Carlene The Jazz Vampire: The Demon Children: Part 4: The Soldiers

In all his 30 plus years on the police force, Detective Cushing had never felt so helpless.

For the past two weeks children all over the city of Darrow were being abducted by a new kind of Demon, unlike any Darrow had ever seen before.

Though Cushing and the rest of the police force had been searching all over the city for the monsters, after a fortnight none of them had found even the tiniest clue as to where they where, what they wanted, who they were, or where they would strike next.

The latest attack came from the outskirts of the city. A young couple’s only daughter aged just fourteen years old, named Julia Blomfield, had been snatched whilst taking her dog out for a walk on a Saturday afternoon. There had only been one witness to the incident, Julia’s mother who was with her at the time, but her description of the abductor matched that of the unnamed Demons. 7 foot tall, long, jagged, pointy teeth, bright yellow skin, no hair, and dressed in black robes.

The Demons would arrive at completely random points in the town, snatch a child and then vanish in a puff of blue smoke. The attacks happened both during the day and the night, whilst the children were aged anywhere between 3 and 15, and they came from the wealthiest family in the city to the poorest.  Aside from the fact that the victims were children there was no pattern to any of these attacks.

As Cushing returned to his empty house that night his thoughts drifted to his lost loved ones as they often did on those long, lonely evenings. He remembered the overwhelming despair he felt when he found out what happened to his first son and how now because of his failure more people would have to go through that same pain tonight of losing a child.

He began to consider asking Carlene for help. He didn’t want to. His association with Carlene had in some ways been even more controversial than his relationship with Sheresia. None of the other officers on the force wanted to work with Carlene and that was on good days.

Cushing himself held no ill will towards her. In fact he even trusted her somewhat, though not completely. Even someone as open minded as Cushing couldn’t ever quite get by what Carlene was.

Still the Detective was fast running out of options and was determined that the Demons weren’t going to steal another child. Even though he knew it would be difficult, just to not have his officers try and drive a stake through her heart. Cushing decided he would contact the Vampire.

As soon as Cushing entered the Mansion, he was greeted by Rose who was happy for any kind of company at this point, though sadly she knew this wasn’t a social call. It never was with Cushing.

Rose greeted her old friend warmly. “Nice to see you here Detective, but I trust you didn’t just pop by to have a chat with your favourite Ghost and Vampire? What unspeakable horror is lurking in the fine city of Darrow this time?

Cushing didn’t have time for pleasantries. He wanted to speak with Carlene now.

I’m a little insulted. Am I not good enough anymore? Here I thought I was popular but it turns out all my friends only care about seeing me because of my cool Vampire friend?

Rose could tell Cushing was getting a little frustrated with her awkward jokes and so she told him firmly.

She’s upstairs. I honestly wouldn’t bother her though Cushing. You know what she’s like when she thinks she is onto something. You’d be better talking to me. Carlene has been working on this case of hers for weeks, you are not going to pry her from it, or even get her to share it with you. She’s not dared to share it with a humble spirit like me of course. At least not yet. Still from what I gather she thinks she is on to some kind of master criminal. “

Cushing however hadn’t bothered to listen to Rose after she had told him where Carlene was and just headed up the stairs leaving the Ghost even more annoyed.

Upstairs Cushing found Carlene sitting in her room on the floor, surrounded by newspaper clippings and books on the occult.

The Vampire didn’t even notice that Cushing had entered the room until he spoke.

Carlene instantly stood up. She barely even came up to Cushing’s shoulder. Cushing was a tall man, at 6 foot 1 inches in height, but even with that Carlene was still tiny.

She was dressed in a low cut black top, and a short black skirt. Her hair was still styled in her signature gigantic beehive which she had always worn when she was in the Dots. Cushing suddenly saw a clawed hand poke its way out of her beehive, but whatever it was it quickly retreated back into Carlene’s hair. Cushing tried to warn her, but she told him that she knew what it was, and that her “hair” was its home. He didn’t ask any further questions.

