The Wolf of Hallet: The Witch’s Revenge: Part 6: The Heroes of Hallet

Mark awoke in the attic. He had passed out for 10 or so minutes, but he had begun to recover his strength now. The wound made from silver had taken longer to heal due to the way he had exerted himself physically.

Staggering back on his feet, Mark though still a little bit groggy and dazzled suddenly noticed the sound of cheering from the streets! “I can’t have been out for that long” he thought. Still he could no longer hear the moans of the Zombies, and the screams of their victims. It was over. For the town that is. His identity had been exposed to at least two Guardians. His only chance would be to try and slip away in the commotion.

Mark crept out of the attic, passing by a number of frozen Zombies in the hall below. He didn’t even bother to think why they were frozen, he just assumed that it was the Guardians at work. He also didn’t care either. All that mattered to him was finding his family and getting out of Hallet. He knew that staying in this town was simply not an option anymore.

As Mark reached the bottom floor however he suddenly came face to face with another Guardian, Jake.

Mark recognised him from their earlier encounter. Unfortunately for Mark, Jake had a feeling that he was the Werewolf he almost killed. Little did Carla and Mark know, Jake had observed Carla and the wolf from a distance enter the house. Jake had been unable to pursue them however due to the Zombies. In fact much like Carla and Mark he had been forced to retreat into a nearby house where he also hid in the attic. The Zombies had cornered him and he simply had no way of fighting them off. Now that the crisis was over his attention immediately returned to the wolf. He wanted to know if it had been frozen or if it was even still in Hallet. It was possible that the wolf may have fled, Jake thought to himself. Maybe this man he had stumbled upon was just some some poor villager who had to deal with his house being invaded by Zombies and a Werewolf! Still he had to make sure

Mark wanted to leave right away, but Jake started asking him questions. “Excuse me sir. I am sorry to bother you. I understand this must be a difficult time, but don’t worry the crisis is over. There are some questions I need to ask you however.

Mark tried to brush him off “I’m sorry I need to find my family. I don’t even know if they survived.

Jake stopped him again however and said “I am afraid I can’t let you go. I need to know if you are infected. If one of those Zombies bit you, I can’t very well let you go out into the streets where you might turn.

Jake really wanted was to check for the arrow wound he had made in his back. The wound had not completely healed. Jake told Mark that he would have to come with him and be checked out at the base. Mark tried to keep his cool, and talk his way out of it, but he knew it was pointless. He began to consider just making a break for it. Even with his wolf strength it would be pointless to try and fight a Guardian, who would be armed to the teeth with weapons that could kill him.

If Jake got him in the Guardians base then there would be no chance of escape. Mark darted back up the stairs and up into the attic after which he jumped through the back window in the attic and out into the streets.

Jake had tried to chase him, but he was no match for the Werewolf’s speed. Even if Mark couldn’t outfight the Guardian he might just be able to outrun him.

In the streets below Mark saw that nobody even noticed him crashing through the window! Everyone was too busy smashing the frozen Zombies to pieces, or fighting with each other in order to protect their infected loved ones. Though the Zombie invasion may have been over, there was still chaos on the streets.

Mark pushed his way through the wild mob, with Jake in hot pursuit. Jake clutched his silver knife. He genuinely believed that Mark was as big a monster as the Zombies and was determined that he wasn’t going to escape him again.

Jake shouted at the crowd to stop Mark, but hardly any of them could even hear him and those that did didn’t care as they were too wrapped up in their own problems.

Mark had a good head start on Jake but he couldn’t maintain it forever. He needed to find his family and fast. He too started shouting their names, but again it was pointless as the noise of the crowd drowned him out.

Fortunately for Mark, Carla had begun to make her way back to the house she left him in, along with his family, Peter, Amanda and Mark.

Carla did not hear Mark, at least not clearly, but she did manage to spot him in the crowd, from a distance, running frantically.

She told Peter, Amanda and Frank to wait here. She knew obviously that Mark was in danger and she didn’t want his family to get caught in the middle of any fight she might have to have with another Guardian.

