The Circus Master: The Curse of Lakos: Part 4: The Demon Mayor

Back at the Vandals camp Rosita was screaming at and hitting her surviving Vandal thugs. “Honestly a couple of Circus Freaks and one Vampire nearly slaughtered you fierce, Demonic warriors! Oh its just a little village, we can take it in no time. If this ever gets back to the wider world we’ll be a laughing stock and its your fault.”

The other Vandals were obviously much weaker than Rosita and so they couldn’t strike her back, as much as they desperately wanted to, but they still weren’t going to take this abuse lying down. She wouldn’t kill them for speaking out as she needed them, and if she hit them, well she was already hitting them now.

“I didn’t see you our fearless leader doing much against this lowly Vampire. In fact I saw you cowering in a corner crying!”

“I was just waiting for the right moment to strike.” Screamed Rosita. “Besides” wanting to change the topic fast. “We need to stop that thing from getting out into the outside world.”

“I thought it was just a lowly Vampire that us fierce Demon warriors were too cowardly and weak to take down?” said the Vandal who spoke out, which got him another punch in the face from Rosita.

“Okay fine! We were caught off guard by those freaks. But we need to kill them, not just to get that book, but whatever else it is they have hidden in that Circus Tent. I’ve never seen anything like those freaks. Their hiding something. I don’t know what but its big and I want it.” snarled Rosita.

“And how do you propose we kill them? 30 of us couldn’t do it, you think 5 can?”

Rosita lifted out the a small bag of Festox blood. Festox’s were firey Demons. Their blood would burn anything they touched. Vandals however using magics had found a way to hunt them. They used the monsters blood to create high explosive weapons. Every Vandal group carried a few packs of the weapon. These Vandals had already used most of theirs up to burn down and blow up the houses of Lakos. This one remaining bag wouldn’t be enough to really do much damage to the Vampire, but Rosita had a plan.

“You know that for the last few years our kind have been trying to find a way to make this blood a more dangerous weapon. All you have to do is fuse several souls to the blood. The souls will try and escape the firey blood. They’ll thrash and scream in agony. Furthermore the blood will also try and eject the foreign souls that have been latched into it, and eventually the magics won’t be able to hold them together anymore and the blood will explode. Depending on how many souls you cram into it, you could easily take out an area the size of Lakos.” Said Rosita.

“Are you out of your mind” replied one of her Vandal thugs. “All attempts to do that were unpredictable. Depending on the souls, and the struggle, the explosion can destroy an area about five times the size of Lakos. There’s also no telling how long we’ll have before the bomb could go off. The second you try to cram a soul into it, it could go up and take us all with it.”

Rosita wasn’t bothered. “We have to kill all of those freaks. How else do you propose we do it? We can lure them all into a trap and then toss this beauty at them. Then this town, the book, and whatever those freaks are hiding will be ours.”

“Assuming we don’t all burn too!”

“Well I’d rather burn than go back empty handed. Think even if we manage to kill that Vampire that they will let us walk away with that book? What happens when we go back empty handed? They’ll torture us for our failure. We’ll have to go on the run and then what? Our kind are at war. We can’t afford to fail. We will get that book.”

The other Vandal wasn’t convinced. In fact he was scared that she was mentally unstable and would get them killed. Of course he also knew that she was right that their superiors would try and kill them all for their failure, so he tried to convince the others to join him and leave the lunatic behind.

Sadly however they were so scared of Rosita that they stood with her.

“Didn’t go as planned did it you little worm?” Rosita sneered at the disobedient Vandal.

The Vandal tried to keep his cool. “I’m not afraid of you. I saw you in the square. You’re all talk. A filthy little coward with ideas above her”. Before he could finish, Rosita threw some, not all obviously, but some of the Festox blood on him. His whole body went up in flames. He writhed around for a few minutes screaming in pain. His Demonic constitution allowed him to live through the fire for slightly longer than a human would.

After he burned into nothing but a tiny pile of ashes, Rosita turned to the cowering Vandals behind her. “I could have just torn his head off, but that was so much more fun. Now go and bring me the souls of some of those villagers for this bomb. And be descreet. We don’t want those Circus Freaks knowing what we’re up too yet.”

The Circus Master spent several hours trying to find where the Mayor was hiding during the daylight hours. He was using the Vampires severed feet to try and perform a locator spell. The Vampires natural immunity to magics however meant that he had to keep increasing the strength of the magic.

Whilst he was using the magic, the rest of the Circus folk and Mestron and Ashlei were prowling the woods trying to find any trace of the Mayor. The local authorities were also looking for him. Of course the Circus Master objected to them being involved at all as if they did find the Mayor then he would slaughter them easily. Still they wanted to do their duty to protect their town.