Carlene’s skin was snow white in contrast to her clothes and hair. She had always had a somewhat pale complexion, even before becoming a Vampire. Her make up was very thick and striking. She still loved doing herself up, even though as a Vampire she was now practically asexual. Not only did it make her feel more human, but it was yet another way for her to distract herself. Everything was so manic and over the top with Carlene not just to distract her, but to overcompensate too. As a Vampire she was naturally dead to almost all emotions  except for a desire to cause pain and misery. She had to really struggle to enjoy anything else.

Carlene was the first to speak in her thick, guttural cockney accent. “Well what do you want Detective? Whatever it is I am sorry I don’t care love. What I’m doing here could save this whole stinking city. Please whatever it is, deal with it yourself darling.

Just then Rose entered the room. “Honestly Cushing I told you, she’s busy. Why don’t you just tell me what the problem is? I have a fair bit of knowledge on the occult you know, I.” Once again however Cushing interrupted her “Please ladies I don’t have time for this, I really need your help, both of you, if you will only just let me explain“.

Carlene however still wasn’t even remotely interested. In fact she was getting very frustrated that the Detective and her friend had not just left. She shouted over Cushing and Rose who had started arguing. Once she had their attention Carlene explained to Cushing that she believed many of the supernatural creatures in Darrow were all in fact working for one powerful Demon.

If I’m right about this it could change everything. Think about it, all of the Demons and the monsters we fight are always so well organised. So many of them are able to slip through the net. They’re just animals in any other city. What makes this shithole so different?” Carlene told the Detective.

She continued. “Obviously some bastard that has found a way to bring them all together and that’s why no one has ever been able to clean up this dump. I’m not about to quit this just to help you take on some lowly Demon love. All you’re doing is fighting symptoms. I’m tackling the cause.

Cushing found the idea to be totally implausible. “I’ve been on the force for over 20 years. I’ve never seen anything to even suggest some kind of Demon king, controlling all the monsters in this city“.

Carlene responded with “Of course you wouldn’t know. The ruler of the Demons is obviously going to do his best to keep hidden from everyone isn’t he? However the bugger slipped up with me. Once word got out of an apparent Vampire vigilante roaming the streets, he sent one of his lackey’s to talk to me. He thought I was just doing this to dupe you all just like that absolute arsehole Michelle always said. He even commended me, saying that pretending to be a ‘good guy’ to throw the police off was genius. It never even occurred to him that a Vampire could actually be genuinely wanting to help people.

Cushing said somewhat drily “Well to be fair Carlene I think there are probably only three people in this entire city who would believe that a Vampire can be anything other than a  monster. And they are all in this room

Rose interrupted “plus two of them are dead, at the hands of Vampires too I might add.”

Anyway” Carlene continued, somewhat impatiently “I obviously told him that I wasn’t interested in being some lackey to a Demon godfather. I reckon they probably still think I’m just playing the cops, but whatever the case,  they’ve been trying to kill me ever since. Ironically if they hadn’t tried to make me part of their little gang, I probably would never have suspected there was grand Demon master, but once I found out everything about this city suddenly made more sense.

Cushing still found the idea ridiculous. He thought it was possible that there may be a large Demon clan in the city, but not one that controlled absolutely all Demonic activity in Darrow. Nevertheless he wasn’t prepared to argue it further. He knew that in spite of Carlene’s obsessive nature the fact that these mysterious new Demons were targeting children would sway her to take her mind off her latest obsession.

Carlene, I honestly do not know what to do. In all my years on the force I’ve never seen creatures like these. We can’t find anything on them and they are going after children. They literally spring out from nowhere, snatch the children and then disappear. I’m all out of options. Please help me

Carlene fell silent. She was almost angry at Cushing as now she knew that she would have to pull herself away from the case she had spent so long working on.

Tell me about these Demons?” she said. Cushing breathed a sigh of relief as now perhaps they might make some progress in finding the children.

Sadly however after Cushing explained to her what was going on, Carlene knew as little about the Demons as Detective Cushing did. Nothing about them matched any description in any of the books on the occult she had read and she had certainly never encountered anything like it before.

I’m sorry darling. Believe me I wish I could help you but I don’t know any Demon like that. I’ve read through every page of these books a dozen times.

