Carlene The Jazz Vampire: The Demon Children: Part 2: Detective Cushing and The Police Force

The Cushing’s were arguably the greatest dynasty of Vampire hunters the world had ever seen.

Their legacy stretched back to the middle ages with Princess Violet Cushing, one of the most prolific Vampire hunters of her age. Ironically however Detective Anthony Cushing of Darrow almost didn’t follow in his family’s footsteps at first.

Anthony’s grandfather Wilton had moved to Darrow solely because it was a haven for Vampires and Demons. He hoped to make his family legacy proud by being the one who could clean up Darrow. Wilton wasn’t just a skilled fighter and expert on creepy crawlies. He was a very wealthy man, and he hoped through his wealth, resources and skill to could make Darrow the modern, thriving city it should be.

Sadly however Wilton failed. He didn’t have no impact on Darrow of course, but ultimately it became obvious to Wilton that the problems of Darrow could not possibly be fixed in one life time.

Wilton hoped his son, Edward would follow in his and his ancestors footsteps, but sadly for Wilton, Edward did not want to be dragged into what he saw as his ancestors violent, bloody and ultimately pointless crusade.

Wilton disowned his son as a result. He threw Edward out of his house, cut Edward out of his will, and worst of all, Wilton actually used his influence to blacklist his own son. Edward was forced to slave away in the dark satanic mills for most of his life.

He never escaped Darrow. Edward was often barely able to earn enough to survive. Still he never gave in to his fathers demands and always tried to make it on his own. When Edward had a son of his own Anthony Cushing, born in 1910. Edward had always hoped that little Anthony could escape Darrow and have a better quality of life.

Anthony would grow up in the slums of the Darrow. Sadly this meant that despite his fathers best attempts to shield him from the world his ancestors had lived in, Anthony would have many dealings with supernatural creatures during his youth.

The monsters tended to gravitate towards the poorer areas more. Their people were easy meat. Th The Cushing’s neighbourhood in particular was plagued by a hideous Gharlish Demon. Gharlish Demons were relatively rare. They had the ability to take the form of whoever they devoured. This Gharlish had devoured a local teacher named Mr Watson and subsequently taken his place.

It posed as Mr Watson during the day, whilst at night it would morph into its true form, a large bestial Demon where it would prowl the streets looking for prey.

It became the most feared Demon in the area. Virtually no one in the slums dared to go out after dark in case the Demon was loose.

Cushing was absolutely terrified of the Demon as a child to the point where he could barely sleep at nights. The fear became so overwhelming that at one point he didn’t even want to leave the house. Cushing would manage to overcome this sheer terror of the supernatural by constantly reading up on them. He wanted to be sure that if he ever did encounter a Demon he would know exactly how to kill it.

Ironically Anthony would end up actually attending the school Mr Watson taught at.

However this would proved to be the Demons undoing as Anthony Cushing was be able to deduce that his teacher was really the Demon thanks to the knowledge he gained through his dedicated research.

First of all Anthony was able to match descriptions of the Demon to an illustration of a Gharlish Demon he had found in an old book in the library’s occult section.

After discovering what type of Demon it was Cushing realised that it had to have a civilian identity, he suspected that it might be his cruel teacher Watson on just a hunch. He had no real proof yet, but he had always felt there was something off about Watson.

Cushing talked to the people who had known the real Watson whose life the Demon had stolen including many of his co-workers. They said that ten years ago “Watson” suddenly changed. He had been a kind, outgoing, very sociable guy who was in a long term relationship with a woman named Sally.

However all of a sudden he broke off his relationship with Sally, shunned all of his friends and became a total recluse. His attitude towards his job changed as well. He became more callous and bad tempered towards his children and would even make sure he always ate alone at lunch time.

This change in Watson’s personality also coincided with the date the Gharlish Demon’s attacks began to happen in the slums.

Cushing finally gained the hard proof he needed when working with one of his teachers (who also did not trust Watson.) He was able to investigate his office after School finished and found a piece of the Demon’s skin. The Demon when changing shape would regularly shed its skin. Normally it would dispose of its own skin by eating it, but it had obviously missed this tiny piece.