Sadly the officers would be slaughtered by a different evil. Rosita’s Vandals who jumped them and quickly tore their souls out. Mestron would discover their bodies not long after and instantly knew it was the work of a Vandal, due to the holes in the victims chests. Rosita however assured the Circus Folk that she had killed the rogue Vandal who had slaughtered the men, and pointed to the fact that her team were now one member short.

The Circus Master, and indeed the rest of his team did not trust her. It was definitely plausable that one Vandal could have killed 6 of the Lakos police force. Still they all knew she was hiding something, but they didn’t have any proof, and they needed any help they could get against the Mayor. Still Mestron personally swore to Rosita that if any of her men stepped out of line he would kill them all. Rosita made a promise to herself that if possible, she would kill him separately and in the most agonising, humiliating way possible.

The rest of the Circus folk had to explain to the town that one of the Vandals had gone rogue and that it had been dealt with. The locals didn’t believe it and though they were too scared to strike out, they still screamed at the Circus folk to leave them all alone. One woman at the front of crowd singled Mestron out in particular telling him that he was a curse on this town. Those words cut deep with Mestron. He hoped to god there would be a place for him in the Circus. He could save everyone in Lakos thirty times each and they would all still hate him for what he had brought to their town.

Eventually the Circus Master was able to locate where the Mayor was, and with only a few hours of sun left. The team packed up their weapons and equipment and went to fetch the Vandals who were more than ready.

Janice carried two more wooden swords, whilst Keptis carried a chainsaw that’s saw was made of fire! The rest meanwhile did not need weapons, though the Circus Master carried another staff similar to his old one.

As the two parties made their way through the forest outside of Lakos, neither said a word to each other. Ashlei would occasionally give Rosita a glaring look, though Rosita would often respond by smiling and waving at Ashlei with the very claws she used to kill her brother.

The Strange Boy would also give Rosita fierce looks from time to time. She knew he was a Vampire just by looking at him, so it didn’t surprise her. Still at times he managed to make her feel uncomfortable.

They reached what looked like just an ordinary tree, but the Circus Master assured them all that this was where the Vampire had escaped too. Rosita ordered her men to start clawing at the ground. It soon became obvious that there was nothing here.

“I don’t understand, if it wasn’t working then it wouldn’t have lit up? Has the Vampire sensed it somehow?”

The Vandals and the Circus folk started arguing with each other, but in the middle of the fight the ground suddenly started shaking. They all suddenly got ready to fight, but nothing happened.

Just then it hit the Circus Master. “We need to get out of here now!” He screamed as he tried to rally all of his own team, and even the Vandals to flee. They had no idea what he was talking about however and he had no team to explain.

“Please trust me on this I know where the Vampire fled, we can’t face him just yet we need a plan.” The earth suddenly shook again, this time to the extent that it managed to knock all of the Vandals and the Circus folk off of their feet. The earth below them then suddenly ripped open and they all went tumbling into a black abyss.

As he fell, the Circus Master could see the earth that had ripped open above the team suddenly reforming to cover up the sunlight.

The Vampiric Mayor had used his vast telekinetic powers to literally rip a hole in the earth and then seal it over, in order to hide under the vast caverns and caves that ran beneath forest while the sun was up.

They all plummeted to the bottom of the pit, which was a massive, damp cavern, so pitch black than none of the Vandals or the Circus folk could see anything, except for the Strange Boy who who started to hope towards something in the darkness only to be quickly batted away.

Ashlei tried to crawl towards Mestron who was shouting for her in the dark, but she suddenly felt something hold onto her food with a greater strength than anything she had ever felt before.

She then saw, peering through the darkness as it came closer, the hideous, demonic visage of the former Mayor of Lakos, smiling with perverse delight at her.

He said, whilst the slime was gurgling in his throat. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to kill you, well not for an hour at least. I can’t say you won’t wish you were dead though.”

Fortunately the Circus Master was able to light up the room by shooting fire from his stick.

As soon as Mestron saw where Ashlei was he jumped on the Mayors back and started stabbing him in the head with a stake. Janice and Coro meanwhile ran to the front of the Mayor and started attacking him whilst Keyro flew Ashlei to safety.

Keptis meanwhile tried to start up his chainsaw. It had gone off in the fall, though it wasn’t broken. Still he was having difficulty getting it started. “Oh why didn’t I just go for another sword” he thought. “I had to go for the more cool, badass looking one that always breaks down.”

The Mayor quickly managed to toss Janice, Mestron, and Coro away. The Circus Master, though now unarmed was the next to put up a futile fight against the monster. He was able to dodge the monsters blows and spits at first, but it soon got the better of the time traveller when it caused the ground below him to suddenly fly up beneath him, carrying the Circus Master up until it smashed him into the roof of the cavern. The Circus Master tried to push back against it, but the Vampires telekinetic force was just too great.