Carla pushed her way through the crowd to get to Mark. She was in front of him, yet he was so busy looking back at Jake. Mark didn’t even spot Carla until she came face to face with him.

Mark instantly grabbed Carla rather roughly and demanded to know where his family was. He still didn’t completely trust her. For all he knew she had only wanted to find his family so that she could arrest them for harbouring a supernatural. He screamed at her to tell him where they could be, not caring that he knew she could probably slay him easily.

Carla was a little taken aback at first, but understood why he was so anxious. She spoke clearly and calmly and told him that they were just up the road and even pointed to where they where. Unfortunately Carla had inadvertently distracted Mark long enough for Jake to catch up to him.

Jake shouted at Mark to get away from Carla. He had been confused earlier when he saw her help the wolf into the house, but he assumed that the beast must have had some kind of hold over the Guardian. Maybe it was magic? Maybe it had someone she cared for prisoner? Whatever the case, it did not even occur to him that she had wanted to help the wolf and he still thought she was in danger.

Jake ran at Mark brandishing his silver knife but he was tackled to the ground by Carla who caught him off guard. Carla shouted at Mark to go whilst she held Jake off. Mark suddenly realised that he had been wrong to doubt Carla and rushed to her aid.

Jake managed to kick Carla off him. She had tried to pull the silver knife out of his hand but his grip on it was too strong. Jake asked Carla why she was helping a Demon? Carla simply responded with “because I owe him that’s why.

Jake was shocked. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It had to be some kind of mind control he thought, but he didn’t have time to worry about that now. He needed to in his mind stop this evil monster from rampaging its way across the town.

Mark grabbed Jake. Jake however managed to slash Mark across the arm with his knife. Luckily it didn’t cut that deeply but it managed to throw Mark and make him stagger back in pain.

Jake’s attention was firmly locked on the “wolf” but once again Carla intervened and tackled Jake. Mark overcoming the pain from his wound helped her, and together the two of them knocked Jake to the ground and disarmed him.

Carla and Mark quickly fled through the crowd whilst Jake was still getting back on his feet. Pushing their way past the rioters they managed to make their way back to Mark’s family.

They all embraced. For the first time, Peter and Amanda didn’t care about their son’s condition. They were just so relieved to see him again. Sadly however Jake did feel quite strongly about Mark’s Lycanthropy to say the least. Thus the family’s reunion was cut short and they were forced to flee down an alleyway along with Carla.

Jake of course followed them down the alley. He was confronted with Mark now in full wolf form roaring at him. Such a sight would terrify most people, but Jake had been facing monsters like this for almost his whole life.

Jake didn’t have a weapon on him however and he knew that the monster could outmatch him in a fight like this. Instead he spoke to the Wolf “Give it up. There’s no way you can escape. Even if you kill me now there are other Guardians” He then tried to speak to Carla “Please Carla I don’t know what hold this thing has over you, or why else you might be doing this, but please remember that you have a duty to protect the people of this town. Not that disgusting, unnatural, twisted thing!

Before Jake could say another word Mark clobbered him over the head. He did not kill Jake however. Even though it probably would have been better for him and the others. Despite the Demon inside him, Mark was not a killer.

He grabbed Frank with one arm and Amanda with another. Peter meanwhile held on to Amanda, whilst Carla put her arms around Mark’s neck and held on tight.

Mark jumped with all of them in tow to the nearest rooftop and then proceeded to jump from rooftop to rooftop. A few people in the crowds below saw the wolf and started screaming in panic.

Again their screams didn’t draw that much attention in the middle of the mayhem in the streets, but for many it would be the first glimpse they would get of the Wolf of Hallet.

As Jake got back to his feet he knew that it would be foolish to try and track the wolf. Besides he needed to get back to the base. Those actually were his orders that after or rather if the Zombies were frozen, then all the Guardians were to return to the base to collect the spell that might vanquish the Witch. Jake hadn’t even thought about his father he was so obsessed with catching the wolf. Now that it had eluded him, reality began to sink in about his father. He knew from experience that casting a spell that big probably meant that his father was no more.

