Carlene The Jazz Vampire: The Demon Children: Part 3: The Vampire and the Ghost

Rose was bored. For the last few days Carlene had been spending all day on her latest case. “The Vampire was so obsessive” she thought to herself. “I suppose anything to distract herself from her bloodlust“. Still Rose missed her friends company. Oh the irony she thought. Here she was missing a Vampire of all things.

Rose and Carlene lived in an old abandoned mansion just outside of the city of Darrow. Rose was a Ghost. In life she had ironically been a Vampire and Vandal hunter. Her father Keith had originally been a priest who had broken his vows when he fell in love with a young woman and had a child with her, Rose.

After being disgraced from the Church, Keith felt the only way he could possibly redeem his soul was if he slayed as many hellbeasts as possible. Though he wanted to keep his new wife, Marina and their daughter out of his life as a hunter, Marina nevertheless insisted on joining him.

Marina too felt she had to better herself. She had been a constant embarrassment to her family throughout her entire life. She was wild, got into fights, and trouble with the law regularly. In fact she first met Keith through confession. The reason they fell in love was because she felt that he was the only person who had ever seen any good in her.

The entire family therefore became Vampire, Vandal and Demon hunters. They earned quite a reputation as time went on, but sadly Marina would later die. Not at the hands of a Demon, but simply from tuberculosus. Her death was slow and lingering. At one point Keith even considered using magics to save her, but Serena begged him not to, fearing that there would be consequences in going against the natural order, and that it would damn his soul beyond the point of no return.

Keith was left completely broken by his beloved’s death. Though he still continued on as a Vampire hunter he was a mere shell of his former self and if anything he was a hindrance to his now grown up daughter Rose more than anything else.

On hunts he frequently messed up, put them both in danger and simply lacked the determination needed for such a dangerous line of work anymore.

Sadly this would prove to be their undoing when the two took on one of the most vicious Vampire packs in all of England.

These Vampires were utterly devoted to the destruction of the Vandals above all else. However this did not mean they were humanities allies. They believed that they would need to destroy all of European society in order to destroy the Vandals. They were essentially anarchists who believed that the Vampires would only thrive when there was nothing but bloodshed and chaos all over the world. Initially they had several cells all across Europe, but they had been cut down by the Vandals to just one. Still this remaining cell had managed to destroy entire villages and even small cities.

Rose and Keith would be forced to work alongside a pack of Vandals to try and destroy the final group of the anarchist Vampires. Neither of them were happy about it of course but they had no choice.

The Vampires had made a valley their base which there was only one entrance to, through a cave system. The Vandals and the hunters would have to sneak their way in during the day time.

Sadly however when they made their way through the cave, Keith would inadvertently alert the Vampires to their presence.

The group had spotted the Vampires sleeping in a cavern and crept down to slay them. Keith however, who physically by this point was a wreck (yet insisted on coming) ended up falling and crashing to the ground, waking every one of the Vampires up.

The Vandals and the Vampires fought one another, but this particularly breed of Vampire were stronger than any of the Vandals there, and so the Vandals were slaughtered.

Despite his mistake, Keith did still manage to aid his daughter in escaping by distracting the Vampires whilst she fled. Rose didn’t want to leave her father of course, and even still tried to help him, but as the Vampires swarmed Keith it became apparent that there was nothing she could do help him and she was forced to flee. Had she stayed even for a minute longer then her father’s sacrifice would have been in vain.

At first the Vampires wanted to torture Keith, the notorious Demon hunter to death as a sign of their triumph. However they soon saw that his spirit was already broken and that he didn’t care what happened to him (which had been another reason he had sacrificed himself as well as his love for his daughter).

The person Keith loved more than anything else was gone, and even worse he felt he had failed his daughter. His latest sacrifice in his mind did not even come close to making up for all of his failings as a father. He had always felt guilt simply for bringing Rose into this life. Always travelling from town to town, never being able to settle anywhere, with the Vandals constantly hunting her. Above all else however Keith felt guilt for not being strong enough for his daughter.

He knew that she was in tremendous pain over the loss of Marina too and whilst Rose had been there for her father throughout it. He had never been there for her. He was too caught up in his own grief. Now she was going to have continue on living this miserable life alone. Keith welcomed death.