Janice, Coro, Mestron and Keyro tried to rush the Vampire, but he suddenly caused a massive rock to fly up in front of them all, knocking them out. The Vampire had obviously mastered his telekinetic abilities to a far greater extent than before. He could practically control the entire environment around him.

Keptis whose chainsaw still wasn’t working screamed at the Vandals to help. Rosita however, instead ran towards the Circus Masters stick that he had stuck into the earth, so its flame would light up the entire room.

After snatching it, Rosita then ordered her men to attack Keptis. Before he could even react, they all jumped him and were able to beat the Martian to the ground and kick his chainsaw away. Just as one Vandal however prepared to strike its claws into his chest, Ashlei, who was the only one not preoccupied with the Mayor, hit the Vandal over the head with a large rock, distracting him long enough for Keptis to kick the Vandal off of him and regain his composure.

The Vandals then ran to the passageway at the other end of the room. Rosita held up the bag of Festox’s blood. Ashlei and Keptis could hear the screams of the souls of the police officers they had killed earlier, writhing in the flames of the bag.

Rosita smirked at Ashlei and Keptis. “Never assume we’re the lesser of any two evils.” Rosita then threw the bag at the Mayor, Janice, Keyro, Mestron and Coro who were fighting.

Just before the bag could land on the floor however, the Strange Boy managed to grab it. The Strange Boy had virtually vanished from the fight as he was keeping his eye on the Vandals. He had been able to smell the blood of the Festox, despite Rosita’s attempts to keep it hidden. Of course he didn’t know exactly what it was, but he still kept an eye on the Vandals rather than the Mayor and it had paid off.

The Strange Boy hopped towards the Vandals, who all except Rosita cowered at the sight of the Vampire boy.

Rosita just laughed. “Listen you little blood sucker you can’t throw that. You’re too close to us, you’ll get caught in the blast too. Its a stalemate. ”

The Strange Boy however responded with a cold stare, with Rosita not being sure that he had even heard her at first. He then hissed and bared his fangs before throwing the bag onto the floor in front of the Vandals.

Rosita having been cocky just a few minutes ago darted down the passageway and actually pushed her minions back the way.

The blood exploded with the flames consuming seemingly all of the Vandals in a second. The Strange Boy who was the closest to the blast was blown to the other side of the room. Ashlei and Keptis quickly ran shouting out to the others, but they too were blown across the room.

The bulk of the fire was primarily concentrated at the other end of the room where the Vandals had been, but it did spread to where the Mayor and the others were fighting too. Keyro seeing the oncoming explosion, quickly grabbed Janice and Coro and tried to fly to the top of the cavern. Coro meanwhile managed to catch the Circus Master who fell from the ceiling, as the flames engulfed the Mayor who was blown to the other end of the room. As Keyro struggled to find a safe place however, the explosion caused the entire room to shake, and some rubble fell from the ceiling which hit Keryo.

He dropped Coro and the Circus Master, both of whom fell into the rubble below, with the Circus Master being impaled on a massive piece of broken rock. Keryo tried to regain his composure, but another piece of falling rubble managed to knock him out.

An hour or so later Ashlei awoke. Her arms were badly burned but other than that miraculously she had survived, with only the edge of the flames catching her and Keptis, who was still knocked out. Ashlei could barely see anything. There were pieces of rubble everywhere, and the walls as well as part of the ceiling had even caved in though not enough that there was any light from above. Parts of the cavern were still on fire which provided some light, though also some smoke too.

Ashlei struggled to get up. She had never felt pain like this before in her life. She tried to rouse Keptis, who responded but only with some muffled groans. Ashlei staggered around the blown up cavern, trying to find anyone else. She started calling out for Mestron, but he did not answer. Just then she saw the Strange boy who looked badly burned. His arm was even partially on fire. He didn’t look like he was in pain however and even kept hopping around the pieces of rubble just like always. The Circus Master meanwhile called out to Ashlei. She could vaguely make him out in the distance, with some of his clothes having been burned off, and there being a massive pit of rock sticking out of his chest.

He pulled the piece of rock out with his claws. “I told you that boy can be a handful” he said whilst coughing up blood. “He’s grounded for six centuries at least.”

Ashlei hobbled over to the Circus Master and helped him to his feet. “Don’t worry I heal fast and this really is just a flesh wound.” He said to Ashlei as he regained his composure. Using his inhuman strength he was able to push a large boulder beside him away. Under it lay Coro who was burned and bleeding. Ashlei screamed in shock, but The Circus Master assured her he would be okay.

“That sneaky Vandal bitch” he said. “The blood is a dangerous weapon, and if any of us had been caught in the heart of the fire then we’d have been vaporised. Well apart from the Boy of course. I told you as a Jiang Shi he’s the strongest here by far. Still it was a close call.”