Rose also was completely unaware of any Demon species that matched the description. Despite her vast experience with the occult and expert knowledge on Demon species, she had no idea what these beasts were. A fact which worried her.

Cushing’s heart sank. “You girls were my last hope, you know that. I’ve been working on this for weeks and still nothing.”

Fortunately Carlene had an idea. She spoke to the weary Detective.

Its a long shot but it seems to be our only option. If my theory is correct that all or most of the Demons in this town are connected, there is absolutely no way that they don’t know at least something about these things. I can’t imagine whoever is in charge is happy to let these gits run around in public stealing children. They have to be aware at least of something. If we can snag one of the higher up Demons in this city, he could perhaps tell us about what’s going on“.

Carlene then went through her papers. “I have a theory about a bloke named George Glover.

Yes I know him.” Cushing interrupted “He is the former Chief constable of the Darrow police force. He retired just a few years ago. I didn’t know him that well. He was a secretive, quiet man, but he was very good at his job. ” Cushing said.

Carlene responded “ So not like that bitch you have now then?” The Vampire continued. “Well actually, as much as it pains me to say it, I’m afraid that even that miserable bitch is a vast improvement on who you had running things before. George had you all duped. Or rather the Secresk Demon that’s taken him over for the last 10 or so years did. Obviously the Demon helped no doubt to cover up its master’s existence during the time he was in office, but I believe it may also have been planted there as a thank you by the head Demon. Secresk. Whatever the case the buggers been possessing the real George for decades “

“Yes I know”. Cushing said. “These Demons will stay with their host bodies which still age for as long as possible. They like people who are in high positions of society so they can cover up their crimes and even just enjoy the fruits of their hosts comfortable lives. They are Demons of leisure.

Exactly” Carlene said “I think this is how, whoever, whatever is in charge of this city keeps its minions in line. Its not just through fear, like other Demon bastards. It rewards its followers too“.

Cushing rolled his eyes “Even if your theory about some master Demon being in control of this entire city is correct you honestly expect me to just go in there and say that George Glover, one of the most respected men in the city is a monster and we need to what? Torture this helpless old man for information?.

Carlene responded with “Certainly not, we just break into his house when he is sleeping, perform a fairly simple and straight forward exorcism, and then force the Demon to talk.

Cushing was stunned at what the Vampire had just said to him. In fact he began to think asking Carlene for help was a mistake. He feared that she had become so obsessed with this theory about a Demonic master criminal that she was just trying to focus absolutely everything into this wild idea.

Again however Cushing was out of options. Maybe there just might be something in Carline’s wild idea? After all the Vampire had never let him down before? He might as well hear her out.

Okay” he said wearily “tell me what evidence do you have that old George is really a monster.

Carlene pointed to several newspaper clippings she had on the floor. ” This unsolved murder. Now the rest of George’s victims bodies have never been found. The first thing any Demon or Vampire should do particularly in this city is to cover up the cause of death in its victims bodies. As you know Demons such as Vampires leave tell tale signs on their victims corpses, like puncture marks on their victims throats,  bodies drained of blood etc.

Cushing was a little insulted that Carlene felt she had to explain what was the most basic knowledge of the occult to him. “Of course I know that Vampires and Demons try and cover up their kills. I’ve had a career as a Detective for 30 bloody years!” he thought to himself. Still he knew it was best not to interrupt the Vampire. It would probably already take her ages to finish. Her obsessive nature meant that she often had to explain every little detail. No need to prolong it.

Carlene continued “In the case of Secresk Demons they always devoured their victims hearts. Now normally Glover or rather the Demon that possessed him would take his victims back to his house, kill them and then burn the bodies. Here however he slipped up.

For whatever reason, maybe he was just too much of a greedy bastard that night or something, but he jumped a teenage girl in an alleyway and tore her heart from her body. I found him, munching on it. A sight like that would have probably made me faint just a year or so ago, but I actually felt really hungry when I saw it.

