Professor Fang: The Dark Side of The Moon: Part 8: The King of The Valley

Brontosaurus Finally Validated as a Distinct Dinosaur - ABC News

The Professor fled as fast as he could, whilst carrying Kirsteen (much to her chagrin) with the blue magical energy smashing everything in its path after them.

The two however soon came to a dead end. The Professor jumped ten or so feet above Kirsteen’s head to the roof of the cave they were in. Using his Vampiric strength he tried to rip a hole in the roof, though he didn’t tell Kirsteen to get out of the way, and a rock nearly fell on her head.

“How embarrassing would that have been? You go to all that effort to try and save me from the magic, only to kill me through your incompetence.”

“Who says I’m trying to save you?” The Professor joked as he desperately clawed his way through the rock.

The magic was getting nearer and nearer. Kirsteen had never felt so helpless and as the blue wave of magic was almost upon her she closed her eyes in terror. Fortunately the Professor had just managed to break his way through and jumped back down, pulling Kirsteen up in the nick of time, though as she was pulled up, she could feel the heat from the magic burn her feet badly.

Up above The Professor crawled out of the small hole he had created, though both he and Kirsteen were barely able to make it through, one after another. The magic below had seemingly reached its zenith for now at least.

In the cave above the Professor and Kirsteen could see an exit. It led to what looked like a very small valley on the inside of the mountain.

There was a small lake and several trees surrounding it near the cave as well as what looked like a small Ceratopsian Dinosaur standing over the lake, drinking.

There was no way back except down and so the Professor and Kirsteen were forced to walk through the valley.

Up above they could see several Pterosaurs, all of which had been mutated by the magic. The Professor and Kirsteen wisely kept their distance and hid under some near trees.

Unfortunately however they were too consumed with the Pterosaurs to notice another, much larger creature heading towards them. It was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. a female this time (which Lindsey would have recognized as such due to it’s different skin coloration.)

Luckily for Kirsteen and the Professor, the Tyrannosaurus was instead focused on the small Ceratopsian. The Tyrant Lizard King was able to sneak up on its unsuspecting prey and with one devastating bite, brought it to the ground.

The Professor and Kirsteen were alerted to its presence by the Ceratopsian’s screams. Unfortunately so were the Pterosaurs who started to attack the Tyrannosaur.

The Pterosaurs were no match for the Tyrannosaur who tore two of the winged terrors that were foolish enough to get near out of the sky and crushed them in its mighty jaws.

Unfortunately however as the Professor and Kirsteen tried to run away one of the Pterosaurs noticed them and was able to pounce on the Professor and drag him into the sky.

The Tyrannosaurus meanwhile having either killed or driven off the remaining Pterosaurs turned its attention to the mutant carrying the Professor. It was too high for the Dinosaur to reach with its head, so the monster swung its tail towards it.

The Professor however noticed the Tyrannosaur and sunk his fangs into the Pterosaurs foot, causing it to drop him, just as the Tyrannosaurs tail struck the Pterosaur and smashed its body to pieces.

The Tyrannosaur then turned to face the Professor. Roaring and snapping in an attempt to scare him, not that it needed to. It’s size and teeth were enough!

The Professor ran but the Dinosaur chased after him. Kirsteen tried to run after the Dinosaur, but the Professor shouted at her to flee and find Lindsey and the others.

She didn’t need much encouragment not to try and fight a Tyrannosaurus. As Kirsteen ran out into the open however a few of the surviving Pterosaurs noticed her and swooped down. She barely managed to dodge them, before being forced down a nearby cave.

As she ran deeper and deeper into the cave she felt she could hear a voice. The voice however more felt like it was in her head and it actually caused her quite a lot of pain.

“You have to hurry we don’t have much time. Please just listen to my.” The voice which rang in both Kirsteen and the Professors ears soon cut off.

The Professor meanwhile continued to run deep into the valley with the Tyrannosaurus not giving up.

“Honestly I don’t know why Lindsey likes you lot so much. Yeah there are some good films about you, but you’re more trouble than you’re worth.” The Professor said back to the relentless Tyrannosaur.

The Professor soon came to a dead end. There was a cliff which stretched to the tallest part of the mountain. Even the Professor couldn’t make a jump that big and the cliff edge was completely smooth.

The Tyrannosaurus charged head first at the Vampire who managed using all of his strength to jump over the beast as it rammed head first into the edge of the cliff, causing it to shake and massive boulders and pieces of rubble to fall.

The Professor thinking fast used his Vampire strength to dig a hole in the ground, and then from below pulled a massive stone over the hole. The Tyrannosaur could flip the stone away easily, but hopefully it wouldn’t think to look for him under there.

The Tyrannosaurs were incredibly intelligent, at least by Dinosaur standards, but they had also become used to similar behavour from their prey, even humans.

The Tyrannosaurus wouldn’t have been used to dealing with a human sized creature with enough strength to lift a boulder, or being capable of burrowing underground.

The Tyrannosaurus could still smell the Professor and searched around for a few minutes before letting out a roar in frustration and returning to its Ceratopsian meal.

After a few more minutes to be sure, the Professor pushed the boulder away with his strength and crawled out of his makeshift grave. It wasn’t the first time he had been forced to claw his way out of one.

The Professor slowly crept through the valley to the cave he had seen Kirsteen flee too, careful not to make any more noise and alert the Tyrannosaurus.

“Professor, Professor, thank god.” Lindsey said as she spotted her Vampire companion from the trees.

“Lindsey keep down, there’s a Tyrannosaurus over there.”

Lindsey hadn’t noticed the beast yet.

