The Mega Family: Part 1: Jocaziah

Drawing by Caio Corsini Filhio

Family can mean many things to different people and culture’s, but I think most would agree that the defining feature of any true family, is a unique bond that unites a group of individuals together no matter what. Culture, heritage, and even blood are all ultimately of secondary importance to that key bond.

Perhaps no group better demonstrates this than the Mega Family, a collection of creatures who weren’t even of the same species as one another. (In fact one of them wasn’t even from the same planet) but who nevertheless established a strong connection that would see them through many battles and trying times ahead.

To the general public, the Mega Family are looked on as nothing more than an urban legend, like Bigfoot, or the Loch Ness Monster, but in truth they were among the greatest heroes this world would ever see and we can all only hope that one day they will return. (To be fair the truth behind both Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster are also not quite what I’d wager any of you would expect, but those are stories for other times.)

Wherever this ragtag group of dinosaurs and robots and shark women may be now, two things to be sure of are that they will be fighting the good fight against the forces of darkness, and that they will be together.

The Mega Family consisted of a Tyrannosaurus named Jocaziah, a shark woman named Charcaria, a gigantic cybernetic creature named Kosarak, and finally a large amphibian, humanoid named Daharain. All naturally came from very different backgrounds, though all at least were created by magic which would ultimately be what brought them together. Before we examine their initial adventure as a family however, it is important that we explore who or what they were before as well.

In this chapter we will explore the life and history of Jocaziah, who would also be known as the king of beasts. Worshipped as a god by some, viewed as a monster by others. All who knew of him would agree however, that even by the standards of the Tyrannosaurs, the most dangerous predators ever to walk the earth, Jocaziah was a truly formidable creature.

Contrary to popular belief Dinosaurs have not been extinct for 66 million years. Well if you’re paleontologically inclined you probably knew that anyway, as birds are classified as Dinosaurs. Still the non avian kind who have become a byword for extinction in our age, do still exist in certain remote corners of the earth.

Just as certain powerful spells can restore people to life, then so have many incredibly skilled wizards, warlocks and witches used their power to resurrect Dinosaurs and other ancient creatures from their bones. Sadly however at the same time, just as most resurrection spells are unable to bring someone back as they once were. Then many of the resurrected Dinosaurs throughout our history have been grotesque caricature’s of the great reptiles or distorted in some way. Then there is also the fact that in many instances the Dinosaurs have been brought back to use as weapons, and tampered with deliberately by magics to be more powerful and blood thirsty too. Finally the fact that we still don’t know much about how the Dinosaurs were 66 million years ago, means that even sincere attempts to revive them can still be distorted too. For all we know no Dinosaur to exist in our time even comes close to how the ancient creatures actually looked.

Still arguably one of the greatest havens for resurrected Dinosaurs was Jocaziah’s home, the island of Taskrov, which in the language of magic means “rebirth.”

Now this island was originally founded not with the purpose of bringing Dinosaurs to life, but instead to contain a great evil known as Daskensia. This monstrous entity was ironically the creation of an order known as the Deaneria, who were devoted to protecting and in their minds redeeming mankind from the influence of the supernatural. Though they had access to many powerful forms of magic they were also somewhat naive, believing that mankind had only been corrupted by demons and that if they eliminated their influence, then humanity could finally be free. Unfortunately however a renegade member of their order, Macaran would use a combination of black magics he had built up over the centuries, and his own powers to manipulate people’s darkness and hatred, and demonic energy from creatures the Deaneria had slain, to create a new creature, made up entirely of humanity’s darkest urges which he named Daskensia. This abomination would continue to spread misery, hatred and discontent even in its creators absence for centuries to come whilst being opposed primarily by the Deaneria.

Eventually the council of warlocks and witches after centuries of being helpless in the face of this abomination, would find a way to imprison Daskensia, who even they could not destroy on a remote island, which would later christened Taskrov. They felt the further he was away from people, who were always warring and fighting the less powerful he would be, as our own darker urges and actions literally made him stronger. Whilst their prison held him, doing so was an extremely difficult task, and eventually the Deaneria would be disheartened by the fact that Daskensia no matter how hard they had tried, had always been able to grow in power from the corruption of humanity in the world around him. This was would ultimately lead to the Deaneria renouncing their previous beliefs, (ironically like Macaran had always wanted) and shut themselves off on Taskrov too.

A huge city would be built in the centre of the island over Daskensia’s prison. Whilst the Deaneria were strong enough to defeat any threats that came their way, they soon became paranoid at the prospect of Daskensia influencing humanity to free him, and so they created creatures to help protect their island, by resurrecting great prehistoric beasts from the ground using magic, or creating hyberdised forms of animals. The most successful of these protectors would be the Dinosaurs.

