The Monsters of Galloway: The Vampires of Wigtown: Part 4: The Blue Devil

It had been 5 long torturous days for Linda. She had seen one of her best friends, slaughtered in the streets in cold blood and another dragged from the cage they had stuffed him in and torn to pieces. She knew that any minute she could be next. Now and again, Linda actually almost welcomed her death so that she would be free of this nightmare, but then she thought back to how they killed Stephen and she began to tremble in fear.

The Vampires had taken Stephen and Linda to their lair, an underground cave system beneath an old mansion that was by a cliff edge over a beach.

The Vampires kept the other unfortunate souls they had snatched off of the streets and in the countryside in cages which were at the top of the cave system. In the lower levels of the system however lived the Vampires ruler. The Blue Devil.

The Blue Devil as he was known was a member of a different breed of Vampires to those who had captured Linda . His breed were known as the Kelad. They were all but extinct. In fact the Blue Devil was the last of his kind. They were among the strongest breed of Vampires. None of the Melesk could possibly hope to challenge the Blue Devil in a fight. He ruled by force and was a viciously cruel leader.

The Blue Devil was not part of the war between the Vampires and the Mermaids. In fact he didn’t even come from the ocean. His home was much further away than that.

All of the Blue Devils minions despised him. If given the opportunity they’d have brutally murdered the beast, but ultimately they all to the last were too terrified to lift a finger against the monster. Well that is except for one of them. Barek.

Barek had been a high ranking Vampire who had sought to overthrow the Emperor of the Vampires under the sea. Vampires were always such backstabbing, selfish, power hungry little roaches that they regularly betrayed each other.

The last Emperor that Barek had fought with was himself a usurper. The only way a Vampire leader was ever able to maintain power was through fear. Sadly for the Emperor he was not quite as cruel as The Blue Devil and therefore wasn’t able to hold on to power in quite the same way. He had to deal with constant attempts to seize his throne and as a result under his rule the empire weakened which was one of the reasons it ultimately fell.

Barek had been on the cusp of taking control when the Vampires were finally banished from the sea. He had still managed to take control of a small group of Vampires that had fled to Galloway. Unfortunately for him a few months later the Blue Devil arrived in Galloway and took control of the Vampire population. Barek had hoped to take over a small town and turn its population into the Vampires food source. It was of course a massive comedown from wanting to rule a massive empire, but it was his best option for now.

He wanted to emulate the Demons that had taken over Port Logan. However The Blue Devil ruined these plans. None of the Vampires really knew just what it was he wanted. He was always working on some massive spell in the deepest, darkest caverns of the cave.

The Blue Devil simply used the Vampires as a means to an end. They brought him humans to keep his strength up, anything he needed for the spell, and guard his base. He wanted the Vampires to keep as low a profile as possible as he did not want any disturbances to his spell.

Barek still feared the Blue Devil, but unlike all of the others he actively made plans against the monster. He knew that the monsters key weakness was gold. Any weapon made of gold, provided it could pierce the Vampires heart would instantly destroy the Blue Devil. Furthermore a weapon made of gold could also leave scars and injuries that would never heal.

Barek had managed to forge a weapon of gold from some of the treasure he had stolen from the Emperors palace just before it was raided by the Mermaids after the Emperor had been killed.

Barek finally decided that tonight he was going to kill the Blue Devil. It took a lot for any Vampire to muster up even the tiniest bit of courage as they were all such pathetic cowards. Still Barek used his fear of living under the Blue Devil to motivate him to try and slay the monster. The Blue Devil did not tolerate any kind of failure. He would often maim his followers if they failed or worse throw them into the pit where his vile pet, the Selectros lived.

The Selectros was a monster that had originally belonged to the Emperor of the Vampires. It was a gigantic Jellyfish like Demon. It had a massive brown shell, with huge long sprawling tentacles that emerged from under it. It also was capable of spraying a large green webbing that it would use to trap its prey. The Demon would then tear its victims apart slowly, before it ate them.

They were among the most feared monsters in the entire ocean. Vampires and Mermaids alike lived in absolute terror of the beasts. This creature however had been tamed by the Emperor, who used to feed it Mermaids. The monster actually had loyalty to the Emperor, but sadly it was only to the Emperor and not his subjects.

After his death it went on a massive rampage throughout the city. The monster was eventually driven out to the surface by the Mermaids, where it wandered the countryside feeding primarily on any stray Demons for a few weeks. It preferred the taste of supernatural creatures flesh as that was all it had ever eaten under the ocean. Ironically the Selectros helped to curb the Demons population in Galloway for a while.

The monster resided in a large cave by the beach and would emerge only at night to hunt for Demons. The beach its cave existed in would of course later be cut off to the public by Rentros.

Eventually however when the Blue Devil arrived in Galloway he made his base of operations just above the cave the Selectros lived in. It was the perfect base as the cave system he and his minions lived in was too small for the Selectros to enter, so they were perfectly safe. Added to that the Selectros itself served as a perfect guard dog for the base too.

The Blue Devil was in the middle of casting some spell. Barek still had no idea what it was. The Blue Devil had spent virtually his entire time in Galloway in the cave working non stop on this spell.

That was the only thing Barek regretted about the Blue Devils impending death. Now he would never know just what he was doing.

The Blue Devil noticed Barek enter the room.

Well? You would dare to disturb my work? Speak! This had better be important.

All the courage Barek had spent ages working up faded almost instantly. He seemed so pathetic and unimpressive compared to Devil who towered over him and whose voice was so loud and booming it practically knocked Barek off his feet.

