The Monsters of Galloway: The Vampires of Wigtown: Part 5: The Sacking of Wigtown

Lindsey and Simon arrived in Clayshant. It was a humble campsite with just a few caravans and a small pub near the entrance.

When they reached the caravan and knocked on the door, to Lindsey’s surprise it was answered by a young woman. She looked as though she was in her early to mid 30’s and had black hair, scrapped back in a pony tail. She also wore a white tank top and dark jeans.

The woman was very pretty, but her face bore many scars and her expression was an angry scowl.

Little did Lindsey know however this was the woman who had saved her less than a week ago when the Vampire cornered her and Jack Thompson in The Smoking Fish.

Lindsey said somewhat nervously “Sorry to trouble you miss, but I was just wondering if I could talk to your friend? Or your dad. He told us this was where he lived?

Just then Matt came blustering out of his room, pushing the woman to the side.

Ah Lindsey, glad you decided to come. This is my friend Ingrid, though I’d be proud to have her as a daughter. Come we’ll talk about this in the pub just down there. This Caravan is no place to entertain guests. Don’t worry I’m buying.

The four headed to the pub. It was reasonably busy with all of its customers being the families staying at the site of course. The bartender, a young woman named Lianne though friendly to the other guests didn’t seem to be too fond of Matt and Ingrid.

Poor Lianne” Matt said as he brought the pints to the table “I don’t think she likes us too much. She had hoped to make this a quaint family place, but two of her regulars being crazy weirdo’s who believe in monsters kind of ruins that image. She’s too polite to throw us out or bar us though. Bless her, she means well, but she’s just not ready to accept the truth. Something I gather you have now come to terms with Miss McIntosh?

Lindsey had been put at ease by Matt’s seemingly easy going demeanour. She obviously still felt scared given what they were here to discuss, but still she was able to talk about it more easily now, though Ingrid who sat at the end saying nothing and glowering at everybody still made her a bit nervous.

Well what can I say, of all the things I thought would happen when I moved to Wigtown, battling the undead was not one of them. I don’t know if there’s much I can tell you, just that me and my friends were coming home from the Smoking Fish when this thing appeared. It was green, bald, slimy, and the stench, oh god the stench. Even thinking about it now makes me want to vomit. That thing it, it killed Samantha. Cut her throat out and let her bleed to death on the road. There was two of them. One chased me into the pub and, it knocked me out, I didn’t see what happened and when I woke up I was in the hospital. I’d been told some woman had chased my attacker off.

Matt interrupted “that was Ingrid, and she did a lot more than chase him off“.

Thank you, I owe you my life. Thank you.” Lindsey said nervously to Ingrid who responded with nothing but a scowl.

Matt continued “is there anything else you can tell us? Any other weird things you’ve seen or something? Sorry to pry but we don’t know where The Blue Devil, the eh the Vampires are.

Lindsey could tell that Matt had somewhat inadvertently blurted out that name, The Blue Devil. Still she wanted to know what it was, but when she prodded, Lindsey could see the name provoked quite a strong response from both Matt and Ingrid. Both of them had a look of unbearable sorrow mixed in with incredible rage at the mere mention of that name.

Still Matt began to explain to her the sordid history of this abomination. “The Blue Devil is a member of a very rare and powerful breed of Vampire. In fact he is perhaps the very last of his kind. He’s not just any ordinary Vampire however. In fact he is one of the most evil creatures in all of creation. His presence here is far bigger than the piffling war between the Mermaids and the Vampires. The Devil came here a month or so ago when it heard about the influx of Demons and Vampires arriving in Galloway. Word travels fast among the paranormal, and the Devil needed new lackeys. We’d been battling him for years in New York, and though we’d never managed to slay the beast, we did manage to shut down all his operations in the city.”

What does he want here?” Lindsey asked.

I’m afraid I cannot tell you. At least not yet anyway. Its too big a thing to bring up now, but trust me unless he’s stopped we’re all in danger.”