Outside of their city, the Deaneria also created a jungle paradise for their animals to thrive in, only keeping a select few in the city as bodyguards. Though the city would come to see itself as the only paragon of virtue in the world, at the same time it was not above experimenting on the animals to some extent. These experiments though unethical, were nevertheless deemed to be necessary for the greater good. Many monsters would inadvertently be created with some even escaping into the jungle and the outside world beyond that. There would be some successful creations however such as the hybrids and even simply larger and stronger Dinosaurs through exposure to magic.

The experiments coupled with the Deaneria’s own lack of knowledge about Dinosaurs (who weren’t even known to mainstream science at this point) would lead to the Dinosaurs on their island being distortions of the originals in many ways, though by no means the worst.

The Deaneria’s self imposed exile would last for centuries until the 15th century, when their latest leaders who began send their Dinosaurs and other giant monsters out into the world to help battle evil. The end of the exile was a slow process truth be told. At first it was only if there was a threat to the world at large including them, but gradually the more they reconnected with the outside world, the more the Deaneria would begin to resume their original mission of protecting all of humanity, but now using their monsters so they didn’t have to get their hands dirty like before. However the first recorded instance of one of their monsters leaving the island to battle a threat that had nothing to do with Deaneria was in the 15th century. When a Kraken of their design destroyed the most infamous group of vampire pirates, led by Captain Tucker. Unfortunately Tucker would later make his way to the island and became one of its most notorious enemies from there on.

Jocaziah meanwhile would be born sometime in the 17th century. He was bred in the city itself rather than out in the wild and was the latest in a long line of heroic Tyrannosaurs stretching back centuries, though Jocaziah’s reputation would end up out shining them all. Jocaziah measured almost 70 feet long and weighed in at over 30 tons, and stood close to 30 feet tall. His posture was slightly more upright like a Kangeroo than that of a regular Tyrannosaur, though he did not drag his tail. The Dinosaur possessed super strength even by the standards of his kind. He was also immune to many of the strongest magics and demonic powers too. Arguably the Tyrannosaurs greatest weapon however was his intelligence. Not only could Jocaziah understand and follow commands perfectly, but he actually possessed a degree of sentience that at times appeared to rival even that of a person. He could not speak, but certainly based on numerous accounts over the centuries the Dinosaur appeared to be intelligent enough to communicate to some extent in other ways, use more advanced techniques when fighting his enemies, as well as develop strong attachments to his allies as we will soon see.

The Tyrannosaur was not raised by its parents, both of whom were sadly killed in a mission to stop a powerful army of demons from rising. Instead Jocaziah would be raised by the witch named Anjelica. By far and away one of the greatest and most skilled witches in the entire kingdom. Anjelica was also among the most controversial. She was openly critical of the Deaneria, believing that despite their whiter than white reputation, there was just as much corruption in their city as the outside world. Still she had ultimately not become a renegade like many other citizens who had voiced similar concerns over the centuries, believing the city to still ultimately do more good than bad. This resulted in her being hated by both sides, not that she cared as she thought they were all pathetic. As long as she could do her work for the greater good, she had no interest in who was giving her help. She did however have ties to certain renegades, though none of her many enemies in the city were ever able to prove it as she covered her tracks well.

Still in spite of her disdain for the city, Anjelica did have genuine affection for Jocaziah, refusing to allow him to be part of any experiments (which the leaders were always pushing for due to his strength.) She commanded a loyalty from the Dinosaur that no other trainer possessed on the island.

Whilst not all of Jocaziah’s exploits are known, there are still many noteworthy tales of the Tyrannosaurs bravery, and savagery from all over the world from a period of over 300 years.

Not surprisingly the Tyrannosaur made many enemies during this time, but he also made many friends and allies beyond Anjelica, who together would become his first family.

His first ally from outside Taskrov was the demon woman known as Lekinsa who the Tyrannosaur first met when she was imprisoned in Xastion, an underground demon prison.

Xastion was created originally as a sanctuary for demons from all over the world where they could meet on neutral ground to trade, sort out differences and even rarely begin alliances. Even vampires and vandals despite their centuries long hatred could meet here.

Eventually however the Deaneria themselves would seal the place in a bubble. They did so to prevent an alliance of over 100 Demon species from forging an army, whose leaders were meeting in Xastion. Even the Deaneria did not have the power to kill that many demons at one time, at least not at that point in their history. This was before they had even established an island. Instead the Deaneria used the demons own defences against them, by tampering with the force field around their base.

