All I Want For Christmas Is Blood

Christmas Eve at Rentros was always the same. A dark miserable day that would crush the holiday spirit out of the most eager child.

Rentros was an organisation set up to protect us all from the supernatural. It had been established many centuries ago, ironically by a Demon of the same name. This Demon unlike most of its kind genuinely loved humanity and had established this organisation to protect us from what was really lurking in the dark.

Rentros in the generations since its establishment had become a truly formidable enemy to the supernatural. With cells all over the entire world, it had accomplished what it set out to do and saved countless lives from the unnatural evil that still populated the world. It had also helped to keep the existence of the occult a secret too.

Sadly however Rentros could never truly destroy the supernatural menace, least of all on Christmas day.

As Christmas was the birthday of the son of God, and therefore the most holy day of the year. The Vampires, the Demons and the forces of darkness would do all they could to desecrate it by carrying out the most obscene atrocities. Their victims were most often children.

Whilst Rentros would do all they could to combat the forces of evil just like any other day of the year. Sadly they would never be able to completely stop the Demon massacres at Christmas. Thus to anyone who worked at Rentros, or even knew of the existence of supernatural, Christmas was a day to be dreaded. It was a day when the creatures of the night unleashed their inhuman cruelty more than any other. A more ghoulish night than even Halloween!

They knew that no matter how hard they fought, how many beasts they slew, that every Christmas morning; many parents would wake up to find the remains of their children stuffed in stockings, hung from the ceiling or wrapped up in boxes as “gifts” for their unfortunate parents. Sadly the monsters had won in desecrating this holy day after all.

There was one monster however whose bloody rampages on Christmas eclipsed all others. A beast that Rentros had been trying to bring down for over a hundred years but who had always managed to slip through the net. The Vampire king of the North Pole. Santa Claus!

This year however things might be different. The head of the LA Branch of Rentros, Nicholas had finally found a key clue as to where the monster dwelled. It was known that he lived in a massive castle in the North Pole, but it was shrouded in magic. Now however Nicholas may have finally found its location and this year he had a secret weapon that the Vampire would never see coming.

Sarah only had three bullets left. She was trapped deep in a cave just outside LA and surrounded by at least half a dozen Helran Demons. Helran Demons fed primarily on children. As it was nearing Christmas they had captured a larger amount of children than they normally would for a big feast on Christmas day.

The monsters had long thin, brown bodies, with arms that stretched much longer than their upper bodies. Their hands each had three long fingers which ended in massive claws. Their hair was long and white, whilst their eyes were black with a red pupil and their teeth were all massive fangs

The only thing that could kill them was a weapon made from copper. Sarah did also have a copper knife with her, but it would be pointless to try and fight the monsters in a one on one battle as their strength was so great.

Sarah knew that she most likely wouldn’t get out of the monsters cave alive, so she wanted to do all she could to try and help the children the beasts had captured, who were cowering behind her to get free. Her partner was gone. He had gone to face the queen of the pack down below. He had always come through before. His power was unlike anyone she had ever seen, but he wasn’t here now and the monsters were closing in fast. Sarah managed to shoot the first Helran that lunged at her straight in the heart. Wasting no time she quickly grabbed its body and used it as a shield against the others. She told the children to run the other way whilst she protected them. Some ran too fast to the point where she couldn’t cover them, whilst others were too scared.

A Helran quickly snatched the first child that nearly made it to the exit, but a quick head shot from Sarah brought it down. Unfortunately another two managed to tackle Sarah to the ground, forcing her to drop her gun. Whilst she still had the previous monster that she had slain as a shield to protect her from their claws, the rest of the Helran’s were now swarming the children and there was nothing Sarah could do to protect them.

Just then however the monsters attention suddenly turned towards the other end of the room. Many of them began to run towards it, but then a white light suddenly filled the cave. As soon as it came into contact with the monsters it began to eat their flesh away into nothing. The monsters let out an ear piercing scream but they were cut short as they were reduced to nothing but skeletons in a matter of seconds.

Once the light faded Sarah looked up and saw her partner standing at the other end of the hall. He had long, flowing black hair, a long black beard, and was dressed entirely in white, though his clothes were stained in green blood.

There had been over a hundred of these monsters in the cave. It had been their site for close to 100 years, but this man had managed to slay most of them in a few hours. Sarah had only really held them off whilst he was dealing with the Queen.

“Thanks for the help”. Sarah said drily. She continued “100 years we’ve tried to take these bastards out. And you’ve done it in a few hours. You don’t disappoint Jesus.

Nicholas was waiting patiently for Jesus to return. The team was ready to go to the North Pole to deal with Santa, but they just needed Jesus. The team was made up of some of the most skilled and dangerous Demon hunters in any Rentros cell. However even they would have been no match for Santa and his Vampire hordes without Jesus.

The LA branch of Rentros had discovered the location of Santa’s castle from the base in the antarctic which had only been established a few years ago. One of the main reasons it had been established was to try and find Santa in the first place, though it also dealt with other Demonic threats to the world at large, which would did sometimes use the frozen wastes of Antarctica as a hiding place.