Still he had to overcome his feelings of grief as the Zombies may have been dealt with but the crisis wasn’t over. The Witch behind it, as well as a Werewolf were still out there. He needed to get back to base and inform the others of what happened and try and find a way to deal with the monsters that were threatening his town.

Mark had managed to make his way to the very edge of the town. Normally it would have been impossible for a Werewolf just to slip its way through the town almost unnoticed, but this was of course no normal time for Hallet.

However just as Mark reached the very limits of the town he along with his family and Carla found that they could not leave. Something was stopping them. Mark tapped into all his Werewolf strength and raged and slashed against the invisible wall. Still nothing.

The Witch had cast a spell to prevent anyone from leaving the village. In her mind no one in the village was innocent. They were all to pay for the sins of the towns vile founder.

Mark began to lose his cool. “What the hell is going on? Why can’t we leave!

Carla realised who was behind the barrier right away and why it had been placed around the town. She simply responded to Mark with “She doesn’t want any of us to go. She’s not done yet.

Mark didn’t know what the hell she was talking about, but Carla kept speaking anyway. “Those monsters were merely the tools of a far greater evil. a vengeful Spectre that has more reason to hate us than anything else.

Carla began to tear up as she thought of her father. “That thing killed my father. It made me watch as those disgusting freaks tore him limb from limb

Carla couldn’t hold her pain in any longer and began to sob. At first she felt ashamed for showing her weaknesses like this, but to her surprise Mark began to comfort her. Mark said to her

I’m sorry. I can’t imagine how hard this has been for you. I hope I never have to. This thing whatever it is. Tell me what can I do to fight it?”

Carla told him whilst fighting back the tears “You can’t. I only survived my first dealing with the Witch because it wanted to toy with me“.

So what we just sit her and wait to either be killed by those fanatics, or eaten by whatever monster that gets conjured up next, or cursed by a vengeful Spectre. ”

No of course not“. Carla responded. “I’m going to fight that beast now.” Peter interjected “but you said you wouldn’t stand a chance against that monster?” “I won’t, but what else can I do? The surviving Guardians have their hands full for now, but it wouldn’t take them long to clean up the streets of Hallet and then all of them would be coming after us whilst the Witch will kill us anyway. She turned to Mark. Like you said we can’t just sit around and wait to die. At least this way I go out fighting.

As Carla walked off to the Church, Mark yelled after her that he was coming too.

Not surprisingly Mark’s family were against it, Mark however felt he had no choice. Carla obviously stood a better chance with his help, and he couldn’t possibly let her go to face possibly the worst monster this town had ever seen on her own after she had saved his family. Though Carla protested on the surface, deep down she was relieved. A Werewolf might be a more useful ally, though even then she didn’t think he would stand much of a chance which was why she didn’t want to ask for his help.

Mark told Peter, Amanda and Frank to remain here unless they saw more Guardians coming whilst he and Carla went to face the monster that threatened to tear Hallet to pieces.

Jake had made his way back to the base. He was the only Guardian there. He didn’t know if he was the only one left alive apart from Carla, or if they had been caught up in the chaos of the town.

In the base he could see several frozen Zombies as well as the remains of their victims scattered about the place. Clearly the monsters had broken their way in, and though the Guardians had fought with all their might. It wasn’t enough.

Jake finally made it the room his father, Boone had been performing the spell in when he left. The two doors had been torn down by the Zombies and inside Jake could see the splattered remains of more Guardians.

As he made his way through the room, tip toeing over the mangled body parts, holding his nose to stop the stench from overpowering him,. He could not find his father.

Jake saw the ventilation shaft was lying open. His father had escaped through it amidst the slaughter and managed to finish the spell in another room.

Just then, Jake could suddenly hear a moaning coming from outside. It sounded like his father. He was alive, but in what state had the magics he had used to save the town left him?

Jake was almost too scared to turn around, but he knew he that he a Guardian couldn’t ever let his fear control him, especially not now of all times.