The leader of the Vampires however sensed that deep down Keith was a man angry at his God due the loss of his wife. Marina was a warrior, but she didn’t die in the heat of battle. She had merely wasted away to nothing. Keith felt that it was Gods punishment for their love breaking his vow.

Keith could sense that the Vampires intended to make him one of their own. He begged and pleaded for the monsters to just kill him which of course only made the Vampires desire to turn the former priest stronger.

In his last few moments Keith thought how it had all been pointless. He had waged war on the supernatural to try and cleanse his soul. It was why Marina had spent the last few years of her life constantly fighting to survive, why Rose would never have a normal life. All to try and make him a better man in the eyes of the Lord and spare his soul. He of course never wanted either of them to make those sacrifices, but they did it because they loved him. Now their sacrifices were for nothing. Keith was destined to become the most deplorable of all creatures forever.

His last words as himself, whilst the Vampires sunk their fangs into his neck, were to curse the God he had spent his entire life worshipping.

After becoming a monster, Keith sought to eliminate the biggest reminder of his former life as a man. His daughter Rose.

Rose had been forced to retreat into the Valley itself as the Vampires had blocked off the way out.

Fleeing through the valley in the day time where the Vampires couldn’t follow her, Rose eventually stumbled upon an abandoned mansion.

She blocked the mansion up from the inside and managed to hold the Vampires off for several days. Sadly her father who knew her tactics better than anyone else was eventually able to breach her defences and personally killed her.

Rose was in fact Keith’s first ever victim. Her death would demonstrate more than any of the other thousands of grisly murders he would carry out that all of his humanity had truly gone.

Keith would later take over the Vampire anarchist group. He felt that their plan to simply cause chaos across Europe was doomed to fail. He said that the Vandals were far too organised for the Vampires and that was why all but one of their cells had been crushed.

The leader and Keith fought, and though the leader was older and stronger, Keith’s knowledge on Vampire weaknesses and experience in battling Demons and Vampires, now allied with Vampiric strength gave him an advantage and allowed him to kill the leader of the Vampires.

After this he would then demand that the Vampires abandon their beliefs and instead try to build a cohesive society that would benefit them all. The town Keith’s Vampires would build not far from the mansion in the valley, would come to be known as Darrow.

After her death, Rose would return as a Ghost. She was able to leave her place of death albeit only temporarily using magics. There she would work against the Vampires in secret (with none of them knowing she had returned as a Ghost).

Rose would be the one who would bring the Vampires rule over Darrow to an end. She helped their prisoners escape, supplied them with knowledge of the Vampires weaknesses and helped to eventually lead them to overthrow the monsters.

After the Vampires were defeated, Rose would continue to haunt the mansion she had died in, though she would still occasionally venture out into the town of Darrow to help its police officers.

She and Detective Cushing had worked together on a number of cases.  They later developed a close friendship. In 1950 Cushing saved Rose from being exorcised by a group of Demons. The rest of the police force would similarly develop a positive relationship with Rose too.

Though she was a supernatural creature,  Ghosts are not drawn towards one alignment like Demons. Even then however some officers still distrusted her, but it was still nowhere near as bad as how the Darrow police force by and large viewed Rose’s friend, Carlene.

When Carlene first arrived in Rose’s mansion, Rose tried to kill her without a seconds hesitation. Fortunately it didn’t take the Ghost long to see that Carlene was different to all the other Vampires she had fought for the past several centuries.

Carlene in life had been a struggling musician. She had been the lead singer of a band called the Dots. Though they had never broken into the mainstream they did enjoy great acclaim within the industry itself. Their style was a mixture of Jazz and old soul music. They had even toured with the Beatles in 1964.

Jazz had always been Carlene’s first love. Indeed she developed her interest in music as a child when her father used to sing around the house. Carlene herself would later take up this habit to the point where teachers would often have to tell her to stop singing in class.

Carlene was a very talented singer and songwriter. She was really the face of her band, with their original name even having been Carlene and the Dots. She was also in a relationship with her Base player Thomas.

Sadly however Carlene’s time would come as the hands of an obsessive fan named Alex. He was in his own twisted way in love with Carlene. He visited every single one of her concerts and had posters of Carlene lining his bedroom wall.