The Antarctic base however had been decimated by Santa’s Vampire and Demon minions. They had burned the entire building to the ground.

However a few weeks after its destruction one of its survivors was found wandering through the wilderness on December 21st. His body was battered and bloodied. After he was found by a rescue team he died a few days later of his wounds.

Just before his tragic death however he explained what happened. His Rentros base had finally found a way to deflect the magics that were shielding Santa’s latest castle from the rest of the world. Two previous castle’s had been discovered and destroyed but the Vampire king had escaped only to rebuild each time. Sadly before the members of the Antarctic base could act, Santa and his Vampire minions; children that he turned into Vampires over the years (who he nicknamed his Elves) destroyed the base.

Most of the staff were slaughtered in the initial attack, but a few were taken back to the Vampires lair and tortured for the beasts sadistic amusement. This man however managed to escape after a few days of torture at the Elves hands. Just before his death he left the details of a spell that would break the force field around Santa’s blood fortress as well as its exact location. He also warned them that this Christmas Santa was planning something big. He didn’t know what exactly but he warned them that Santa was confident this would be a Christmas the world would never forget.

The LA branch had been tasked with stopping the Vampire because they had Jesus himself on their staff

The Second Coming had arrived in 1989 and ironically no one had been aware of it. At least not until now. Contrary to what the Christian religion always told us, Jesus Christ was merely an Angel/human hybrid. He was not the son of the creator of all things.

Jesus was the creation of a group of Angels who had remained on the earth after the Gods had fled it. The Gods had not created the earth, but they rebuilt after it had been devastated.

Ultimately they left just before recorded history began as they felt their influence was harming humanity. These Angels however who served the God Yahweh were left behind to protect humanity. Yahweh had always been an unpredictable and violent God who would switch between being the most ruthless monster one minute, and a vicious and a kind and just ruler the next. When he left the earth with the rest of the Gods, he told his most loyal and honourable Angels, which included the likes of Lucifer, Gabriel and Michael; to remain and protect humanity. He hoped that they could be his redemption.

Many years later the most powerful of the Angels, Michael had fallen in love with a human woman named Mary. He had an affair with her behind her husband, Joseph’s back. Joseph forgave Mary however and the two would go on to raise Michael and Mary’s child to be their own.

Michael thought it was for the best to keep his human son out of the way of his war against the forces of darkness. Jesus grew up not even knowing he had powers. Sadly a group of Vampires however would later find out who he really was. One of these Vampires had actually been one of the three kings who visited Jesus as a boy. Initially the fact that he was the son of an Angel was known about and Kings wanted to celebrate him, but Michael covered it up and demanded the three Kings keep it a secret.

Though Michael always insisted that it was to protect his son. In truth it was more to protect the Angels image. They didn’t want the strongest and greatest of them all to be seen as someone who took advantage of a young 16 year old girl behind her husbands back.

The Vampire King attacked Jesus and his family with a pack of his minions. They slaughtered his parents in the process, though Jesus himself managed to escape and discovered his powers when he burned a Vampire that tried to tear his throat out to ash.

Jesus would then go on to master the rest of his powers and vanquish many more Vampires, Demons and creatures of darkness. When the Angels found out that he had discovered his true powers they decided to finally take him in and help to train him.

At first Jesus was happy to work with the Angels until he found out the truth about who his father was. He left the Angels in anger and disgust, declaring his father to be a coward and liar. He would continue to help innocents for the rest of his life.

Eventually however Jesus would be killed by the same monsters that claimed his family. Vampires. At that point in Rome’s history the Vampires had managed to infest its society. The then Emperor Tiberius was aware of their presence among key aspects of Roman society, their army, even the senate but he didn’t care.

As long as he could satisfy his own perverted desires then he was happy for the Vampires to do as they please. Of course this would eventually culminate in the Emperor himself becoming a Vampire a generation later. Nero, who nearly burned Rome to the ground in his lunacy. After this the Romans would wake up to the very real dangers Vampires posed.

At this point however the unholy creatures of the night did still hold some sway. The Vampire King that had murdered Jesus’s family whose name was Longinus. Had since been dethroned by Jesus and was now being hunted by him.

Terrified of the Angel/human hybrid. The Vampire was able to gain help from some of his allies among the Roman Senate, who aided him capturing Jesus using a spell which limited his Angelic powers.

The Vampires then brutally tortured and crucified Jesus.

Michael later found his sons mutilated body strung up on the cross and sought to bring him back. Unfortunately the Vampires knowing full well that the Angels would attempt to bring him back prepared for that too, with a spell to block his soul from re-entering his body or any body.

The spell was so strong that even Michael couldn’t break it completely but he was able to limit its influence so that Jesus would return in 2000 years, reincarnated in a new body.

Michael would also get revenge on the Vampires by casting a spell which fused Angelic power to the symbol of the cross that his son died on. This would allow the cross to be used as a weapon against many Vampire breeds from this point on.

