Robin Hood Vampire Killer: The Phoney Vampire King of England: Part 4: Predator of the Vampires

The Sheriff had spent all night searching for Robin, Much and Will but ultimately he had been unsuccessful in his hunt. When he finally got back to his castle he was furious. He took his frustrations out on many of his men who he hit, threw around and screamed at for not being able to find the archer. Prince John himself soon came to the Sheriff’s office.

He couldn’t help but laugh at the Sheriff’s plight. The Vampires were such sadistic, vicious creatures that they derived pleasure and amusement even from each others suffering. None of the Sheriff’s own men of course would dare laugh at his misfortune. At least not to his face. Behind closed doors they were sniggering too. Still John who was at the end of the day ruler of the Vampires, even if he wasn’t quite as feared as the Sheriff, laughed at the Sheriff as he began throwing objects around his office in a childish tantrum.

Barely able to speak over his own laughter, John said to The Sheriff “Poor little Georgie. If I had known that those simple people from the mighty village of Alsner were too much for you I’d have dealt with it myself.

The Sheriff felt like killing his King there and then. The angrier he got, the more John smiled however. He knew the Sheriff couldn’t harm him not just simply due to his rank but also John’s power. John wasn’t just any old Vampire. He was the first of his particular breed of Vampire and therefore much stronger than the vast majority of other Vampires in Albion, which aside from his status as the King was largely why they had all followed him.

The Sheriff had to swallow his anger. He didn’t want to show his rage to the Prince anymore so as not to give him any more satisfaction and simply said whilst gritting his teeth that he would find the archer. As soon as John saw that he couldn’t get a rise out of The Sheriff he left, though he still cracked a pathetic, mean spirited joke at the Sheriff’s expense, “I’ll trust you to keep an eye out for that fearsome Vampire killer

The Sheriff had several young prisoners brought up from the dungeons after the Prince left. He would take his frustrations out on them in horrific ways. The Sheriff couldn’t take being the recipient of others cruelty. Being mocked by the king in many ways reminded him of the miserable little nobody that he was in life. Hurting the prisoners in some ways allowed him to feel strong again, but the Sheriff always knew deep down, that he was a worthless excuse for a man. He had failed at everything except being a monster and now thanks to Robin he was beginning to fail at that too. He had to find the archer and make him pay no matter what.

Robin, Will and Much had finally arrived at Ekad. It had taken them two whole nights to get there. Robin had gone two whole nights without sleep. He felt that he would be the best person to stay up on guard due to his archery skills. Despite the long trek through the woods they had only faced two Vampires, both of which Robin had managed to slay with his arrows.

Now they had finally reached their destination, one of the few places in all of Albion that the Vampires hadn’t managed to claim as their own. There were many reasons for this. The village was more remote, much smaller than say Alsner and thus for a while it was ignored. However the main reason was because it was protected by three creatures who preyed on Vampires, White Wolves.

White Wolves were created from the same ancient demonic power as the Vampires themselves by a Witch with the purpose of exterminating the Vampires.

They were stronger than most Vampire breeds and could trace any Vampire wherever it was, making it impossible for a Vampire to hide from a White Wolf. Vampires would often band together to exterminate any White Wolves they could, and they were successful in depleting their numbers greatly around the world.

The three White Wolves that guarded Ekad were among the last in all of Europe. The Sheriff who had launched a constant campaign against the village had succeeded in killing two of the wolves. He often liked to boast about how he had killed both Wolves single handedly, but in truth he had only done so with teams of both heavily armed Vampires and men. Still none of the people involved in both hunts would dare to refute his story.

The Wolves were not the villages only defence, but they had provided enough time for them to build a massive 20 foot high wooden wall around the village against the Vampires, complete with huge wooden stakes sticking out of it and giant crosses painted over it too.

Finally several men also stood at the top of the wall, armed with crosses, bows and arrows and stakes and large buckets of holy water that they would pour down the wall.