Keptis meanwhile having risen to his feet searched frantically for Janice. He found her lying bloodied and burnt by an unconscious Keyro. He grabbed in his arms and felt for her pulse. She was still alive, he breathed a huge sigh of relief and started to try and rouse her.

“Nice to see no one gives a shit about me” mumbled Keyro as he slowly rose, his wing badly torn and his body covered in cuts and bruises.

Janice began to wake, “what happened. Last thing I remember we were fighting that freak and then.”

“Our little pet Vampire” said the Circus Master as he, Coro and Ashlei came over to them, with Ashlei helping Coro up before he quickly recovered.

“It seems those Vandals wanted to double cross us. They created a bomb of some kind, but our little friend here managed to catch it before it went off. Unfortunately he then set it off himself.”

Janice looked at the Strange Boy whose face was completely blank. “And he’s not even sorry.” She said sarcastically.

Just then the Strange Boy started to jump towards the other end of the room where the hall the Vandals had attempted to flee down was.

“Where’s he off to now?” sighed Coro.

“Do we really care.” Replied Janice? Of course she didn’t really mean it. Even though he was a Vampire and a handful (to say the least.) Deep down Janice would never abandon the little bloodsucker.

The others followed the Boy over the rubble. There was no sign of the Vandals, but the Circus Master assured the others that as they were caught up in the centre of the blast they were vaporised so nothing would be left of them. Ashlei didn’t know whether to be relieved that the monster who killed her brother was no more, or angry that she didn’t get a chance to finish her herself.

Keptis meanwhile was able to find his chainsaw. The base of the chainsaw was made out of a nearly indestructable metal, found in the 10th Galaxy, so it easily survived the piece of rubble falling on top of it. It had landed relatively close to him. This time Keptis was able to get the Flaming Saw (which was entirely magical) started. The Flaming Saw would light up the room for the others.

The Strange Boy led the others down the corridor. They could see a slime trail left by the Mayor who incredibly enough had clearly survived the explosion, but was obviously very badly wounded and had fled in panic.

“We shouldn’t be flippant. Even though he’s wounded, he could probably still kill us with his spit.” Said the Circus Master.

The Circus Folk walked through the long dark caverns for what must have been over an hour and still couldn’t find any trace of the Mayor.

Beside the cavern they could see what looked like an underground river. There was blood running down what looked like part of the river too.

“You’re not going to ask me to jump into that murky river are you?” Sighed Ashlei.

“No. It does look like that’s where our friend has escaped too, but fortunately we have a way of flushing him out.” Said the Circus Master in response as he reached into his pocket.

“Ah good it survived the explosion” he said as he pulled out a flask. “Always carry a flask instead of a bottle”. He started to pour a tiny part of the water into the river. “Holy water” he said. “To many Vampire breeds its like acid. If there’s even a tiny bit of holy water in a large body like this it will be enough to flush the Vampire out. Assuming that it hurts him.”

Just then the Circus Master could see a bubbling in the distance. “Down there. We’ve got him” he shouted.

They all stood ready with their weapons for when he came up, but after a few minutes there was nothing.

“He can’t wait in there forever” said the Circus Master. Just then the Mayors claws came crashing out of the ground behind Coro and grabbed him by the leg. Coro screamed as the monsters talons, and the poison ripped their way through his flesh and into the bones in his legs.

Coro tried to struggle free, but the monsters grip was too tight. The monster started cackling at his distress, but fortunately The Circus Master threw his holy water over the monsters hand. It only produced minor burns, but it was enough for the Mayor to loosen his grip and allow the others to pull Coro to safety.

Coro couldn’t even stand, but fortunately he healed fast. The Mayor meanwhile came bursting out of the ground in front of the Circus folk, hovering in the air using his telekenisis in place of his legs.

The Mayor looked even more horrific than usual. Most of his skin had been singed off by the blast he was caught up in, and his flesh was charred black. One half of his entire face was covered in burnt sores, with his eye socket being covered in nothing but burned, red flesh. His nose and lips had also been burned away completely too.

It was hard to tell at times what parts of his face was burned flesh, or bits of dirt from the earth he had just burst out of.

The Mayor was in a state of unimaginable pain. His flesh was literally cooking on his bones! Through the pain he managed to grumble at his enemies.

“You freaks. I’m going to hurt you all so bad you’re going to wish you never set foot in Lakos! He then burst into a fit of his diabolical laughter before using his telekenetic powers to rip the rocks, big enough to crush someone in an instant from the walls and roof of the cave, and hurl them towards his enemies. Mestron threw Ashlei to the floor whilst trying to use his own magics to block the large boulders.

Mestron’s magical telekenetics were very limited most of the time, and he was struggling with all his might to hold back against the strength of the Mayor, whose power and determination were only amplified by the agony he was in.

Whilst The Mayor was placing all of his energy on bringing the boulders towards the Circus folk, Janice saw an opportunity and hurled her wooden machete straight into the Mayors forehead causing all of the boulders around them to drop to the floor instantly.