Lindsey wasn’t satisfied “Why can’t you tell me? Surely its not more impossible to believe than Vampires and Mermaids waging a war against each other?

For a second Matt dropped his somewhat light hearted, charming facade and barked at Lindsey. ” I’m sorry but I don’t want to talk about it now!”

Lindsey knew she couldn’t pry any more. Whatever Matt and Ingrid’s history with this monster was it was clearly too painful for them to talk about.

Ingrid suddenly interrupted “this silly little girl and her creepy friend clearly know nothing of any use to us.”

Simon got angry “How dare you talk to us that way. I’ll have you know I was fighting Vampires in Galloway decades ago, when you were probably just a mopey teenager!”

Ingrid laughed at Simon “First of all don’t you dare presume to know anything about my up bringing or life. Second of all no offence but you don’t look like a fearsome Vampire killer. You look like a sad git.

Lindsey was so angry she forgot how scared she was of Ingrid. “Its sad that the person I owe my life too is such a nasty bitch.” Ingrid stood up from her chair and leaned over the table at Lindsey causing her to instantly remember why she had been so intimidated by Ingrid.

Fortunately before Ingrid lost her cool, Matt intervened.

Now Ingrid this is not what we came here for. We wanted to find out if they knew anything that could help us. Every little bit of knowledge is important here.”

Thank you” Lindsey said, “but I’m sorry I don’t think I do know anything. To tell you the truth I was being selfish. I wanted to know as much as I could about these monsters because I was scared and to be honest that’s why I came here. I wondered if you would perhaps be willing to teach me how to fight them.” Ingrid burst into laughter. “I’ve seen you in a fight with a Vampire little girl. Trust me the best thing you can do is just to get out of the way ” Ingrid sneered at Lindsey. ” That’s why I want to learn how to fight them” Lindsey fired back. Simon also interrupted “Besides I’m sure she meant she wanted Matt to train her. The only thing it seems you could teach anyone young lady is how to be a stroppy bitch.” Matt once again had to intervene before there was a punch up between Simon and Ingrid.

Matt made it clear to Lindsey much to her great disappointment that he had no interest in training her to fight Vampires or Demons.

I’m sorry” Matt said “but I don’t have the time. There is so much to be done now. I appreciate that you want to actually make a difference against these monsters, but trust me it’d probably be better for you if you just went back to your normal life.

Lindsey knew it was pointless to try and convince Matt otherwise, and she also didn’t want to risk another fight between Simon and Ingrid so she and Simon left Clayshant.

The drive back to Wigtown which took over 50 minutes was very awkward. Neither Simon or Lindsey said much. Simon wasn’t mad at Lindsey for lying to him. He understood why she had wanted to go but again what she had said in the pub about wanting to try and find a way to fight the Vampires disturbed him greatly. He only hoped that Ingrid’s taunts at the idea of her fighting monsters had killed any ideas Lindsey had about going down that dark path.

Still Lindsey did feel guilty about lying to Simon. “I’m sorry Simon” Lindsey said finally breaking the silence.”I know how you felt about

Before she could finish another word however, Simon interrupted her. “Lindsey, don’t apologise. You’re a grown woman, and I’m not your father anyway, as proud as I would be if I was. You don’t have to explain what you want to do with your life to me. I just only wish you could know what it is you’re letting yourself in for.

Just then however as they arrived back in Wigtown Simon saw that Lindsey was right after all. No matter how hard you tried you really could never escape the monsters.

The creatures were all over Wigtown. They were attacking people in the streets, throwing petrol bombs into peoples houses to drive them out (the Vampires couldn’t enter private residence’s uninvited.) However the monsters had also begun to burn down even public buildings too such as Wigtowns famous book shop that Lindsey had worked and even briefly lived in when she first came to the town a few years ago.

Lindsey didn’t want to believe what she was seeing. The one place she had ever felt at peace in being ripped to pieces by these vicious, unnatural monsters!

