapped for many years before the Legion were forced to free him to help battle a gigantic magical cyborg from outer space. This Cyborg named Exelor was a giant robot brought to life by magic on a far away planet to defend its people from invaders. Ultimately he turned on the aliens that made him and then built a race of mini robots to serve him before going on to wage war against the rest of the universe.

During his battle with Exelor, Draig would regain his senses, and desperate to make up for his previous sins when he was mad, he would become a defender of the earth from this point on.

Sadly Draig was not the only Dragon that would be mutated by atomic power. Many of these Dragons would go rogue, but others would be helped by Draig too and join him in protecting the earth.

He would face many more monsters including the ancient sea beast, the Kraken, and his old archfoe Alectros who would be revived, mutated and cybernetically enhanced by Exelor to do battle with Draig.

Ultimately Draig would always triumph over his enemies and continues to protect mankind to this day.

Relatives of Dragons


Wyvern’s are Pterosaurs who have been fused with magic. As Pterosaurs were closely related to Dinosaurs then so are Wyverns to Dragons.

Wyverns have existed for as long as Dragons and during the war with the gods they sided with them. They have not had as much of an impact on our history, though in America they did free its native people from the rule of the Leviathans and ended up entering into their mythology as the Thunderbirds.


These creatures are extinct, prehistoric reptiles fused with magic such as Plesiosaurs and Mososaurs.

Much like Wyverns they were allies of the Dragons during the war of the Gods. The most famous Leviathan was a female called Meres who managed to briefly overthrow Posiedon.

After the defeat of the Dragons, Meres was spared, but imprisoned as a punishment by the Gods in a Loch in Scotland, Loch Ness, where she remains trapped to this day.


Griffins are Birds that have been fused with magic. As Birds are the direct descendants of small meat eating Dinosaurs. Then Griffins are therefore closely related to Dinosaurs.

Griffins have many of the same features and powers as smaller Dragons, but despite this not all of the Griffins sided with the Dragons as ironically they did not feel a kinship with them.

Dragons, Wyverns and Leviathans being creatures from the past whose whole world in many ways is gone, have often felt uneasy in the modern world.

6 Most Common Breeds of Dragon

There are many hundreds of different types of Dragon, but these Dragons are the most common breeds. The reason for this is because these Dinosaurs were more often than not brought back by Witches and Dragons because they made the most powerful and dangerous Dragons.

Red Dragons

These Dragons are Tyrannosaurus Rexes fused with magic. They are far larger than real Tyrannosaurus Rexes (magical creatures are larger than their natural counterparts on average, hence why Witches and Warlocks are often over 7 feet tall).

They are all without exception bright red with black eyes and a red pupil. These Dragons can breathe fire (in reality concentrated magic). Their firey breathe can destroy most substances and harm though not kill gods.

They also have the power to consume life forms over three times larger than themselves. They are arguably the most powerful Dragon race and generally tend to dominate other Dragons.

White Dragons

White Dragons are Spinosaurus’s fused with magic. They large sail on their back splits down the middle and forms into two massive wings when they are transformed into Dragons. These Dragons have the power of flight (something which not all Dragons have) and they are very fast in the air. Like the Red Dragons they too can breathe fire, and they are regarded as among the most dangerous of all Dragons.

Black Dragons

Triceratops’s fused with magic, these Dragons can not breathe fire, instead the Triceratops’s two horns are made entirely of fire which can slice through virtually anything. Their frills are virtually indestructable too and they are very, very fast.

Green Dragons

Sauropod Dinosaurs fused with magic, these Dragons will grow three heads. Each head fires a different weapon. One head fires lightening, another breathes fire, and another breathes ice.

Blue Dragons

Velociraptors fused with magic. These Dragons can fly and their claws are made of iron. They have powerful hypnotic abilities and are extremely fast.

Gold Dragons 

Stegosaurus’s fused with magic, these Dragons have the ability to fly using the plates on their backs and can turn themselves into large spheres that can smash through anything.

The spikes on their tails also are made of lightening.

By Ferne Shelly

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