The Wolf of Hallet: The Witch’s Revenge: Part 5: Wolves and Zombies

Peter and Amanda who slept in the downstairs bedroom had been roused from their sleep by the sound of something crashing through their windows.

Peter was shocked and terrified. Each house in Hallet had several spells cast around them that prevented trespassers from entering. The shuffling, stinking, groaning intruder however had walked through the house’s defences as though they weren’t even there!

Fortunately every house had a back up defence system. Sadly it wasn’t working either! Neither was the third back up system. All that was left was the weapons cabinet which every house had as a last resort. Peter had never wielded a weapon before. Though everyone in the town had been lectured on how to slay monsters as children, and had even received some basic training, Peter along with most of the town had never had to put it to good use. The Guardians had always protected them before, and many of the town’s people were not only inexperienced but had even forgotten a lot of what they had been taught as children.

Still Peter he was determined that he wasn’t going to let anything happen to his family. Even Mark. Despite what he had become in Peter’s eyes.  He told Amanda to wait in the room whilst he picked up an axe. Whilst he had never used it before he knew that it was the most effective weapon as it was laced with several anti magic and Demon enchantments as well as being made of an incredibly strong metal.

Peter swung his axe at the Zombie and managed to slice off its arms when it reached for him, but within seconds its arms had already regrown. Peter began to panic but he knew he had to keep his cool as his family was counting on him. He struck his axe right into the monsters skull but it didn’t even flinch. Instead it pushed Peter back across the room.

As Peter got to his feet the Zombie came charging at him with his own axe. He was narrowly able to avoid the monster swinging his own weapon at him which it buried in a wall.

Peter darted back to his room, locking the door behind him. He fetched more weapons though he wasn’t sure if any of them would be of use. This creatures strength was virtually limitless. It had only pushed him lightly but it was enough to send him flying across the room.

Peter picked up a sword and what looked like a wand of some kind that was glowing. He wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but he felt it was powerful. Amanda tried to pick up a weapon too, but Peter stopped her. He did not want her fighting the Zombie, telling her to run whilst he was holding it off in the room and to fetch their children.

Amanda refused, but as they argued, the Zombie started to hack through the door with the axe. Peter stabbed the Zombie as it came into the room several times but it of course did nothing. He tried to go for the monsters arm again, but this time the Zombie struck Peter’s sword with its axe shattering it instantly.

Peter in desperation tried to use the wand. Sadly he didn’t know how to work it however. He tried waving it at the Zombie but nothing happened. The Zombie struck it out of Peters hand with its axe. Now completely powerless against the monster, Peter in desperation ran at it whilst screaming at Amanda to run. He managed to knock the monster a little bit backwards, even causing it to drop its axe, but it quickly recovered and threw him across the room.

Amanda had not listened to her husband and headed towards the weapons chest. Sadly however she was just as clueless as her husband at using weapons. She picked up a crossbow and tried to fire it at the Zombies head, but it landed several feet beside the monster in the wall.

She fired several more arrows at the beast but they all missed. She was lucky that she didn’t hit Peter!

The monster headed in her direction, but even as it got closer Amanda still wasn’t able to hit the Zombie. Peter paniced and with no other weapons around as the monster was between him and his weapons cabinet, Peter once again picked up his wand and aimed it at the creature. Still nothing. He screamed in frustration. Why did they bother putting this stupid useless wand in the weapons cabinet? Was it a gag weapon or something?

Just then as his anger grew, fire suddenly shot from the wand and not only consumed the Zombie but sent it flying through the air and into a wall. Peter was a little confused? As far as he was aware he had done nothing differently, yet suddenly the wand had shot fire?

Little did he realise that the reason the wand had worked was because it was powered by emotion, specifically anger. Ironically Peter’s own frustration and anger at being unable to save his wife because of a stupid, useless, seemingly gag weapon, had actually powered the wand.  Of course as a child he had been taught how the weapon worked in school, but he had simply forgotten about it in the years since.

The Zombie had been thrown by the fire, but it wasn’t actually hurt. It got back on its feet whilst still on fire, completely unfazed! Peter and Amanda didn’t stick around however and ran out of their room in a heartbeat

The two headed up stairs to wake up their children. They knew the flaming monster would be following them up the stairs, so there would be no way of going back. The only way out for them and their children was the window in the spare room upstairs.