Even with all of these defences many of the men tasked with guarding the wall would still be killed by the Vampires. Still these brave men did a good job in preventing the monsters from getting in and slaughtering their loved ones, however they knew that even with their defences, sooner or later the Vampires would find a way to get in.

The villagers had shunned outsiders. The reason for this was because not long after they had built their massive wall, the Sheriff was able to send an agent into their village. It was a young girl whose family he had held hostage, who was therefore forced to obey his every will.

The people let her in out of the goodness of their hearts, but sadly in the middle of the night she managed to open to the door doors at the front of the village which allowed 3 Vampires in. Even though there were only a few of them, these Vampires managed to ravage the town ( as the guards were still fighting off the rest of the Vampires who had tried to get in.)

Many people were torn to bits, others even turned. Fortunately the guards would manage to seal the doors shut and later slay the monsters. The girl was thrown out of the village afterwards. They did not care that she had been forced to do it by the Vampires, and not only did they throw her out of the village, but they tied her up and left her outside it for the Vampires to find. The Sheriff would butcher the girl and her entire family for her failure.

After this the village would refuse to let anyone else in out of fear of them being a Vampire agent. This was why Robin and Will had avoided the village until now, however Robin no longer cared if they tried to shoot him with arrows. He was more willing to take the risk as he knew the resources of the village were his best chance of mustering any kind of resistance against the Vampires.

As soon as Robin, Will and Much came within 50 feet of the wall, one of the guards who had spotted them, shouted down.

Stop right there! If you value your life turn back right now. Take one more step and you’ll get an arrow through the heart.”

Will and Much were both visibly terrified, but Robin kept his cool. He spoke to the villagers.

Please people of Ekad, we need your help. The Sheriff is after us, not just to satisfy his own Demonic thirst for blood. He seeks revenge on me for blinding him in one eye

The guards fell quiet. They couldn’t believe what they had just heard that someone would dare to stand up to the Sheriff of Nottingham. Indeed many of them assumed it had to be a trick.

The lead guard said back to Robin

If what you say is true, then I fear for you. Sadly we can not help. I fear no one can. It might be better if you killed yourself now rather than face the Sheriff’s wrath

Robin responded in a somewhat harsh tone. “Why do you say that? The Sheriff is not a God. He is just a Demon. I have already escaped from him, and of the two of us he came off worse.

The guard responded with “You were lucky. The Sheriff is a monster unlike any other. If we shelter you, his wrath will come down upon the people of this village. We can’t let that happen

Robin said forcefully “He will burn your village down, kill your men and devour your women and children sooner or later regardless you know that right? Besides I am not asking for you to merely shelter me. I want you to help me kill him and the rest of those unholy monsters!

The soldiers were taken back by his words. They felt it had to be a trick of some kind and told him to back off. Yet they knew that there was truth in what he said. They had lost so many young men already trying to defend themselves against the Vampires, and they weren’t that large a village. How much longer would it be before the Vampires finally tore down their wall, and furthermore when the Vampires finally did get them, they would be sure to make their torment even greater for defying them. Still despite their success with keeping the Vampires out, even they could not imagine actually ridding their land of them.

Before the guard could tell Robin to leave, Robin took a few steps closer to the wall, despite the soldiers warning and he threw his bow and arrows down on the ground in front of him.

Believe me” Robin said “I am not here to trick you, and I have no intention of cowering behind a wall like you people. Please just let me talk to whoever is in charge. If he does not like what I have to say then all of us will leave.

The leader of the guards ordered the doors be opened. He felt that Robin was not a threat to him as he was unarmed. Had there been any Vampires around then the White Wolf would have sensed them.

The real reason he decided to let Robin in however was because at the back of his mind, even if he wouldn’t admit it to himself, the guard hoped that Robin would be able to convince the people in the town to fight back against the Vampires.

As the doors opened all of the towns people began to run towards it. Many of them carried crosses as they were scared it was Vampires as the soldiers had been told to never open the door.

