Siren of London: Unsinkable Dreams

Florence Faith always stood out from the crowd. With her towering 6 foot 6 frame, her flame red hair, and striking looks, Florence was like someone from a renaissance era painting come to life.

The first 25 or so years of Florence’s life were very privileged. She came from a fairly wealthy family, and was doted on by her two parents. Florence never did a days work in her entire life, as her parents provided her with everything. Instead Florence would devote her every waking minute to her passions and interests which included art, music, theatre and history.

Florence’s greatest love however was the ocean. Florence’s fascination with the ocean ironically stemmed from a traumatic incident when she was just 6 years old.

Florence’s parents had taken her on a cruise along with their friends, and their children across the English channel.

Florence was initially somewhat bored. She didn’t really get along with the other children. She didn’t dislike them, its just that Florence was always more of a loner as a child (something that would change greatly when she was an adult.)

Still her parents couldn’t stand seeing their child just sitting in the corner away from the rest, and so they encouraged her to play. It was reckless of course as the children were playing on the deck, whilst the parents were busy boozing among themselves inside. Still Florence’s parents whilst loving could be a bit absent minded at times, and they didn’t want their daughter to get a reputations as an anti social misfit.

Another reason Florence didn’t like playing with the children was because they often didn’t play the games she wanted to play. Florence had an interest in the macabre and would often insist that her friends play games about Witches, Monsters and Demons.

Still for the cruise she agreed to play a simple game of Hoop and Stick. Unfortunately however, during one session Florence tripped over a stick left on the edge of the deck and went tumbling over board.

Florence couldn’t swim and she quickly sank beneath the waves. Sinking into the briney deep, as Florence kicked and struggled she could see a strange figure darting about in the distance under the surface.

At first Florence tried to shout out to the figure under the water, but as she got a closer look at the figure she began to scream in amazement. It was a Mermaid!

The Mermaid had long flowing red hair, just like Florence and a strikingly beautiful face. Its expression however was sheer rage! The creature appeared to be carrying what looked like a spear, with its fish tail thrashing around behind it.

Florence still screamed out for the Mermaid to help her, but the creature just snarled at the helpless young girl and darted out the other way into the ocean.

Fortunately however, Florence’s father who had jumped into the water as soon as the children called to their parents for help, was able to pull her to safety.

For the rest of the cruise, Florence’s parents would stay with her, constantly apologising and promising they wouldn’t leave her again. Florence however wasn’t angry or even scared. Instead she was fascinated by the creature she had seen under the waves.

Her father hadn’t spotted the Mermaid as he was obviously too focused on Florence. Naturally all of Florence;s friends and family didn’t believe her wild claims of seeing a Mermaid. Her parents put it down to a hallucination when she was passing out under the water, but Florence knew what she had seen and it would begin her lifelong obsession with the ocean.

The Mermaid had caused Florence to realise that the ocean was another entire world, one that mankind had barely scratched the surface of. Here there was another race just like man living right under his nose. They clearly knew of us, but we knew nothing about them. What did they think of us? Judging from the Mermaid that callously left her, a helpless young girl to drown, not much it seemed.

Still Florence wanted to know everything she could about this strange new world that existed beneath our own. She would spend hours swimming in the ocean, and go on as many cruises as she could. Sadly however she would never see another Mermaid for as long as she lived.

Whilst known for eccentricities, Florence would still nevertheless was beloved in the local community. She was extremely generous with her wealth and would always help out those in need financially and emotionally.

Florence’s generosity did put a serious strain on the family for a short while which caused her parents to cut her off. It was hard for Florence to stay in her local town afterwards. The towns people would still run up to her for help, but now she had to send them away. They’d often concoct elaborate sob stories, which the naive Florence always fell for, but sadly she would still have to send them on her way, which eventually made her, ironically, a hate figure.

Added to this Florence’s relationship with her parents and siblings had obviously soured too because of their financial problems.

