The Wolf of Hallet: The Witch’s Revenge: Part 1: The Founding of Hallet and The Witch

The town of Hallet was one of many contradictions. In many ways it was a modern town just like any other, yet it still had Witch trials! Its people were dangerous fanatics who despised all paranormal creatures, yet ironically were protected by a Werewolf.

The history of the Hallet was one of bloodshed, prejudice yet also great heroism as we will see when we explore the story of the Wolf of Hallet.

Hallet had been founded by a man called George Hallet, who was a notorious Witchfinder. George despised all supernatural creatures and believed it to be his duty to exterminate all “un-naturals” from the face of the earth.

During his lifetime George racked up an unbelievable body count of literally hundreds of Vampires, Demons and Witches. Whilst he had no supernatural powers, his expert knowledge of the occult made him a truly dangerous enemy to all of the paranormal.

Unfortunately whilst George did do many great things throughout his life he also slaughtered many innocent’s too. He killed Witches, Warlocks, even Demons who had never done anyone ever harm.

Whilst many viewed the man as a hero, a good number of saw Hallet as an absolute monster too.

Eventually Hallet would retire for a short while from battling Demons and found his own town. He did this because he felt that he was not making any true difference in the larger world in the fight against evil.

Vampires, Demons and Witches would always emerge no matter how many he killed. George realised that no matter what he did, Vampires, Demons and the forces of darkness who would continue to prey on humanity long after he was gone.

Thus the Witchfinder decided that he could build one area that would be safe from the unnatural’s reach. This town, which he came to name after himself; was originally populated mostly by members of his old Demon hunting team. They numbered over 60 people, and consisted of many men and women.

Occasionally people from outside Hallet’s team, stray travellers, people whose own villages had been destroyed by Vampires, Demons etc. Would be allowed into to the town, but they would have to learn a substantial amount about the paranormal in order to be accepted.

The hunters naturally passed their knowledge of the occult onto their children, and their children would pass it onto their children and so on.

Hallet himself did not stay in the town for long. Eventually his fanatical hatred for the occult would drive Hallet to once again travel the world with a renewed desire to exterminate all Demons.

The town Hallet built would live on however. It did become a target for many Demons and Vampires throughout the centuries. Some attacked the town out of revenge against Hallet, whilst others simply wanted to make a name for themselves by bringing down the legendary, anti Demon town.

Though there were some devastating attacks on Hallet, such as the Vampire attack in 1930, which saw the death’s of over 50 of its inhabitants. The towns single greatest enemy above all else was the Ghostly Witch known as Cassek.

Originally Cassek had been a champion of her home town named Leran. She protected them from Vampires, Demons, and various other monsters alongside her mother and sister who were both Witches.

Despite this however George Hallet, just as he did with all Witches viewed her as a monster. He knew he could never defeat Cassek through force alone. She was not only too powerful for him, but also beloved unlike all of the other creatures he had faced.

Hallet thus sought to find a way to turn the people against the three Witches. He also felt that if he crushed their spirit by turning the people they loved against them, then it would be an easy victory.

Whilst George despised the black arts, he was not above using them if need be. Many have derided him as a hypocrite for this.

Over the course of several months George was able to frame the three Witches for a series of curses on the town. In one instance George even went as far as to curse a child and frame it on the three Witches. He was always able to cover his tracks brilliantly so no one ever suspected him. Indeed no one was even aware that he was in the town.

The people ultimately turned on the Witches. They attacked them in the middle of the night when they were sleeping. The villagers were armed with weaponry that could harm the Witches that had been supplied to them by Hallet. Hallet had been sent for by the Mayor behind the three Witches back. The Mayor of course was unaware that Hallet had been in the town for months.

Hallets weaponry was effective against the Witches, but again he needed larger numbers than his team which was still relatively small at that point. Even with the element of surprise and the weapons the Witches still didn’t go down easily. Really it was the fact that they had sworn to protect the villagers more than anything else that led to their defeat as the Witches ultimately held back. This was of course another reason that Hallet chose the villagers to help him.

The Witches were overpowered and clapped in chains devised by Hallet that suppressed their ability to use Magic. The mother was the first to be executed at the behest of the Mayor himself. It was an act of compassion as he did not want her to see her two children die first. Not even the Witches deserved that in his mind.

Cassek being the youngest was the last member of the family that they intended to kill. However she was spared by one of the guards whose daughter the three Witches had earlier saved when she had been possessed by a Demon. The fact that she was the youngest, and only a teenager also undoubtedly influence the guard’s decision to show more compassion to her.