Jake saw his father hobble into the room. Boone’s skin was bright blue and frozen, and slowly beginning to crack. Jake could also see that he was struggling to breath. He rushed to help Boone, but there was nothing Jake could do but try and make his fathers last few moments comfortable. If that were possible.

Boone collapsed into his sons arms. His entire body was freezing just like the Zombies outside.

You need to use the Dark Lightening Spell.” Boone said. “I, I, I managed to finish it just before I completed the mass freezing spell. The orb that will carry it out is, is” He began to wheeze, His vocal chords and even his lungs were beginning to freeze up. It was possibly only a matter of seconds he had left, but he managed to sputter out a few more words. “Its contained in a small black orb. I managed to finish it in my office when those freaks broke in here. If you break the orb near her it will engulf her, but, my son I am sorry, I did not have time to perfect it.” He then let out a scream as his hands began to crack. “My son whoever uses the Dark Lightening Spell will also be engulfed by its power; I’m so sorry son, I failed you” And with that his entire body froze solid and cracked into thousands of bloody pieces in Jake’s arms.

Jake didn’t have time to wait for any of the other Guardians. The Witch’s Zombie invasion had been foiled, but she was still up there, plotting in the old church. He had to destroy her before she could strike again. Even if that meant at the expense of his own life.

Mark and Carla couldn’t see any sign of the Witch. They had searched through the entire Church a few times now and sill no sign of her. Carla knew that the monster must be playing with them, but she hoped she would be ready for it when it next attacked. She still had no idea how exactly she was going to fight the Witch, but she just hoped she would be ready for whatever sick joke it was going to play on her and Mark.

Mark meanwhile was a little unsure. He thought that maybe the monster had left. For all they knew the beast could be in the middle of Hallet, tearing it up and here they were wasting time searching the same church from top to bottom over and over again.

Mark said to Carla that he felt they should leave, but Carla was adamant that the Witch was still in the Church. She didn’t know why she thought that, but she just had a feeling.

Mark however was getting somewhat impatient with her.

Why don’t we split up” he said. “You can stay here and I’ll check outside in the forest.

Carla disagreed. She didn’t think it was wise for Mark to go off exploring alone when Jake and possibly other Guardians were looking for him. She also felt they had a better chance together. Mark however still protested thinking that it was pointless just sitting around waiting for the Witch to strike. That is if she was even here.

Carla snapped at Mark suddenly “Fine go. I’m only here risking my life to help you and your family.” Mark was quite taken aback at she how quickly she had turned.on him. He tried to talk things over reasonably with her, but she continued to shout at him.

How am I supposed to figure out what the Witch is doing with you constantly whining about being in a Church! Think I want to be here? I watched my own father get torn to pieces in this godforsaken place. My best friend was also tortured to death here, and her little girl is trapped as a fucking statue! I can’t help help her anymore than I could help my father. There’s no where on earth I’d rather not be than here, but I have no choice you ungrateful son of a bitch ”

Mark didn’t know Carla, but even he could tell that she wasn’t herself. Just then Carla whipped out her sword and swung it at Mark’s neck. He only narrowly managed to get out of the way in time. This had to be the work of the Witch, through possession, or some kind of spell he thought.

Dodging her attacks Mark continued to try and reason with Carla. “Please, there’s something making you do this. Try and fight it.” Carla wasn’t listening to him however and still swung her sword at Mark.

She actually managed to slice him across the chest. Mark knew even with his Wolf powers he’d be lucky to get the drop on such an experienced fighter and still tried to reason with her. He also did not want to hurt Carla either.

“I don’t know you Carla, but I can’t believe someone who would risk their life to save people she had never met could suddenly turn like this without supernatural intervention. Please whatever it is fight it

Just then Carla fell to the floor in pain. Mark rushed over to help her get to her feet. She was breathless and dazed. Through her deep gasps she said ” Mark I’m sorry, I just , I just don’t know what happened. I’ve never felt a rage like that in my life, and it was over nothing!

A voice came piercing down the corridor. Carla recognised it instantly. It belonged to the monster that killed her father.