Sure enough the now burning Zombie came charging down the hall towards the family. Peter shut the door to the spare bedroom behind him, and with Mark’s help pulled a cabinet in front of it.

Sadly it did little to deter the Zombie who smashed through the door and the cabinet in very little time.

Amanda still hadn’t even opened the back window before the beast came crashing into the room. Peter again waved his wand at the creature but it did nothing. Fear was the emotion that had gripped him at this point, not anger. However as the monster cornered his wife and youngest son, Frank, huddled in the corner together, Peter lost his cool and screamed at the weapon to work.

Whilst his anger powered the weapon unfortunately he was not holding it at the Zombie at the time. He had been waving it around in frustration and when the flame came firing out it hit the roof instead. Debris fell from the burning roof and knocked Peter out cold. Though Mark was fortunately able to pull his father out of the way before more debris fell on him, the smoke began to choke Amanda and Frank.

With the Zombie closing in on his loved ones and no other way to help them Mark did the only thing he could. He transformed into the Wolf. Mark had spent years suppressing his wolf side. He always knew that at some point he would have to use it. Even if it meant getting found out. There would come a time when the dark power inside him could be put to good use.

He slowly began to morph into the wolf. He only wanted a partial transformation at this point, hoping that he could gain enough strength from it to over power the Zombie and then quickly change back.

However as soon as he began to change he couldn’t control it. Within seconds he morphed into his full wolf form. It was a terrifying experience for Mark. Surprisingly he didn’t feel any pain. He had always thought it would hurt when changing, but in fact he could hardly feel anything which was more terrifying. It was so relaxing, he could see how easy it was to give in to the wolf side. It didn’t fight you, it made you feel at peace with yourself in a way almost nothing else could. Still Mark remained in control. In his wolf form he roared at the Zombie drawing its attention away from Amanda and Frank as it was within seconds of closing in on them.

Amanda and Frank were more terrified at the sight of their loved one, now a huge, bestial, hairy Demon! Mark lunged at the Zombie and in almost the blink of an eye sliced the monsters head clean off its shoulders. As its head rolled onto the floor still a blaze the beast seemed to barely notice its own decapitation. Mark managed to get the better of it again however by simply tossing the firey abomination through the window and out into the streets below.

Though he had saved their lives, Amanda and Frank couldn’t help but stare at Mark in terror and anguish. They weren’t sure if it was even Mark anymore. To see Frank look at him this way was particularly hard for Mark.

Behind Mark, Peter began to awake. Peter literally began to cry at the sight of his son as a monster. He didn’t even consider that his son had just made the biggest sacrifice to protect them all.

Just then the troubled family were distracted by the sound of howls and moans from outside. Amanda looked out the window and saw to her horror a whole mob of zombies staggering down the street. It was like a sea of disgusting rotting corpses and they had already reached the front door of the family’s house. There was seemingly no way of escape.

Peter, Frank, and Amanda huddled together in fear as they could hear the sound of smashing windows down stairs. Mark rushed to join them still in his wolf form, but all 3 of them backed away, with Peter putting himself in front of his wife and son.

The three of them looked at Mark, the same way they looked at the Zombies now. With revulsion and horror. Mark knew that even when he morphed back into his human form things would never be the same with his parents.

Mark let out a howl before jumping out of the window into the street below. For that one instant Peter and Amanda forgot the prejudices they had had for almost their entire life and ran towards the window screaming their sons name. Even in his current state they couldn’t bare the thought of him at the mercy of those monsters.

To their surprise however in the streets below they saw their Werewolf son throwing the attacking Zombies through the air as though they were children!

The Zombies all quickly turned their attention to the Werewolf but none of them could land a hit on him. Mark in his wolf form was not only stronger, but faster, more agile and most importantly more intelligent. Using his claws he would first slice his opponents heads off, then he would when the opportunity presented itself grab one of them and literally pull them apart!

Sadly however whilst he was able to incapacitate the Zombies this way, he was still not able to kill them. Whenever he ripped one apart, it would simply reattach its torso to its legs.