Whilst Carlene thought he was sweet at first, eventually his behaviour began to scare her the more erratic it became which eventually culminated in Alex attacking Thomas after one concert in a jealous rage.

After this Carlene put a restraining order against Alex and he fell into a deep depression as a result. Alex had been a sad, lonely, bitter man whose entire life had come to revolve around a band. He went completely off the rails and started drinking heavily. One night after getting into a fight with someone at a pub, he was spotted by a Vampire. The Vampire sensed Alex’s anger, bitterness and despair. It felt that he had great potential. Vampires would always seek out the most hateful, angry and vicious people to turn into members of their kind, as they would naturally make the most effective Vampires.

Unfortunately however for the Vampire who wanted him to join its pack, Alex proved to be unpredictable even as a Vampire. He was still desperately in love with Carlene. The breed of Vampire Alex had become were known as the Heklox. They had more humanity than other breeds. All Vampire breeds could be broadly divided into three categories, Savage Vampires, Soul Vampires and Pure Vampires.

Pure Vampires are the most common. These Vampires are when a persons soul is turned into a Demons soul. Thus they are still the people they once were, but all humanity and positive emotions such as love, compassion and remorse are purged from them and any negative qualities the human had are enhanced, creating an absolute monster.

Savage Vampires meanwhile are where the human soul is ejected from the body and a Demon spirit takes over the body. These Vampires have no connection to the people they took over. They are Demons right to their core and are often as single minded as animals.

Finally, Soul Vampires are where the human soul remains in the body, but a Demonic soul also resides in the body too. The human soul is still in control of the body, but the Demonic one influences it. It represses all of its positive human emotions such as love, bravery, compassion, and adds a killer instinct, bloodlust and again amplifies any negative traits the human had in life.

Savage Vampires being the most Demonic are usually the most powerful, whilst Pure Vampires are the most common. Soul Vampires meanwhile are not only the weakest but are often look down upon by Pure Vampires for having the stench of humanity.

Ironically the overwhelming majority of Soul Vampires are still evil, bloodthirsty monsters too. Nevertheless they do still have more human emotions. Unlike other Vampire breeds for instance some Soul Vampires can experience love and affection though again it will always take on a perverse and twisted form.

The key difference between a Soul Vampire and the other two types is that there is still a trace of humanity in them. It is theoretically possible for a Soul Vampire to resist the Demon’s influence, but it requires the most unbelievable force of will and almost all of the people chosen to be Vampires are usually already twisted, or at the very least, bitter, angry, sad and weak, so they give into the darkness easily and willingly.

Carlene however would prove to be an exception. The rogue Alex would turn her into a Vampire out of his own twisted love for her. He wanted Carlene to be his bride forever.

Alex would try and force Carlene to join the pack of Vampires that had made him. As Carlene had not been selected by their leader, they weren’t sure about her. This pack of Vampires were ruled by an ancient member of their kind who lived in the London Underground. This Vampire known only as Mahkro had in fact once ruled London until the Vandals burned the city to the ground. This event became known as the Great Fire of London. Mahkro survived but would be forced to flee through Europe for many centuries before finally returning to his former power base in the 1960s.

In order to prove that Carlene was one of them, Mahkro would demand that she slaughter an innocent in front of all the other Vampires. The victim in question was a young girl named Sarah, and the only survivor from a double decker bus the monsters had attacked in the middle of the street. Among the victims had included Sarah’s parents. The Vampires had spent the last several hours brutally torturing her, but now wanted Carlene to finish her off.

Carlene was utterly horrified at the sight of the young girl, strung from the ceiling like an animal, beaten, cut, and bruised. Normally a Vampire would be overcome with twisted and dark urges and impulses to hurt a vulnerable person in pain.

Carlene however whilst still feeling the bloodlust to some extent was nevertheless able to control it. She was a one in a million Soul Vampire, that didn’t let the darkness and hate consume her.

Acting quickly, Carlene grabbed Sarah and simply jumped through the window with her super speed and strength. Carlene ran through the streets of London with the girl in tow, fleeing the Vampires, she managed to get Sarah to safety.

Alex would be thrown out of the clan as a result. His passion for Carlene soon turned to rage, blaming her all of his woes, and he wanted to make her suffer, so the bitter Vampire naturally targeted her former love Thomas..