Cushing would later with the teachers aid, snare the Demon in a trap using one of its few weakness’s, Relsik, which was a special kind of magically fused liquid. The teacher managed to lure the monster into an alleyway by telling it that he knew its true identity. When it cornered the teacher, Cushing dropped the liquid on its head. The Demon was burned horribly and forced to flee, barely surviving.

Anthony would be celebrated in his local area as a hero, and would continue to study the supernatural and eventually worked his way through the ranks of the police force to become a Detective by his mid 20s.

Detective Cushing’s knowledge of the paranormal eclipsed even those on the Darrow police force, and he became a highly respected figure throughout the city. His grandfather would often tell Anthony that he was the son he wished he had, though Anthony nevertheless would always despise his grandfather because of the way he had treated Edward.

Despite his early success and fame however Anthony Cushing would suffer many crushing tragedies and be involved in a few notable controversies throughout the years.

The Gharlish Demon that he had driven away would return to Darrow many years later. Scarred, weak, and humiliated, the beast was hungry for revenge.

The monster would engage Anthony Cushing in many battles for years, becoming his sworn enemy. The Demon had gotten lazy during its time in the slums as no one until Cushing had bothered to challenge it.

Now however having learned from its mistakes and feeling embittered it became a truly dangerous foe for Cushing. Though it was never able to kill the Detective, it did manage to murder his first wife Cathy and his 5 year old son Tom in cold blood. The Demon would later assume their forms regularly when battling Cushing in order to further torment the Detective.

Cushing was completely crushed by what happened to his family. He was never the same again. Still the detective would nevertheless much to his surprise find himself falling in love with a benevolent female Demon named Sheresia. Cushing first met Sheresia when she provided him with vital information on a group of Demons named Geleks.

This pack of Geleks had arrived in Darrow to try and reactivate the Vampires old magical barriers after which, with the town sealed off, they would then overrun Darrow and make it their new home.

Sheresia had been tracking the Geleks for many years, but when she arrived in Darrow she obviously hid her Demonic nature from the Darrow police force, knowing full well that they would kill her. She simply pretended to be a dedicated and skilled Demon hunter. Ultimately however Anthony would discover her real nature when she survived being stabbed through the chest by a Geleks claw, (with the Gelek’s poison being strong enough to kill over 60 people!)

Anthony was at this point just as dogmatic as any other member of the Darrow police force in believing that no Demons could ever be benevolent, but he didn’t care at this point as he knew Sheresia wanted the Geleks, who were obviously the bigger threat dead, and so he reluctantly worked alongside her to bring the Geleks down.

During their battle against the monsters, Anthony would see that Sheresia was different to any other Demon he had encountered. Sheresia was wounded whilst defending Cushing against the Geleks, and afterwards Cushing would nurse Sheresia back to health over the course of several months, during which he fell in love with her.

Sheresia and Cushing would even go on to have a son together named Patrick. Sadly however Patrick did not try and control his Demonic nature like his mother. He was cruel, even as a boy. He’d viciously bully children at schools, hurl the most vicious abuse at his mother and father, and even get violent with them over the most trivial things.

Eventually, Patrick’s cruelty would culminate in his brutal murder of one of his school mates named Harry. Patrick had always viciously bullied Harry. He relentlessly teased him about his weight, beat him up after school, stole his lunch etc. One day however Patrick went too far. He knew exactly what he was doing but he didn’t care. He would hold Harry’s head under the water, lift it up, make him beg and then stick his head under again until he finally drowned the poor boy.

Everyone suspected Patrick had murdered Harry, but no one had any proof. When Sheresia confronted him about it, Patrick openly admitted it. He felt as his parents had let him get away with so much already, that they would ultimately put their son first again. Sheresia however instead denounced her son as a monster that she should have drowned at birth and planned to shop him in.

Terrified, Patrick stabbed his mother in the back using his Demonic claws (which extended for the first time.) And killed his own mother.