Ironically they were only able to accomplish this with the aid of Lekinsa, who had managed to infiltrate Xastion, gaining a lowly job as one of the guards. She brought the necessary equipment and spells to tamper with the force field, but unfortunately she was not able to escape in time and remained trapped with the others.

The Deaneria did not make any attempts to try and rescue her. Lekinsa had been part of a programme by the wizards and witches to see if they could redeem even demons. Several infant demons were taken. (From families killed by the Deaneria) and raised on their supposedly superior values. Lekinsa meanwhile was among the only demons to genuinely remain loyal to the Deaneria, and had provided vital help to them on many important missions, but sadly they only ever viewed her as a monster and expendable. None of the other demons had remained loyal to Deaneria, which caused them to abandon the experiment. Though many have viewed this as proof that demons were incapable of remorse or changing, personally I and others have felt it was more proof of how corrupt the Deaneria were.

Lekinsa would be tortured for years, but fortunately for her the demons would eventually turn on each other. The vast underground caverns became a dog eat dog no man’s land as the demons tore into each other, with Lekinsa only being able to survive by hiding.

One of the demons would eventually find a way to dominate the others after several centuries. It was ironically a low level grunt, who was among the first to die, but its spirit not only found a way to survive, but would later be able to absorb the spirits of other demons. Many believe this creature had similarly arrived in Xastion with this purpose in mind. Some have argued it may even have somehow known about Lekinsa’s plan. Whatever the case in time this unknown demon became vastly powerful through the souls it ate, to the point where its spirit was able to build a body out of the corpses of the other demons. This new body was not only exceptionally powerful, but also lacked the weaknesses of those whose bodies and souls it had stolen (as many of the different species strengths cancelled out the others respective weaknesses.) This monster that would become known as King Damancus also possessed a great immunity to the force field as a result and started to dismantle it.

Jocaziah and Anjelica were subsequently sent in to deal with the creature before it completely broke down the defences, being able to enter thanks to the force field already being weakened.

There they would be assisted by Lekinsa. Not surprisingly the years of imprisonment and torture had made Lekinsa bitter and hateful to the point where she attacked Anjelica at first. The witch only kept her alive for information, but after scanning the demons mind with her magic she took pity on Lekinsa, and convinced the demon to help them.

Despite the witch, the Tyrannosaur and the demon’s best efforts, King Damancus was able to escape from the prison, though doing so still drained him of his powers to the point where not long after escaping, Jocaziah, Lekinsa and Anjelica, only through working together were finally able to destroy the demon hybrid.

Following this Lekinsa would go on to forge her own path and travel the world, fighting both demons and evil humans. During their time in Xastion, she and Jocaziah had both saved each others lives many times and had developed a degree of trust and respect, but it wouldn’t be until their second meeting when she would become arguably the Tyrannosaurs best friend outside of Anjelica.

The second meeting Lekinsa took place several years later when King Damancus returned. The demon’s spirit had managed to survive its second death and just as before, through absorbing the spirits of numerous other deceased and powerful demons was able to build a new body for itself. This new form would then go on to begin absorbing both living demons and humans into its body in the hopes of becoming a god. Once again the unlikely trinity of a witch, a demon and a Dinosaur were able to defeat Damancus, though the monster was also able to escape into the ocean where it would create a new race of monsters. Damancus and his vile children would battle Jocaziah many more times after throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries becoming his greatest enemy. What really caused Lekinsa’s bond with both Jocaziah and the witch to grow during their second battle however, was the fact that the demon king was briefly able to control Lekinsa, but rather than simply kill her, the Tyrannosaur and Anjelica did all they could to free her from its control. In contrast to the people from Deaneria who had raised the demon, and had simply let her rot, and even before that never saw her as anything more than a monster. Anjelica even if she didn’t admit it at first, clearly thought that Lekinsa was worth saving, which deeply touched the demon. In time Anjelica would develop a very close, surrogate mother daughter relationship with Lekinsa, with Jocaziah being something of a family pet.

Lekinsa however would never return with the witch and the Dinosaur to Taskrov, which she still understandably despised. As a result Anjelica and Jocaziah would both spend more time away from the island in order to help Lekinsa, only really returning for the odd mission.