Still Barek didn’t want to back down. Holding the gold knife behind his back, Barek said

We’ve all had enough of your leadership. The rest are such a pathetic, spineless bunch they won’t say, but I will. I despise you. We once ruled the seas and now look at us? Skulking beneath an old mansion, doing all the dirty work so you can tinker about with magics down here? Forget it! I’m not serving you a second longer!

The Blue Devils face filled with rage.

You are nothing but a little stain compared to me do you understand! You talk of some pathetic tin pot empire where you ruled over fish!  You couldn’t even begin to comprehend the power I seek, nor what I have already done to get it! ”

Before the Blue Devil could finish his grandiose speech, Barek ran at him. He hoped that he could catch the Blue Devil off guard but the Devil reacted fast and struck Barek.

With one hit he sent Barek flying across the room and over the edge of the pit where the Selectros lived. Barek managed to grab onto the green webbing near the top. He could hear the monster roaring below as its tentacles began to reach out to grab him.

Still he held onto his gold knife. That was his lifeline, if he lost it, then he would have no chance.

The Blue Devil wandered near the pit laughing at Barek. “If you don’t want to follow me that’s fine. You can always die!

Barek however acted quickly. Pulling out his knife he struck the Blue Devil in the leg. The Blue Devil screamed in agony, grabbing his leg as his flesh began to sizzle and boil in reaction to the gold.

Barek tried to stab the Blue Devil again, but it managed to grab his hand. The monster then slowly began to crush Barek’s arm which its inhuman strength allowed it to do effortlessly.

Barek dropped the knife but he quickly caught it in his other arm. He was able to let go of the webbing as ironically the Blue Devil himself was now holding Barek up over the pit.

Barek slashed the Devel across the stomach causing it to drop him, but Barek managed to stab the wall with his gold knife. Before the Selectors’s tentacles could grab him, Barek hurled himself out of the pit with his demonic strength, still clutching the knife and jumped over the Blue Devil. The Blue Devil was overwhelmed with the pain and before he could do anything in retaliation, Barek slashed him across the face. The monster doubled back in pain to the edge of the pit. Seizing his chance Barek rammed into the Devil and sent him tumbling into the Selectros’ pit below.

He watched as the tentacles enveloped his former leader and pulled him below, seemingly to his death.

Barek couldn’t believe it. “He’s gone. I did it. I really did it.” He began to laugh hysterically. Oh the irony of the Blue Devil who always went on about gaining ultimate power over all of creation ending up as nothing more than a snack for a Selectros. “I hope you enjoy your future as Demon shit” Barek yelled down the pit before he took off to inform his followers of the wonderful news.

Little did he know the Blue Devil was not dead yet. The Selectros had managed to catch him off guard when he was still in agony but now that he had regained his composure the Selectros was discovering that the Blue Devil was a much less easy meal than a Mermaid.

Barek made his way to the room with the cage of humans where all the Vampires were sitting. They were waiting to be told which of their captives they could feed on and which ones where for their master.

As soon as Barek entered still holding his gold knife, dripping in blood most of the Vampires realised what had happened and were giddy with delight.

Our former leader is no more. In fact right now he’s probably making his way through the digestive system of his former pet” Barek said whilst smiling. “We are free my friends. No more hiding in caves, no more doing errands for a blue moron. Now we will have all the helpless, vulnerable humans we want.”

Barek and the rest of the Vampires suddenly looked at the humans locked in their cages. Linda kept her cool. She knew that her only chance was to try and attack the Vampire when it was opening the cage.

Linda was the last to be pulled out of her cage. She had seen the others try and fight only to be hopelessly overpowered.

The Vampires would always leave one victim until last so that they could see what was in store for them.

When the Vampire finally came to open the door, Linda tried to punch and kick the monster as hard as she could. It made no difference. The Vampire laughed at Linda’s attempts to defend herself. It threw her from the cage and onto the ground below. It then jumped on her and started scratching her with its talons.

Linda did not give up however. Even with the pain she was in and the stench from all the Vampires in the room that just made her want to vomit, she kept trying to struggle free from the monster.

In the long agonising fight Linda managed to grab a small rock on the floor. She started hitting the Vampire in the face frantically without even looking. She managed to get a lucky hit in and struck the Vampire in the eye. The monster winced back in pain and Linda wasting no time kicked the beast in the chest with both feet sending it backwards.

She then scrambled to her feet and ran down the corridor as fast as she could. She didn’t know where she was going, she just had to get out of here.

The other Vampires were too busy finishing their kills, whilst the Vampire she had hit was still in pain so Linda was able to get a head start on the Vampires. Not that it mattered much anyway as Linda soon got lost in the maze like corridors of the caverns. She ran about desperately trying to find a way to escape. Meanwhile she could also hear the Vampires in the distance screaming with bloodlust. She was sure any minute, that she would turn a corner and come face to face with the stinking monsters, when suddenly the screaming stopped.

She was so sure the Vampires were chasing her, but now she began to think that they had left to go hunting. She tread very carefully through the caves constantly ready to run at the slightest noise. After feeling like she had been walking through those damp, musky, smelly caverns for hours she suddenly came across the exit.

It was a thin ladder leading to a small hole which in turn led to the mansion above the caves. Linda began to climb it but as she reached the top she suddenly felt something grab her foot.

The force was tremendous. Even greater than the Vampires that had abducted her.

It pulled her down instantly, slamming her to the ground. When Linda came too she saw an immense, hideous, blue skinned monster standing over her.

Who are you? Little girl?” It bellowed.


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