Florence would eventually find an escape at the age of 19 when she met her future husband on a particularly expensive cruise ship called the Messiah. Then one of the biggest cruise ships ever built. Florence’s parents had stopped booking cruises for her, but they personally wanted to be on the ship as a way of restoring their reputation among the elite. They saved up for ages to go on the Messiah and Florence in spite of all the grief her lavish spending had caused them was still invited. Her parents knew how much it meant to her, and they felt it would be too cruel to leave her out.

Florence as always was hoping she could see a Mermaid, but she found something better instead. Abraham Blomfield was like Florence, a kind hearted, generous soul. He had never really fitted in with his family, but unlike Florence, he had always been very careful with the money he had inherited and was now living independently.

He took an instant liking to Florence. Unlike most people she knew, he found her stories about the ocean and the Mermaid interesting, though he still didn’t believe them. He always thought she was making them up, but still found her quirks and eccentricities charming.

The two would be married within a year of their courtship and soon they would have a child, a daughter named Daisy.

Despite her somewhat careless upbringing, Florence now had the perfect family life, but sadly when her daughter was only 3 years old, Florence’s life long obsession with the ocean would sadly lead to tragic consequences for her and her family.

In 1912, when she was only 25, Florence would convince her husband to book her and her daughter a place on the largest cruise ship ever built. The Titanic!

To Florence the Titanic was just too enticing. She had to be on that ship, and her husband knowing what a huge coup it would be for them wanted on it too. As much as Abraham loved Florence, there were times where he was somewhat embarrassed by her somewhat eccentric behaviour in public, and he hoped that a place on the Titanic would secure their place as a respected couple in their community.

Sadly however the Titanic’s voyage was doomed from the start. A group of ocean dwelling Vampires, known as the Sirens had followed the cruiser since it left port. The Sirens had the power to influence people with their singing voice. In the olden days they used it lure unsuspecting sailors to their deaths, where they would torture and kill them!

The Titanic would be the biggest feast for the Vampires there had ever been. Various different packs from around the world had gathered together to ensure the ship would sink.

The monsters waited until the right moment, so they could make the ship sinking look like an accident, and followed it to the Atlantic ocean where the eldest of the monsters was able to sneak on board. This Siren, a male known as Hereshia, had existed for over 1000 years. Sirens could be both male and female, but females who were the ones used to lure sailors to the ocean in the earlier days, as they were often less threatening looking. Even then however, no Siren looked completely human. Their skin was dark blue, their eyes were a piercing red, and they all looked emaciated. Like many Vampire breeds there was a terrible air of hunger about them.

This male however being the oldest, strongest and most skilled was chosen for the almighty task of sinking the Titanic. He crept on board in the middle of the night and made his way to the captain’s office where he was able to take control of its Captain, Edward John Smith, who it made crash into an iceberg.

The ship shank within 3 hours of striking the iceberg. The Sirens waited in the water patiently, but some of the monsters, impatient began to make their way into the sinking ship, picking off victims.

Of all the passengers on the ill fated ship, Florence would suffer the worst fate off all. During the commotion of the ship sinking, Florence had become separated from her husband and daughter. She had been in the library, whilst they were resting in their quarters.

Whilst desperately trying to make her way through the sea of hysterical and fleeing passengers back to her cabin, Florence would get lost in the maze of corridors of the ship. Whilst trapped in a flooding corridor, Florence would be ambushed by Hereshia himself. The Vampire however didn’t just feed on her. It would turn her into one of its own.

Its not always known why Vampires choose to turn people into members of their own kind. In many instances they choose the worst, most despicable people to turn, as they know they will be the most effective Vampires. In other instances however they turn them simply out of instinct.

It is possible this may have been the case with Florence, or maybe Hereshia could sense her deeper connection with the ocean, but whatever the case, Florence was dragged away, kicking and screaming by the Vampire to be made into one of them. None of the other passengers even noticed Florence being pulled down the flooded corridor, under the water as they were too busy trying to save themselves and their families.