Unfortunately for Alex, Carlene knew that he would probably go after Thomas. She had been monitoring Thomas herself for many days after saving Sarah and was therefore able to intercept Alex. After a final showdown she managed to slay her murderer by driving a stake through the Vampires heart.

After Alex’s death Carlene would stay around London for a few more days, watching her loved ones from afar to make sure that no more Vampires came after them.

She eventually left London altogether. Carlene couldn’t bare to look at the old life she had lost. She wanted to tell Thomas, her mother, her father, all of whom’s lives had been completely destroyed by her death that she was still here. At the same time however she didn’t want them to see her like this.

She also didn’t want to drag them into the un-natural, Demonic world that she was now trapped in either.

Also being around anyone was hard for her. Though she had succeeded in controlling her thirst around Sarah, the longer Carlene went without blood, the harder it was to the point where she couldn’t look at someone in the street without having fantasies of ripping their throat out.

Carlene ran from the city of London and out into the wilderness. Now on the road and without blood, she became weak and frail and wandered aimlessly like a living corpse, before eventually stumbling upon the city of Darrow.

When she first entered the city she hoped that maybe she could stand to be around people again. The loneliness on the road had driven her mad. Even at this point a part of Carlene, underneath the despair and Demonic urges naively hoped that one day she might be able to return to her old life.

As soon as she made her way into Darrow however she saw that it was pointless. Her bloodlust was no different to before and she instantly retreated to the dark alley’s of Darrow for many weeks.

Still she hoped that she could try and control it one day and didn’t leave the city completely. Sadly a fateful encounter with a dying man however would change Carlene’s life forever.

By chance a group of thugs had chased a hapless poor man down the alleyway Carlene had been sleeping in. As they attacked him the noise awoke the sleeping Vampire. Carlene chased the thugs away. In her current state without blood she was too weak to fight them off, but fortunately for her all she needed to do was simply bare her fangs and hiss at them and the thugs fled.

They had lived on the rough streets of the city their whole life and so they knew a Vampire when they saw one.

The thugs victim lay on the floor, beaten, bloodied and helpless. Carlene couldn’t fight her Demonic urges any longer. The smell of his blood drove her crazy and she finally gave into her thirst. She sunk her teeth into his throat and drained him dry in a matter of seconds. She never felt anything like it. For those few seconds it was like she wasn’t there, yet at the same time the sheer sensation at the mere taste of human blood was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

As a Vampire she had felt dead to most emotions, but now in complete contrast she had never known a sheer feeling of absolute ecstasy like this.

Carlene was so disgusted with herself that she tried to commit suicide, however she found that she could not quite work up the courage to end her life.

Still overcome with shame and self loathing, she once again retreated into the wilderness away from the big city.

Stumbling upon the abandoned mansion Carlene decided to lock herself away in there for good to prevent hurting anyone else.

However she soon found that the mansion was not abandoned after all. When Rose saw a Vampire entering the house she was absolutely disgusted and tried to stake Carlene right away.

Carlene did not fight back. She might not have had the strength to end her own life, but she was okay with someone else doing it. She pleaded with Rose to put her out of her misery, but ironically it was that very thing that convinced Rose that she was different.

Vampires were cowards. They did not care for anyone or anything but themselves, yet here was a Vampire that wanted to end its own existence in order to prevent anyone else from being hurt?

To Rose a remorseful Vampire was almost like a contradiction in terms. She actually thought it was a trick at first, but it didn’t take long for her to see Carlene’s sorrow was genuine.

She couldn’t help but pity the Vampire. A Vampire was the most disgusting creature on earth, but for one of them to actually be aware of what it was was a fate that Rose wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy.

Rose refused to kill Carlene and instead would try and help her. At first Carlene didn’t even want to try and control her urges. She felt it was not only too difficult, but that she also didn’t deserve to have any kind of quality of life after what she had done.

Carlene would remain in the mansion for many months. During this time she and Rose would develop a very strong friendship. The two women were able to bond over what they had lost more than anything else. Both had been cut down in their prime, were trapped in a horrible state between life and death. Still able to see the world but never be a part of it. Never interact with an ordinary human being ever again, and never have kids.

Carlene had always wanted children. She adored children. Despite her musical aspirations (which were also now gone forever) Carlene actually wanted nothing more than to be an ordinary Jewish mother, being overly protective of and spoiling her kids.