Robin, Much and Will were confronted by a massive shouting crowd. Will almost felt like running in the opposite direction, but he knew that it would be pointless as there was nowhere to run. Much on the other hand almost hoped the villagers would just kill them in order to be free from this nightmare.

Robin meanwhile was reminded of why he had spent so long hiding from the people of Albion as much as the Vampires who preyed on them. They simply were not prepared to admit that they were in a war. Still Robin knew he couldn’t give up again. He hoped that somewhere he could convince some people to finally fight back.

Robin tried to speak over the crowd, but they just shouted him down, and even threw things at him, Will and Much.

Suddenly however the crowd was silenced by a loud voice from the back. The crowd suddenly split down the middle and out walked a tall man with a long thin, hawkish face and long white hair.

He was the town mayor, and his name was Matthew. He spoke to Robin having recognised Robin from the wanted pictures that were still kept in the town. Matthew was unsure of Robin. He completely believed the wild stories that Robin was a sorcerer and distrusted him as a result, but he also felt that he might be a useful ally against the Vampires.

The Vampires had begun to exterminate Witches, Sorcerers all over Albion as they viewed them as a threat, as the Witches would be more inclined to side with the humans than the Vampires.

Matthew spoke, “Robin Hood I believe? What is it you want here? We know of no magic, no sorcery? ”

Robin frowned and tried to make it clear to Matthew that he was not a sorcerer, but Matthew wasn’t buying it. Robin eventually gave up and got straight to the point and asked the Mayor if he could use their White Wolf for an attack on Prince John’s castle.

Matthew told Robin firmly that he could not allow it as the Wolf was the most vital part of the villages defence.

Robin tried to reason with him but it was pointless. The Mayor did not want to risk even a night without the Wolf and neither did the townsfolk who were shouting Robin down as someone working for the Vampires. Just as he was about to be sent on his way Robin got an idea to capitalise on his fame as a “sorcerer”.

He told the Mayor that with his magic he could really hurt the Vampires, but that he needed the Wolf for a powerful spell. Matthew began to consider this. He too hated the Sheriff whose forces had killed his daughter when the girl had let them in. Robin then began to big up his reputation as a supposed sorcerer, telling Matthew how he had been driven out of his home town for practising black magic.

He assured the Mayor that he wanted the Vampires dead just as much as anyone else but that he needed his help. The villagers began to back away in fear from Robin’s stories. Will meanwhile was also scared. He didn’t know if they would buy Robin’s stories or if they wouldn’t just burn him at the stake here and now.

Robin was playing a very dangerous game, but it payed off as ultimately Matthew came to believe that he could kill the Sheriff and so against many of the towns folk’s wishes he granted him permission to use the Wolf but warned him that he must bring it back or else he would die just like the girl who betrayed them.

The Mayor also insisted the head of the guards named Alan a Dale join Robin just to make sure. The head of the guards who had been the one to let Robin in was only happy to join an attack on the Vampires. Unlike the Mayor he had not lost someone to the monsters. His wife and daughter were both still alive in the village, but he still feared the thought of the Vampires getting in everyday and if there was anything he could do to hurt them he would take it.

Alan would take Robin, Much and Will to the cave the Wolf lived in just outside of the village. The Wolf would after sensing any Vampires coming near, run back towards the wall where it would alert the guards before heading back to fight the Vampires.

The beast emerged from its cave after Alan called on it. White Wolves though vicious predators of Vampires were completely harmless and docile around humans. The sight of the creatures face completely caked in the blood of its previous kills gave Robin some hope that they would finally be able to make the Sheriff and maybe even Prince John himself pay for their crimes.

The castle courtyard was filled with Vampires, roaring, hissing being unable to contain their glee and bloodlust. It was the night of the big feast to celebrate their conquest of Albion. Many of the prisoners were to be brought up to the courtyard and slaughtered en mass by the Vampires. Some of their own human guards who they viewed as expendable or had failed them were also to be included as part of the “feast” too.