Cushing and Rose both winced at that part, but again they let Carlene carry on. ” George or rather the Demon didn’t react at first. I guess he hadn’t heard of the Vampire vigilante or maybe he didn’t believe it existed. We fought for a little bit but he quickly left. I don’t think he was scared of me, he probably just didn’t want to be exposed.

Of course I didn’t recognise him at that point. He was in his Demon form, but fortunately I was able to catch his scent. and I was able to track the beast to his home.”

Cushing sighed in annoyance “Why did you not come to me with this earlier Carlene?

To be honest Cushing. I didn’t want to get the police involved at all in this case. I knew that if I told you, you would tell that bitch you work for. She obviously wouldn’t believe me. Hell she’d probably warn George and then he could cover it up and prepare for me. I hoped to just go in there and get what I needed. Tonight actually I was hoping to go in and finally free the real George from that monster“.

Cushing replied. “Honestly Carlene. I trusted you, defended you against the others and here you were just going to barge in and attack one of the most respected men in the city based on some crazy theory? What would have happened if you were wrong? You know how Michelle and just about everyone else on the force bar me is desperate for any excuse to kill you! I think breaking into an old man’s home and trying to kill him would count!

Carlene angrily responded “I’m not wrong! And the way I see it you have two choices here Darling. Either you can go and tell that bitch, and we’ll have to spent probably two months trying to convince her, during which time more and more children will die. Or we can follow the only lead we have right now?

Cushing knew that she was right. He really was that desperate. “Okay fine. We’ll test out your idea. If you’re wrong though Carlene the Darrow police force will probably kill you as well as me!

Carlene smiled “don’t worry I’m not wrong. I’ve been trying to find a way to break into George’s house for a while now, but its heavily guarded by magics, which in my opinion is further proof . Any intruder that enters gets vaporised into nothing but dust. Its taken me and Rose a couple of weeks to find a counter spell but hopefully” she said as she lifted up a small red orb from under her desk “this little beauty should be it“.

Carlene continued “I haven’t had time to check out if this sphere will actually be strong enough to protect us. Still at least if we do get vaporised then it will prove what we are saying is true to the rest of the police force.

Your silver linings always make me smile” said Cushing said drily.

Carlene and Cushing would arrive at George’s house in less than twenty minutes. The two knew that if they stepped another foot forward there was a possibility that they might be vaporised.

With some hesitation Cushing put his foot over the line. He turned to face Carlene. “Well either your little orb works or you’re completely wrong and my career is in ruins and you’re dead”.

As Carlene followed him she responded “It would have been much easier if we’d just been vaporised wouldn’t it darling?”

Cushing had memorised the exorcism ritual that would not only pull the Demon from George’s body but would also trap it.

The ritual would have to be performed near the Demon however, and so Carlene would have to hold the monster off until Cushing had completed it.

Whilst Cushing was trying to think of a way to sneak into the house, Carlene just ran straight ahead and smashed the front door down.

Cushing was shocked “What are you thinking!” he screamed at the Vampire.

Don’t worry” Carlene responded “he already knew we were coming. Another spell monitors any bugger that comes near his house“.

Just then George came darting out the front door wielding a stake. Carlene barely managed to get out of the way in time. Cushing was shocked at how fast the old man could move. When George turned to face the Detective, Cushing could see that his eyes were flickering purple. The Demon was stronger when it didn’t hide in its human host.

“George” had finally dropped the human facade as not only did it suspect that it was the Vampire, but even if it wasn’t whoever it was had breached his defences and needed dealt with swiftly.

Cushing couldn’t believe that the Vampire was right after all about George. He didn’t know whether to be scared that he was facing a dangerous Demon, relieved that it meant his career wasn’t in tatters, or embarrassed that he had doubted Carlene on her theory so much!

Before the Demon could strike Cushing, Carlene grabbed it from behind. George tried to get free and in the struggle both the Demon and the Vampire went tumbling backwards into George’s house.

George was the first to get to his feet and grabbed Carlene. With one hand he lifted the Vampire up into the air by the throat and threw her all the way across his living room sending her crashing through a table.