Simon tried to reverse, but suddenly three Vampires began to surround the car. Before Simon could move the monsters started to tear the car to bits with their inhuman strength.

One Vampire wrenched the door on Simon’s side off effortlessly and pulled him out onto the streets. Lindsey jumped out of her side in time, but the other two Vampires were waiting for her on the other side.


Lindsey wanted to help Simon, but she knew any sudden movement and the Vampires would attack. They were toying with her, slowly walking towards her, and she would have to pick the right moment.

Just when all seemed lost however Simon suddenly whipped out a crucifix which threw his attacker. Though he no longer hunted Vampires, Simon still always carried a crucifix on him just in case.

Simon ran past the Vampire that had pulled him from his car and used his cross to ward the Vampires that had cornered Lindsey away. He then grabbed Lindsey by the hand and ran down the opposite direction from where they had driven right into the heart of Wigtown, holding the cross up to ward off any Vampires

What are you doing?” Lindsey shouted as she was being pulled down the street into a town now completely overrun with Vampires.

Simon didn’t have time to answer however. There were Vampires all around him climbing down from the rooftops of houses, running through the streets, tearing people apart on the road.

Simon knew there was only one place in the nearby area that would be completely safe from the Vampires. The local church. Even then though it wouldn’t be a guarantee, but Simon hoped that they wouldn’t have to wait long for the members of Rentros to get here.

Typical” he thought to himself. “Maybe if they spent less time drinking in pubs and being obnoxious fuckheads then the Vampires and Demons wouldn’t be taking over every town in fucking Galloway!”

Simon could see the church in the distance. Unfortunately there was practically a sea of bloodsuckers in front of it. Clearly the Vampires were deliberately blocking it hoping to snatch anyone who tried to hide there.

Still Simon knew that it was their only chance. He tried to think of a way round this but he couldn’t. Granted it was hard to think with all the sounds of people screaming, but still he soon realised that there was only one thing he could do to ensure Lindsey’s safety.

He took Lindsey aside and said to her. “You need to get into that Church Lindsey, but the only way that’s going to happen is if I draw those things away.”

You can be serious“, Lindsey said in utter disbelief? “You expect me just to run in there whilst you get torn to pieces by those things? Why do you think I’d be willing to do that?

Simon didn’t have time to argue. He had come to love Lindsey like a daughter and he was damned if he was going to lose another daughter to these hideous monsters. So he simply ran into the sea of Vampires, brandishing his cross. At first the Vampires parted around him, but soon they quickly recovered, and surrounded Simon cutting off any chance of escape. Though Simon was seemingly still able to hold them off with his cross, Lindsey again felt the monsters were simply toying with them.

Lindsey attempted to divert their attention away by shouting and even throwing things at the Vampires but they weren’t phased. Suddenly Lindsey noticed that 5 more bloodsuckers were sneaking up on her.

She could smell them coming up behind her. Granted their stench was now everywhere across Wigtown, but still even then Lindsey could tell that it was getting stronger.

She turned around slowly and saw the 5 of them standing there smiling with sadistic delight. She was scared out of her wits and the monsters were loving it.

Lindsey ran in the direction of the church. She hated having to leave Simon but she knew that there was nothing she could do for him right now. Unfortunately for Lindsey she was unable to outrun the Vampires, and just when she had almost reached the front door of the church the Vampires managed to overtake her and corner her off.

She was finished. She knew there was no way she could fight them, and begging for mercy would be the worst thing she could do. In a final act of defiance and disgust she spat at the leader of the Vampires.

The Vampire said with glee “I’m going to make you so sorry you did that, and that you were ever born you little bitch!

Just then Simon threw Lindsey a lifeline. He threw the cross right in front of her. The Vampires backed away instantly, and Lindsey wasting no time picked it up and wielded it in front of the Vampires. She then ran towards the circle of the beasts surrounding Simon which caused them to scatter allowing Simon to escape. The two then managed to make their way to the church, again scattering the 5 Vampires gathered around the front door with the cross.