As soon as Prince John and the Sheriff entered all of the Vampires sat down in fear.

John sat down in a massive chair that faced the entire court, with the Sheriff standing behind him. The Sheriff was still furious with John, but the feast he hoped might calm his mood somewhat after his ordeal against Robin.

John spoke from his chair.

Tonight we will celebrate our victory over this land. Albion belongs to us now. We still have work to do. Our enemies the Vandals grow stronger every day and kill more of us, but this victory will inspire other Vampires to rise up against them. We will use the resources of this land to fight the Vandals on mainland Europe, we will build an army here that will crush our enemies entirely!”

As the Vampires shouted and yelled their king’s praise, a group of Vampires brought a massive cage full of people into the main court.

One of the Vampires, dressed in black armour opened the cage and pulled one of the young girls out. Her mother who was in the cage with her held onto her as hard as she could, but the Vampire pulled her from her arms in almost an instant.

The Vampires would usually kill one of their victims before the rest to mark the beginning of the feast.

Before the beast could sink its fangs into young girls throat however suddenly the White Wolf jumped on the Vampire. Before the Vampire could even attempt to fight back the Wolf tore its head clean off.

All of the Vampires including the Sheriff and John stared in disbelief and horror at the Wolf, but quickly their attention turned to a voice coming from the top of the armaments on the right hand side of the court which said

A pox on the phoney Vampire King of England!

It was Robin alongside Will, Much and Alan. The 4 of them had managed to make their way into the castle thanks to the White Wolf. The Wolf disposed of the guards outside castle, after which thanks to an arrow, with a rope attached fired by Robin, the four of them were able to climb up the wall of the castle, with Robin also carrying the Wolf. The Wolf had actually leaped from the armament onto the Vampire.

Having got the Vampires attention, Robin held the mutilated head of a Vampire up for the entire court to see. The head had belonged to a nocturnal Vampire that Robin had slain in Sherwood forest that night. He threw it right into the middle of the court.

The Sheriff flew into a rage at the sight of Robin and started snarling, baring his fangs, though he was still cautious not to make a move as even he feared the White Wolf. Several of the Vampire guards began firing arrows at the Wolf, but it was too fast. Whilst the Wolf was killing more Vampire guards and knocking their human guards who tried to shield the Vampires aside (though the Wolf did not feed on humans it was prepared to hurt any human that tried to protect Vampires), Robin proceeded to fire several arrows into the hearts of several Vampires who began to charge towards the wall.

The Sheriff led the charge, still managing to dodge Robin’s arrows. However as the Vampires reached the wall and began to climb it Will and Much quickly threw a large bucket of Holy Water over the side of the armament. The Sheriff despite being the first up managed to escape the water as he quickly ran away, leaving his men who were not all as lucky behind him.

At least three Vampires were completely consumed and burned into nothing but ash by the holy water, whilst another two were horribly burnt.

Robin used this distraction to fire an arrow with a rope attached to the other end of the castle wall which he used to swing down into the courtyard, right next to the cage. Wielding a cross he drove the Vampires around the cage back and quickly opened it.

The people came flooding out behind Robin who continued to ward the Vampires off with his cross.

Alan meanwhile quickly ran towards the other end of the armament, managing to knock a Vampire that tried to stop him with a quick, lucky strike off of the edge of the top of the castle. Alan then pulled the lever, which caused the draw bridge at the other end of the courtyard from John down. Two more Vampires attacked him, but he managed to hold them both off with his sword.

Robin led the prisoners to the draw bridge, firing arrows at charging Vampires as they came. He was helped by the White Wolf of course which had managed to tear the heads off of more Vampires. The beast could strike hard and fast. In a one on one confrontation most Vampires would be lucky to last 10 seconds against a White Wolf!