Some occult historians believe that a few of the Angels worked with the Vampires to dispose of Jesus. Many of the Angels had grown jealous of Jesus. He was beloved in a way they had never been. Probably because being half human, he could understand them better. Also a few of even the strongest and most noble Angels had by this point become too obsessed with their own status as heroes, rather than in actually helping people. Some of the Angels had even become corrupted and turned into Devils too.

Many cite the fact that the Vampires would not have been able to block Michael’s resurrection spell as proof that they must have had some kind of celestial aid, though this theory is no longer seen as concrete proof. It is known that certain spells can limit an Angels influence, and the Vampire members of the Senate did have virtually limitless resources.

When Jesus finally returned in 1989, he was born to another young couple in Israel. Just like before he had no knowledge of who he was for the first 20 years of his life. It would be a confrontation with his old archenemy Longinus that would remind him of his past.

Longinus had survived for over 2000 years, making him one of the longest lived and most dangerous of all Vampires. Ever since he taunted a dying Jesus on the cross, the Vampire was aware that despite his efforts there was a possibility that King of Kings would return one day.

He later tracked his reborn foe down to his new home, but this proved to be a mistake. As soon as Jesus came face to face with the monster his memories returned. Though Jesus was able to defeat his Vampiric nemesis (but not destroy him) and save his family this time. He soon fell into a deep depression when he realised the truth about who he was.

He was overcome with guilt at all the horrors the religion founded in his name, Christianity; had carried out over the centuries. He was aware that the Religion had done many great things too, but even then it brought him no joy. He did not want to be seen as the answer to everything by so many people around the world. On the one hand he felt he owed it to his followers to let them know he had returned. On the other he was scared that his presence would throw the modern world into chaos. It would shatter all belief systems. (including the ones that worship him as he was not what any of them thought he was), whilst on the other it would also challenge those who viewed the world in a rationale and scientific way as well.

The despair and guilt became so much that he even contemplated suicide.

He managed to pull back however and eventually decided that he would help out in secret. He felt his death would be a waste as he had fantastic powers for helping the innocent few others had. However he also decided that the world wasn’t ready to know the truth about the supernatural. So he wandered the world as a drifter. Helping out where he could but generally keeping himself to himself.

He would first come into contact with Rentros during a battle with another one of his old enemies that had survived until modern day. The Demonic horde known as Legion. Jesus was able to foil Legion with the aid of a Rentros agent. Sarah. After the battle Sarah was able to convince Jesus to join Rentros, telling him that with its aid he could use his second chance to help people like never before. Jesus was still somewhat reluctant to be near anyone. He was absolutely terrified that if they found out who he was it would only cause more problems for humanity. He would work with Sarah a few more times, establishing a friendship with her, before finally joining Rentros. He came to see that she was right and that he could do a lot more good with people like Sarah’s help.

Rentros who covered up much supernatural activity promised Jesus that they would make sure no one found out his real identity.

Jesus and Sarah often worked together. As Sarah had been his first friend since discovering who he was. He felt a greater connection to her than anyone else.

Jesus and Sarah had returned from the hunt. Nicholas barely bothered to ask them about their battle with the Helrans. As long as the children were safe he didn’t care. He knew that the Helran Demons needed to be dealt with, but on the other hand time was running out for dealing with Santa. On any other day the Helran Demons would have been a big deal to him, but on this day there was one monster that had to be dealt with above all else. Sarah similarly had been eager to get the Helran hunt over with too. She wanted Santa dealt with for her own reasons aside from the greater good.

Jesus did not know much about Santa. He had only been with Rentros for a few months, and prior to that he had no real great knowledge of the occult in modern day when he was a wanderer.

As this operation to take out Santa had been put together so quickly, they had very little time to brief Jesus on Santa. Still just before Jesus and the others left for the North Pole, Nicholas told Jesus the history of this heinous monster.

Santa Claus had ironically been a great and noble magical warrior in life. After he was killed tragically in a battle with the Demons, his lover, Noira brought him back from the dead.

Unfortunately she used the book of Khastran to do this. The Book of Khastran was created by an ancient and powerful Demon of the same name before recorded history began. It had the power to transform someone into the first of a new breed of blood drinking Demon. A Vampire!

Noira, having heard stories about the book possessing the power to bring the dead back to life, unwisely thought that it would bring her beloved back as he was. She nor anyone else in her kingdom Alstera, a kingdom long lost to time, knew what the book was really capable of.

Santa rose as a blood drinking monster, the first of a new species of Vampire who went on to not only turn Noira into a Vampire, but would also raise Alstera to the ground. A kingdom he had once protected with his life.

He and Noira would go on to terrorise most of Europe before at some point establishing a base in Antarctica.

Before he fled to Antarctica, Santa managed to find a group of rare Demons known as Letroks. Letroks lived at the tops of mountains. They were four legged, black skinned, horned Demons. They possessed some, limited intelligence, but they were generally speaking just animals. Killing to feed and nothing else.What made them so dangerous was the way that they could fly across the air at tremendous speeds. They would often swoop down like a Demonic bird of prey and grab their victims in their long talons faster than the blink of an eye.

