The Monsters of Galloway: The Vampires of Wigtown: Part 1: The Promised Land

Lindsey loved Wigtown. All of her needs and loves could be found in Scotland’s national book town and she was absolutely overjoyed at the prospect of living there permanently. Sadly however little did she know she was picking the absolute worst time to be moving to Galloway.

A great evil had risen from the very depths of the waters of Galloway, whilst an even greater threat from another plane of existence had also made its way to this once idyllic location.

Things would never be the same for either Galloway or Lindsey ever again.

Lindsey had grown up in the small rural town of Wemyss bay. She developed an interest in the arts and photography at a very young age. She would spend any free time she had going on long walks through the beautiful Scottish countryside taking pictures of the sky, woods and landscape.

Her greatest interest however was always writing. She had a natural talent for it from an early age and longed to one day become a published author.

She first came to Wigtown not long after graduating from University during the Wigtown Book festival in 2013. She had hoped to make some contacts in the town, and maybe even find a way to market her work too. At the same time however she also in some respects just simply longed for a return to the countryside.

During her time at Uni Lindsey had lived with her friend Alison in the city of Glasgow. She enjoyed her time in the University and forged many strong and enduring friendships.

Lindsey would always there for her friends whenever they needed help, or even just a shoulder to cry on. Even those in her circle who didn’t know Lindsey that well still felt like they could confide their most personal secrets in her.

Throughout her entire life Lindsey had always put others before herself. She had a very easy life growing up in Wemyss bay as she came from a fairly privileged background. Thus she always felt like she owed it to people who were less well off than her to make their lives better.

Nevertheless despite how much she had enjoyed her time at Uni, Lindsey still ultimately always preferred the countryside. At the end of the day she just wanted somewhere quiet where she could sit and read, and she always loved a place with beautiful scenery too.

Wigtown initially would be the perfect sanctuary for Lindsey. A tiny, quiet town surrounded by the most gorgeous countryside, and full of people with a similar passion for the arts. It was like heaven for her.

She first moved there as part of a programme called The Open Book Project which gave people a chance to run a bookshop called The Open Book for a few weeks. Guests would even live in the flat above the shop too.

Lindsey would become friends with many of the locals as well as other people on the Volunteer programme and she would remain in contact with them for years after she left.

The person she became closest with however was the owner of another bookshop, an elder man named Simon.

Simon was the town recluse. He was in his mid to late 60’s and was generally quite dour, short tempered and anti social to those around him. Most of the locals had found him strange and somewhat eccentric too. Indeed his book shop, “Johnsons Library” (named after the previous owner) rarely saw much business as the townsfolk generally didn’t like to speak to Simon in any capacity.

Still he and Lindsey would nevertheless become very good friends and develop something of a father/daughter relationship with each other. Lindsey had been warned to not go near his bookshop when she first arrived, but that had only made her more curious.

Lindsey like everyone else, was at first scared about some of the stories she had heard about Simon. Of course many of the wild stories were exaggerated or complete lies, such as the time he supposedly shot through a rival Bookshops window after he had been told its owners were slagging him off in The Glaisnock Cafe.

Lindsey visited the shop on only her third day in the town. She was Simon’s first and only customer that day. Contrary to his reputation, Lindsey did not find Simon to be an aggressive or unpleasant person at all. He was quiet and somewhat short with her, and clearly just wanted to be left alone, but she didn’t see him as nasty or mean spirited.

Instead Lindsey actually felt sorry for Simon as she saw him as quite an unhappy person who shunned people simply because he was in too much pain to actually try and connect with anyone. Lindsey wanted to help him. She would visit his bookshop every day and always tried to strike up a conversation with him.

Simon was of course reluctant at first and generally tried to shoo her away. Lindsey would however eventually manage to break the ice with Simon through a shared love of the author Daphne Du Maurier.

Lindsey would always make sure to visit Simon whenever she came back down to Wigtown, and Simon would during a later visit share with Lindsey the reason why he had become such a reclusive figure for so many years. His only daughter named Louise had been killed in a tragic accident when she was just 22 years old. She had been out swimming by the beach, when was swept away by the strong current. Her death came just a few months after Simon’s wife died of brain cancer.

Simon became a recluse after the tragic loss of his family, but with Lindsey he saw something of his own daughter in this similarly kind hearted, bright young woman with a real love for the arts.

Simon had tragically only come to Wigtown in the first place because his daughter wanted to move there. She had fallen in love with the town as a little girl when she used to visit it with her family every Summer. The happiest moments from her childhood had been spent in Wigtown.

After her death, Simon found that he couldn’t leave the town as he felt that he would be leaving Louise behind.

Lindsey had also lost her father when she was just 2 years old. Though she had always been close with her mother, she lacked a father figure throughout almost her entire life. Now however she had finally found it with Simon.

Lindsey would come to regard her time at the festival as one of the happiest periods in her life. Once her time in the shop was over Lindsey returned to her flat and old life in Glasgow, but she would continue to visit the town regularly.

It would be another 3 years before she was able to move to Wigtown permanently. There were no job opportunities for her in the town at that point and she also did not have nearly enough money to live on her own anyway. (She had always wanted to make it on her own, and so was reluctant to take her mothers money.)

Sadly however when Lindsey would finally get her chance to move to Wigtown after saving up for 3 years and landing a secure job there, she would find that things had changed in a way she could never possibly have imagined.

Simon had actually warned her not to mover here every time she visited. Each time he wouldn’t say why. At first Lindsey was hurt as she thought it was because he didn’t want her near him all the time. He assured her that he would love her to be here for his sake, but for hers he pleaded with her not to move to Galloway.

Sadly she didn’t listen and it would all begin for her on the second night she spent back in Wigtown.

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