Robin managed to lead them to the door and they quickly ran out into the forest. Unfortunately the two Vampires at the top of the armaments had overpowered Alan and began to fire arrows at the fleeing prisoners.

They managed to hit several of them in the back, men, women, even children. Robin however managed to beat the Vampires at their own game and shot them both in the back with his arrows before they could respond.

Prince John had gotten involved in the fight. At first he simply sat back as he hoped his minions would simply deal with the Vampire hunters. The Prince was powerful, but he was lazy.

However as things got worse he started to join in. He focused his efforts on the White Wolf, feeling that Robin and the others would be disposed of easily if it weren’t for it.

The Prince was capable of conjuring up fire from his hands. He was the king of the Vampires for a reason!

John hurled fire at the Wolf who managed to dodge them at every turn. John hit several of his own men, both human and Vampire, setting them ablaze! However he did not care and eventually he managed to strike the Wolf sending it flying through the air.

The Wolf was seriously hurt by John’s attack. As it lay there gasping for air, its side badly burned, the Vampires, still somewhat scared of going near it, nevertheless slowly approached the wounded animal with their swords.

Robin quickly rushed to the beast, but before he could get near it, the Sheriff blocked his path. Pulling his sword out the Sheriff ran towards Robin, roaring with blood lust and sheer hatred in his eyes. Robin knew he would have no chance in a straight one on one fight against the Vampire. Furthermore John began shooting fire at Robin, having believed that he had disposed of the Wolf.

Robin fled. He did not leave the castle of course, he just wanted to get somewhere he could stand a chance against the Sheriff and so he ran, dodging John’s fire along the way, he headed for a door on the left hand side of the courtyard and ran through it with the Sheriff in hot pursuit

Alan meanwhile who had simply been knocked down by the Vampires came to the Wolf’s aid. Even though Alan had been bested by the Vampires atop the armament they didn’t have time to kill him as after overpowering him, they had instantly turned their attention to the fleeing prisoners, before Robin had managed to slay both beasts with his arrows.

Alan quickly ran down the stairs and into the courtyard wielding a cross. He came between the Vampires and the Wolf holding his cross.

The Vampires backed away at first but Alan knew he couldn’t hold them off for long. He began to shake with fear as the Vampires drew closer. They were toying with him he thought. He felt that any second, one of them would leap towards him and tear his throat out with its teeth. Just as he was prepared for death however, the White Wolf rose to its feet and jumped at the largest Vampire there, tearing its head clean off with its mighty jaws.

Alan could see that the Wolf was still weak and so he quickly grabbed it and ran towards the same door that Robin and the Sheriff had departed through with several Vampires behind him.

Much and Will were the only ones left in the courtyard, atop the armament. They were almost out of holy water and had no other way of fighting the Vampires off. As two Vampires began to run from the other side of the armament at them, Will instantly fled, though this time he made sure Much was following behind him. It was mostly however because he didn’t want to be alone in this castle. Still a part of him did feel guilty for leaving Much and his sister before.

The two of them managed to make their way to the inside of a tower at the other end of the armament. On the inside there was simply a stair case which they quickly ran down, as the Vampires were not far behind them.

At the bottom of the stairs they saw that it led to a dungeon. This was one of two dungeons in the castle. The other was far larger and reserved for the majority of their victims. This smaller dungeon was for the worst criminals in the Vampires mind.

There was a long corridor filled with people in cages in front of Will and Much. There was nothing either of them could do to the help the poor souls imprisoned, and with the Vampires coming up behind Will and Much ran down the corridor with the sounds of the prisoners crying for help, echoing in their ears.

At the end of the corridor they saw a room filled with Vampires keeping people on various kinds of torture devices. Much and Will quickly hid behind a large table that a man was strapped too who a Vampire was torturing. None of the Vampires had noticed them as they were too busy making their victims suffer.