Now that would never happen and she had possibly an entire eternity to wonder what if.

Eventually however Carlene began to grow a bit stir crazy cooped up in the mansion all the time. She hoped that perhaps she could, having been helped through her depression slightly by Rose’s support, maybe try and control her bloodlust again.

Rose would always accompany Carlene out to make sure that she didn’t fall off the wagon. Carlene found it near impossible at first to be around anyone. She’d often only manage a few minutes around someone before the thirst and violent urges became too overwhelming.

Sadly Carlene’s condition did not improve even after several months of training. She later considered running away into the wilderness again as she was scared that Rose having seen her failure to fight the Demon inside her would view her as nothing more than a monster.

Instead Rose told her that she still believed in Carlene and that running away would accomplish nothing. Rose told Carlene something that would inspire her to not ever give up more than anything else. Rose told Carlene that she owed it to the man whose life she had taken to try and control the beast within her. If she died or worse just gave in and became a blood thirsty monster then his death will have been utterly pointless. If she tried to control her urges and actually used her powers to help people, then his death can at least serve as reminder to Carlene never to lose control again.

Carlene agreed and would continue to try and control her urges and master her Vampiric powers. Always keeping the image of the man whose life she had ended in her head every time she was near someone.

She also learned how to harness her Vampiric powers and was trained by Rose herself to learn how to fight too. Rose was Carlene’s mentor every step of the way.

The most difficult thing for Carlene when learning how to fight was in not letting the thirst and violent urges take control whilst fighting. Rose again however would give her sound advice, telling her not to ignore the thirst as she couldn’t ignore it. It was now a part of her whether she wanted to admit it or not.

Instead she needed to face it and prove that she was stronger than it. In a life and death situation when facing a Demon, one that perhaps was stronger than her, she should use her bloodlust as a weapon.

Ironically this would prove to be the key aspect of her controlling her thirst. Her guilt stopped it from overcoming her, but channelling it into battling other forces of evil allowed her to truly master it for her own ends.

Eventually though it took a long time, Carlene finally managed to control her Vampiric urges completely and had trained herself to become a truly devastating fighter in full control of her Vampiric powers.

Carlene hoped to use these powers to protect her new home, Darrow, having been told what a mess the city was in by Rose.

Carlene knew that it would be difficult to operate in the city, not just because of the Demons, but the people too. Rose warned Carlene that the police force of the city would be very unlikely to accept her because of what she was. In fact she would be lucky if they didn’t kill her on sight.

Rose directed Carlene towards her old friend, Detective Cushing who she knew would perhaps be more willing to believe her that a Vampire of all creatures could have changed.

Whilst Detective Cushing was skeptical about Carlene, he and the Vampire would nevertheless work together to stop a particularly vicious Demon that had been terrorising the city for several months.

The Demon named Drestox enjoyed collecting souls the of its victims. It had during its entire life collected over 5248 souls from people.

Carlene aided Cushing in tracking the Demon through the sewers of Darrow. Before no one had been able to find out where the monster was, but Carlene’s enhanced sense of smell would prove vital in tracking the beast to its lair.

The Demon was a powerful adversary, and even with her training Carlene struggled against it. Fortunately with help from Cushing who was able to school her on the monsters key weaknesses however, Carlene was able to slay the beast.

After this Carlene and Cushing would continue to work on more cases together and save many more lives. Carlene would further help to control her bloodlust by obsessing over the cases she went on with Cushing. She and Cushing didn’t develop quite the friendship that she had with Rose, but Cushing still came to respect the Vampire nonetheless and they developed a very positive working relationship with each other. The fact that both were such workaholics helped to make them an effective team.

Sadly the same could not be said for Carlene’s relationship with the rest of the Darrow police force. The Chief Constable Michelle in particular despised Carlene. Michelle had an extreme hatred towards Vampires and felt that Carlene was duping Detective Cushing. Indeed Cushing’s friendly relationship with the Vampire almost broke he and Michelle’s relationship with each other.

Still regardless of whatever the Detective, the Constable, the Vampire and the Ghost thought of one another, they would all have to unite to deal with what would be one of their most troubling cases. That of the mysterious Soldiers.

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