They had both made it. It had really just been sheer luck, but still neither of them could believe that they had actually managed to make it to the church.

Unfortunately their joy would be short lived as the Vampires started to throw petrol bombs through the church windows. Simon tried to put out the flames by pulling the massive curtains down and using them to smother the flames but the Vampires threw so many through the windows that it became impossible to try and cover them up.

As smoke began to fill the room Simon ran to the alter of the church and grabbed a chalice and a cross. He then filled the chalice up with holy water and ran back to Lindsey.

I can’t breath.” Lindsey said spluttering and coughing through the smoke and Simon in response handed her a cross, telling her with regret that they would need to go back outside again.

Clearing their way through the smoke the two managed to make it the front door, where the bloodsuckers were waiting for them.

One of the Vampires approached Simon and started to laugh at him.

“Not such a smart idea after all was it? Don’t worry though we’ll kill you before your daughter. Or is she actually your daughter you dirty bastard?

Simon responded by throwing the holy water right into the Vampires face. The Vampire let out an absolutely agonising scream that echoed throughout all of Wigtown before sinking to its knees, it’s face in his hands.

The other Vampires backed away a little bit.

Nothing changes” Simon sneered at them “I see your still the same miserable cowards, afraid of a fight where there’s even a tiny chance you might get hurt? Pathetic all of you“.

One of the Vampires hissed at Simon and bared his fangs, but Simon was still able to make him jump by just gesturing that he was going to throw the holy water.

Sadly there was barely any water left in the chalice, and as Simon and Lindsey backed down the road away from the church, some of the Vampires became more bold and weren’t buying Simon’s bluff.

Simon couldn’t believe he had been so stupid as to almost use up the holy water on just one Vampire.

Lindsey meanwhile was using the cross to hold off any Vampire that tried to attack her from the front.

One of the Vampires at the front finally got fed up and ran at Simon forcing him to use the last of the holy water in the chalice. The Vampire managed to stop the water with its hand. Its hand still burnt, and the beast even screamed out from the pain, but it did not deter it for long and now it was obvious that Simon had no more holy water.

The Vampires prepared to attack, but Lindsey managed to hold them back a little with her cross. Unfortunately just as she did that, the Vampires in front of her and Simon took their chance and moved closer.

Lindsey managed just in time to wield the cross in their direction, but unfortunately the Vampires from behind were now able to strike. Lindsey kept waving the cross back and forth whenever one group of Vampires on either side of her and Simon got closer. Lindsey knew it was only minutes at the most she could hold them off for, but every second mattered.

Simon meanwhile looked around frantically for anywhere they could escape too. The Vampires had blocked both ends of the street. There only way of escape was a small house behind them. It didn’t look secure at all, but at least it was somewhere to run too.

Whilst Lindsey was wielding the cross Simon ran to the door and started banging on it. “Please let us in, they’re all around, we don’t stand a chance.

There were actually people in the house. A small family who were cowering in the corner of their living room. They were too scared to even move. They’d be ashamed of it for the rest of their lives, but they didn’t want to take a chance that it was the Vampires tricking them so they ignored Simon’s pleas and screams.

Simon started to ram the door but it was bolted up, and the family had put several pieces of large furniture in front of the door.

As the Vampires closed in on the two of them,  Lindsey ran towards the Vampires with her cross. She hoped that she might catch them off guard  Some of the Vampires were startled, but one of them managed to sucker punch Lindsey in the face, knocking her out.

Simon upon seeing Lindsey’s plight instantly jumped onto the Vampires that had gathered around her. Catching them unaware he managed to knock them down, but he soon found himself surround from all sides by Vampires too.

He knew there was no escape now. He clutched the unconscious Lindsey in his arms and cried. He couldn’t believe he was going to lose another daughter, but at the very least this time he would die with her.

Just as Simon prepared for the end however he suddenly heard the Vampires screaming in agony.