I’m impressed. You managed to resist my spell? What are you? Her brother? Her loving husband? If so I hate to tell you she clearly doesn’t like you as much you like her, as she gave into my little spell instantly“.

Mark saw the hideous Spectre, Cassek floating in the hall in front of him. It truly was a grotesque sight, yet somewhat pitiful at the same time as Mark could still see traces of grief and anguish on the Ghosts rotten face.

Mark knew the real reason the spell hadn’t worked on him hadn’t been because he had a stronger will than Carla, but simply because he was a Werewolf. The Witch had only cast the spell to affect humans. She could have if she wanted made it affect paranormal creatures, but it would have required more power and she honestly didn’t think she would have too. Why on earth would any supernatural creature defend Hallet?

Even now it did not occur to Cassek that Mark was a Werewolf. She simply believed that she had made a mistake in casting the spell.

The only reason Cassek had not just simply killed Mark and Carla when they arrived was because she wanted to use them as test subjects for her new curse.

Carla demanded to know from Cassek what she wanted. Cassek smiled and told her. “The Zombies were just the beginning,. Did you really think that my grand plan for revenge against this town would just be a plain old monster attack? That was just to scare and humble you, though I must admit I am surprised it took you the legendary Demon slayers so long to stop a simple Zombie invasion?” “Still“, she continued “I’m going to make this town fight a far worse type of monster now. Themselves. My next curse is going to drive everyone in the town crazy and make them kill their friends, their families. Or so I thought. I used you two as test subjects and you held out on me young man. Why didn’t you smash her brains in!

The two didn’t answer, and Cassek using her power threw Mark and Carla through the air in a fit of rage.

Oh don’t worry I’m not going to kill you. I need two people to test each new curse on. You see this next curse won’t destroy the town either. I have all kinds of gruesome spells cooked up for you. I’m going to inflict every piece of misery and agony you’ve dished out to others.

Carla tried to strike the Witch whilst she was talking, but again it did no good and Cassek instead took control of Carla once again.

Unable to resist the Ghosts control, Carla ran towards Mark swinging her sword. Rather than try and fight her and risk either injuring her or himself. Mark fled into the Church courtyard.

There out of the Witch’s view, Mark morphed into his wolf form and jumped through the air onto the Church roof before Carla could even enter the courtyard. Carla who was merely a puppet for Cassek had no idea where he had gone, and Mark managed to conceal himself behind an old chimney.

From the roof he could see the entire town. There were still fires, rioting in the streets, and fighting among the people. Mark knew however as bad as it looked down there, it was nothing compared to what would happen if the Witch got a chance to unleash her second curse. Even the Zombie invasion would pale in comparison.

Mark could see in the distance someone coming through the woods. It was Jake. He appeared to be carrying something. A black orb in one hand and his sword in another. Mark kept out of sight.

Still Mark kept on eye on him. Ironically his salvation lay with Jake as he was the only one who could destroy the Witch now.

Unfortunately for Jake the Witch had already sensed him coming, or rather she had sensed the power of the Dark Lightening Spell contained within the orb. It was such powerful, raw, dark magic there was no way Cassek could not sense it as soon as it got within a fair distance of her.

She knew that the people at Hallet would have some form of vanquishing spell, but still the presence of the orb managed to scare her somewhat. She decided to use Carla as her bodyguard. She called Carla back and told her to wait in the main hall.

Jake meanwhile was not actually wanting to take the Witch by surprise. The orb acted as something of a shield to Cassek’s magics. As long as he held it, it could deflect her magics that were aimed directly at him.

Whilst the Witch’s magic couldn’t affect him directly, she could still affect the environment around him. She could using her magical telekenisis impale him with or crush him under rubble before the “fight” between them even begun. Added to that in order for the spell to work he would need to get near to her and break the glass. He hoped to lure the Witch into a false sense of security and then smash the glass right in front of her. Sadly however little did he know this would not work as she had already sensed the spells presence.

When Jake entered the Church it didn’t take him long to find Carla.

He was surprised to see her here. He was still angry at her betrayal, but for now he was willing to put it behind him if she could help deal with the Witch.