When Cushing found out what happened he considered murdering his son to. Ultimately however the detective found that he could not bring himself to slay Patrick and so he instead banished his Demonic son from Darrow; warning his son never to return or else he would finally kill him.

Naturally this completely destroyed Cushing’s reputation among the police force, and though they would still turn to him for help due to his expertise on the occult, very few in the force actually trusted him.

Fortunately however Cushing’s closest friend in the police force was its leading constable, Michelle.

Michelle and Cushing didn’t always see eye to eye. Michelle for instance believed that Sheresia had put a spell on Cushing, as she didn’t believe that such a good man could ever love a Demon on his own. She would often defend Detective Cushing this way to the other police officers, much to his chargin.

Michelle always thought very highly of Cushing because he had helped her during a dark time against her sworn archenemy, a Vampire named Jack.

Jack and Michelle’s feud had stretched back to before she was the constable or he was a Vampire.

Michelle much like Cushing came from the slums of Darrow.

She first met Jack when she was a teenager. Jack attacked her coming home from school and tried to rob her. Michelle however managed to get the better of the thug. She kicked him in the groin when he was caught off guard and quickly grabbed his knife. In desperation and fear she then slashed him several times across the face.

Jack ran from Michelle, bleeding and in agony he collapsed not long after and was swiftly apprehended by the police. For this and various other crimes he carried out, Jack was sentenced to 10 years in jail. Jack also received many gruesome and permanent scars from Michelle’s attack too.

Jack blamed all of his woes naturally on Michelle. He didn’t hold himself responsible at all for his own actions. In spite of everything he had done he always viewed himself as a victim.

Jack had come from an impoverished background. His mother had died in childbirth and his father, Robert had turned to alcoholism after her demise which in turn led to him losing his job. He would often take his frustrations out on Jack. Robert had never wanted to be a father and eventually he threw Jack out onto the streets when the latter was 13. The young Jack begged and pleaded with his father not to give him up, but Robert coldly ignored his cries.

When Jack tried to run back to his father, Robert punched him in the face and broke his nose.

It would be the last time Jack would ever see his father as a human.

Jack was a survivor however and would continue to live on the streets for the next 10 or so years. He joined many street gangs for protection, though he would often just keep quiet at the back. As time went on however he became more bold and began to take part in more and more violent crimes.

In Michelle’s case he thought she would be an easy victim so he attacked her alone. It was of course a catastrophic mistake, and one that would ultimately cost him his life.

The prison Jack had been sent to was in fact run by a Vampire named Jerome. Jerome belonged to a large and strong pack of Vampires. These beasts main base operations was an old abandoned warehouse in the heart of the slums of Darrow. Jerome was not their leader but he did an important job of recruiting new members of their gang. Many Vampires are known to recruit new members of their kind in jail as it is obviously the best place to find the most twisted, violent and degenerate members of society who make the most effective Vampires.

Jerome got to know Jack well and often taunted him with the knowledge that the people who ruined his life, his father, the girl who disfigured, humiliated and ultimately sent him down were all living their lives happily, and doing whatever they wanted whilst he was trapped here. Since kicking Jack out onto the streets, Robert had managed to turn his life around. He had overcome his alcoholism, managed to find a steady job. He had even remarried.

Jack’s rage, bitterness and hatred became completely out of control from this point on. He would regularly fight with other prisoners and guards too. One day when Jerome was taunting Jack about his father, Jack completely lost it and tried to stab Jerome to death. Jerome being a Vampire of course survived the attack, but this finally convinced Jerome that Jack would make an excellent Vampire and he turned him.

After becoming a Vampire, Jack would easily escape prison and finally get his revenge on all of those he felt had ruined his life. Chief among those was of course his father who he tracked down and tortured to death. He also slaughtered all of the members of the last gang he was in. Jack felt that they had betrayed him by not bothering to even try and free him once he had been apprehended.

Finally Jack targeted Michelle. The scars she had given him had not healed as they had been made whilst he was human. The other Vampires would regularly mock and laugh at him for his deformed appearance.