The agents from Rentros had finally arrived. They looked a somewhat comical sight from the distance. Grown men and women brandishing water pistols and holding water bombs! Of course they were all filled with holy water and burned the Vampires skin like acid. The Vampires began to scatter from the agents, once again leaving those who had been wounded behind.

Ingrid was among them, and she ran after the fleeing Vampires pelting them with water balloons, whilst the male agent approached Lindsey and Simon.

Lindsey was beginning to come round too.

Where the hell have you been” Simon screamed at the agent! “This whole fucking town is being ripped apart by these monsters and you were what? Having a pint in a pub?

No” the agent said in a dry tone. “These monsters are everywhere, ravaging towns all over Galloway. We’ve had our hands full. I’m sorry we didn’t get here in time, but we are prepared.”

As Simon and the agent argued, one of the Vampires had broken into a car in the commotion and drove it towards the agent, Simon and Lindsey.

Simon pushed Lindsey out of the way as she screamed, but sadly he was unable to get out of the way himself in time.

Simon and the agent were sent flying through the air by the impact of the car. The Vampire continued to run down more agents and people in the streets. Only Ingrid was able to dodge the car which then crashed through the front of a small house.

Lindsey ran towards Simon who was still alive, but badly wounded. Both his legs were broken and he was knocked out cold. Ingrid meanwhile checked on the other agent that had been hit who was sadly dead.

Lindsey tried to wake Simon but it was no use. She became hysterical with grief and started slapping him to try and rise him.

Simon came too, though he was barely able to stay conscious, the pain kept him awake.

He told Lindsey whilst coughing up his blood to leave him, but she refused.

A group of Vampires began to close in around them. Simon with his last ounce of strength tried to push her away, but Lindsey still refused and tried to drag him to safety.

Every time she tried to move him however he screamed in agony as Lindsey had to drag him along the road, not having the strength to carry him.

Fortunately however Ingrid was able to shoot the monsters with her water pistol, scattering them. Ingrid managed to corner one of the Vampires, which pitifully begged for mercy before she gunned him down. The Vampire simply melted into a pile of stinking green sludge on the floor after being burned with holy water.

Ingrid ran towards Lindsey and Simon. She hoisted Simon over her shoulders, but not before handing Lindsey a water pistol.

What do you want me to do with that?” Lindsey said?

What do you think? I don’t know maybe I want to have a water fight with you? Kill any bloodsucking bastard that gets within 100 feet of us! I can’t believe I’m relying on you, but I have no choice

Lindsey was not facing the reality of having to actually kill something to survive. Before her anger at the Vampires had blinded her to this when she had thoughts of becoming a Vampire hunter. Now however for the first time she was actually facing the reality of having to slaughter them, and ironically despite how much she loathed the  monsters, it actually disturbed her.

Ingrid quickly ran in the opposite direction, just assuming that Lindsey would follow her which she did. Ingrid fired at any Vampire she saw with one free hand. Most of them fled, but a few Vampires started throwing things at the two women. One monster managed to get a lucky shot in and threw a bottle at Ingrid’s face which momentarily knocked her off her feet.

Ingrid struggled to get up, as Simon (who had now completely blacked out) had fallen on top of her too.

Seizing this opportunity one of the Vampires made its move against the two women. Lindsey hadn’t had the guts to fire her weapon yet. She had hoped that Ingrid would just take care of the Vampires herself.

As the Vampire cornered them Lindsey held her gun at the monster, trembling with fear.

The Vampire could see she was scared and started laughing at her and all of the Vampires who were staring at the confrontation from a distance started laughing too.

Overcome with fear, Lindsey finally fired right in the Vampires face. The sound of the monsters scream startled her so much that she actually dropped the waterpistol. Fortunately Ingrid had managed to get up and fired at all the Vampires sending them scurrying away.

Ingrid stared furiously at Lindsey. her face bloodied from the bottle and said to her “pathetic, utterly pathetic. And to think you wanted to be a Vampire hunter.