Santa was able to tame a pack of these creatures using his magics and would use them carry him around the world whenever he wished. Through these Demons Santa could fly to populated areas and feed before returning to his castle in Antarctica, where no one could find him, in a relatively short space of time.

Every Christmas with the aid of his Letroks, he would carry out a massive massacre all over the entire world.

Santa’s most successful tactic for finding his victims, would be to appear to children outside of their windows at night on Christmas Eve. He would offer the children presents (that he conjured through magic) provided they invite him in. His breed of Vampire required an invitation to enter a house. He would then fly down the Chimney in the form of a bat and slaughter the entire family.

Sometimes the children would be spared and turned into his Vampire servants back in the North Pole, who would help him build more magical weapons to use against the rest of mankind.

Jesus was also warned to be careful of Rudolph, the most vicious of Santa’s Letroks. Rudolph was a rare red nosed Letrok. These creatures possessed the ability to hypnotise people. Naturally these Letroks would be the leaders of their pack. They were also generally more intelligent too. When Rudolph was born he was initially bullied by the other Letroks for his apparent deformity. The others who had been cut off from the rest of their pack had never seen a red nosed Lentrok and had no idea what they were really dealing with.

Santa knew, but he didn’t tell them. He couldn’t wait to see how they would be punished when Rudolph realised the full extent of his powers (the Lentrok’s hypnotic power had no effect on Santa). Sure enough when Rudolph found out that he could control them he tortured them all brutally to death. Santa was delighted with Rudolph’s cruelty, telling him that he would go on to do great things. The two would recruit other Letroks to replace the ones Rudolph butchered. The replacements would always bow before Rudolph.

Jesus was also warned that Santa had great magical powers unlike those of any other Vampires and that there would still be people, mostly children who would be held prisoner in the Vampires lair too.

Armed with this knowledge, Jesus set out along with his best friend Sarah and the rest of the team to finally try and rid the world of this evil.

Mrs Claus had been working all day. She had been helping her vile husband build a new kind of weapon, made from the darkest magics that Santa had learned over the centuries and his own Demonic blood. Santa considered this weapon his ultimate masterpiece. In fact he had been working on it for close to 100 years and it would finally be ready for tonight.

Mrs Claus was excited about the weapon too. All those fools who were preparing for just another massacre would get a very nasty surprise when Santa unleashed his very special Christmas present.

However she was famished and so she retreated to the dungeons below where the Claus’s kept their victims locked up. Men, women and child all chained, beaten and bloodied for the Vampires own amusement.

It was hard to believe that Mrs Claus had once been a kind and loving woman. All traces of her former self were now gone. Like all Vampires she could feel nothing except joy in hurting innocent people. She couldn’t even feel love for her husband. The only reason they were still together was for practical reasons. However perhaps underneath there was still a trace of the woman she once was, manifested in the most horrible way.

Santa and Noira had always wanted to have a family as humans. Perhaps this was why they kept the “Elves” around? They were the children they could never have as Vampires. A reminder to both of them of what they wanted as humans, but in the most twisted way possible.

Whatever the case it really made no difference as regardless of whatever traces of the person she once was remained, Noira was now a monster through and through.

The Rentros jet had reached the North Pole after a relatively short journey. Their jets which were powered by magic could cover a much greater distance and allowed them to reach the supposed location of Santa’s fortress relatively quickly.

Jesus had remained quiet throughout most of the trip. His mind was often fixated on the past. He often thought about his father and how their relationship had ended badly at the time of his first death. Sadly his father Michael had since passed on. All of the Angel protectors had either been killed or corrupted by this point. Jesus was all that was left of their legacy.

Jesus still had a lot of anger at his father for the way he had abandoned him and his mother. He had always held him responsible for her death. He did not buy into his fathers lie that he thought he was keeping him safe. He knew that it was to protect Michael’s reputation. He never thought that Michael truly loved him. Now however he could see that was not the case. In spite of how selfish the Angel had been, Jesus was only here again because of Michael’s actions.

Jesus’s second life helped him to come to terms with his relationship with his father and view him in a more positive light. He only wished that he could tell him that.

For Sarah meanwhile this was a much more personal mission than it was for Jesus or anyone else on the team.

Sarah had first encountered Santa as a child. It was actually her first exposure to the supernatural. At the tender age of 10 she was woken up on Christmas eve alongside her 3 year old sister Alice, when they heard Santa tapping at the window. At first she was delighted to see him. Like most children she had bought into the dangerous myth about Santa being a jolly old man who loved children.

Santa conjured up a present for her and told her to open the window. As Sarah approached the window she started to feel uneasy. There was something about Santa that seemed insincere and even quite sinister. When Sarah got a good look at his “Reindeer” she thought they looked cruel and vicious. As she looked more closely at Santa she could see what appeared to be fangs. Also why would she need to invite Santa in?  Didn’t Santa traditionally climb down the chimney or be welcomed in by her parents?