Much and Alan quickly darted to the nearest door before the two Vampires who were pursuing them could arrive. It led to a stair case, that in turn led to a large, dank room with a man at the centre of it, chained to the ceiling. On one side of him was a desk filled with numerous blood stained torture devices, whilst on the other side was a large bucket of fire with a poker sticking out of it.

Will and Much rushed to the man who was alive’s aid. As soon as he got a good look at him Much realised who it was. It was John, the soldier who had spared him in the woods when he was separated from his family.

Clearly he had paid a huge price for it. Much approached John who had his eyes shut. John had heard them coming in and assumed they were Vampires. He couldn’t bare to look at them, not out of fear, but because his anger would be so great he would want to tear them to bits, yet couldn’t. The fact that he was so powerless to to take his revenge on the monsters that had cost him everything was the greatest torture of all.

Much spoke “John, its me. The boy you spared in the forest.

John opened his weary eyes in amazement. He began to cry. “No, no, no, no, no please, not you. Tell me they didn’t catch you. It was all for nothing. What they did, what they made me do!”

Much didn’t want to ask about what had happened. He calmly told John that he was here to help him, but John laughed in his face and said “Trust me boy I don’t deserve help“.

Will interrupted and made it clear that they were not just here to rescue John, saying “We are here to save as many people as possible, and to give those monsters a bloody nose. If you want to help fine, we need it, if not, stay here and wallow in self pity for the crimes you carried out to other people“.

John said firmly back to Will “I didn’t say don’t release me. I may deserve everything I get, but those Demons deserve worse. If I can help you kill even just one of those things I’ll at least in some small way be able to die content

And with that, Will began to cut his bonds. Before he could finish however the Vampires that had been pursuing Will and Much arrived in the room, having traced them by scent. Both of the Vampires were smiling with sadistic glee. They felt they had the three outlaws trapped and there was nothing they could do.

However as one of the Vampires approached, Much threw the last of his holy water at the beast. It collapsed to the floor in agony screaming. John who was now free picked up the hot poker in the fire bucket next to him. He stabbed the second Vampire through the stomach with it. Though this did not kill the Vampire it still caused it tremendous pain . As the beast crouched to its knees, John spat in its face “Tell me how does that feel you animal” He then proceeded to beat the Vampire savagely to the ground.

Will and Much pulled John away before the Vampire could recover and get the better of him and together they fled the dungeon, though not before Will snatched the bucket of fire.

When they left the dungeon they were confronted by the rest of the Vampires who had been alerted by the screams of the other two Vampires in John’s prison. There were 6 Vampires in total in the room, all covered in the blood of their victims. John wasted no time attacked the Vampires. The Vampires were caught completely off guard and John managed to knock two of them to the ground with his poker. Will quickly threw the bucket of fire over the other three Vampires which scattered them. One of the two Vampires John knocked down was the head of the guards. John recognised him and snatched his keys.

Back in the corridor, John began to unlock all of the doors, as the Vampires using their inhuman strength started tearing the door down which John had locked behind him.

John however managed to free all the prisoners in time, and they all following, John, Will and Much retreated back up the stairs and into the courtyard.

In the courtyard they all headed to the draw bridge which was still down. Unfortunately the Vampires who were still there including Prince John started tearing into the humans. The men tried to hold off the Vampires in order for the women to escape, but unarmed, weak from the torture and against the inhuman strength of the Vampires they were easily slaughtered.

About half of the prisoners including John, Much and Will managed to make their way out of the draw bridge and into the forest, though many Vampires still chased them into the woods, they all kept on running. Much and even Will hated having to leave Robin in the castle, but they both knew that this time they had no choice but to run away. It was up to Robin and Alan to get themselves out now.

The Sheriff had chased Robin deep into the castle. Robin had managed to give the Demon the slip however or so he thought. He was hiding behind a door with the Sheriff facing the other way. The Sheriff was taunting Robin, demanding that the outlaw come out and face him.