As the blood sucker carried her out to see, the last sight Florence would ever see as a human as, would be the Titanic slowly descending into the icey depths of the Atlantic, with hideous Sirens crawling up the side onto the deck to prey on the cowering humans, or waiting in the waters below for any unfortunate souls who fell overboard.

Abraham and Daisy were among those fortunate enough to escape the doomed ship, though in the ensuing decades, Abraham would wish that he had gone down with the Titanic along with his wife.

Abraham had managed to make it to the life boats, simply because his cabin was nearer the deck than the Library. He made sure he got Daisy to the deck, but sadly when he went back for Florence, he found she was gone from the Library. He searched all over for as long as he could, but sadly he didn’t find a trace of his beloved.

He headed back to the deck to see if she had made it there, and when she wasn’t he waited frantically for her, not wanting to send Daisy out on her own. Daisy also wouldn’t leave without her mother either.

As the ship plunged into the icey depths of the Atlantic, Abraham still waited frantically for his beloved, but as soon as the hideous creatures began to climb over the deck, and slaughter the passengers, Abraham, thinking more for his daughter than himself, jumped onto one of the life boats with Daisy, who screamed at him not to leave her mother.

It broke Abraham’s heart. Even just the shame of taking one of the life boats for himself. Like all gentlemen he believed in women and children first in dire situations, but with Daisy’s mother most likely gone, he didn’t want the child to have to grow up without either of her parents.

Tragically Abraham would be shamed for the rest of his life as the coward of the Titanic. All of his family, and friends disowned him, and the media would always describe him as the spineless rat who left his wife to go down with the ship. Daisy would constantly be bullied at school and ridiculed too as the daughter of the coward. She never let it get her down however. Instead it motivated Daisy to do all she could to restore her family’s name and really make something of herself.

Sadly Daisy thought just as little of her father as everyone else. Abraham tried to be the best father he could for Daisy, but she would always shun him and blame him for her mothers death. Once she left home, Abraham virtually never saw his daughter again. She wasn’t even present at his funeral (indeed no one was), and Daisy changed her surname to avoid any association with the coward who supposedly left women and children to die.

Of course little did either Daisy or Abraham know, Florence had in some way survived the tragedy. She awoke several days after the ship had sunk, above water, surrounded by several Sirens including her maker.

The monsters told her of what had happened and how they had elevated her in making her one of them. Florence was horrified and wanted to know what happened to her family. The monsters however had no idea, and didn’t care. They told her that her life was with them now and that she would have to abandon her humanity.

The Sirens were Soul Vampires. There were many different breeds of Vampire, but they could all be grouped into 3 different categories. Savage Vampires, Soul Vampires and Pure Vampires.

Savage Vampires are when a persons soul is ejected from their body, and a Demon takes their place. These Vampires are the most powerful and dangerous. They are are as single minded as animals and live for nothing but the kill and are monstrous in appearance. With Pure Vampires meanwhile, the humans soul would remain in the body, but it would be transformed into a Demons soul. All positive emotions such a compassion, love, remorse and mercy are wiped, and any negative traits the human had are amplified. These Vampires are the most common. Finally Soul Vampires are where the persons soul remains in their body, but a Demon soul exists within it as well. This Demon soul doesn’t take over the body, but it does repress all of its positive emotions, enhances its anger, hatred and sadism, and adds a blood lust. Soul Vampires most of the time are evil, bloodthirsty monsters, but since there is still some humanity in them, unlike Savage and Pure Vampires, it meant that it was possible, theoretically for a Soul Vampire to overcome its darker urges.

In Florence’s case, right away she fought the Demon within her, but sadly she would be forced to give in out of fear from the other Sirens who threatened to tear her to pieces unless she embraced her new nature.