She decided not to invite him in. Santa remained calm at first and told her that he couldn’t give her and Alice their presents unless they let him in. Alice naturally wanted to let him in and even started crying at the thought of not getting her toy, but Sarah was still adamant about not letting him in.

Santa began to lose his cool and the present vanished. At that point he brought Rudolph to the window, but Sarah closed the curtains and told Alice not to invite him in. She didn’t know what Santa was exactly but all she knew was that there was something wrong about him.

The two girls went to sleep not long after or so Sarah thought. Unfortunately Alice had still not been convinced that it wasn’t the real Santa and later that night when Santa returned Alice would speak to him. Santa had only returned after butchering more families because he was determined to not let this family escape his clutches.

Alice was still not sure about inviting him in as she didn’t like going against her sisters wishes. So Santa told her to come out to him through the window. Santa told her that she could bring in the entire family’s presents that way. The little girl scared of letting her family down left the safety of her home and was taken by the Vampire.

The next morning was the worst day of Sarah’s life. She can remember the horror of waking up to find her sister gone, hoping all day that she would somehow come back, and her parents uncontrollable grief. She never saw her mother smile again for the rest of her life.

Sarah having always known that the man who had taken her sister was not a human and this would lead her to discover more about the supernatural and eventually join Rentros.

This had been the mission she had wanted to go on for her entire life. She was determined that no family would go through what hers did on that fateful Christmas morning.

The Jet arrived at the supposed location of Santa’s castle, but there was nothing there. The castle was completely shrouded in magic. It wasn’t just that none of the team, including Jesus himself could see it, but they all wanted to turn away. However Sarah was able to cast the spell the dying man had left them which caused the magical veil around the castle to vanish completely.

Below them the team could see Santa’s fortress of death which was actually made of ice. Frozen blood in fact. It was a truly spectacular sight in a number of ways, but Jesus, Sarah and the others just wanted to be sick looking at it.

As the jet prepared to land suddenly it began to spiral out of control. Little did the crew know, one of the Letroks had managed to latch onto it.

The Jet had a magical shield just like Santa’s fortress that rendered it invisible, but just as they had been able to break the Vampires defences then he had been able to deflect theirs.

He had learned about their magics through the members of the Antarctic base he had captured and tortured.

He had a Letrok circle his castle, having granted it the ability to see their jet. As soon as the monster saw it approaching it slowly flew up to the rear end of the Jet, and then crawled along the bottom of the Jet until he made his way to its engine, which he then tampered using his claws.

The pilot did his best to try and land the plane smoothly, but the damage to the engine was too great and it crash landed.

Of its 20 passengers, 5 were killed in the crash, whilst another 5 including Sarah were grievously injured. Fortunately Jesus was able to heal them quickly using his Angelic powers.

Just as the team had got back on their feet after the crash, a horde of Letroks suddenly came flying from the pitch black sky. They managed to attack the team before they could even respond, grabbing them in their talons and flying them through the air. The Letroks speed was just simply too great even for these professional Demon hunters. Another two members of the team were butchered in the attack but Jesus was able to use his Angelic powers to completely obliterate the monsters (after effortlessly overpowering the Lentrok that had tried to grab him in its talons)

Despite losing 7 men the team had already managed to slaughter almost all of Santa’s “Reindeer”.

Jesus didn’t know much about the fallen soldiers. He hated that these poor men had given their lives for the greater good and their commander didn’t even know anything about them. Still he knew that he didn’t have any time to waste, and at the very least if he could destroy Santa then their deaths wouldn’t have been completely pointless.

Sarah meanwhile unlike Jesus had known these men for many years. She fought beside them many times, but their deaths only served to light more of a fire under her to destroy the Vampire once and for all.

The team marched through the snow to the castle. They faced no more opposition along the way.  Sarah naturally was suspicious.

“I would have thought that the Vampire king of the North Pole’s castle would have been better defended than this? A couple of lowly Demons and that’s it? He wants us to enter. That monster has laid a trap for us.

Jesus agreed but since they had no choice, he still told them it would be better to press on and instead be ready for any tricks Santa was going to throw at them.

They entered through the two main doors into a massive hall. Blood was literally dripping from the walls. They could also hear the moans and the screams from the Elves victims below.

Jesus had hoped to release the people trapped in Santa’s dungeon first before slaying the monster. He knew that in a fight they would be something the monster could use against him.

As they wandered down the main hall one member of the team at the back suddenly pulled his gun on himself and blew his brains out.

The others realised that Rudolph was near. Jesus told them all to get behind him. He tried to charge up his Angelic powers. He hoped that he could cover the entire room with a flash of light that could destroy Rudolph in the blink of an eye. However his powers were not working. He tried as hard as he could, but he could not summon up any power. One member of the team, a woman named Michelle at the back started to panic and screamed at Jesus to hurry up and dispatch Rudolph. Jesus however couldn’t. Something was blocking his power.