It was this that made the Zombies such dangerous opponents. Whilst a Werewolf may be stronger, it had a key weakness that the towns folk could exploit, but with these monsters no matter how much you sliced them up, they’d barely even flinch!

Mark knew he couldn’t keep this up for long. Eventually they would not only get the better of him, but devour his entire family too. Using his tremendous wolf strength Mark propelled himself through the air and back into the spare bedroom upstairs where his family was still cowering.

Covered in the blood of the Zombies, Mark looked a far more terrifying sight to his already petrified family.

Still Mark grabbed both of his parents and told Frank to hold onto Peter. Though Frank was still horrified at the sight of his brother like this,. Seeing Mark speak in his same voice (even if was a little deeper) in some ways was more comforting to Frank, as it let him know that at least a piece of him was in there.

Using his supernatural strength, Mark leaped out of the window, across the street and onto the roof of the other house whilst carrying his family. He then leap from roof top to roof top with them in tow.

Mark had hoped to reach somewhere quiet he could land and quickly change back. He obviously didn’t want to risk being seen by anyone in his wolf form.

Below were hordes of Zombies, smashing into buildings, tearing people apart in the streets. Mark was at a complete loss at what to do. On the one hand if he stayed out in the open as the wolf then someone surely would catch him. With the town in this state, the Guardians were likely all over the streets and would soon spot him, even amidst the carnage. However if he jumped down into the streets he and his family would be swamped by the undead.

As he stood there on the rooftops looking down at the monsters tearing his town apart Mark though to himself sarcastically “Yes its great to be home..”

Carla meanwhile who was fighting for her life was desperately hacking her way through hordes of the under.

She could barely see in front of her there was so much Zombie blood flying around. She made sure not to swallow it,  not only because she couldn’t think of anything more disgusting, but also out of fear of being infected.

Eventually however despite her best efforts, Carla was cornered by the Zombies. Her back against a wall with nowhere to go, hordes of the undead baring down on her. Armed with only her sword . She wasn’t sure if it was even worth fighting back any more.  The Zombies numbers had grown considerably throughout the town. The Witch had managed to raise the long dead in the town’s graveyard. Furthermore the more Zombies there were, the quicker it took for fresh Zombies to change.

It had been an hour since the Guardians had left the base. Carla wasn’t even sure if Boone was still alive. She also didn’t even know how many of her comrades were still alive. Still she fought on. Despite the Zombies formidable strength, she was able to hold them off with all of her weapons, though again she wasn’t even able to kill one of them!

She kept slicing the monsters arms off every time they reached for her, but they would always regrow. All it took was just a seconds fatigue from Carla for one of the Zombies to grab her sword and pull it from her.

Now completely cornered, Carla knew there was no way she could fight her way through the mob of monsters and sat down. Waiting for the beasts to finish her off.

Just then however another creature jumped down right in front of her. It looked like a Werewolf. Carla instantly assumed that it was there with the Zombies. Something the Witch had conjured up against the town. She didn’t have any way of fighting against it anyway, but she stood her ground, determined that she would get at least a few hits in before it ripped her limb from limb.

To Carla’s shock however the wolf started attacking the Zombies. It threw several of them through the air, and managed to grab Carla’s sword. Tossing it back to her. It then grabbed her and jumped through the air back to the roof top he had come from.

Once he was up there he let her go. Carla and the wolf stared at each other for a few minutes. Both were scared of what the other would do. Carla wasn’t sure if this beast was friend or foe. Had it saved her because it wanted her for itself? Why on earth would any supernatural risk its life for a Guardian? At the same time why did it give her her sword?

Just then however the wolf suddenly screamed in pain and fell backwards off of the rooftop into an alley behind with an arrow in its back.

Carla suddenly heard a woman scream and looked across to see 3 people on a nearby rooftop.

The wolf had been shot with a silver tipped arrow by Jake. Jake and Carla had become separated from each other and the rest of their team mates when a particularly large crowd of Zombies managed to overwhelm the team. All of the Guardians were forced to run. Jake had managed to escape the flesh eating monsters by climbing to the top of a nearby house. Unfortunately from there he was able to see the wolf towering over Carla and instinctively shot at the beast.

From there he couldn’t really make out what was happening and assumed that the family crying in the distance were victims of the wolf.