“Damn. I was aiming for the eye he had left” she said in frustration. Wasting no time, Keptis ran towards the Mayor with his flaming chainsaw, and before the Demon could do anything, he stabbed it into the monsters stomach. The monster let out another scream, but also seemed to laugh at the pain too.

“He’s so far round the bend he doesn’t know if he should be scream or laugh.” thought Keptis as he dug the flaming chainsaw further into the Mayors stomach. Puss flew everywhere that stunk so badly Ashlei started vomiting.

The other Circus folk came to Keptis’ aid. The Circus Master himself grabbed the monsters arms, whilst Keyro, started slashing at the monsters face to distract him (whilst keeping clear of the spit that dribbled from the Mayors mouth.)

Janice and Coro meanwhile helped Keptis to ram the flaming chainsaw further into the monsters gullet, and pull it up in an attempt to literally slice him in half. Mestron meanwhile used his magical telekensis to try and hold the monster in place.

Even the Mayor couldn’t stand the constant onslaughts and attacks and unable to break free physically, in desperation he managed to let out a telekenetic blast that sent all of his attackers flying across the room.

The Mayor for the first time was actually scared. He knew even he couldn’t beat them on his own. He needed help. Once again the Mayor used his powers to throw himself through the roof of the cave yet again.

The Circus Master could see through the hole in the ceiling that it was now night outside. “That monster will be making his way towards the town! shrieked The Circus Master.

On the surface, the Mayor used his telekenitic powers to rip the Book of Khastran from where he had buried it under the ground earlier. He intended to use it to create more creatures like him that could fight the Circus Master and his cronies.

“We need to get out of here now! He could end up turning everybody in Lakos into an Alpha Vampire like him.” Said the Circus Master somewhat frantically. Keyro flew Janice and Keptis out of the ground through the hole the Mayor had created, whilst Mestron used his magical telekenetic powers to lift the Circus Master, the Special Boy, Coro and Ashlei into the air and through the hole after Keyro. It wasn’t easy for him to do so. His powers were obviously nowhere near that of the Mayor, but still he was able to lift them out of the dark, blood soaked cave.

As soon as the group reached the ground, they could see the Mayor in the distance, using his telekenesis to fly through the air. Keyro instantly flew after him, whilst carrying Keptis who was still wielding his flaming chainsaw.

It didn’t take long for the Mayor to notice them however, and in response he used his powers to literally rip trees from the forest floor  and hurled them at Keyro and Keptis, who were barely able to avoid them. After dodging a few trees Keryo and Keptis saw that the Mayor had vanished in the confusion.

The truth was that the Mayor had used his telekenisis to catapult himself a good few miles into the forest. He then descended from the sky and became lost among the trees. He had flown to this area, not just to escape his enemies, but because he had smelled prey.

Most normal Vampire breeds had an enhanced sense of smell that could allow them to trace their enemies for miles and miles. The Mayor could smell a small family of four deep in the woods.

The family, who were called the Thompsons had tried to flee Lakos after the Vandal/Vampire attack from the previous night. The family consisted of a man in his 40s, Jonathan, his wife Emily, and their two sons, Alan and David who were both in their late teens.

Unfortunately the Thompsons having never ventured out of Lakos, like most of its citizens, had become completely lost in the woods. They were all petrified now that the sun had come down, but Jonathan and Emily tried to remain calm for the sake of their children. Little did they know it was about to get much worse.

The Mayor made himself known to them by smashing a tree down with his mind powers. The family all turned around, with all 4 of them wanting to be sick at the sight and smell of the Vampire.

“You two” the monstrosity said pointing at Alan and David. “Are useless.” He then snapped their necks with his telekenitic powers and pinned Jonathan and Emily to the floor.

He then opened the book and started reading from it. “You killed them you monster. They were only children!” shouted a frantic Emily.

“Yes.” replied The Mayor. “They were children. Wouldn’t have made the strongest members of our kind. Trust me in a few minutes you’ll cringe at ever having felt love. You’ll be free of the limitations of morality, and be able to do anything you want. Together we will all do great things.”

And with that he read from the book. Jonathan was the first to be infected. He screamed and begged for the Mayor to stop as the cursed words from the book of Khastran slowly fused his arms and legs together, until his body came to resemble a snake. His skin then turned tar black, and became extremely hard. His mouth meanwhile enlarged, with all of his teeth growing into massive long fangs. His eyes vanished and his mouth came to occupy most of his head, though on what was left of his face, several green warts began to appear.

Massive spikes also began to appear all down the snake/worm monsters back. Even the Mayor was somewhat horrified by the monster who appeared to possess no more intelligence than an animal.

The new Vampire soon turned its attention to its former wife, Emily. The Mayor told him not to harm her as he needed to make her into one of them, but the beast didn’t listen to him.