Ingrid, carrying Simon on her shoulders and Lindsey managed to make their way to a small shop. Its owners were gone. Either killed by the Vampires, or maybe they had fled? Vampires could enter public buildings without an invitation no problem, so the shop was hardly the most effective sanctuary.

Still Ingrid and Lindsey had no choice as it was the nearest building. Ingrid with Lindsey’s help began to stack the windows and doors with the shelves. Again not an ideal blockade, but they had to make do with what they had.

After the place was borded up Ingrid suddenly received a phone call. It was from Matt. Matt had been planning to set up a special kind of weapon to deal with the Vampires. He had been reluctant to use it, as it had been the last of its kind.

Matt and Ingrid had weapons and knowledge of magics and spells unlike anything even the other members of Rentros had ever seen. They of course never shared how they had these weapons and enchantments, but were still happy to share them with their co-workers. Sadly however they only had a limited supply of some of their weapons and thus were reluctant to use them for just anything.

This weapon was one such example. It was arguably one of the most devastating weapons against Vampires, but sadly this was the last one in existence, and Matt and Ingrid both insisted that they could not make anymore.

The weapon had the power to make it rain holy water over a large area. Unfortunately a special ritual had to be performed before it could be used.

This would normally take ten minutes and Matt had gone to a safe place just outside of Wigtown in order to finish it. Unfortunately however a group of Vampires had found him and the others who were preparing the ritual. All of the Rentros agents were slaughtered, except for Matt who was forced to flee into a nearby forest.

With no way to defend himself (he had dropped his water pistol in the conflict.) He was forced to contact Ingrid who he trusted the most to try and help him.

Ingrid had wondered why the spell hadn’t worked already but she was too busy dealing with the Vampires to worry about it.

She quickly texted any of the other surviving Agents to make their way where Matt was, before telling Lindsey that they needed to make their way outside of Wigtown, but Lindsey was too scared.

Listen” Ingrid said firmly. “I know you’re scared, and I understand. Just because its been so long since I gave a shit about my life doesn’t mean I don’t remember what it was like to fear death. Still we can’t hold them off in here forever. If we don’t help the one man who can save this town, then you will die, your friend will die and everyone in this town will die, if they’re lucky!”

Lindsey knew she couldn’t let Simon down. He had pushed her out of the way of the car and risked his life for her. She had to do the same for him.

Lindsey and Ingrid pulled the shelves and stacks they had placed in front of the door down, and the Vampires instantly came swarming in, hissing, roaring and slabbering.

Ingrid and Lindsey both shot at them with their water pistols. Lindsey still scared closed her eyes and screamed as she fired blindly into the sea of Vampires coming through the front door.

The monsters staggered back out into the street in pain. Ingrid then hoisted Simon above her shoulders and ran out into the streets, with Lindsey following her.

Ingrid wanted to find a car, knowing there was no way they could make it out of the town otherwise.  She headed back down the way they came until she found what she was looking for. The car the Vampire that had run down Simon had smashed into a house was still there. All the other cars had been trashed or tipped over and smashed, but this one had just been left.

Lindsey had been frantically shooting at the Vampires all the way down. A few times Ingrid had had to pull her back. Lindsey was overcompensating for her fear and Ingrid told her that she wouldn’t accomplish anything with her stupid reckless behaviour except to get herself, and possibly everyone else killed.

Whilst Lindsey shot at the monsters Ingrid managed to hotwire the car. The Vampire who had driven it was seemingly nowhere around. He must have left to chase down some other poor soul.

Ingrid placed Simon in the back seat, whilst she and Lindsey went in the front.

As Ingrid drove through Wigtown she simply tried to avoid any Vampire she came across. She knew that hitting them wouldn’t kill or even hurt them, and she didn’t want to waste any time.

The drive out of Wigtown was quick and they soon made into the forest where Matt had been hiding.

There they saw a group of Vampires brutally beating Matt whilst a few others were fighting with some of the other Rentros agents that had arrived.