Mark had caught a glimpse of Carla struggling against the Zombies from the rooftop. Initially he wanted to run as he had recognised right away that she was a Guardian, and would therefore be just as likely to try and kill him as the Zombies. Still he could not leave anyone at the mercy of those disgusting creatures and so he jumped left his family on the top of one roof before going down to save Carla as he hoped that if he and the Guardian had to fight then his family would not get caught in the crossfire.

Sadly Mark’s good deed had cost him dearly. He was lying in an alley way bloody, weak and surrounded by several Zombies. Just as he had saved her however, Carla suddenly jumped down and began to fight the Zombies off. She also quickly pulled the silver arrow from Mark’s back. Carla had been raised to view paranormal creatures as all irredeemably evil just as much as anyone in the town, yet she had never truly believed that.

One thing she knew for certain was, this Werewolf had saved her life. Was it so that it could simply prey on her instead?  Perhaps, but she wasn’t going to let it die without knowing that for sure.

Carla slashed at the Zombies with both her sword and the silver arrow she had pulled from Mark who was beginning to recover. The arrow had not pierced too deep and his accelerated healing would allow him to recover relatively quickly, though not instantly. The only reason it had such a devastating effect on Mark had been because it was silver, the main weakness of Werewolves.

Once Mark had recovered his strength slightly he grabbed Carla and managed to jump to the roof of a nearby building. Unfortunately Jake spotted him still holding Carla. Jake had been confused as to why she had jumped down into the alley way in the first place? Was it to finish the monster off? Why bother when the Zombies would do that. She couldn’t possibly want to help a monster he thought to himself?

Jake shot at Mark with more silver arrows, but the wolf managed to dodge them whilst still jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Carla started shouting at Jake to stop, but he couldn’t hear her. Jake thought he could see her screaming in the distance, but he assumed he was mistaken. A Guardian would never show fear, and she couldn’t possibly be telling him not to kill a supernatural, he thought to himself as he kept on firing.

Realising he couldn’t keep dodging the arrows, Mark jumped into the Zombie infested streets below with Carla.

As soon as he landed however he began to stumble. He hadn’t completely recovered from the silver tipped arrow. Whilst Mark was desperately trying to overcome the dizzy feeling, Carla kept slashing her way through the Zombies, chopping their arms and heads off when they got near (for all the good it did)

As Carla fought the monsters off she searched around the near by area for somewhere to run and hide. The only possible place was a small house, that’s door had already been broken down. Clearly it had already failed to protect its occupants, but it was the only place to run too.

Carla seeing that Mark was still weak, helped him to his feet. The effects of the arrow were catching up with him. That burst of adrenaline he had used to save himself and Carla was now beginning to wear off. Carla helped him to walk towards the house, whilst still fighting off any Zombies who came near them. Mark would also use any other short bursts of strength to throw any Zombie that came near them away.

The two made it into the house. The house’s magical defences had shut down, which would only happen if it occupants died. The Zombies naturally followed them in and with no way to block the front door, Mark and Carla were forced to go upstairs. Upstairs there was just one hall, with one bedroom, one toilet and a hatch leading to the attic.

Carla looked in the bedroom and saw what was left of the home’s two occupants. Two skeletons with traces of mangled flesh and broken bones. They had been an elderly couple in life. Carla could tell from the walking stick by one of the two unfortunate victims bedside.

The two had obviously been attacked in their sleep, though they wouldn’t have been able to put any kind of a fight anyway. The Zombies probably stripped them to the bone relatively quickly and then abandoned the house. Had it not been out of desperation for her own survival, perhaps none of the Guardians, whose job was to protect the towns people would have found them.

The Zombies followed Mark and Carla up the stairs, but Carla, still helping Mark to walk, managed to pull the entrance to the attic down and ascend the stairs with Mark in tow, before any of the Zombies could follow them.

Mark began to change back into his human form. Carla didn’t know Mark at all, but when she saw him in his human form, she couldn’t see him as anything but a man unlike his own family.

Carla asked Mark very gently if he was okay. He was still somewhat scared of her ironically. He knew exactly how fanatical and dogmatic the Guardians were. Even though Carla had helped him, for all he knew it was simply so that she could torture him for information she thought he might have about the Zombies.