The Mayor tried to use his powers to hold him in place, but this monster was strong, and using its tail it managed to smack the Mayor knocking him off his feet, before descending on Emily whose throat it bit into.

The Circus Folk meanwhile had split up to cover more of the forest. Keyro went with Coro and the Strange Boy, the Circus Master with Ashlei and Mestron, and of course as always, Keptis and Janice went together.

“The Mayor can’t have gone too far” said the Circus Master in frustration. “If he gets to Lakos, we could be looking at a whole village of Vampires. The changes to the timeline could be catastrophic.”

“Its my fault” said Mestron with regret. “I brought the book here. I thought I could destroy it, but I couldn’t. Instead all I did was bring the Vandals here, turn the Mayor into that thing and damn goodness knows how many innocent souls.”

The Circus Master was shocked at what Mestron had said, but he still nevertheless unlike virtually anyone before him, save Ashlei, was sympathetic to the broken Warlock.

“We’ve all made mistakes. I’ve killed more innocent people than you directly. It never goes away. You know you can never make up for it, but you can either wallow in self pity, or do your best to try and make sure it wasn’t all for nothing.” Said the Circus Master in response to the Warlock. Mestron thanked him, but Ashlei got a little bit frustrated.

“I’ve been saying that to you for years, but you never listened!” she moaned.

Keyro meanwhile was flying over the forest, whilst holding Coro, who was in turn holding the Strange Boy. Once again however the Strange Boy proved to be a handful for the time travellers. He jumped from the clown’s arms and into the woods below.

“Oh god if only he could speak.” Bemoaned Coro as he and Keyro descended after the boy.

When they landed they heard a screeching sound so piercing it actually brought them both to their knees.

Just then, the Strange Boy went flying over their heads, having been swatted like a fly by something.

The two time travellers expected it to be the Mayor of course, but were rather shocked when a hideous, worm/snake like monster emerged from the foliage, its fangs dripping with slabber and blood.

The monster was lightening fast. As soon as Coro and Keyro tried to strike it, the monster was behind them and swatted them both into a tree with its tail, just as easily as it had done the Special Boy.

The monster then rammed the spike on its tail into Keyro’s wing and dragged him slowly towards its mouth that opened wide enough to swallow the time traveller completely! Keyro tried to call to Coro for help, but the latter had been knocked out cold.

The Strange Boy jumped on the Vampires tale and sunk his fangs into its skin. He bit hard enough to draw blood (which was blue.) But the Vampire Worm//Snake creature managed to shake him off with little to no effort.

The Strange Boy snarled at the monster, baring his fangs that were dripping in blue blood and flesh! It wasn’t often he met a monster that he couldn’t even hurt, but this creature was fast and strong.

Still the Boy tried again and leaped through the air at the worm/snake creature who this time it swung Keyro that it lifted up by his wing at the Strange Boy and sent him flying out of sight.

The monster then resumed trying to devour Keyro and pulled him towards its mouth. Keryo dug his claws into the ground and screamed out for help, but his strength was no match for the monster who pulled him towards its gaping mouth.

Fortunately however, The Circus Master, Ashlei and Mestron heard his cries and quickly rushed over seconds before it had almost swallowed their friend who was part way down its throat.

The Circus Master jumped through the air and landed on the beasts head (managing to catch it unaware as it was to busy focused on its meal to notice anything else.)

The Circus Master dug his claws into the monsters face and in doing so cut through a number of the warts on its face. The slime that burst out of its warts was strong and thick, but rather than burn like the Mayors pus, instead it completely encased the Vandals hands.

The worm creature spat Keyro out and started shaking the Circus Master from side to side to try and get him off its face.  It rammed its tail straight through his spine, and started to bite down on both of his legs, but fortunately it wasn’t able to swallow him.

The Circus Master screamed out. “I really didn’t think this through.”

Ashlei meanwhile was trying to rouse Coro, whilst Mestron was trying to fire a magical energy blast at the monster, but couldn’t quite pinpoint it as it was so fast, even when thrashing around.

Just then both Ashlei and Mestron went flying through the air. As Mestron looked up (with Ashlei having been knocked out.) He could see the Mayor, floating and hissing at them.

“Stay away from my new friend” he shrieked. Coro who had woken up instantly tried to attack the Mayor, who managed to deck him with one punch, whilst Keyro was still too weak after his wing had been torn.

Using his mind the Mayor pinned Mestron to the floor and hovered over him laughing. “You freaks all love ganging up on me don’t you. Well not anymore. I’m going to make everyone in Lakos like me. A god!”

Whilst the Mayor was distracted Mestron used his magical powers to bring a tree down on the snake/worm creatures tail which trapped it in the one place.

