Carlene The Jazz Vampire: The Demon Children: Part 5: Initiation

Julia awoke to find herself in a dark, dank room surrounded by other children and teenagers. The oldest at the most was 17 years old. Most of the children were crying, except for one child at the other end of the room, who in contrast seemed quite jovial.

Julia couldn’t quite make his face out as the room was so dark. As she got closer however to the boy she could see his face more clearly. It was hideously deformed. His hair was falling out, his teeth were growing long and his skin was yellow.

He was beginning to look like the monster that had snatched Julia off the streets.

Julia had no idea what was going on or what to do, so she just started screaming blindly for help.

One of the teenage boys next to Julia suddenly punched her across the face sending her crashing to the floor with a bloody nose. As Julia looked up she could see this boy’s skin had begun to turn yellow too. He did not seem happy however. In fact he was crying and screaming to himself.

Julia was terrified yet at the same time she couldn’t help but pity her attacker. She had never seen anyone look so distressed or in as much pain.

Just then a door opened at the other end of the cell and white light flooded the room.

One of the monsters that had snatched Julia suddenly entered and all of the teenagers and children immediately began to cower in the corner.

The Demon spoke, its voice hissing and high pitched “You children are too innocent these days. Months and months with us and you still cling on to your humanity? Back in the day we’d have broken you in a week!” The Demon then turned his attention to the jovial Demonic boy and said “At least one of you has seen things our way. You’ll go on to great things my boy.”

Julia tried to stay hidden in the crowd of petrified children but the Demon soon focused his attention squarely on Julia and began to approach her.

She could barely look at the monster she was so scared. As the Demon cornered her all of the other children scattered to the other side of the room leaving Julia on her own. The only person in the room who wasn’t completely terrified other than the monster itself was the yellow skinned boy with the Demon teeth who was even laughing hysterically at the others plight.

Julia was utterly petrified at what these things had in store for her. She was dragged by her arm through a long, dark corridor by the monster and placed in a tiny room at the end of it. The door slammed shut.

A few minutes passed which felt like hours.  Julia spoke to the door, mumbling through her tears and whimpers. She hoped that perhaps one of the monsters was standing outside and maybe, just maybe it would take pity on her.

Please, I, I don’t know what you want with me, but I just want to go home. Don’t hurt me!

Just then the door swung open and the the Demon entered with a small, crooked little smile on its twisted face.

Oh don’t worry. I won’t lay a finger on you if you do what we want. We are warriors child. We exist for a purpose far greater than you can possibly imagine. You should feel honoured that we chose you to join us. I warn you however fight our influence and you will suffer!

Just then a second Demon entered the room carrying a small frightened looking dog under its arm. It was Julia’s dog named Daisy.

The Demon placed the Dog on the floor in front of Julia and then placed a large, blood stained meat cleaver in between Julia and Daisy.

The Demon said, whilst smiling with sadistic delight. “In order to become one of us you need to severe all links with your human life. This is a small, easy step. They’ll get harder as time goes on, but for now. Kill that little mongrel or else you’ll suffer!

Julia wanted to be sick. Daisy had been her best friend for the past 5 years. In fact she’d been her only friend. Julia had been always been somewhat lonely, shy girl. She had always dreaded the day where she would have to put her dog down, but she could have never imagined it would be under these horrifying circumstances.

Please, I, I don’t know why you want me to do this” Julia said whilst quivering. “But I can’t

The Demon interrupted her. Its tone was suddenly much angrier, its voice louder, more booming.

We want you to become a warrior in the most important battle of all time. We want you to become a hero whose story will be remembered forever. But first you need to prove you are worthy! Kill that little mutt! Now!

Julia crumbled into a little ball on the floor in response.

The Demon approached the terrified girl and placed his hand around her throat. “Its either you or the Dog do you understand me! If you don’t kill her now I will tear you to pieces!”

The monster began to bare its fangs in her face, hissing. Julia had never been so scared. In that moment she forgot how much she loved her little Dog. All she knew was that she didn’t want to die.

The monster sensing the fear in her hear threw her to the ground by the blood stained cleaver and without hesitation, purely to save her own life she buried it in Daisy’s skull.

After carrying out this gruesome act, Julia surprisingly felt no guilt. She felt no disgust, either with herself or even the splattered brains of her beloved pet lain at her feet.

Instead for a second she actually felt quite good. That feeling quickly faded however and she instantly began to feel shame at what she had done and began to hug the corpse of her Dog.

The Demon meanwhile sat back and smiled. “It begins” it said to itself whilst smirking.

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