Mark told Carla that he was feeling fine so as not to show any weakness. It was an obvious lie. He could barely stand and was sweating badly.

Carla walked slowly towards him trying to reassure him that she meant him no harm.

“I can see how helpless you are. Believe me, I’ve faced hordes of the worst monsters from Hell itself. If I wanted to kill you, I would have. Please let me help you.”

Mark was still a little unsure. He didn’t think that one good deed, even it was saving her life could undo a life time of prejudice.

Carla spoke again saying simply “My name is Carla. Tell me what’s your name? I’d like to know who it is I owe my life too?

Mark answered with a silence. He didn’t want to say anything about who he was, so as not to endanger his family.

Carla spoke again”Okay maybe you can tell me what it is you’re doing here? Its not exactly the most friendly place for people with your condition.

Mark responded with a dry “I can assure you. I’m not here out of choice” Carla smiled and said back “Well that’s one thing we have in common

Mark started to feel a bit more comfortable. He still didn’t trust her completely, but he did feel that perhaps she was a kindred spirit. One other person who could see what an insane and twisted place Hallet really was.

Mark spoke again to Carla, telling her that he needed to go back outside and try and find his loved ones.

Carla however was adamant that he not leave the attic. She told him that he needed to heal first. He didn’t have the strength to argue with her. Jumping across the rooftops so soon after his injury had taxed him. Just before Carla left through the window at the back of the attic she assured Mark that she would help his family on the rooftop.

She didn’t know him, but she had guessed when she saw the woman on the roof cry out after he was shot.

“I can’t promise I’ll bring them back, you know that, but I will do my best. And in case you never see me again, thank you for saving my life. I forgot to thank you earlier.”

The Zombies were clamouring round the house, Peter, Amanda and Frank had been left on the roof of by Mark. Amanda was scared that the monsters might in their ravenous hysteria tear the whole building down. Still her thoughts mostly drifted towards Mark.

She had no idea where he had gone, or if he was even still alive. Still she couldn’t help but feel somewhat proud that he had risked his life to save a young woman’s. Peter felt the same way, but he also felt tremendous guilt at how he had treated Mark. All this time he had viewed him as a monster because of his curse, but now he had seen how, even in his wolf from his son put other people first.

Mark risked exposing himself to the Guardians all to save a complete stranger even when his own father pleaded with him not to. Peter prayed for a chance to make up to Mark.

The Zombies had crowded round the bottom of the house. Though strong, the beasts were basically on the level of dumb animals and most of them just staggered around the building. They knew food was up there, but they just couldn’t figure out how to get to it, that is except for one of them. This Zombie had stumbled into the back garden of the house, Peter, Amanda and Frank were hiding on the top of.

There it had bumped into a tree. At first it started clawing the tree until eventually its claws became embedded in the bark . After the monster pulled them free it came to a realisation that it could use its claws to climb the tree, in much the same way as certain animals can master certain tricks. Once the Zombie reached the top of the tree it could see the family sitting on the roof, huddled together in fear and it leaped through the air at the house.

However it didn’t jump far enough and fell crashing to the ground. The noise alerted the family who had been focused entirely on the Zombies at the front of the house.

Peter got in front of Amanda and Frank. He hoped the Zombie wouldn’t find a way up there, but was prepared to fight it off if need be. He knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance unarmed against one Zombie, but he hoped that maybe he could knock it off the roof, even if it dragged him down with it. After falling from the house, the Zombie got up again in a matter of seconds, completely unfazed and tried a second time to jump towards the house.

The Zombie failed again and again, but it didn’t give up and on its 6th attempt the monster managed to grab onto the roof’s edge with its claws. Peter tried to jump on the Zombies fingers, but the beast knocked him backwards with one swipe of its hand.

When Peter got to his feet he saw the Zombie had already climbed up to the top of the roof. Hissing and slobbering, the Zombie lunged at him. Peter tried to tackle the beast, but within seconds it wrestled him to the floor. Peter had never felt strength like it. He struggled with all his might but it did absolutely nothing to deter the undead fiend. Amanda and Frank both grabbed the Zombie and tried to pull it off Peter, but again it did nothing. Just as the monster was about to sink its teeth into Peter he managed to knock it off him by kicking it with both feet in the stomach when it was off guard.