Ingrid and Lindsey instantly went for the monsters who were attacking Matt and pelted them with water balloons.

Ingrid helped Matt to his feet. He was hurt, but fortunately he could still walk.

Matt jumped in the car with Lindsey and Ingrid. Sadly they had no time to help the other Rentros agents. Matt was the only one who knew the enchantment . If he was killed then there was nothing that could stop the Vampire hordes across Wigtown and Galloway as a whole.

They were simply too numerous, and furthermore they needed dealt with right away, not just to save the people in Galloway, but because their actions threatened to expose the supernatural to the wider world.

Ingrid drove to where the weapon had been left. The Vampires had been unable to damage it because the weapon burned their skin to the touch and was strong as well.

Lindsey and Ingrid shot at the Vampires who had stayed near the weapon to guard it whilst Matt started finishing the ritual.

During the fight two Vampires emerged from the woods holding one of the Rentros agents by either arm.

Stop whatever it is you’re doing.” One of the Vampires screamed. “We don’t know what that thing is, but stop it or we’ll rip your friend to bits.

Lindsey instantly dropped her weapon, but to her shock Ingrid kept firing at the Vampires whilst Matt didn’t stop reading out the ritual.

Lindsey screamed at Ingrid to stop, but she didn’t listen. Ingrid actually threw a water balloon right at the one of the Vampires that was holding the Rentros agent. The other Vampire that was holding him however doubled back and swiftly killed the Rentros agent but forcing its hand through his chest.

Lindsey screamed at the gruesome sight and fell to her knees whilst Ingrid kept on firing at the Vampires. Unfortunately for Ingrid however the Vampire that had slaughtered the Rentros agent used his body as a shield against her holy water and rammed into Ingrid knocking her into the ground.

Lindsey however, who the Vampires again had ignored was able to grab her gun and shot at the Vampire from behind before it could harm Ingrid.

The Vampires naturally turned their attention towards Lindsey instead. Though Lindsey fired, she only hit one of them, with the other being so fast he was on her before she could respond.

Lindsey paniced, screamed and struggled in the monsters claws. Though she dropped her gun, she managed to hold on tightly to a water balloon. In the struggle, she burst it sending the monsters back in pain. Lindsey then reached over and grabbed her water pistol, but just as she was about fire on the two bloodsucking monsters rain started to fall.

Matt had done it! The ritual was completed and now rain made of holy water was falling not only over Wigtown, but most of the Galloway region.

The Vampires all started to burn and crumble. The screams of the Vampires from Wigtown were deafening.

Matt simply let out a huge sigh of relief that it was all over, whilst Ingrid was on the verge of smiling. For her watching a Vampire not only die, but suffer was one of the few joys she had left in her empty life.

Ingrid helped Lindsey to her feet. Neither knew what to say to each other. Lindsey had seen Ingrid not back down when her colleaque was threatened with death, and even now as she was actually covered in his blood it didn’t seem to bother her at all!

Matt however would be the one to break the silence when he simply said “lets get your friend to the hospital young lady. He doesn’t seem to be in too good nick.

Not all of the Vampires were killed in the rain fall. A few including their leader Barek were able to shelter themselves in vehicles and drove away from the area.

The beasts headed back to their cave under the mansion. Foolishly thinking it was his sanctuary, little did Barek know a much bigger danger awaited him in there.

The Vampires meanwhile cursed their new leader Barek.

“Great plan, lets take Galloway, it will be easy, just like the old days when we ruled the ocean. You forgot to mention those dickheads who could make the rain kill us!”

Another Vampire who was the most badly burned by the holy water screamed out.

“You’re the worst leader we’ve ever had. Your first night on the job, you almost got all of us fucking killed! You’re useless!”

Just then a booming voice interrupted.

I quite agree“. To every Vampire in the room (especially Barek’s) shock and horror the Blue Devil emerged from the darkness of one of the corridors.

All the other Vampires backed away from Barek, leaving him completely alone.