Robin began to pull his sword slowly out, hoping that he could sneak up on the Vampire. He tip toed towards the still shouting monster slowly raising his sword in preparation to strike at the monsters throat and part its head from its shoulders. However as soon as he moved in, the Sheriff swung round in a flash and shattered Robin’s sword just as he had done before. Robin realised that once again the Vampire had been toying with him.

Robin tried to flee, but the Sheriff kicked him and sent him crashing to the ground. The Sheriff pointed his sword into Robin’s neck, enough to gently pierce it.

The Sheriff laughed at Robin and taunted his prey. “You’re finished now coward. Do you have any idea what you are in for? Tell me your name, you spineless little worm, I like to know my prey

Robin smiled and simply said “I think that the killer of defenceless, innocent women, children and infants should refrain from calling anyone a coward. 

The Sheriff dug his sword in deeper, hissing with rage. He told Robin to get up, but Robin refused and simply spat in the Sheriff’s face. Robin did not want to suffer in the monsters torture chamber and so he hoped to provoke the monster into killing him here.

The Sheriff had caught on to Robin and told him to get up or he would start slicing bits of him off here and now. Just as Robin got up however he saw at the end of the corridor, Alan holding the White Wolf.

Robin said to the Sheriff who was visibly terrified and laughed “Lets see how brave you are against something that can fight back

Sure enough the Sheriff turned and ran but the White Wolf managed to catch up to him and knocked him to the ground, causing him to drop his sword.

The Wolf sunk its teeth in the Sheriff’s flesh, but it had still not fully recovered from John’s blast. The Sheriff using all his strength managed to push the Wolf off of him, though not without receiving many deep scratches and bites. As The Sheriff rose to his feet Robin struck at him with his own sword that he had picked up and managed to slice the Vampires right arm clean off.

The Sheriff screamed in agony and realising that he was no match for the combined effort of Robin and the weakened Wolf ran in the other direction up some stairs. Robin and the Wolf chased him however.

At the top of the stairs was the kings bedroom. A dead end for the Sheriff except for a window at the back of the room. With no other choice the Sheriff jumped straight through the window and fell from the top of the tallest tower head first into the courtyard.

His Vampire constitution obviously allowed him to survive the fall. In fact he wasn’t even injured. However his pride most certainly was.

Robin stood from the window and shouted loud enough for all the Vampires in the courtyard, including Prince John to hear

There stands your ferocious, fearless leader Vampires. The man you are all so scared of, throwing himself through a window to avoid a fight.”

Robin quickly retreated before the Vampires could fire a barrage of arrows after him.

The Sheriff was so enraged he was now foaming at the mouth. He screamed at the top of his voice for his Vampires to find Robin and the others and bring them to him.

The Vampires searched high and low throughout the castle but Robin, the Wolf and Alan managed to avoid them until the two men reached the top of a tower above a river which separated the castle from the forest. The Sheriff himself and his Vampire minions cornered the two men there, but Alan alongside the Wolf jumped into the river. Only Robin was standing, holding two massive bags filled with the treasure the Vampires had looted.

Just before Robin jumped over the edge of the armaments he said one last thing to taunt the Sheriff.

If anyone asks who it was that made a fool of you Vampire, tell them it was I, Robin Hood.

And with that he jumped over the side of the building and into the river with the treasure, avoiding arrows along the way. He swam across the river again dodging arrows before disappearing into the forest alongside Alan.

In the forest Robin was able to reunite with John, Much and Will.

He saved them from three Vampires that had cornered them, quickly dispatching each beast with an arrow in the heart.

The 5 men were relieved to be reunited. None of them could believe that they had actually managed to pull it off. Though they had sadly failed to kill the Sheriff or release the people trapped in the Vampires larger dungeon. Still they had foiled the Vampires plans for the big feast, and released not only all of what they judged to be their most dangerous criminals, but close to 40 prisoners.