Amanda and Frank went tumbling backwards too, but Peter grabbed Frank before he fell off the roof. The Zombie on the other hand stumbled backwards and tripped, falling off the roof and back into the garden.

Unfortunately the noise it made began to alert the Zombies at the front of the house and they began to descend to the garden. Worse when they saw the original Zombie climb the tree once again, they began to copy its behaviour.

Now several Zombies were leaping through the air to try and land on the house. The family were trapped. It wasn’t long before one of the Zombies, a small woman that had jumped from the tree, managed to grab on to the edge of the roof.

In the heat of the moment Peter realised their only chance would be to climb down the front of the building and climb through the window. It would be difficult and there most likely were Zombies inside the building too. Still it was the only way forward.

Peter explained to Amanda and Frank that they had to climb down the pipe and into the window one at a time. He ripped one of the tiles off of the roof and told Amanda to use it to smash the window below. He also told Frank and Amanda to go first whilst he tried to hold off the Zombie. They both refused to leave, but he insisted. With the female Zombie having managed to climb up onto the roof. Peter started to rip more tiles off the roof and throw them at the Zombie to distract her. Screaming at Amanda and Frank to go, the two eventually agreed. Amanda went down first, to see if there were any Zombies in the bedroom. There weren’t. It was the first break they had got that night.

Amanda managed to smash the window with the tile. Meanwhile Peter was doing his best to distract the Zombie. The creature was circling him, clearly waiting for the right moment to strike. Peter just needed to keep her attention on him until Frank had made his way to the room.

Peter’s attention briefly wandered to another Zombie that had managed to grab onto the edge of the roof and was climbing up. As soon as he turned back to the female Zombie, he saw she was already running towards him. Letting his guard down for a couple of seconds was enough for the monster to try and take its chance.

Peter managed to dodge the Zombies attack and seeing that Frank had crawled down the pipe and into the window headed for the edge of the roof, with the other Zombie that had quickly climbed up in hot pursuit. Peter in his haste jumped onto the pipe, grabbing onto it with both arms. Unfortunately his sudden weight caused the pipe to break off at the top, and drop slightly towards the Zombie crowd below. Amanda, alerted by the noise, reached out to try and grab Peter, but he was just a little bit too far away.

Peter screamed in terror. He was only a few feet from a crowd of ravenous Zombies below him. As he tried to climb up the pipe he saw the two Zombies on the roof jumping down towards him. He managed to dodge the female Zombie who fell into the crowd below, whilst the other Zombie landed on the pipe causing it to fall into the crowd.

Just before the pipe fell however Peter jumped through the air, and managed to grab onto the window sill. Unfortunately the Zombie on the pipe also jumped and managed to grab on to his legs.

Peter screamed and shook his legs, stopping the Zombie from getting a good bite, but the monster held on. Amanda however came to her husbands aid, using a large lamp from the bedroom. She began hitting the Zombie in the face. Though it obviously wasn’t hurting the Zombie, it was distracting it enough for it to try and grab the lamp. With its attention more on the lamp, Peter was able to kick the beast off of him by using his free leg.

Amanda then helped Peter crawl through the window. The three had made it off the roof, but they were far from safe. There were Zombies downstairs, and they had been alerted by the smashing of the windows.

The family could hear at least one of them staggering up the stairs and down the hall in their direction.

There was no way out, and certainly nothing that could barricade the door against the Zombies inhuman strength.

Thinking fast Peter shoved Amanda and Frank into the nearest cupboard before he darted under the bed.

The Zombie came crashing through the door. Amanda, Frank and Peter all remained completely still and silent. If they made even one sound it would be over.

Frank could see the Zombie wandering around the room by itself. It was clearly the corpse of someone who had been dead for many years.

It was hard to believe that it was so powerful. It looked like it was about to fall apart, but Frank knew that it could kill all 3 of them no problem.

Fortunately however help would soon arrive in the form of Carla, who had a promise to keep to the man who saved her life. After climbing out of the attic window, Carla climbed up to the roof top. From there she jumped from roof top to roof top. When she eventually landed on the house right next to the roof top Frank, Amanda and Peter were on, she saw they were gone.