As the Mayor turned round, Mestron used his powers whilst the worm/snake creature struggled to get free to rip The Circus Master from the monsters face.

The Mayor responded by lifting the tree up from the monsters tail and hurling it above Mestron. The Mayor held it just a few feet above the Warlock. Every time Mestron tried to roll away the tree would hover above him. He tried using his own magical powers to move the tree away, but his power was still no match for the Mayor.

Fortunately however Mestron would get some help from the Strange Boy who held the tree up with his inhuman strength.

Janice and Keptis meanwhile jumped the Mayor from behind, with Keptis stabbing his flaming chainsaw into the monsters back, and Janice jumping on his shoulders. Janice stuck her wooden machete into the Mayors neck in an attempt to cut his head off. She managed to pierce his throat, but she wasn’t able to cut deep as the Mayor started floating around frantically. In the fight the Mayor managed to shake off Keptis along with his chainsaw, though Janice still clung onto the beast and still kept hacking at its neck.

The snake/worm creature meanwhile headed towards Ashlei, Coro, and Keyro. Fortunately Coro was able to conjur up an illusion of a similar creature that was far larger. The Worm actually stopped in its tracks, and while it was frozen in fear, the Strange Boy seized his chance and, still holding the tree, smashed it on to of the Snake/Worm’s tail, trapping it.

The monster writhed and struggled to get free, but Keyro despite the tear in his wing, flew onto the monsters back and started to claw at its flesh. He didn’t do any lasting damage to the monster, but it was enough to distract him at least.

The Circus Master though still in pain from his gnarled legs, was still able to stand due to his Demonic constitution. He grabbed Keptis’ flaming chainsaw and buried it in the snake/worm Vampires neck.

He used it to not only cut through its flesh, but pin it to the ground too. Blue blood sprayed everywhere. It completely covered the Circus Masters face  and he couldn’t even see, but he still hacked and pushed down against the tremendous strength of the Vampire, until eventually he took the monsters head clean off.

The Mayor screamed in anguish and threw Janice off of his shoulders before flying towards the Circus Master. Keyro however flew into the Vampire. Catching him off guard, he sent the Mayor crashing to the ground. As the Vampire struggled to get up, the Strange boy smashed the tree onto the Mayor’s back pinning him into the ground. Coro, Keptis and even Ashlei helped the Strange Boy hold the Vampire to the ground, whilst Janice started hacking away at his arms. The Circus Master meanwhile, just as he had done with the Worm/Snake creature sunk the flaming chainsaw into the Mayors neck. The pain in his back, arms and neck was so overwhelming that the Mayor couldn’t focus his mind powers on the time travellers, and though he struggled vainly, they were finally able to hold him down, and the Circus Master was able to hack through the Vampires neck until he took his head clean off.

It was an incredible struggle for the Circus Master, not just because of the beasts thick, flabby neck, but the stench from its blood, which made all of the Circus folk by the tree, except for the Strange Boy, vomit.

Still they had finally slain the beast. “We didn’t know much about the Mayors breed as he was the first of course and now only member, but I suppose it was a fair bet that taking his head off would kill him.” The Circus Master joked as he wiped the Vampires slimey blood from his face.

“We still need to burn their bodies. Even in death, the two Vampires blood could infect other people. On top of that its possible to resurrect certain Vampire breeds. All traces of these abominations have to be destroyed.” Said the Circus Master as he started to hack the Mayors corpse to bits with the chainsaw.

The rest of the Circus folk searched the woods to see if there were any other Vampires or people The Mayor had infected. They found the bodies of the Thompsons. The mother had her throat ripped out by the beast her husband had become.

Mestron and Ashlei returned the bodies to the town. When they arrived the villagers naturally surrounded them both, but they were all too scared too do anything.

“I didn’t kill them. The Mayor did. He has been destroyed now. I’m sorry for everything that I brought down on this village. I never meant to hurt any of you. I was desperate for glory, and to be seen as a hero. Now I am the most hated man in Europe. I can’t make up for the past, but I’m going to make sure that I never repeat the same mistakes again, so I’m going to leave you all for good. Please no matter what else you may think of me, know that I never meant to hurt any of you”.

Mestron and Ashlei then placed the corpses down on the floor of the village and walked away slowly from the bemused and frightened villagers. Some of them did try to call out to Ashlei, asking her not to go with the Warlock, but she ignored them. She knew she no longer belonged in Lakos.

After burning the remains of the two Vampires, the Circus folk prepared to leave. There was no reason for them to stay in this time anymore and even already their vessel was preparing to take them on their next mission.

Mestron. despite the vital help he had given the team, was unsure as to whether or not the Circus folk would accept him. He had after all helped botch their first attempts to stop the Vandals and dragged this entire unpleasant business out longer than it should have, but he would never forgive himself if he didn’t ask. Ashlei meanwhile also wanted to go with them. She obviously wasn’t the most formidable fighter, and she was terrified in some respects of the life the time travellers lived, such as their encounter with the Kestorvek.

