The Most Famous Vampire Hunters

Well famous would be the wrong word as after all the existence of all supernatural creatures and therefore those who hunt them has been covered up from the general public.

Still among those who are aware of the paranormal the following hunters are not only the most renowned but also the most influential too. It is no exaggeration to say that much of our modern day understanding of Vampires comes from the tireless work of these brave men and women.

Not all of the people we will be looking at here are human, but its safe to say that without them the human race would not exist today.

Lawrence Van Helsing

The most famous of all Vampire hunters (even if most people get his first name wrong and think that he was just a character of fiction).

Van Helsing came from the little remote Dutch village of Hensenberg. The town had a history of paranormal activity, though it had begun to die down by the time Van Helsing was born. Indeed he never had a single encounter with a supernatural creature for the first 20 or so years of his life. The town had been protected for many years by an elite group of holy men who had managed to drive the Demons that had plagued it and many neighbouring towns away.

Van Helsing would have his first encounter with the occult when he helped the last of the holy men called Aart battle a Demon that had been terrorising the town. Aart would become a mentor to Van Helsing and teach him many things about the paranormal.

However it would not be until Aart’s tragic death at the hands of the most evil of all Vampires, Dracula that Van Helsing would devote his existence to destroying all Vampires, who he came to view as the greatest danger to humanity.

Van Helsing would travel all over Europe to try and find out all he could about Vampires. He worked with many of the worlds greatest Vampire and Demon hunters (who at that point were all isolated from each other) and even put together his own team of Vampire slayers.

Van Helsing would battle Dracula and even slay him more than once too. Ultimately however the Vampire king would always return and the two’s feud came to a final end in the later part of the 19th century when they were both killed whilst fighting each other atop a moving carriage in London.

Van Helsing’s legacy would endure beyond his death in more ways than one. His books on Vampires which were published in his lifetime earned him great ridicule from the mainstream scientific community, but they naturally became widespread among those who were aware of the paranormal such as Rentros. To this day much of what we know about Vampires comes from Van Helsing and his team of Vampire slayers groundbreaking research. At the same time Van Helsing’s descendants would also not only continue his research but become Vampire hunters in their own right. Many of them would also battle with Dracula too.

In the last years of his life one of Van Helsing’s students was an Irish man named Bram Stoker. Stoker had a keen interest in the supernatural, but sadly his various health problems prevented him from being a true Vampire slayer. Not long after Van Helsing’s death he wrote down a fictional account of his final battle with Dracula in the form of a novel. Though not a huge success at first the novel eventually became hugely popular around the world to the point where it was adapted to many other formats, film, television, stage, radio, even comic books. The book cemented Van Helsing’s place in the general public’s consciousness to this day, though sadly at the same time most people view him as a fictional character.

Still in a way Stoker played his own part in the war against Vampires as his stories popularity revealed many Vampire breeds key weaknesses to the general public like never before. Thanks to Stokers fable, everyone knows that a cross is a useful weapon in battling a Vampire (though to be fair not all Vampires are weak against the cross) Thus in this way Van Helsing once again helped to spread knowledge about the undead like no one before him.

The Legion of the Paranormal

A team of supernatural creatures, the legion were active largely in the 1960’s, though there was a brief reformation in the 90’s and the individual members operated throughout many decades (some of them are even still operating today).

Still whilst they were all heroes in their own right, together they were truly a force to be reckoned with.

They consisted of the Vampire Carlene, the Werewolf Mark, the War God Ross, and the Wizard Alex.

Carlene had been turned into a Vampire when she was just 25 years old. She had been an aspiring musician in life and part of a band called The Dots.

Unfortunately her most obsessive fan (who in life had stalked her) was turned into a Vampire and turned her into one of their kind.

Once she rose as a Vampire, she was full of such self loathing and fear she fled from her home in London and ran across the wilderness until she eventually came to settle in the town of Darrow.

Darrow had ironically been a town founded by Vampires in the first place. It was a place where they kept their human victims locked up like animals and fed on them. Unfortunately for the Vampires their human captives eventually managed to overthrow and slaughter them in their sleep. They then used the Vampires resources to build a town on the formerly unholy site.