At the same time however there were no traces of them on the rooftop. The Zombies in the crowd below also did not appear to be feasting on any victims either. The only place they could have escaped to was the inside of the house. She could see several Zombies still trying to jump from the tree onto the roof.

Ignoring them Carla climbed down into the bedroom. She used her sword to do so. Stabbing it into the wall and then swinging down on it into the room. She also managed to pull the sword out of the wall as she swung down.

Carla came face to face with the lone Zombie. It hadn’t spotted any of the hiding family, but it knew they were in there. Now however its attention turned entirely to Carla, but she quickly sliced its head off and then impaled the monster with her sword before throwing it out of the window.

Frank and Amanda stared in silence. They couldn’t believe their luck, just when all seemed lost, a Guardian came swinging in and saved them. Peter crawled out from under the bed and thanked Carla, but she told him it was far from over yet. She actually wasn’t sure what to do next, as there were hundreds of Zombies outside closing in on the house. She told the family to wait in the room. She still had no idea what she was doing, but as she went into the hall she saw three Zombies heading towards the room. She decapitated all 3 of them though it only held them up for a few seconds.

Realising quickly that she couldn’t get out that way, Carla went back into the room. Looking out of the window into the garden, Carla could see that all of the Zombies had gathered closer to the front door of the house, with more and more of them entering it.

At the end of the garden there was a car. It was about 20 or so feet from the front door. It was a long shot, but if Carla could reach it then she might be able to hotwire the car and use it save the family. It was their only chance. Carla jumped from the window just as one of the headless Zombies that she had fought in the hall came smashing through the door.

Peter screamed out at Carla to come back. He couldn’t believe that she was leaving just like that.

Carla managed to land on the roof of the car, missing the Zombie horde below. However as soon as she hit the roof with a hard thud, the Zombies turned their attention towards her.

She crawled off of the roof, smashed the car window with her sword and quickly hotwired the vehicle.

As soon as Carla got it working however the Zombies had begun to swarm the vehicle.

Carla tried to drive the car through the Zombies but the monsters at the front of the car held it in place with their inhuman strength. Several Zombies at the side meanwhile tore the doors off and tried to pull Carla out.

Carla sliced the Zombies arms off with her sword and managed to kick them away whilst their arms were growing back.

She then smashed the front window and using her sword, she knocked down the Zombies that were at the front of the car stopping it from driving away. Before the Zombies could get up, Carla drove the car over them. Though the Zombies at the back of the car were still holding on to it; the car nevertheless managed to drive away from them, though the parts they were holding on to were torn off as a result.

Carla drove the car into the street, getting a bit of distance between her and the pursuing Zombies before she spun the vehicle round and drove it right through them.

Most of the Zombies were sent flying through the air but a few once again managed to briefly halt the car in its tracks, but each time Carla would reach out with her sword and slice either their heads or their arms off.

Amanda meanwhile in desperation had ran towards the window to see if there was any way her and her family could escape. To her surprise she saw all of the Zombies running away from the house to the car. Jumping out through the window was their only way of escape.

Amanda shouted to Peter (who was ready to face the now several Zombies who had entered the room) and Frank to jump into the garden below.

Peter asked her if she was mad? “Assuming we don’t break our legs in the fall, you want us to escape 4 Zombies up here, by jumping into a whole sea of them down there?” Amanda didn’t have time to explain and simply said that they had no other choice. Not wanting to waste another second as the Zombies in the room drew closer, Amanda jumped out of the window, hoping that Peter and Frank would follow her regardless to make sure she was alright.

Sure enough her husband and her son followed instantly. All 3 of them hit the grass hard, but fortunately the fall was not great enough to seriously injure any of them.

The Zombies from the room followed the family out of the window. At the same time several Zombies from the roof spotted the family in the garden and they threw themselves from the roof. Finally in addition to this some of the Zombies had returned to the garden.

Amanda, Peter and Frank were completely surrounded. All seemed lost, but once again Carla came to their rescue. Driving her car right the way the Zombies and only stopping a few feet from the terrified family.

All of the cars doors had been ripped off, as had its boot. There were also massive scratches made by the Zombies all down both sides of the car as well on the bonnet.