Just then Rudolph appeared at the end of the hall. All of the team except for Jesus averted their eyes. Jesus tried to summon up his Angelic power against Rudolph but once again he found he was powerless. Worse he could feel Rudolph’s power begin to affect him. He could feel his own free will slowly draining away from him, control over his body fading, and Rudolph’s voice appearing in his head.  In a matter of moments he was a slave to the Demon.

The other members of the team meanwhile were distracted by the sound of Santa’s cruel, mocking laughter coming from the other side of the hall. They turned and saw the monster standing there, surrounded by several Elves.

Santa was massive, mountain of man. You could tell that he had been a warrior in life. He stood roughly 7 feet tall, had a huge build, and a thick grey beard. His eyes were bright black, whilst his skin was snow white. As he smiled he bore his fangs. His voice was loud and booming, enough to shake the castle walls.

What’s wrong? Your little hybrid pet’s a disappointment? I honestly don’t know what his fans see in him?

Sarah couldn’t contain her anger anymore and fired two rounds into Santa’s face. The Vampire did not even flinch. Instead he commanded his Elves to attack. The Elves though they were still Vampires  were obviously not as powerful as Santa whose strength was magnified by his magic.

These Vampires were vulnerable to silver and so the team whose guns were loaded with silver bullets were able to dispatch the Elves before they could even reach them!

However whilst the main team were shooting at the Vampires, Jesus now completely under Rudolph’s control grabbed another member of the team named Tom, who was at the back and forced him to look at Rudolph. Just like Jesus, Tom’s mind was completely taken over by the red nosed monster in seconds, and he began to shoot his team mates in the back. He killed 3 of them, before the others began to flee.

None of them could turn around to face Tom as the monster’s hypnotic powers would instantly take control of them too. Also not all of them were willing to shoot their friend either.

Thus they fled, but the only place to run was through Santa himself. The Vampire sliced its talons through several of the fleeing Rentros agents who knew they would be no match for the Vampire in a one on one fight.

A further five of them were killed, but the last 4 which included Sarah managed to slip by the Demon and down the stinking, red corridor.

Santa was not concerned about them. He had already crushed an entire Rentros base by himself. What he really wanted was to torture the supposed saviour of mankind!

Both Jesus and Tom were released from Rudolph’s control. Santa instantly dispatched Tom, but with Jesus he grabbed him by the throat. Jesus was now completely powerless and only had the strength of an average man. There was nothing he could do against the savage power and unrelenting evil of Santa Claus.

Sarah and the 3 survivors were lost in the catacombs of the blood fortress. Sarah kept her calm on the surface but underneath she was terrified. She began to think it was wrong to take Jesus here. He seemed like their greatest weapon, but clearly they had put too much trust in his abilities. They had completely underestimated Santa’s power and now Jesus might die!

Sarah quickly pulled herself together. She knew it wouldn’t help anything to sit and wish she had done this instead. Santa needed to be stopped and Jesus was their best chance. Now she needed to try and think of a way out of this mess. Santa had obviously cast a powerful spell that could limit Jesus’s powers within the Castle. Such a spell would need to be maintained constantly and therefore there must be a power source. If she could find that and destroy it then Jesus could dispatch the Vampire no problem. The power source would most likely be in the dungeons where the Elves lived and created Santa’s weapons.

Santa brought Jesus to the main hall where Mrs Claus was waiting. As the two Demons started to beat Jesus he couldn’t believe that this was how it was going to end for him again. Tortured to death by Vampires. He had always hated Vampires the most. They truly were the most disgusting, cowardly, sneaky of creatures and he couldn’t bare the thought of succumbing to them a second time, so he struggled as much as he could.

It was pointless however as the Vampires strength was limitless compared to his. They could have crushed the life out of Jesus at any time, but they simply wanted to prolong his agony for as long as they could.

As Jesus lay there beaten and bloodied Santa after spitting on him began to taunt the former Holy Prophet.

This is embarrassing. Being cut down in your prime once enough is pathetic, but twice? Still lets make this death even more memorable than the last one, eh Son of God what do you say?

Sarah had managed to cut through the floor of the castle with her silver blade. She followed the screams and the moans from the people suffering in the Elves dungeons. The 4 surviving Rentros members fell right through into a room filled with people in chains, cages and hideous, Vampiric children. The Elves were easy to deal with. Just one quick shot from a silver bullet in the heart. The 4 of them mowed the monsters down in droves, fighting their way through the dungeons. Sadly there was nothing they could do to help the caged prisoners… at least not yet.

The 4 agents fought their way from room to room searching for any power source. They finally found two large, glowing, levitating circles at the back of the largest dungeon.

Guarding it were hundreds of Elves. Fortunately the team had enough ammunition to deal with them. Sarah thought to herself how lucky it was that Vampires rather stupidly never used guns themselves!

In the middle of the battle however Sarah saw something that was able to stop her dead in her tracks. Her little sister, Alice as one of the Elves.

Sarah had prepared for this, but she still couldn’t bare it. She dropped her gun and sank to her knees

Alice didn’t recognise Sarah and charged at her. She pinned her sister to the ground. Despite being a child Alice still possessed the inhuman strength of a Vampire, and she prepared to sink her teeth into her former sisters neck.