He spoke to her “Carla, what are you doing here? What happened to the Witch? Is she here? Did she attack you?”

Carla however didn’t answer. She wanted to, but there was nothing she could do to fight the monsters influence. Carla jumped at Jake wielding her sword . Jake managed to block her attack. Unlike Mark he didn’t bother to question why she was attacking him. He realised that despite her treachery earlier there was no way she could be working with the Witch as it had murdered her father. It had to be some kind of magic, but he didn’t care. All that mattered to him was taking care of the Witch and if he had to kill Carla to do it then fine. It was ironic that Jake who had worked alongside Carla for many years had no problem with hurting her whilst Mark who had known her for barely an hour had refused to.

Jake and Carla were evenly matched, but as they fought with their swords Cassek emerged behind Jake who was completely unaware.

Wasting no time she moved a piece of rubble left over from the construction through the air and hit Jake over the back of the head. Jake fell to the floor, but before he did, Cassek managed to catch the orb.

Now with the only thing that could hurt her in her hands, she instantly took control of Jake.

She laughed at the two Guardians who had been sworn to protect their town who were now utterly helpless in front of her.

You had one chance, one chance to stop me. Even with a Dark Lightening Spell I still beat you whilst barely trying!

She could barely contain her laughter, but ironically Cassek failed to notice Mark coming in. Mark had followed Jake into the Church. Creeping slowly down the roof. He had morphed back into his human form so as again not to let the Witch know what he really was.

He walked slowly up to the Witch. He was careful not make any sound. Cassek was holding the orb in her hand. All he had to do was reach through the Ghosts body and crush the orb.

Just as he reached his hand through the Ghost however, Cassek spun round. She laughed in Mark’s face and mocked him.

“Did you really think it would be that easy? Thought I’d forgotten about you?” she sneered.

Mark turned and fled. Cassek however picked up the same piece of rubble that she had used to knock out Jake and impaled Mark through the chest with it.

Mark collapsed to the floor instantly. Thinking he was dead, Cassek turned around to see the two Guardians. Still laughing she continued to taunt her two prisoners. “Don’t feel bad for him. Compared to you and the rest of this town he got off lightly. He certainly didn’t get it as bad as your father, did he young lady?

Of course little did the Witch know the joke was on her now. Jake and Carla knew that wouldn’t be enough to kill a Werewolf. Rising up slowly whilst changing into his wolf form, Mark ran at the Witch and this time he did manage to grab the black orb which he broke effortlessly with his Werewolf strength.

Mark and Cassek were engulfed in a black cloud. Cassek screamed in panic. She couldn’t bare the thought of dying at Hallet’s people’s hands. Not when she was so close.

As the cloud wrapped tight around the two of them it began to draw the most powerful magics in the form of a thick black lightening from the sky. This lightening was capable of destroying almost any life form.

Cassek screaming and tearing managed to cut a tiny hole in the black shield. Mark was astonished. He didn’t think anything could penetrate the black cloud that famously traps victims of the black lightening spell. As Cassek tried to widen the hole, Mark intervened.

However nothing could take Cassek’s attention off of escaping and she just managed to widen the rip so far, both she and Mark went tumbling out of the black cloud.

However neither were able to get completely clear of the blast radius. They didn’t feel the full force of the blast but it affected them nonetheless.

Cassek being the spirit the spell was set for was more badly affected. She barely clung to life, having lost virtually all of her power, she was now completely helpless.

Carla and Jake were instantly released from her hold, and the force field she had placed around the town vanished. Alice also turned back into a real person too.

Carla walked towards the weakened Spectre who could now barely lift her arms.

Cassek pitifully begged Carla to spare her. Carla however just simply laughed. N

I’m sorry for what happened to you. I really am, but that doesn’t excuse what you’ve done. You let the monster that founded our town turn you into a monster. Ask yourself this, if these roles were reversed would you show me any compassion? And I genuinely have never done you any harm.”