Another important ally of the Dinosaur, was captain Brandon Rodriguez. Born in London in the year 1917 to a Spanish father and English mother (who had met during world war 1, when she was a nurse and he was a soldier.) Brandon would move with his family to the town of Portlock in Alaska in the mid 30s, having been raised in London before that. At first his life there was happy, with his father having come into money and Brandon himself meeting a girl named Sophia who he intended to marry. Sadly however Brandon’s world came crashing down in 1940, when Portlock was attacked and decimated by savage, monstrous ape creatures. These Yeti’s as they are known to us, were actually rogue creations of Taskrov. Aside from Dinosaurs, the Deaneria’s most successful creations were Yeti’s, large ape like creatures who originated in the lost magical land of Shambhala, in Tibet. This land for centuries had been home to some of the most powerful magics on earth, and was a place that you could only enter if you had achieved a certain mastery of magics and the wisdom to use them. It is believed that the legendary time travelling hero, Professor Fang originated from this land, when he was a human. It is known that after becoming a vampire he learned much of the black arts at the school Scholomance. Still many argue that his use of lighter magics came from this mythical place.

The Yeti’s first appeared after Shambhala fell. So little is known about the kingdom however, that is possible that they existed before then. Some have even speculated that they were guard dogs. Other theories for the Yeti’s origins are that they were people who tried to enter the kingdom, without achieving the enlightenment, and were transformed into beast men. Others state that they were merely animals that had been mutated by the magics of the kingdom when it fell. Some meanwhile argue that they may have been created as great warriors to protect humanity in the last days of the kingdom, when its last few survivors knew they would soon die, but they were unable to complete them in time and the Yeti now just wander the Himilaya’s on their own as simple beasts.

Whatever their origin, the Yetis are magical creatures who possess a completely unique structure and are among the strongest and if provoked most vicious magical creatures on earth.

The Deaneria would travel to the ruins of Shambhala after they had established their island, in the hopes of both finding any left over spells they could, and perhaps information on how this magical kingdom had fallen, so they could avoid the same mistakes. Whilst the latter would remain lost to time, they did at least discover several Yeti which they would take back, and experiment on.

Numerous new sub species of Yeti would be created by the Deaneria, including giant species, whose size rivalled the likes of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Tibetan Yeti’s were usually only about 7 feet tall.

Sadly however even more so than with their Dinosaur experiments, many of the Yetis would become twisted into monsters and break free of their control. The magic of the Shambhala was still unknown and dangerous and even the Deaneria had to be very careful when trying to either utilise or corrupt it for their own ends.

Several of the renegade Yeti would escape and travel the world, leading to sightings of these creatures all over the earth. The famous Big Foot is one such famous example of a renegade Deaneria Yeti, though like I said before his exploits are a story for another time.

The Yeti’s of Portlock meanwhile were not only a lot bigger and stronger than Bigfoot, but unlike that heroic renegade. They were completely unstable and would slaughter more than half of Portlock including all of Brandon’s family and his fiance Sophia.

Brandon would with the aid of the other few survivors eventually slay these renegades, after many gruelling weeks of having to survive them in the woods outside of his former home. He did so by setting a fire in the woods and trapping them there.

Brandon became obsessed with hunting down other Yeti like creatures to prove their existence to the world. The second world war however halted his search, with Brandon becoming a respected Captain and war hero in the meantime. Afterwards however Brandon’s reputation would sadly take a knock when he poured all of his time and the resources he’d made from his distinguished military career into searching for monsters. In 1953 his determination would eventually lead to Brandon discovering the location of something ultimately far greater. A world within a world.

As their name would suggest, worlds within worlds are basically mini worlds that exist within a planet.

There are twenty five documented mini worlds on Earth, but there believed to be mini worlds on possibly every planet in the universe. Mini worlds on both Mars and Venus have been explored, whilst sources such as Professor Fang and The Circus Family have documented hundreds of mini worlds on planets all throughout the universe. Each of the mini worlds recorded are said to contains their own skies, lands, and some even contain small oceans. The natives of each mini world are usually made up of unique creatures that are exclusive to them, and animals from the host planet that have made their way in. Every mini world on earth, or indeed any planet, can only be accessed through one portal each, which is often hidden, making them very difficult to locate.

No mini worlds are anywhere near as large as their host planets however. The biggest on earth known as the 8th sea, which will be exploring in greater detail later isn’t even a quarter of the size of our world.

In a way you can think of it as simply that existence has several different layers. Mini worlds exist within planets, which in turn are held in solar systems, that are housed within galaxies, that together make up the universe, which is part of one of billions of multiverses, which together form the omniverse. Beyond the omniverse meanwhile is the void, an endless nothing where realities of all kinds can emerge through any means necessary as there are no laws.

So far it would seem that mini worlds represent the very bottom of creation, whilst the void contain’s everything, but its possible there may be more beyond both. After all humanity has had a tendency to assume it as at the centre of everything, or that it could even possibly begin to grasp the vastness of creation around it before.

