The Monsters of Galloway: The Vampires of Wigtown: Part 2: Rural Bloodsuckers

Lindsey had decided to go out to the pub after a hard days work. The pub called, The Smoking Fish. was just outside of Wigtown. It was a small walk through some nice countryside to get to it, which Lindsey always enjoyed.

Though Lindsey generally didn’t like nights out, her friends from Wigtown wanted to throw her a welcome party and she was eager to see them again as her last visit had been 8 months ago.

Her friends included a married couple named Stephen and Samantha and another girl from Glasgow named Linda who Lindsey had known from Uni. Lindsey had recommended Wigtown to Linda and she had fallen in love with it just like Lindsey had. She had moved just 6 months earlier, something which Lindsey had been insanely jealous of at the time, though she didn’t let on of course.

The 4 had a nice night out sharing stories, reliving past times and catching up. In fact they stayed so long they were the last customers in the pub, and ended up having to be chucked out at the end of the night by the owner.

As they walked back through the pitch black however they all suddenly noticed a disgusting smell.

Jesus Christ what the hell is that” Linda asked. “Must be Cow droppings or something” Stephen responded. It smelled far worse however. It was practically choking the 4 of them. Just then a howling suddenly pierced its way through the darkness. Lindsey let out a scream in response. “Oh god Lindsey is always so scared” thought Linda. “She’s always ready to jump at the first thing“. It was true that Lindsey’s somewhat pampered life didn’t make her the bravest person. Even on her travels, she’d often stay in the most luxurious hotels.

Don’t be so scared Lindsey. Its probably just an animal.” Samantha said. Lindsey wasn’t convinced however. She looked around frantically, but could hardly see anything in the dark. Maybe it was just a fox or a dog that had scurried away? Just as she began to calm down however Lindsey thought she could see something moving about in the bushes at the other end of the road behind them.

She tried to alert the others to it but again they dismissed her claims thinking it was just Lindsey being, well Lindsey.

Lindsey didn’t relent however. She knew something wasn’t right and forced her friends to look around, but just as they did a man suddenly came stumbling out of the trees and onto the road in front of them. They were all a little taken aback and as the man came closer the heinous stench suddenly got worse.

Stephan got in front of the women and asked the stranger what he wanted. He was met with a silence. Lindsey, Stephan, Linda and Samantha all now started to get scared. Stephen told the man firmly to get out of the way or else he would make him.

This time Stephen’s threat was met with a hideous, high pitched laughter. The figure in the dark slowly moved forward revealing his hideous visage.

None of the four of them had ever seen anything like him in their life. The figures skin was bright green, scaly and rotting looking. It was also covered in barnacles too. It was completely bald, and a hideous blue slime dripped from its nostrils and its finger tips. Its eyes were bright red and a hideous black slime dripped from its mouth. The monsters tongue was tar black meanwhile and its teeth which were all razor sharp fangs (though the upper canines were still longer than the rest.) Were yellow, rotting and stained with the black tar from the monsters mouth.

The creature wore what looked like a blue net which came down like a toga over its top and down its legs. Its hands and feet however were completely bare, and it had massive, rotting, yellow talons on the ends of its fingers and toes.

As all 4 backed away slowly from the hideous creature, suddenly another one of the twisted abominations jumped from the bushes behind them and pounced on Samantha.

Stephen tried to tackle the monster but it was no use. The creature, whatever it was, its strength was limitless. Stephen, punched it, kicked it with all his might but it accomplished nothing and with one smack of its hand the creature sent Stephen tumbling to the ground.

The monster sunk its fangs into Samantha’s neck and tore her throat out in a matter of seconds!

After it killed her it then simply looked up at Stephen who had gotten back on his feet and smiled at him. The blood and mangled flesh of Stephen’s wife, dripping from its fangs.

Stephen tried to attack the beast, but again it was hopeless as the monster effortlessly overpowered him and beat him to the floor, eventually knocking him out cold.

Lindsey and Linda meanwhile had similarly struggled with their monster. It had focused most of its attention on Linda and had begun to choke her. Lindsey grabbed the beasts arms but its skin was burning to the touch. Lindsey let go right away from the pain and when she looked down at the palms of her hands she could see that they had been burnt.

The monster suddenly turned its attention to Lindsey. It could sense that she was the more sensitive and scared of the two women and as a result it wanted to hurt her more.