Still above all else Ashlei felt that she couldn’t just go back to a normal life after what she had seen. Part of why she had always been desperate to connect with Mestron, aside from simply viewing him as a hero was also because of her fascination with the occult, and magic.

Ashlei unlike most of the other people in Lakos was bored with their simple, low key way of life. She wanted to see what was out there, and this was the greatest opportunity she could ever have to see the wonders of the universe.

There was certainly nothing left for Ashlei in Lakos. Not only was her brother dead, but it was doubtful after her association with the Warlock, that anyone in the village would ever seriously trust her again, despite their calls for her to stay.

Ashlei and Mestron found that the Circus Master was already waiting for them when they arrived at the tent.

“I was wondering what was taking you so long” he said with a smile on his face. “We didn’t get off to the best start, but still you both have potential and I only hope that our little ship accepts you.”

The Circus Master invited Ashlei and Mestron in, and they were greeted warmly by the rest of the team.

“Remember it doesn’t matter if we like you or not. We have to see if its okay for the timeline for you to come with us.”

The Circus Master took them beside the fountain in the middle of the room. It was an incredibly nervous few minutes for all of them as they waited to see it react to the newcomers.

Fortunately for both Ashlei and Mestron the fountain turned bright yellow showing that their place was among the time travellers.

“Well looks like you’re both destined to spend the rest of your lives travelling through time and space, fighting the worst the universe has to offer. On the plus side though there’s quite a nice pub that exists outside of the vortex for time travellers.”

Ashlei laughed, but the Circus Master assured her that he wasn’t joking.

“I’m serious” he said. “Its a little place you can meet up with other time travellers. Its quite nice. There are more of us than you think. Its the company that makes it worthwhile. As long as you have the right people to watch your back, then you won’t mind fighting for your life all the time. ”

Mestron was so excited however that he wasn’t even really listening to the Circus Masters poor attempts at humour.

“I’m so sorry for ever doubting you” said Mestron to the entire team.

“Don’t be” said the Circus Master. “We are monsters to be fair, most of us, but we’re nice monsters.”

The Circus Master could see that Mestron was desperate to go on his first mission rather than listening to him ramble, and so he immediately made preparations explore the universe.

He dropped a coin into the fountain after which the water turned purple and the room began to shake slightly.

The Circus Tent then hovered about 70 feet or so above the ground, with a purple light flashing below it. It hovered for about 30 seconds before flying away in a flash through the vortex, to another time and another place.

Meanwhile as the Circus folk, with its new members departed for new adventures, little did they know Rosita had survived.

She had always been the most crafty (and cowardly) of the Vandals, and was able to escape the fire, at the expense of her followers.

She was still badly burned and disfigured from the flames however, and was now on her own. She couldn’t go back to her sect, and obviously in her weakened state, she certainly wouldn’t have been a match for any of the Circus folk, or even the villagers of Lakos.

Still Rosita didn’t give up. As she wandered through the woods, scarred and weak, she vowed that she would return, with her own group of Vandals and make all of her enemies pay.

Sadly Rosita wasn’t the only evil that had slipped through the Circus folk’s net.

Emily had been killed by her husband John after the Mayor had turned him into a heinous monster. Sadly however the Mayor did not let her rest. After restraining the worm creature, he still read from the book. At first nothing happened and the Mayor believed that he was too late.

Little did he know however the evil from had managed to pull Emily’s soul back into her body, and twist it into a Demonic spirit, turning her into the first of a new breed of Vampire.

It took much longer for Emily to turn as a result of this of course. It was only several hours later, after her corpse had already been taken to the local morgue that she rose as a Vampire.

Unlike either her unfortunate husband or the Mayor, Emily was able to retain her human appearance when not feeding. She still looked paler and thinner, and her skin was icey cold to the touch. Nevertheless, Emily could still blend in with her prey, which in many ways made her more dangerous than either the Mayor or her husband. The types of Vampires who could look human were always the most successful, as at least one of them could always find a way to evade even the most skilled hunter.

Unlike either the Mayor or the Vandals, Emily had no interest in Lakos. Even already she was desperate to make more creatures like her and cause as much chaos as she possibly could. She didn’t think that the people of Lakos were very good stock to be her new army. She didn’t even think they were worth feeding on. Indeed she viewed them as being the Mayors and the Vandals scraps.

Emily morphed into her true Vampire form, where her skin turned grey and became rock like, and two massive leathery wings grew out of her back, whilst her eyes turned blue and her teeth elongated into massive fangs!

She burst through the roof of the morgue and out into the night sky. Even Emily wasn’t sure what she was capable of, but she couldn’t wait to find out.


                                           Next Adventure: An Eye For An Eye










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