Gina: Queen of The Forest

Some would argue that there is no such thing as a hero. Scratch the surface of any great, inspiring figures life story and you will find the sordid, unsavoury details they’d rather you not know about. From world leaders, to vampire killers, to great artists. All of them are better known for the artificial imageContinue reading “Gina: Queen of The Forest”

Aimee Agyeman: Demonic Adventurer: Origin

Aimee Agyeman was a pioneer who explored all the corners of the earth and then some. Her bravery and passion for discovery ensured that she left no stone on this world unturned, and helped future generations learn the truth about so many hidden aspects of our history, as well as uncover secret threats to humanity.Continue reading “Aimee Agyeman: Demonic Adventurer: Origin”