The monster grabbed Lindsey by the throat before she could even attempt to run away. Not only was it inhumanely strong, but it was fast too.

Lindsey couldn’t even scream as the monster held her throat so tight, and she could feel herself blacking out from the pain, but just before she would have fainted the beast suddenly threw her into the forest on the other side of the road.

The monster was playing with her. It didn’t want to kill, or even just knock Lindsey out yet. This thing was absolutely relishing in the pain and suffering it was causing its victims.

Lindsey scrambled to her feet. She could barely stand from the pain in her neck but her determination pushed her on. As she turned around she saw through the trees the second monster beating Linda, having completely overpowered and knocked out Stephen, whilst Samantha lay lifeless on the road behind them.

Suddenly Lindsey felt a burning sensation on her back as the beast dug its talons into her from behind.

She struggled to get free but the monster sunk its claws in deeper. She screamed as loud as she could, but it was no use. There was no one around who could help her. She could hear the monsters high pitched, piercing laughter get louder the more she screamed.

Lindsey rather than try and struggle out of the creatures claws just pulled forward with all her strength. She got free but she lost a massive amount of skin and flesh on her back.

She felt faint from the pain and blood loss, but managed to stagger to her feet. Again the monster was nowhere to be seen.

She backed away slowly, constantly looking around. The pain was overwhelming, and Lindsey was struggling just to stand. Her knees gave way and she fell to the forest floor. She could feel a blackness coming over her, but just then her inhuman tormentor let out another ear piercing scream. Lindsey was jolted by the noise, and instantly looked up to see the monster towering over her.

The beast was smiling with sadistic delight. Its fingers were no dripping with Lindsey’s blood (as well as its own blue slime.) The monster began to lick Lindsey’s blood off of its fingers before it spat in her face.

The foul smelling, thick, black spit, mixed in with her own blood landed on Lindsey’s cheek. It burned just as badly as the beasts skin had done.

Lindsey tried to wipe it off her face, but the thick black tar just got stuck on her hand too.

The creature approached Lindsey slowly. Every few seconds it would stop and then stare at her for a few moments before suddenly moving quickly making her jump, before stopping again. Each time it startled Lindsey the monster would burst into a fit of laughter.

Lindsey began to weep and tried foolishly to plead with the monster.

“Please I just want to go home. I don’t know what you want, but I swear I’ll do anything if you just leave me and my friends alone.”

The beast smiled. By showing how scared and desperate she was, Lindsey was only making her tormentor want to hurt her more.

Anything?” the monster said. Its voice had a horrible gurgling sound to it. You could hear the horrible black slime squelching in its mouth with every word it spoke. “the problem is. I want to hurt you”.

Lindsey sobbed and got down on her knees pleading. “Why? I’ve never done anything to anyone, I’m completely unimportant“. The monster got closer, smiling with delight.

I’m not impressed. I want to see you beg more. Go on beg, plead, cry, whimper or I’m going to have to hurt you again.” Lindsey put her face to the ground in despair. As the monster slowly reached down to grab her hair however Lindsey managed to grab two handfuls of dirt on the forest floor and hurled them into the creatures eyes.

It was Lindsey’s only chance and she took it. With the monster incapacitated Lindsey quickly ran back across the road with all her strength.

Lindsey saw that Linda, Stephen and the second monster had gone. Seemingly vanished without a trace? She didn’t have time to think about them however as her tormentor came running after her hissing and slobbering. Lindsey knew she could never even attempt to outrun him. The road back to Wigtown was too long. Her only chance of escape was to make her way back to the pub. It was still a while away, but it was nevertheless nearer than the town. If she kept her lead over the monster, maybe she could just make it.

Lindsey ran as fast as she could. Even with the pain in her back she darted down the road at an incredible speed. The creature followed Lindsey and managed to grab her by the arm, but again Lindsey pulled free with all her strength, losing another chunk of skin and flesh in the process. The creature reached out again, and ran its claws down her back, but again Lindsey managed to keep ahead barely. She soon realised that the monster was just toying with her yet again. Still she didn’t give up and managed to make it to the front doors of The Smoking Fish.

She slammed herself against the front door and started screaming as loudly as she could, but there was no answer.

The monster stood laughing at her. “No one can help you little girl. Even if the owner hears you, I’ll kill him just as easily as I’ll kill you.