Cassek fled the village and spent many years honing her magical abilities with the sole purpose of making George and the villagers pay. She cursed the village, making every single person in it suffer except for the guard who had released her and his family. She had tried to put the past behind her when she first escaped, but the pain and hatred sadly consumed her and destroyed the noble hero she had once been.

Sadly George Hallet proved to be a more dangerous enemy for the vengeful Witch. Whilst Cassek had improved on her magical abilities, George Hallet had also improved on his knowledge of how to combat them. Added to that Cassek had never been the most powerful of her family anyway. Whilst together they probably still could have dealt with Hallet and his team, on her own sadly she simply wasn’t in his league.

In her first battle against George’s expanded team she was lucky to escape with her life which led her to form her own team of Demons and monsters to try and combat Hallet’s. She initially did not like working with Demons. She never worked with Vampires. Even in her darkest days she still found them to be utterly disgusting. Still as time went on she grew close to some of her Demon followers, and eventually fell in love with a Demon named Grisak.

Whilst Cassek was never able to make Hallet pay for his crimes she did prove to be his most relentless and dangerous adversary. Indeed she was the one foe that Hallet was actually scared of. Part of the reason that Hallet never had a family or even got close to anyone was out of fear that Cassek would use them to hurt him. Sadly for Cassek this would prove to be her undoing.

She and Grisak later had a child together named Qia, who Hallet was able with the aid of the town he founded in his name, capture. Cassek had continued their feud long after Hallet had given up on his war against the supernatural, and made many attacks against the town of Hallet. In the early years of their battle with one another, Cassek had always made sure that no people she regarded as innocent were hurt in the crossfire. By this point she didn’t care however. She also did not regard anyone in the town of Hallet as an innocent either.

Using her own child, Hallet managed to lure his nemesis into a trap. She was bound in the same chains that had been used to contain her mother and sister all those years ago. Unlike the Mayor of Leran, Hallet did not show any compassion to Cassek and murdered both her child and her husband in front of her.

Hallet first made Cassek beg for Grisak and Qia’s lives in public, before the rest of the town who laughed and jeered at her and her family before cutting their throats. He then kept Cassek chained up in the middle of the town for several days afterwards where she was taunted regularly by passing villagers. They’d laugh at her, throw things at her, even spit on the Witch!

Eventually after days of torture, Cassek died at Hallets hands the same way as her mother and sister did. In fire.

Her spirit however lived on thanks to her magics and continued to plague the town. As a ghost she proved to be even more dangerous than before as there was no way to kill her. She was immune to all conventional exorcism spells thanks to her knowledge of magic.

She absolutely terrorised the town for months. The curses she inflicted on its people were utterly horrific and worse for them she blocked off any exit from the town leaving its people trapped.

Cassek could have crushed George any time she wanted but she wished for him first to see everything that he had ever cared about which was the town, the one place he thought was a sanctuary against the occult be destroyed by the very magics he despised so much.

This proved to be her undoing however as it ultimately gave Hallet enough time to find a way to trap her soul.

Even he was not able to find a way to destroy her spirit completely, though some believe that he actually preferred to trap her, as containing the spirit of one of the most powerful of all Witches, his sworn enemy was a great symbol of power. Whatever the case her soul was sealed within a magical amulet.

The town would recover, but not long after Hallet himself would leave to resume his war. Cassek’s soul would remain trapped for centuries, during which her hatred and her madness would only grow.

The amulet that contained her spirit would later be trapped at the bottom of a crypt in the Church of Hallet. The people felt that it was the best place to contain such a dark spirit in the house of the lord.

Over the centuries all knowledge of Cassek would be wiped from the public records. The people of Hallet wanted to preserve the image that no creature could ever overthrow their town.

When the Vampires overran the Church she was imprisoned in during the 30s, they were contacted by the spirit of Cassek. Her soul was able to reach them due to the fact that they were also supernatural and within her reach.

At first the Vampires considered releasing her to use as an ally against the town, but soon even they began to see how dangerous she was. The Vampires could feel the hatred and anger deep within her soul. They were genuinely terrified of what she would be capable of if released and so they left her to rot in the amulet.

Unfortunately however 30 years later in the 1960s, the Amulet that had held her soul for two centuries would be freed accidentally during a reconstruction of the church.

Upon being freed, Cassek was enraged at the fact that her archfoe Hallet was now long dead and there was no way she could ever truly have her revenge. She still wanted to destroy the town of Hallet however as she wanted to wipe all traces of the man who slaughtered everyone she ever cared about from the face of the earth. Only then did she feel her spirit could truly rest.


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