Sarah however, wrestling her arm free she managed to stab Alice in the heart with a silver knife. Seeing her sister in this state had thrown her, but she managed to overcome her grief before she too was damned. She had seen many friends succumb to the curse of Vampirism before and even though this had affected her to a greater extent, she still did what had always done and released her loved one from this perpetual nightmare.

After she thrust the stake into Alice’s heart, Alice gave Sarah one final look. She had a puzzled expression on her face at first as to why this woman was crying as she staked her, and just before Alice crumbled into nothing but dust; Sarah believed that Alice had recognised her sister.

Sarah’s hesitation had enabled the Elves to swarm one of her team mates who they subsequently ripped limb from limb.

Overcome with guilt and with renewed anger after seeing what became of her sister, Sarah blasted and cut her way through the Vampire children until she made her way to the two energy spheres.

She struck one with her sword several times until it exploded. One down two to go. As she struck the second sphere however she was thrown half way across the room and knocked out cold.

Jesus suddenly felt a surge of power go through him. As Noira prepared to strike him again Jesus quickly grabbed her and burnt her into nothing but ashes.

Santa froze. For a second it almost looked as though he was grief stricken, but the Vampire smiled and said to Jesus.

She’d been with me for centuries. She had her uses, but she was often more trouble than she was worth. I probably would have replaced her in a century or two anyway. Still I shall rip off your skin for that!

Jesus blasted Santa with his Angelic powers, sending the Vampire flying back several feet in the air. Santa however was not harmed. Such a blast had already incinerated Noira, but Santa was clearly still protected by some form of powerful enchantment.

Still in spite of this Santa was clearly outmatched by Jesus, but the Vampire was not scared. He had many tricks up his sleeve and spat at Jesus once again.

Jesus filled the room with his angelic light. Santa was not harmed however and instead he lunged at Jesus, pushed him against a wall and grabbed him by the throat.

At first Santa had the upper hand but the white light soon began to weaken him and Jesus managed to throw the Vampire to the ground. However Jesus could not hold his Angelic power for long and he too soon began to weaken .

Eventually Jesus collapsed to the floor. Santa’s skin had begun to singe, but he was otherwise unharmed. Santa smacked Jesus across the face and prepared to charge at him, thinking he was weak. Jesus however still managed to gather up enough power to blast the monster through several frozen walls of blood.

Jesus did feel weak. Even with his powers this Vampire was a struggle. Just as his strength was returning he was contacted by one of the few surviving members of the team, Michelle. She told Jesus she needed their help. She along with Sarah were now the only survivors. After Sarah had been knocked out her two surviving team mates gathered around her to help. One was overwhelmed by the Elves and ripped apart, whilst Michelle was standing over Sarah with a machine gun loaded with silver bullets. She knew she couldn’t hold them off for much longer and so she begged Jesus to come down here. She had no idea if he was still alive or not. She was only trying to contact him through desperation.

Sarah began to awake to the sounds of gun shots and Vampiric children hissing. Her team mate was now blindly firing knowing that it wouldn’t make much difference as they were both completely surrounded. Sarah quickly joined in, but she too knew it was hopeless. Sarah and Michelle hated having to shoot the elves. Even though they were monsters, they still couldn’t help but see them as children. However at the end of the day they were monsters through and through and so both Sarah and Michelle would have to keep firing or else they would be torn to pieces.

Just as their ammo was running out and all seemed lost, the Elves turned their attention to something else at the end of the room and ran to it, but a white light subsequently filled the dungeon. The Elves were all instantly vaporised into nothing but dust. Sarah could see Jesus hovering through the air towards the remaining glowing sphere.

Obviously the sphere Sarah had destroyed was blocking Jesus’s powers, but what was the other one doing?

Jesus could sense Santa’s presence in the other sphere as well as incredibly powerful dark magics, unlike any he had ever felt before.

Jesus soon realised what Santa intended with this spell. Santa had intended by mixing his blood with these dark magics to transform hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions into Vampires like him.

Santa suddenly entered the room.

“I see you’ve found my Christmas surprise.”

Sarah who could barely contain her disgust and rage in the Vampires presence asked the monster what he was planning.

Smiling, Santa said “Tonight everything changes. I have spent over a hundred years, using the darkest magics from around the world to create this weapon. It will transform millions of children into Vampires tonight. Mixed with my blood it will make the curse of Vampirism airborne. Millions of children will be gifted with immortality and power beyond their dreams. There will be a slaughter in millions of homes on Christmas morning. Our kind shall spread like never before. This is my masterpiece!

Jesus instantly started blasting the sphere. It seemed to have no affect and Jesus also began to scream in agony. Still he did not give up and continued to fire at the sphere.

Santa charged at him, but Sarah and Michelle tried to stop him. Both fired several silver bullets straight at the Demons heart, but it had no effect. Santa threw the two women aside and went for Jesus.