Its impossible. I killed you!” Barek said shaking with fear.

I have turned an entire world to dust. Do you think I would be destroyed by an ocean dwelling parasite!

Barek pulled out his gold knife and waved it in the Blue Devils face.

Keep back. I beat you before remember“.

The Blue Devil just laughed and grabbed Barek’s arm. He squeezed it so hard that it broke off.

Barek had only “won” before because he had taken the monster by surprise. The Blue Devil had honestly not expected any of his cowardly followers to turn on him. Now he realised how complacent he had become and he was determined to make this young upstart pay.

The Blue Devil grabbed Barek by the throat and lifted him in the air with one arm. The lesser Vampire pitifully begged his master not to kill him.

The Blue Devil smiled and said softly, with its voice still booming ” Don’t worry I won’t kill you.” It then turned to face its other terrified followers. “Come see how I deal with traitors.”

The Blue Devil dragged Barek down the corridor to the pit where the Selectros lived.

Barek screamed and pleaded, insisting that he could still be of use and trying to make the most pathetic excuses for his treachery, claiming that the Vampire hunters who had tried to destroy them with the rain had taken control of his mind through magic.

It was them my master, they tried to control my mind. Don’t you see they are trying to turn us all against each other, and you’re letting them win. Please don’t let yourself be manipulated into losing your most loyal and loving servant“.

The Blue Devil cringed at Barek’s cowardice. He had hoped to drag him to the pit and dangle him over it for a while for his own amusement, but he couldn’t stand his pitiful begging for a second longer. Normally Vampires liked hearing their victims scream and beg, but in Barek’s case, the Blue Devil actually felt insulted that Barek thought he would be stupid enough to fall for his lies, and so he simply threw Barek, from half way across the room into the pit.

Bareks screams echoed throughout the entire cave system. They didn’t relent for even a second.

The Blue Devil didn’t have to say anything to its minions. They all got on their hands and knees and started chanting about how much they loved him.

Pathetic creatures. You are lucky that I am in need of help, but if you ever, ever follow someone else I assure you I will throw you all in the pit!

The Vampires pitifully assured him that he was their master after which he dismissed them from his room whilst he returned to his work.

Lindsey, Ingrid and Matt had managed to get Simon to the hospital in time. Simon would be forced to use a wheelchair when he left. Though the Doctors assured him that it would not be permanent, Simon still fell into a deep depression. Lindsey however as always would be there to look after him. She told him how now he could be sure that he was not a coward. It had only been because of his selflessness in pushing her away from the car that she was here.

Ingrid, Matt and the rest of the Rentros agents meanwhile were able to cover the attack up. Obviously they couldn’t completely as many people had been killed, and buildings were destroyed. They were able to present it as being simply the work of a deranged cult, rather than actual Vampires.

The experience had obviously been traumatic for Lindsey, but at least now knew that she wanted to help destroy the Vampires and other forces of evil that had infested Galloway. She constantly had doubts of course. She hadn’t exactly been the bravest, most fearsome Vampire killer during the Wigtown incursion, but she felt she had been brave when it mattered.

Ingrid though having saved her life many times also somewhat scared Lindsey. The callous way she had let the other Rentros agent be torn apart for the greater good. If she started to live that life is that would one day happen to her?

Still Lindsey felt it was the right thing to do, and once Simon was better she intended to find Matt and Ingrid and convince them to train her to be able to fight Demons. Her thoughts also constantly turned back to Linda and Stephen. She knew that the chances of their survival after all this time was very unlikely, but she wanted to do all she could to help them nonetheless.

She obviously wasn’t going to tell Simon now about her plans, as he had enough to deal with. Even when he was better she wasn’t looking forward to telling him. His worst fear of Lindsey being dragged into this horrible life was coming true after all, but ultimately Lindsey couldn’t turn a blind eye to what was happening anymore.

There was greater evil in the world than she could have ever previously imagined, and she wanted to do all she could to fight it.


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