Lindsey wasn’t listening however. She just kept thumping on the doors with all her strength, screaming for help.

Her cries were soon answered when the doors swung open and the owner of the pub, a man named Jack Thompson emerged. Initially he was angry thinking it was just rowdy drunks and came out with a pool cue to ward them off. Jack wasn’t one for messing about.

However Jack dropped the cue in shock when he saw Lindsey covered in her own blood, and just about ready to faint, with a hideous, cackling monster behind.

Just like the others Jack was overwhelmed by the stench. In fact he started gagging on it.

“What the hell are you, you freak?” Jack blurted out whilst holding the pool cue to the monsters neck. “I don’t want to know actually, just get the hell out of here.

The monster smiled revealing its black tar and blood stained fangs, a sight that made Jack want to be sick.

What makes you think she is the victim here?” it said whilst barely able to contain its laughter. “For all you know she attacked me and I just defended myself. People always assume I’m evil just because I’m ugly. I’m a really nice guy honest.” Jack wasn’t laughing.

He poked the monster in the chest and told it to clear off a second time but again it just smiled back at him. “Are you judging me just for how I look? Oh dear I’m going to have to hurt you too now“. Lindsey meanwhile had fallen to her knees. She had used the last of her strength to get here, but now she was beginning to faint again. She crawled along the floor past Jack and into the pub.

The monster suddenly roared, spraying its hideous black slime in Jack’s face. Jack stumbled back, clutching his face in absolute agony and monster started to attack the pub owner whilst he was vulnerable.

Lindsey screamed at it to stop, but there was nothing she could do. She was so weak from blood loss that she could barely stand. Lindsey finally felt like giving up. There was seemingly no hope. As she lay there bleeding, Jack still tried to fight the monster but it was hopeless.

Just as it had done with Lindsey the monster toyed with Jack. It would effortlessly dodge his strikes, taunt him and then when he was at his most furious it would scratch him again or spit in his face.

Just as Jack also felt like giving up suddenly another figure appeared behind the beast and struck it with Jack’s pool cue. The figure was a young woman with black hair, scraped back in a pony tail. She dressed in somewhat plain, grey clothing and had a real tomboyish look about her.

As the monster struggled to its feet, Jack much to his surprise suddenly saw a look of fear come over the creatures face. He didn’t think anything could scare something that looked like that.

The monster stood its ground however, but it was obvious that it was somewhat shaken by the woman’s presence. The woman meanwhile was not scared at all. In fact she instead had an almost indifferent look on her face.

You’re all such pathetic cowards.” She spat at the monster in absolute disgust. The monster tried to strike first, but the woman lifted out a cross in its direction, which caused it to shriek in pain and cower momentarily, but it soon recovered and tried to hit her again. The woman ducked however and smacked the monster with the cross right in its face.

As the monster staggered back, Jack could see the cross had burned its face.

The woman started whacking the monster repeatedly with the pool cue until eventually she rammed it straight through the monsters chest. The monster let out a scream before crumbling into a pile of ash before a shocked Jack.

Jack didn’t know what to say. The woman had turned her attention to Lindsey now who had since passed out. The woman barked at Jack, “don’t just stand there. This woman needs help call an ambulance.

Jack was snapped back to his senses “you’re right of course I’m sorry.” The woman did not wait for the ambulance to come. She told Jack this wood was crawling with similar creatures and that she had to see if there were more people in need of help. Despite his protests she left just as quickly as she had arrived.

Lindsey woke up the next morning in a hospital bed. She had lost quite a bit of blood, but fortunately for her, her wounds were not life threatening.

Lindsey hadn’t seen the woman who saved her life. She had no idea just what her attacker was, but she knew he wasn’t human. She didn’t share that fact with the police afterwards however as she knew they wouldn’t believe her. She simply told them that she had been attacked by a foul smelling man with tremendous strength. Lindsey was terrified for her friends. She wanted to tell the police that whatever took them away was well a monster, but what good would it do?

After a couple of days Lindsey was released from hospital. Each day was spent constantly worrying about Stephen and Linda. Sadly the police were unable to find any trace of them. Lindsey blamed herself. It was foolish of course for her to think there was anything she could have done to help them. She was lucky to have barely escaped from the monsters herself, but still she would keep going over the events of that horrible night in her head again and again for the rest of her life.


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