Of course just because they were out of the castle, did not mean they were safe and Robin, Will, Alan and Much went off to find the fleeing, former prisoners, before the Vampires could. John however did not go with them. Many of the people that had been freed were the very same people his men had helped to bring to the Vampires in the first place. He couldn’t possibly face them so he ran. He didn’t know where he would go. He contemplated suicide. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw the horrors the Vampires inflicted on his wife and daughter before they killed them. He ran through the forest not sure what way he was really going.

The Sheriff screamed and smashed the everything near him in the throne room, tables, paintings, chairs. He was so overcome with rage he no longer even feared Prince John.

As soon as John entered the room he screamed at the Sheriff to stop, but the Sheriff not only didn’t listen, he hurled a knife straight into John’s heart.

It didn’t kill him of course, but John was furious at the Sheriff’s insolence. He pulled the knife out and threw it into the Sheriff’s leg. As the Sheriff fell to the floor in pain, John conjured up fire from his hand and hurled it at the Sheriff who managed to deflect the fire with a metal shield. The Sheriff then rammed the shield at John and managed to knock him to the ground. As John struggled to get back up the Sheriff proceeded to beat him with the shield, but John quickly with one smack of his fist punched through the shield and sent the Sheriff hurling across the room and crashing into a wall.

John then ran towards the Sheriff before he could recover, and grabbed him by the throat, pinning him against the wall.

John squeezed the Sheriff’s throat as he said to him “You are lucky that you are actually useful after all, though granted you wouldn’t know it tonight. I’ll let this go this time, but I warn you, you ever cross me like this again I will kill you without a seconds hesitation.

He then threw the Sheriff across the room and demanded he leave. The Sheriff knowing he was outmatched fled the room quickly. Outside the Sheriff buried his head in his remaining hand. It was the worst night of his life. He had lost his arm, but worse than that he had been completely humiliated in front of his men. The archer had not only escaped him twice, but had disfigured him both times.

The Sheriff knew that in order for his reputation to recover he would need to not only catch Robin, but also do something worse than he had ever done before. All kinds of twisted thoughts, ideas and feelings began to go through the Vampires mind about what he was going to do to restore his reputation, which helped to alleviate the mental and physical pain he was in.

Robin, Much Will and Alan arrived at Ekad the following morning. The Wolf had by now mostly recovered. This time they were let in instantly. As soon as they arrived in the town Matthew rushed to see them. He was excited at their return. Perhaps they had succeeded? At the very least Robin had made good on his promise and returned the Wolf.

Sadly however Matthew’s good mood was soon lifted when Robin told him that he had failed to kill the Sheriff. He did not care about the people Robin had saved and he was angry when he found out that he had further provoked the Sheriff by slicing his arm off.

All you do is anger that monster, yet you can never put him down for good. He still walks! He will be seeking the most heinous revenge against you and against us for it was our White Wolf that helped you! Be gone from our sight!

Robin, Will and Much left the village and Alan did not follow them. He wanted to. Unlike Matthew he did not think the attack on the castle was pointless and would have liked nothing more than to join Robin, but sadly he felt his place was here alongside his family and so with regret he watched Robin and his two companions leave the village. Just before he left Robin threw a bag of money looted from the Vampires down in front of Matthew.

Robin had stolen the money from the Vampires in order to give it to the villages that could not afford the Vampires taxes. He didn’t like having to play by their rules, but until he could bring an end to their rule he would have too.

As Robin, Much, and Will walked through the woods, Will commented on how this had happened before to Robin.

Its nice to see people are still just as grateful when you help them out against Vampires isn’t it Robin?

Of course deep down Will, along with Much and Robin knew that they had done the right thing. They had proven to so many people throughout Albion, even if Matthew still lived in fear that the Vampires were not indestructible. They could be fought, and even humbled. Of course it was going to have to take a lot more to bring them down completely.

The Vampires were not just one castle. They had forces all over Albion but still this did mark the beginning of a huge change. Things would never be the same again for the bloodsuckers as now at least some small measure of hope had been given to the people of Albion.

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