However as Carla went to bury her sword in the Spectres gut it suddenly vanished. Carla wasn’t sure if the spirit had just evaporated or if it had using the last ounce of power managed to teleport to safety.

Whatever the case Carla let out a scream in frustration. She couldn’t believe that she had come within seconds of avenging her father and missed it!

Jake meanwhile had turned his attention to Mark. Mark had been badly burned by the blast. If he had remained within the black cloud then he would have been completely vaporised. Ironically Cassek had helped save his life.

An ordinary human would have still been killed in his situation. His Werewolf strength was the only thing that was allowing him to cling to life. Still he was too weak too move and Jake had him cornered.

Jake placed his sword on Mark’s neck ready to cut his throat. “I appreciate the help Wolfie, but I am afraid I can’t let you go. I’m not about to let one evil just wander freely around the town after having fought off another

Carla interrupted “He didn’t just help though. He completely saved your ass and everyone in this town. And here you are going to cut his throat while he’s completely helpless. You should be thanking him

Jake sneered at Carla “The Witch is gone now Carla. Surely you”ve come to your senses. You actually think we can let this thing go? To slaughter more innocent people

Mark tried to speak, whilst coughing blood “ I, I, swear, I’ve never hurt anyone. I never would hurt anyone” Jake interrupted “Wow what a shock, the monster claims he’s not a monster when someone has a sword at his throat!

Carla however quickly placed her sword at Jake’s throat. Jake was not scared. He simply said to Carla, coldly “so you really want to do this?“. Carla responded with “no I’d rather not, but at the same time I can’t let you kill an innocent man. Regardless of whether you even see him as a man or not one thing is certain. You and everyone else in this town owe him your lives. Do you know what created the monster we fought today? Our founder wronged another innocent person who only ever used their un-natural power to help people. Lets be better than he was.

Jake wanted to kill what he saw as just another monster, but at the same time he couldn’t help but feel that Carla was right. This “monster” had clearly not just been desperate to save its own skin as it had sacrificed itself for the good of the town. That contradicted everything he had ever been told about supernatural creatures being selfish, greedy monsters. Clearly there was still some of the man left in this beast.

Jake pulled his sword away from Mark’s throat. As Carla rushed to help Mark, Jake told them both that they could not mention anything about Mark’s condition to anyone else. Mark after thanking Jake told him not to worry as before tonight he had kept it secret for 10 years.

After being reunited with his family, Mark and the others were forced to stay in Hallet. Mark was simply too weak to survive such a long journey. At the same time he was not allowed near the hospital as they would have found out the truth about him being a Werewolf.

Instead he was forced to recuperate in Carla’s house along with the rest of his family (whilst their house was being rebuilt after the fire).

Carla also took Alice in. The young girl had been traumatised by her horrific ordeal, but Carla would do the best for her friend’s daughter and try and nurse her back to health.

There were no signs of the monster responsible for the young girl and so many others pain however. Cassek had simply vanished. The Guardians would search furiously for her, but sadly they found nothing. Some of them came to believe that she was gone for good, but Carla, Mark and Jake would remain on their toes.

It would take Hallet many months to recover from the ordeal, but eventually the town began to flourish again. Though even then its defences were severely depleted. Of the 60 Guardians, only just over 20 remained.

Hallet was more vulnerable than it had ever been before and its Guardians would have to work three times as hard to protect the town.

In the weeks it would take Mark to heal (thanks to his Werewolf powers) he began to think that maybe there was another reason he had come back here. His powers had ultimately saved the entire town. Now with the town more vulnerable it could do with more help.

Of course he didn’t tell his parents that these thoughts had even entered his head. The only good thing about the whole ordeal was that Mark had become closer to his parents. After seeing how he had used his power to help people and how he had always remained himself when he was a wolf.

For the first time since he was infected, Peter and Amanda actually saw Mark as their son, and not just a Demonic burden. Of course they still had a long way to go to repair the old wounds of the past,  but at the very least Peter and Amanda were determined that they were gong to be there for their son whilst Mark in turn hoped that one day he could maybe convince the rest of this town just like he had done his parents that the power of his curse could be used for good.







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