Sarah however didn’t give up and jumped the Vampire from behind before he could attack Jesus. She stabbed the monster again and again with her silver knife, slashing wildly at the beast. Santa in response grabbed her arm and snapped it like a twig. He then broke her ribs with a quick jab. Santa again turned to face Jesus, but Sarah still not giving up plunged her silver knife straight into the Vampires heart.

Again whilst this would have been enough to kill a Vampire of Santa’s breed stone dead, Santa simply turned around enraged. He pulled the knife out of his back and started slashing Sarah across the face. Sarah ducked to the ground in pain but the monster stabbed her in the arm he had already broken. Sarah however refused to scream despite the blinding agony she was in. She knew that the more you screamed the more a Vampire would hurt you. She also didn’t want to give the monster the satisfaction.

Just as she prepared to die at the hands of the monster that had damned her sister she heard an explosion which threw her, Jesus and Santa across several feet away. She looked up to see the sphere was gone.

He’s done it!” She exclaimed. Jesus had been almost completely drained, but he had successfully destroyed Santa’s spell before it had a chance to infect anyone by pouring his Angelic energy into it. The dark magics were completely extinguished.

Santa who was now snarling like an animal grabbed the weakened Jesus “It’ll take me another hundred years to prepare a spell like that! You’ve ruined my Christmas!” The Vampire threw Jesus through a wall and darted off after him.

The whole castle began to shake and collapse as an after effect of the spell. Michelle grabbed Sarah and told her they needed to get out of here. Sarah refused saying she needed to help Jesus. Michelle tried to convince her it was pointless as neither of them could stand against Santa, but Sarah refused to leave him and followed the Vampire. Sarah had already lost her sister, and her chance at a normal life to the Demon. She was not going to lose the best friend she ever had either.

With the castle literally breaking apart Santa still didn’t care as he continued to savagely beat Jesus. Sarah however once again intervened, shooting Santa in the head. Santa turned around and snarled at Sarah.

I’ll turn you inside out like a shirt you little, interfering bitch!

Sarah responded coldly with “You’ve already taken enough from me”

As the Vampire charged she fired at the ceiling causing a massive shard of ice to fall onto and impale Santa right through the chest.

The Vampire was startled slightly but it did little to slow him down. He simply pulled it from his chest and hurled it at Sarah, who narrowly managed to dodge it. Just then Jesus who had slightly recovered managed to blast Santa.

Sarah ran to Jesus to help him up. Santa was quick to follow but Jesus using the last ounce of his power fired at ceiling causing a massive avalanche of ice to block the Vampires path. Sarah and Jesus quickly fled in the other direction, but they soon came face to face with Rudolph, the red nosed Demon.

Jesus was too weak to fight the monsters control and Sarah being an ordinary human had no chance of resisting it. Sarah instead blindly fired at the monster, but much like with Santa it had no effect. Luck was on Jesus and Sarah’s side as Rudolph was soon crushed under a massive pile of rubble.

Both paths of escape were now blocked to Jesus and Sarah. Jesus though weak summoned up enough strength to blast a hole straight through the roof of not just this floor but the one above it. He then levitated up through it and out into the wasteland outside.

As the two descended from their flight, they saw the entire castle collapse into a lake of blood. Michelle had also managed to escape, and along the way she had freed Santa’s prisoners. Most of them had escaped with her, but sadly 3 had been crushed under the rubble on the way out.Still up to 30 people had been freed from the Vampires dungeons by Michelle.

Jesus, now at full strength again was able to heal all of the prisoners and Sarah’s wounds. Another Jet from Rentros arrived within the hour to take the prisoners back to their families. Some of these people had been missing for months. Their return would be the greatest Christmas present their families would ever receive. Though they all had to follow a cover up story from Rentros first of course.

The cost had been huge, with only two members of the Rentros team surviving. Also no one knew if Santa had survived the destruction of his castle either. Considering his power and cunning, it seemed likely the monster would be back next year. Still overall Rentros considered the mission a success. All of Santa’s Lentroks and Elves, his castle, as well as Noira had been destroyed. His main plan which could have led to a Vampiric crisis had been averted. Sarah and Jesus would be forced to spend the rest of Christmas day battling other Demons and monsters, but they finally got a rest on Boxing day.


Sadly however Sarah did not enjoy one of only the very few days off she had during the year. She was devastated that Santa had survived. Though Rentros did not know that for sure, she was 100 percent convinced that the monster had managed to escape once again. She had vowed to herself that no one would ever fall victim to the beast that killed her sister after Christmas Eve.

Jesus who spent Boxing day with Sarah, tried to assure her that they had made a difference this year. Even if Santa still walked the earth his power had been weakened, and several people who were locked in his cages, facing a slow, and torturous death were now back home with their families.

The thought of these people being reunited with their families, parents who thought they would never see their children again, children who wanted their parents to come home, then seeing their lost loved ones come through the front door was enough to make Sarah feel as though this had been the best Christmas of her life after all. In spite of the blood shed and horror.

Nevertheless if Santa had survived, Sarah hoped next year would be even better as she could finally finish the monster once and for all.

By Ferne Shelley