Jack managed to capture Michelle’s family, consisting of her mother, father and baby brother Neil. Jack murdered Neil by snapping his neck in front of Michelle. He then butchered both of her parents in front of her and kept her in a cage deep within the Vampires base. There she would be tortured along with the Vampire clans other captives for several weeks.

Eventually Michelle would be saved when Detective Cushing was able to find the Vampire’s nest. Michelle was the only survivor from the Vampires captives. The only reason she survived was because Jack had wished to extend her torture longer. Most of the Vampires were killed in the fight. Cushing had brought an entire team with him, but sadly Jack, ever the survivor managed to escape.

Michelle who was only 17 years old would never be the same again. She desired nothing more than to make Jack pay for what he had done. She joined the police force, trained herself, read up on the supernatural, all initially so that she could simply become strong enough to destroy this one monster.

Throughout all her years of training, the one thing Michelle feared more than anything else was that another officer or even just a lone Vampire hunter might find Jack first and slay him before she had a chance.

Unfortunately for Michelle she was never able to catch the Vampire. Though she was a skilled officer, her single mindedness is tracking down this one monster soon posed problems with the rest of the force.

Michelle would only realise how far her obsession with destroying Jack had gone under the most tragic circumstances.

One night Michelle had managed to trace Jack to his latest hideout. There he had abducted a young girl. She was no older than 14 years old.

When Michelle cornered Jack with a crossbow bolt he threatened to murder the girl but Michelle didn’t actually care. She tried to justify it to herself that if she didn’t do all she could to stop Jack now he would slaughter more innocents. Of course the real reason was because all she wanted was to see the Vampire that ruined her life dead.

Michelle fired her crossbow bolt at Jack, not caring if it hit the girl or not. Jack however managed to evade it whilst still holding onto his prisoner. Realising that Michelle was single minded in killing him to the point where she didn’t care about the girl. Jack stabbed her as he had no further use for her, before fleeing the area.

Michelle looked at the girl lying on the floor, bleeding, sobbing and begging her for help. Michelle however simply ignored her and went after Jack.

It was a decision that she would come to regret for the rest of her life but at the time she didn’t care.

When she cornered Jack in a nearby alleyway she finally thought she had the monster, but instead the Vampire just laughed in her face.

He told her that when he saw her come into his base he wanted to see how far Michelle would actually go just to get back at her nemesis.

He could barely contain his glee as he asked her what she did with the girl he stabbed. Jack wasn’t actually scared of Michelle. He only fled to see if she would stay with the girl or not. When she didn’t the Vampire told Michelle that he had won as now she was a monster too. He taunted Michelle that if he turned her it would make no difference as she was already someone who was willing to allow a young girl to die just to satisfy her own lust for vengeance.

Michelle realised that he was right. This was one more thing Jack had taken from her. Her own morality.

It all finally began to sink in what she had become and she instantly ran back to the warehouse with Jack’s laughter ringing in her ears.

Fortunately when Michelle arrived back at the warehouse, Detective Cushing who had also been tracking Jack had arrived first and was able to help the girl get to the hospital.

Cushing convinced the girl not to tell the police force what Michelle had done. He believed that Michelle was a good person at heart, and didn’t want the Vampire to truly take everything from her. The girl reluctantly agreed, and Michelle grateful for having been given a second chance by Cushing and the girl would for the first time devote her life to helping others.

Over the years Michelle would become respected throughout the city and rise through the ranks of the police force to become Chief Constable. Sadly however she was still never able to slay Jack, but at the very least the Vampire was always forced to go on the run to avoid her.

Despite the positive changes in Michelle’s character however she would remain just as dogmatic in her belief that all Demons in the city needed to be slain. Normally this did not pose a problem however, as the rest of the Darrow police force had the exact same attitude towards Demons, but again it did lead to arguments between her and Cushing when he tried to assure her that his love for Sheresia was genuine, and that Sheresia had been a good person.

Still the two had a bond that was greater than anyone else on the force. In many ways Michelle was the child Anthony Cushing had always wanted. Over the years the two would more to keep the city safe from Demons than anyone else on the force.


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