Carlene however bounced up instantly, her fangs baring and hissing at her enemy. Her bloodlust was kicking in. However she did not give in this time as she did not wish to harm the man who the Demon had taken over. She also similarly told whatever it was in her hair to stay put so as not to harm the Demon’s host.

Carlene had never faced a Demon of this breed before. They were strong, fast and unpredictable and this one had years of experience.

In a fight to the death she would surely be the loser. Fortunately it didn’t have to come to that as Cushing was busy chanting the spell. All she had to do was just keep his attention on her for the time being.

Unfortunately as the Demon and Carlene circled one another, each waiting for the moment to strike, George suddenly noticed Cushing at the other end of the room and went for him.

Carlene however again managed to tackle the Demon and send him to the ground. The stake went flying out of George’s hand and as he tried to crawl along the floor and get it, Carlene again jumped on his back and wrestled with the monster. After a brief struggle George managed to throw the Vampire across the room again and into a wall.

However as he got up and reached for the stake he found that he could not move. As much as he tried with all his inhuman strength he couldn’t even lift his hand.

He saw Carlene wander over to Cushing with a smile on her face.

“Thank you Cushing, and I told you so!

George began to scream in rage and frustration but there was nothing he could do.

Carlene spoke to the Demon “Okay listen up. You’re not getting out of this binding spell. Me and Cushing here have done our homework. We also know how to kill you and we have a bottle of Lenesk, magically fused liquid that will burn you to death. So tell us what we want or we’ll douse you in it, and be no worse than we are now but also be one heart eating Demon down.

George knew there was nothing he could do. He didn’t trust the Vampire not to fry him now. Just for the hell of it. Still for the time being he had no other options and so he had to go along with whatever she wanted.

Cushing was the first to ask him about the new Demons on the street.

Cushing and Carlene could see a look of fear come over George’s face as soon as the creatures were mentioned. There was no way he could even attempt to lie about not knowing what was going on.

George tried to reason with his two captors.

Look trust me on this one. These things, they’re way beyond you, me, this entire stinking city.  I don’t care who you both think you are. Vampire super hero, or Demon catching/Demon loving when it suits him Detective. These things? You don’t want to cross them. None of us do.”

Cushing responded. “These things are snatching children all over the city!

George was silent for a minute before bursting into a fit of laughter. Almost forgetting the position he was in, he said “And I’m supposed to care? I’ve eaten about twenty kids.”

Carlene quickly reminded him however by telling Cushing to fetch the Lenesk.

Okay, okay fine, once I’ve told you though I’m not just going to flee this town but this whole level of reality to get away from them and if you’re smart you will too. The Demons are known simply as The Soldiers. They are bred for a war, said to happen in over 1000 years time.

According to the legend many centuries ago an all powerful Demon named Orakos created the Soldiers. Orakos was believed to be the most powerful Demon to emerge since your daddy Vampire, Khastran.

Originally Orakos was just as evil as the rest. He brought death and chaos to everywhere he travelled, but then one day he saw something that changed him forever when he faced the Mysterious Three.”

The Mysterious what?” said Cushing?

I thought you were supposed to be the expert?” said the Demon mockingly. “The Mysterious Three were Gods who had the power of precognition. Orakos wanted that power for himself. When he faced the Gods however they shared with him a vision so terrible it shook the Demon to its very core. To this day no one knows what the vision was except for the Soldiers. Orakos killed the Three afterwards and kept the vision to himself, but he built up an army to combat whatever the Three showed him. However Orakos was later killed by Odin himself, as revenge for the deaths of the Mysterious Three.

His army however continued to grow. Whilst we don’t know what it is exactly they are fighting for, over the years two things have become obvious. One they believe that this war will happen in over 1000 years time. And two that it will be the most important battle in the history of creation. Whatever they are destined to fight, it is an evil that threatens us all. It terrified a creature as terrible and twisted as Orakos himself.

The Demons create new members of their kind first by abducting children. They take them to interdimensional bases. They have several of these all over creation. The Soldiers are also able to travel between worlds, universes even no problem. They have abducted children from worlds all over the multiverse to be part of their army. It is estimated that there are trillions of Soldiers.