Carla shouted at the family to get in, though she hardly needed to. Rather than try and drive back through the massive horde of Zombies, Carla swerved to the side, out of the garden. There were still a few Zombies out this way, but she knocked them all down (except for one that clung on to the front of right hand side of the car, near the drivers seat itself).

She tried to dodge as many Zombies as she could, but the monsters kept throwing themselves at the car. The Zombie that had clung itself to the side of the car meanwhile held on tight despite Carla’s attempts to shake the monster off. The Zombie kept trying to grab Carla’s leg.

This coupled with the Zombies constantly trying to jump onto the car from all around meant that Carla was constantly swerving violently on the road. During the commotion Frank fell out of the car and went tumbling down the road. Carla didn’t even notice at first, but she stopped as soon as Amanda screamed at her frantically. Amanda had been in the back seat with Frank.

Carla stopped the car suddenly with the jolt sending the Zombie who was holding on flying across the road.

As Carla stopped the car, she looked around at the chaos that surrounded her.

Buildings were on fire, mangled bodies lay in the streets, people were running blindly, screaming in sheer terror and panic. In the corner of the street Carla could see two Zombies tearing into a still living, screaming man. There was nothing she could do for him, but Carla still wished she had her gun with her only so she put the poor soul out of his misery.

Carla could see Frank in the distance, running blindly from three hungry Zombies. Telling Amanda and Peter to follow and keep close to her, Carla ran through the Zombies, trying to avoid fighting them as much as possible, not only because it was pointless, but also because she didn’t want to waste any time in getting to Frank. As Carla looked behind her she saw the Zombies had completely torn the car apart.

Carla wondered why the monsters had bothered with the car when they weren’t in it? Could it be because the Zombies knew it was its prey’s best hope of escape? Perhaps they were smarter than she gave them credit for she thought to herself. She also thought as she ran through the ravaged town, amidst the screams of its citizens. How ironic that all the training she had been through, that had taken over her and all the other Guardians entire lives: had proven completely useless in the face of this crisis. She’d be lucky to save this one family.

Carla managed to make it to the Zombies chasing Frank. Taking them by surprise, with one swing of her sword she took the beasts heads clean off. Though this only slowed them down for a few seconds, it gave Carla enough time to impale one of the monsters with her sword and then toss it through the air and over a nearby fence. She then kicked the second Zombie to the ground, and sliced its legs off. Though its legs began to grow back almost instantly, Carla, Peter and Frank managed to flee before it could get back on its new feet.

None of the 4 of them knew where to go. The town was crawling with flesh eating monsters and cursed by the most powerful Witch it had ever seen. Still Carla had a promise to keep, and was determined that the Witch was not going to claim this family’s lives at least.

She fought her way through the Zombies frantically slashing and hacking, and constantly searching for anywhere to hide as more and more Zombies began to pour down the street.

Just as the foursome had made their way to the end of the street the Zombies suddenly began to twitch and shake. Carla not wasting any time began to decapitate the Zombies whilst they were incapacitated.

Just then within a flash a bright light suddenly swept the street. It lasted for only a few seconds, but once it was over Carla looked around and saw all of the Zombies were now completely frozen. “He did it” Carla thought to herself. Boone’s spell had against all the odds worked, but what consequences had their been for such a massive spell? She couldn’t worry about that now however she had to smash the Zombies whilst they were frozen. For all she knew the spell only lasted for a few minutes just like the spell that had frozen the Zombified Richard.

As Carla started smashing the frozen Zombies with her sword, more people emerged from their boarded up houses and hiding places.

At first they simply stared almost in disbelief at the frozen Zombies. They could not believe that their ordeal was over. Just a few minutes ago it seemed like all was lost and now in practically the blink of an eye the Zombies were no more.

Just then however Carla yelled at the villagers around her including Peter, Frank and Amanda “well don’t just stand there. I don’t know how long these guys are going to stay frozen for. Get smashing!

The villagers didn’t need any extra encouragement.

Frank, Amanda and Peter meanwhile had only one thought. Where was Mark? In all the confusion they didn’t have the time to ask what happened to him. They were all afraid to in case it was bad news, but still not being able to bare not knowing, Peter asked nervously what happened to the wolf that saved her life. Carla smiled. “Don’t worry he’s okay. I’m glad I was able to keep my promise to him.

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