As a result of this the town was still a hotspot for Vampiric activity with many of them wanting to restore it to its former glory, whilst the more and more Vampire attacks there were in the town the more other Vampires were drawn there as a result.

In Carlene’s case however it was a pure coincidence that she arrived there. When she first arrived at the town she lived in the gutter away from the rest of society. However one fateful night she stumbled upon a young man who was being beaten by thugs. She chased them away but unfortunately when she saw his beaten and bloodied corpse she could not help herself.

Her thirst was overwhelming and she fed on him. So deeply ashamed of what she had done she fled once again, this time to an old abandoned mansion that existed just outside of Darrow. She had tried to kill herself, but was ultimately unable to muster up the courage for it.

She discovered that the mansion was haunted. Its spectre was a young woman named Rose whose ghost had in fact been the daughter of the Vampire who founded the town. She was in fact his first victim and as a Ghost she was forced to listen to the screams and cries of his victims for decades. She would often try and help some of them escape, but when her father found out about her ghost he tried to have her exorcised. Ultimately however she survived and would later help the humans to overthrow her monstrous father.

When she first saw Carlene enter her home she tried to stake her, but soon she saw that Carlene was different to the other Vampires she had faced. Remarkably enough Carlene had a conscience.

Rose and Carlene would become close friends. At first Carlene shut herself off from the outside world. Only venturing out at night to prey on small animals. As time went on however she began to go stir crazy, and the guilt of what she had done continued to haunt her.

Carlene decided that she needed to go out into the world again, but now she would use her Vampiric powers to help people. Rose at first was somewhat against this decision. She was scared that out in the real world Carlene might lose control. Carlene however would spend months training herself, both in honing her powers and in being around people whilst controlling her thirst.

She would later aid the police force of Darrow in taking on a particularly vicious Demon that had terrorised the town for years. Though many in the police force did not trust the Vampire, she soon struck up a friendship with Detective Cushing. Cushing would often defend Carlene to the other members of the police force from this point on.

Carlene would continue to battle more Vampires, Demons, and other supernatural threats. She became Darrow’s greatest hero and defender.

Mark McDonald was born in the town of Hallet in America. Hallet was no ordinary town. It had been founded by one of the most feared and ruthless Demon hunters named George Hallet. Hallet at the point in his life had become disheartened by the fact that regardless of how many monsters he slew, more would always emerge. He had come to this conclusion when he returned to a town that ten years earlier he had saved from a powerful Vampire, only to discover that it had been completely raised to the ground by Demons in the decade since.

Hallet decided rather than try to wage a pointless war against the supernatural around the world. He would build one town that would be safe from them. A place where decent people need not fear the creatures of the night.

This town that he would come to name after himself, was originally made up of his team of Demon hunters who numbered over 60 people. All of its inhabitants therefore had knowledge of the supernatural and they would pass it on to their children, who would then pass it on to their children and so on. Occasionally a few passing travellers would be accepted into the town, and a few people would even move there on purpose. In order to be accepted into the town however a person would have to learn as much as anyone else here about the supernatural.

Whilst everyone in Hallet knew how to slay Vampires and Demons, the town still had an elite group of Demon slayers known as the Guardians.

George Hallet himself eventually left the town he had created in order to renew his quest against the paranormal. He came to view his years spent there as his most disgraceful. Describing them as when he “hid in the dark and pretended that the monsters weren’t there like a scared child“.

The town would nevertheless endure for many centuries until the 1960’s. Mark was infected by a Werewolf when he was just a teenager. He and his brother had been out in the woods when they were attacked by the last of a group of Werewolf bandits.

These Werewolves belonged to the breed Lycanthropus Extremus who differed to regular Werewolves in that they did not change on the night of the full moon. They could change into their wolf form whenever they wanted and maintain their own personalities. However they could only remain in the Wolf form for a short period of time before they lost control and would revert to being a savage beast for a number of hours. Also they would after several decades eventually become the Wolf full time and lose their humanity completely. The longest case of a Lycanthropus Extremus living as a man before the Wolf side took him over was roughly 65 years.

This group of Werewolf bandits had attacked Hallet not knowing anything about the town. They were almost completely slaughtered by the Guardians, but the last one managed to escape into the town where it eventually infected Mark.