Once they have the children, they corrupt them, mistreat them, force them to do the most horrible things after which they are then ready to be converted through magic into new members of their kind. They will tend to visit the same spot only once every century.”

Carlene interrupted “But why choose children? If I was building an army of unstoppable Demon warriors I’d snatch the biggest, baddest warriors in the land”

George responded “Many reasons. To start with the Soldiers don’t like to waste any men. Obviously there’s no risk of that when snatching little kids. Also if they turn someone into one of their own when they are a child then they will be stronger when they are older, as they have been a Demon for a longer. Finally a child is easier to break. Children only really care about themselves. Imagine trying to break a stubborn bastard like him” George looked squarely in Cushing’s direction.

A child however?” George continued “is more scared of death, will do anything it can just to see its dear mommy again. They’re an easy nut to crack

Cushing interceded “Its disgusting. They call themselves soldiers, yet they target the most vulnerable and helpless and steal their lives from them.”

George sighed. He felt that the Detective was not grasping just how dangerous the Soldiers actually were. “Trust me they aren’t cowards. They just want as many men possible for what they believe will be the ultimate battle. However its better to just let them do their thing and get out of here.

Carlene responded somewhat angrily “And just let them steal countless children and turn them into monsters?

George was getting a bit scared. He knew how unpredictable Vampires were and so he tried to reason his way out of this.

It will be worse for you and anyone you care about if you try and stop them. They have eyes and ears all over the place. Even the Vampires who founded this town were under their thumb. They willingly handed over several of their child captives to the Soldiers because they knew it would be pointless to try and fight them.”

Carlene interrupted “And I’d imagine whoever it is you work for has also cut a deal with them too? ”

George responded “Lets just say they’re smart enough to know who not to cross. I won’t tell you anything about them though. The Soldiers might be more powerful but lets just say my master is way more vicious. I’d rather be at the mercy of the Soldiers any day or eaten by Lenesk. I’ll tell you nothing..

Carlene simply responded with “well it looks like I will be pissing off the right people if I go after these guys. Tell me how do I get to where they’re keeping the kids?

George realised that there was no way of getting through to either of them. “Fools” he thought to himself “its like the Vampire wants to die, again” Still he told them in the hopes that the Vampire would keep its word and let him go.

The gate way to the Demons interdimensional base is completely invisible, but you should be able to find it by using a locator spell. You’ll have to get a possession of one of the children they stole however. And you’ll have to act quickly too. Once those children become Soldiers the spell won’t work on them.

Cushing spoke “I’ll contact the parents of Julia Blomfield. She was their latest victim, so there’s hopefully a chance they won’t have turned her yet

Carlene agreed but she said to Cushing that they had one little problem to deal with first. “Fetch the Lenesk and prepare the exorcism Detective

George protested. “I told you what you want to know. You’re supposed to be heroes, heroes don’t go back on their word.”

Carlene hit back “and they don’t let monsters that eat hearts just go free either. Still I am a woman of her word. This exorcism will give you a 5 second chance of getting free of the binding spell before we douse you in Lenesk. Call this my little gift to you

George was overcome with rage and fear as Cushing returned with the bottle and began to chant the spell. He was completely helpless but then it hit him what his only option was. Clearly Cushing and the Vampire wanted to still try and save the person whose body he had taken over, the real George, hence why they didn’t just burn him with the Lenesk now which would incinerate George too. “How foolish of them” he thought to himself. “After all the years I’ve been possessing him, and all the things I’ve made him do, George will be completely insane. Even I’d hate to see what state he’d be in after all this time.” Still he was right Carlene and Detective Cushing both wanted to free the poor man from the horror he had been living in for the past decade or so.

Thus the Demon decided that it would destroy George from the inside unless they freed him. Whilst it wasn’t able to move George’s body on the outside thanks to the binding spell, it could if need be retreat inside him after which it would then be able to shred his insides. Once George was dead it would not be freed from its prison, but still its host was a useful bargaining chip.

As the Demon moved inside George for the first time in over a decade he was given control of his body again and began to scream in agony as the Demon started to twist his innards.