The monsters would take her with them as they used their voices to lure more sailors to their deaths in the oceans. Florence would sadly be forced to use her voice to help kill several innocent men. The longer she spent with the monsters and the more innocent blood she spilled, the more the woman she was vanished, and the Demon took over.

Florence would spend over 50 years with the Sirens. During that time she explored the world that had fascinated her so much in life, hunted Mermaids, and was hunted by them, got caught up in a war between Mermaids and Vampires, and battled gigantic, prehistoric, Demonic sea monsters.

Sadly however she no longer cared. Like all Vampires she had no real urges or desires except for to maim and mangle.

One day however in 1967, Florence would be reminded of who she truly was, when she encountered an old friend, the Mermaid that she had first seen all those years ago when she first fell into the ocean.

This Mermaid, named Ocela, was in fact a criminal and outlaw from her people. She lived on her own throughout the oceans, stealing loot from sunken ships, and even living in them certain periods. Unlike other members of her kind she was happy to work with and do jobs for Vampires and Demon if it suited her, though she knew never to trust them.

When Ocela was captured by the Sirens, she instantly tried to bargain her way out of it, but the monsters didn’t care. They wanted a feast, and Mermaid blood was the most delicious to the monsters.

However it didn’t take long for Florence to recognise Ocela. She had changed very little since their last meeting, and her face had burned itself into the Siren’s memory. Mermaids like all creatures of magic aged much slower than humans.

Florence at first couldn’t bare to look at the Mermaid and be reminded of her former humanity, but later that day as she slept, she was haunted by images of her husband and child, and for a brief moment, she was actually able to feel emotions she had long buried, such as compassion, love and genuine remorse which were enough to wake her.

Knowing that they would soon subside, Florence quickly helped Ocela escape whilst the rest of the Sirens were sleeping. Ocela wasn’t quite sure why the Vampire had helped her and assumed that she must have wanted something. Florence had really saved the Meramaid more for her own sake. Whilst she still felt a tiny grain of humanity she was going to try and preserve it and hoped a good act might help preserve it.

The fact that Ocela had abandoned her as a young girl wasn’t lost on Florence, but sadly Ocela didn’t remember it, simply commenting that she’d left a lot of people to drown. Oceal said that she never felt guilty as this world did not belong to the humans and that they had no business being here in the first place.

Still the Mermaid wanted to repay the Vampire (more to ensure she wouldn’t be in her debt at a later point.) Florence decided to have Ocela take her to the remains of the Titanic.

Florence hoped that being on the last place she ever saw her loved ones would perhaps allow her to feel more of the person she once was.

When they reached the wreckage Florence would stay there for several weeks. Ocela having repaid her debt would leave the Vampire to stalk the halls of the sunken ship for weeks. Florence only remained on the wreckage because it allowed her to fully remember who she was. She contemplated suicide several times, as all the feelings of guilt for the innocent men she had dragged to a watery grave over the past 50 years came flooding back. She was never able to muster the courage however and after several weeks, Florence began to feel her old self slowly fading once again. The bloodlust slowly crept back, as the Demon spat its poison into her mind and tried to repress the caring woman she really was once again.

Florence however not wanting to go back to the monster she had been for the past several decades, quickly headed for home. She wanted to find out what became of her daughter, and her husband. She found no remains on the Titanic. The bodies had long since crumbled into nothing but dust or been consumed. All that was left where the victims clothes and their shoes!

Florence hoped that if her loved ones were still alive then they could help her control the beast within. If they weren’t then she would finally end her suffering once and for all.

It was hard for Florence to control her bloodlust on the long journey home and several times she very nearly went back her old ways, but she kept an item of her daughters that had been left on the Titanic in their old quarters, as a reminder not to give up, and after several days Florence reached Southampton port, almost 60 years after she left there with the Titanic.

She crawled onto the bay at night, completely naked and covered in barnacles. Florence would keep hidden for the next few days whilst she adjusted (she also stole some rags to cover her face and body.) First and foremost Florence wanted to know what became of her loved ones.

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