Mark’s parents were absolutely devastated when he told them of his infection. They even considered killing him as they genuinely believed Werewolves were as evil as Vampires. Fortunately however they couldn’t go through with it, though obviously they made sure that Mark kept his infection secret from the rest of the town. Not only would Mark of course have been executed by the Guardians but his entire family would as well. Harbouring a Demon is punishable by death in Hallet.

Mark would later use his Wolf powers and abilities to protect the people of Hallet from various other dangers. Though they never accepted him completely, many people in the town came to respect the mysterious Wolf of Hallet.

Ross Flannagan was the latest in the long line of Makhai warriors. The original Makhai was originally one of Ares’s most dangerous and skilled War Gods. However ultimately Makhai would turn against his cruel master thanks to the influence of Athena.

The problem with Makhai was that Ares who had created him, gave him a strong sense of loyalty and honour. Many of Ares’s most powerful minions had ended up betraying him, as they were ultimately like him, evil, selfish, greedy, bloodthirsty monsters. Thus they would often try and usurp or betray their master any chance they could get. Makhai was supposed to be his perfect warrior who would show absolute loyalty to Ares. Sadly however the plan backfired on Ares. Makhai’s sense of honour meant he ultimately could not serve such a contemptible creature as Ares.

Makhai soon became Ares most dangerous enemy and took part in the final battle against the War God. Though Makhai proved instrumental in bringing down Ares, sadly he was killed by the God of War in the final battle against him.

Athena grieved for her fallen warrior for many centuries. She loved him like a son and indeed many believe that she never really got over his death.

The Gods would leave the earth not long after Ares war. They felt that their presence was hurting humanity. Just before they left however, Athena decided that the legacy of Makhai would have to endure to protect humanity in the God’s absence. Some believe that it may have been her way of ensuring her “son” would live forever.

She cast a spell where the knowledge, strength and skill of Makhai would be passed onto a noble warrior. The warrior who gained these powers would not become a true God, but they would be able to change at will into an exact replica of Makhai, and then back into their original form. Makhai’s form was over 7 feet tall and had bright blue skin.

Athena would always pick the warrior herself. Though she could not visit the earth directly (none of the Gods could after they left the Earth thanks to a spell cast by Zeus.) The spell still allowed Athena however to choose which person would become the new Makhai. She could also project an illusion of herself to contact each new Makhai, though even then she could only do this for a limited period of time.

Throughout the centuries many great warriors would be gifted with Makhai’s strength and wisdom. Sadly many of them though starting out as heroes would often end up abusing his power for their own personal gain.

Athena became disheartened. At times she felt like giving up ever trying to find a warrior with the integrity and inner strength of the original Makhai.

Still she kept on granting the power to warriors throughout the centuries, but eventually in the 1960’s she would stumble upon a most unlikely candidate to be the new Makhai, a disgraced former soldier, Ross Flannagan.

Ross had been kicked out of the military because he was a homosexual. His own family disowned him. He had come from a family with long ties to the military. His father who had been killed in combat when he was young had been a celebrated war hero.

Ross’s mother had always hoped that Ross would follow in his fathers footsteps. The fact that he had not only failed, but also been exposed as a homosexual caused her to cut him out of her life completely.

Ross fell into a deep depression and even contemplated suicide. Athena however saw a great potential in him. Here was someone who had a good heart, was brave, hard working, and would in another time have been a great warrior. However he was deprived of a chance to prove himself simply because of the prejudiced era he was born in. Athena wanted to rectify that. In the past she had always given the power to the greatest warriors, but now she felt that giving it to someone who had been deprived of their chance would be a better option as they would be more determined to prove themselves.

Athena’s assertion proved to be correct. Ross would go on to become the greatest of the Makhai warriors throughout the centuries. ¬†Operating within the city of London, he became known whilst in his Makhai form as “The Cyan Avenger” by the people of the City (though most believed the Cyan Avenger was just a hoax.)

Alex Adams was one of the greatest Wizards there has ever been. An African American man, Alex was the latest in a long line of powerful sorcerers. He learned his magics from his grandmother though he first used them to avenge his sister after she was gang raped by a gang of thugs and her boyfriend was almost beaten to death.