Cushing stopped performing the exorcism. Carlene at first thought it was a trick and urged him to keep going until George started to cough up blood. Cushing begged the Demon to stop.

The Demon, taking over George’s body once again said that it would as long as they let him go. Carlene refused, but she was met with George’s screams once again.

Carlene was torn. If she didn’t exorcise the Demon now there would be very little chance of catching him again. Perhaps she thought it would be better to let George die now than condemn him to living in this horrifying state any longer.

Sadly however Cushing would take matters out of the Vampire’s hands and undid the binding spell right away.

Before Carlene could chide him George or rather the Demon possessing him ran at the Vampire and thumped her in the face, sending her flying across the room and through the window at the back.

Cushing was all alone against the Demon now. He was scared. Even after all these years a Demon as vicious as this was still capable of striking fear into the heart of the bravest warrior.

The Demon was well aware of how vulnerable he was and began to taunt the Detective.

Your little pet Vampire is gone now Detective? Now you’re just a pathetic, scared old man.

Cushing however kept his cool and and responded to the Demons taunts by throwing the Lenesk on George’s arm. Cushing did not want to hurt George so he didn’t douse the Demon, or even throw it in its face. However at the same time it was his only weapon so he had to use it in some way.

George fell to his knees in absolute agony. His arm sizzled and burned and he couldn’t move it after a few seconds. The pain did not deter him long however. He jumped back on his feet determined to make the Detective pay.

Cushing tried to use the Lenesk again, but the monster managed to knock it out of his hand before he could open the bottle. It then grabbed the Detective by the throat and lifted him up in the air, slowly crushing the life out of him.

Cushing kicked at the monster and struggled, but it was completely in vain. He knew that there was no way he could even harm the Demon unarmed, but still what else could he do in this situation?

The Demon however took too long in choking Cushing, and as a result Carlene who ran back through the same window she had been thrown through, was able to tackle the monster to the ground.

This time Carlene was not holding anything back. She didn’t care about preserving the monsters host body. She felt he was a lost cause as this Demon was simply too dangerous to be allowed to go free.

Carlene delivered a flurry of punches to the Demons face. Whilst the Demon’s strength was immense, Carlene was far faster and she didn’t even give the monster a chance to react as she mercilessly pummelled the monster into a bloody mess on the floor.

Carlene soon saw that her attacks were pointless as they were all healing relatively quickly and so she jumped off of the Demon, and grabbed the bottle of Lenesk on the floor. As soon as the Demon saw she had it, it finally fled from George’s body.

The Demon had wisely realised that the odds were not in its favour.

Carlene cursed herself for not being fast enough. As Cushing rose to his feet Carlene slammed him against a wall.

“You idiot. Do you realise what you have done? Lord knows how many people you’ve condemned. The next poor soul it possesses? The next young girl whose heart it feasts on?”

Of course Carlene knew why he had done it. She looked round at George who was lying curled up in a ball on the floor. He was a completely broken man. He had been conscious throughout the Demons entire horrific existence.

“It would have been better to let this poor man die and spare anyone else from going through what he has” Carlene said shaking her head and tightening her grip on Cushing.

“I’m sorry Carlene. I didn’t have it in me to kill an innocent man. You can shout and scream and even try and kill me later if you want.”

Carlene realised how she’d let her rage get the better of her and apologised to Cushing. “I’m sorry Detective I, I just have these moments.”

“Well just try and not to have one of them when we go and tell Michelle about what happened here.”

Carlene couldn’t believe what she had just heard. “You want to waste more time talking to that crazy bitch Michelle? Last time we met she shot me in the stomach. It didn’t kill me but it hurt like fuck!

Okay I get it you’re not exactly friends, but Carlene what choice do we have? We are going to be going up against possibly the greatest threat this city has ever faced and you want to go up there all alone with only an ageing Detective as back up? These Demons are warriors from all over the entire cosmos. They have magics and technology beyond what we can conceive!

Carlene responded “but I have fangs!” Carlene obviously knew that the Detective was right, but just couldn’t quite bring herself to admit that she’d have to work with Michelle.

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