“Up here? I thought all the Dinosaurs in this mountain had been turned into those mutants.” Lindsey said in surprise

“I’m guessing the top of the mountain is the only part that wave hasn’t struck yet. Eye of the storm and everything. Give it time however.”

“That’s something we don’t have” Mascorak said as he and Tisean came into view.

“As we made our way here, we saw explosions happening all over the valley. It could break apart any minute.”

“Yes well not that we’re any closer to finding the core, but earlier I think I heard a voice in my head. Kirsteen heard it too. It was faint, but it could be the Dragon responsible for creating this valley. That was imprisoned with it. The Gods often imprisoned the Dragons they didn’t want to kill within the valleys they had created. It’s possible that he’s reaching out to me, maybe to even help me fix whatever’s wrong here. He did build it after all. The problem is.”

Suddenly the ground started to shake. The Professor, Lindsey, Tisean and Mascorak believed it to be the valley breaking apart at first, but they were soon proven wrong when a gigantic clawed hand came bursting through the ground in front of them, followed by a hideous, grinning, horned head.

It was the mutant Theropod that Lindsey and the others had seen attacking the Ceratopsians.

It instantly drew the Tyrannosaurs attention and within a few minutes the two monsters were battling one another.

The mutant gained the upper hand almost instantly. The Tyrannosaurus managed one swing with its tail, which the mutant caught, before it then went on to slash the Tyrannosaurus several times across the face. The monster also disoriented the Tyrannosaurus with its constant screaming which almost sounded like giggling to the Professor and the others.

After taking dozens and dozens of blows, the Tyrannosaur fell to the ground. The mutant started to drag the Tyrannosaur away, by the tail, thinking its rival had died. (To be fair those wounds would be enough to kill most Dinosaurs.)

The Tyrannosaurus wasn’t completely beat yet however and it pulled its tail free from the monsters grasp and swung back at the mutants feet, knocking it off guard. The Tyrannosaurus hoisted itself up with its strong back legs and clamped its jaws around the mutants arm. With one bite it crushed the mutants arm, though the creature instantly fought back and slashed and slashed at the Tyrannosaurus’ face until it was forced to let go and staggered back.

The mutant then charged at the Tyrannosaurus with its horn and slashed it across the side, but the Tyrannosaurus in response clamped its teeth around the mutants tail and this time it bit so hard it tore it off.

The mutant in response dug its claws straight into the Tyrannosaurus eye and tore it out. The Tyrannosaur however rammed into the mutant, and with its much greater body weight pushing the monster back into the nearest wall. The mutant started to slash and slash at the Tyrannosaurs back with its remaining clawed arm until the beast again was forced to give in. The mutant then attempted to charge the Tyrannosaur again with its horn, but this time the Tyrant Lizard King was too fast and it managed to grab the monsters horn in its mouth. The Tyrannosaur pulled the mutant to the ground and delivered a series of bites to its back,, ripping off masses of flesh, before breaking its other arm. Finally the Tyrannosaurus closed its jaws around the monsters head, crushing it to a pulp.

The Tyrannosaurus roared in triumph over its rival, with tis roars echoing through the valley and mountain, scaring anything that heard it away.

During the battle the Professor, Lindsey, Mascorak and Tisean had wisely fled down the same cave Kirsteen had escaped through. Lindsey had wanted to stay and see who won the fight, but the Professor pulled her away, though just before he did, she managed to snap a picture of it. Catching the Tyrannosaurus as it had its jaws locked around the mutant Dinosaurs arm.

After a few minutes they had caught up to Kirsteen who they found lying unconscious on the cave floor.

“Kirsteen, Kirsteen.” The Professor said as he tried to wake her.

Suddenly the Professor, Lindsey, Mascorak and Tisean were all similarly brought to the ground by an overwhelming sensation of pain. The Professor lasted the longest naturally, but in less than a minute he too was knocked out.

When the time travelers and their companions awoke they found themselves sealed in a strange, purple, magical bubble.

“What’s going on?”

“Finally. You humans are so weak I’m amazed you ever usurped our kind as the masters of the planet”. A deep voice from seemingly nowhere said.

“I’m not human” The Professor replied.

“I know exactly what you are child of Khastran, not that any of that matters now” the voice said as an apparition of a large, golden, Dragon like creature appeared in front of them.

“I am the creator of this valley. Sealed deep within the mountain by the gods. I have been waiting for one of you to reach me.”

“My god. An actual Dragon.” Kirsteen said only for the apparition to sigh.

“I’m a Wyvern actually. A Pterosaur fused with magic, not a Dinosaur.”

“It can’t be. We’ve heard stories of the god of the valley, said to be sealed in the highest mountain.” Mascorak said.

“I am not a god.” The Wyvern interrupted. “They are the cause of all this. The prison that binds me here prevented me from contacting you for centuries. If I could I would have told you that the magics you were using weren’t helping. It’s only been recently that I was able to finally to contact some of you, but even then my reach is limited to this mountain.”

“Where are you imprisoned?” The Professor asked.

“Beneath the mountain. I am using up a lot of the valley’s magic even just to send this message to you. We have even less time now.”

“There’s no need for that.” The Professor said smugly much to Lindsey and Kirsteens annoyance.

“I have a spell that will fix the shall we say shoddy Dragon, or rather Wyvern craftmanship of this valley.”

“Foolish Vampire, your little tricks will accomplish nothing. The magic used to build this valley are far superior to those on earth. You will need a spell that only I know. Let me show you.”

Suddenly Kirsteen started screaming as a blue electricity flowed through her body, which started to float up through the air.

“Please stop” Kirsteen shouted. The others attempted to intervene, but the Wyvern pinned them all to the edge of the forcefield.

“I am doing what I must to save this valley.” The reptile said.

To Be Continued

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