He would continue to use his power to battle various supernatural threats and corrupt human beings in his hometown of LeMarr. He had a real natural talent for magics due to his bloodline, but his skill and knowledge of it would eventually become second to none.

These four heroes would eventually be brought together by Athena herself. The space Vampires had set their sights on earth. Athena who had been observing all 4 heroes judged them to be the earth’s greatest defenders and gathered them all together, by projecting an illusion of herself to contact them.

The four heroes had a difficulty working with each other at first, but they eventually managed to repel the Vampire invasion. They were subsequently given the pocket dimensions of Valhalla that the Norse Gods has lived in during their time on the earth as a base of operations.

The Legion as they would come to be known would go on to save the earth many more times throughout the 60’s. They helped to change perceptions among the supernatural hunters community of paranormal creatures. Prior to the Legion whilst there had been cases of benevolent supernaturals, most hunters had dismissed the idea of any Demons or even unnaturals as being anything other than threats to humanity.

The actions of the Legion however would change that and even inspire other heroic supernatural creatures who had remained hidden to come forward (to other hunters). They also even in some cases inspired other Demons and supernaturals to try and control their darker impulses and become heroes in their own right.

Though the Legion disbanded at the end of 60’s, its individual members would continue to fight the good fight for decades afterwards with some of them still protecting us today.


The oldest Vampire hunter of all time. Leonitne has existed since before recorded history began. Leontine was originally just an ordinary woman who had devoted her life to exterminating the undead after losing her sister to them.

She became so much more however when the Witch named Xelax cast a spell that would ensure Leontine would live forever.

Whenever Leontine’s body dies her soul will travel to a recently deceased body, just as its soul has left. Leontine’s soul will then reanimate the corpse allowing her to effectively live again. All of her memories and her personality remain intact from body to body.

Leontine’s soul will always be reborn in a new body as long as Vampires exist. Thus she is their eternal nemesis.

Much of Leontine’s life is shrouded in mystery. What we know about her comes mostly from Van Helsing who she was close friends with’s notes. Even then however her real name is not known with Leontine merely being the name of a wealthy woman whose body she took over in the 19th century. It was her longest lived body and the one she apparently felt the most affection for and as a result she has gone by this alias ever since.

June White

The Galaxy’s greatest hero. June is an African American woman originally from the Hells Kitchen area of New York.

She was born in 1950. At the time of her birth, Vampires and other Demons ran rampant across the Hells Kitchen. Even the police were unable to contain them. Eventually however the Vandals would find a way to keep their hated rivals in check, but at the same time the police would ultimately fall under their thumb.

June who had fought with Vampires and Demons since her teenage years later joined the police force would help bring down the Vandals along with Carlene.

She would later be recruited by the Manilorians, an intergalactic organisation designed to battle supernatural monsters across the entire Universe. She played a key role in helping the Manilorians win the Vampire War in the Milky Way Galaxy.

She is currently the captain of The Dying Star, the largest and most powerful ship in the Manilorians fleet. I have had the pleasure of meeting June several times in the few cases she has been sent back to earth for.

She is one of the most committed and resourceful Vampire hunters I have ever worked with and it is through her that we know the full extent of the Vampires influence across the entire Galaxy.


The worlds largest anti Demon organisation. Rentros in many ways took over from the old Trajans which were largely destroyed by the Vandals (though one of them still survives to this day.)

Rentros was ironically founded by a Demon of the same name. This Demon unlike most other members of its kind loved humanity. It was inspired to help humanity protect itself after witnessing a village be slaughtered by Vampires and Vandals.

Originally Rentros did not want any supernatural’s to be a part of the organisation he set up. He wanted human beings to learn to be able to protect themselves without any paranormal help. In more recent years however the organisation has begun to take on many benevolent supernatural creatures as members. It also worked closely with the Legion of the Paranormal in the 60’s.

I was a member of Rentros for many years. I did not always agree with their methods however. Indeed I later left them over their mishandling of the notorious Atomic Vampire incident, but still it cannot be denied that they are the most successful anti Demon organisation there has ever been.

Continuing Van Helsing’s groundbreaking research they have helped to shed new light on the ways of the Vampire and many other dangerous Demon species.

Whilst I have most certainly not always seen eye to eye with them, I cannot deny that the world would be a much poorer place without their influence.

By Ferne Shelley