The mini world that Brandon discovered was known as Qazrek. It contained a large ocean and 7 islands. There was also many animals from earth history such as Dinosaurs populating it too.

The only entrance to this world meanwhile was contained on the remote Kerquelen islands. Brandon was drawn there by reports of Yeti’s. Ironically these beasts were not native to the world of Qazrek. In fact a handful of them had been sent there by the Deaneria to deal with a creature from Qazrek that was posing a threat to the outside world. Brandon would encounter the last survivor of this group of Yeti and found himself surprisingly helping the wounded creature, which he soon saw was not like the other members of his kind. Sadly he wasn’t able to save the brute, but would soon explore the entrance it had discovered after which he would soon be caught up in the problems of Qazrek.

The cities kingdoms had come under attack from an evil, tyrannical monster known as the Driak. This creature was a sentient, magical Brontosaurus, that had not only developed sentience through its magics, but incredible powers too. Driak commanded an army of Shark men known as Caradons from his underwater lair that he used to conquer two of the seven islands, with the monsters end game being to utilise all 7 of the islands power to build an empire that would eventually be able to spread out and claim the earth too.

Brandon would soon find himself working with the former queen of one of the two kingdoms that Driak had conquered, named Shelena, who had been the one to earlier summon the Deaneria for help.

In time over the course of several years, Brandon would end up becoming a great hero among Shelena’s people and it would be at the end of his time in Qazrek that he would first meet Jocaziah. After dealing with the first group of Yeti’s, Driak would place a barrier around the entrance to this mini world not long after Brandon had arrived, which would stop anyone else from either escaping or entering for 7 years, before it finally broke down thanks to the efforts of Brandon and Shelena. Jocazia and Anjelica would then instantly be sent in.

With Jocaziah’s help, Brandon would finally destroy Driak, albeit at great cost. He and Anjelica would remain close afterwards, though much like Lekinsa it would take him a while to forgive Deaneria whose dabbling with magics had cost him his family.

Following his departure from Qazrek, Brandon would continue to travel the world, battling evil, and he would also explore and document many other mini worlds too. His time in Qazrek had also granted him immortality through exposure to certain magics.

Brandon would have many more encounters with Jocaziah during this time, with the two’s bond only strengthening. Arguably the greatest sign of the Tyrannosaurs loyalty however was when Jocaziah helped to rescue Brandon from one of Driak’s followers. The shark man known as Hokensa, who had once been Driak’s right hand man and had been forced to flee Qazrek swore revenge against Brandon, and would later capture him and take the former captain to an ancient torture chamber in the antarctic known as Jorrackas.

This nightmarish place was constructed by a high level demon for anyone to use. The chamber was capable of creating pocket dimensions for individuals where they would suffer an eternity of torture. It could not be destroyed, and was not guarded. The demon hoped to prove how corrupt and decadent humanity was, by giving them something they could use to inflict eternal pain on their enemies. Sadly just as he had predicted many people would use it to imprison their enemies over the centuries.

Though anyone or anything could use the prison, only one person could use it at a time, and in order to prove worthy to use it, they would have to undergo numerous tests which would force them to do horrible things. Sadly Hokensa had no trouble doing that.

The tests still would buy Brandon’s cousin Gemma enough time to summon Jocaziah for help however. Gemma who had always been close to Brandon when they lived in London had searched for him after his disappearance and in the process had learned about the supernatural, becoming something of a hunter and expert herself. She had also worked with Anjelica and Jocaziah too on a previous mission and instantly went to them for help when Brandon was snatched in front of her eyes.

Travelling the world, they were eventually able to track down Jorrackas. There they would do battle not only with the many monsters that had arrived either to torture their own enemies, or had just been drawn here by the dark energy, but also against the damned souls who Hokensa was able to take control (as anyone who wishes the torture chamber temporarily can.)

Fortunately however they were able to fight their way through the horde of demons and damned souls and rescue Brandon who finally killed Hokensa himself.

The Tyrannosaurs’ final most crucial ally during this time was the gigantic ape like creature, Ginko. This beast was actually the creation of a member of the Frankenstein family. This infamous family first turned to the black arts and shall we say unconventional science in the 17th century, through Professor Victor Frankenstein who attempted to create a man, from the pieces of other men. This experiment was a failure, with the brain he used being rejected to some extent by the new body which led to the creature becoming unstable. Victor would try and create numerous other patchwork creatures over the years, each one a bigger failure than the last, and whilst he considered himself a man of science, later in life he turned to the black arts and even began experimenting with certain life forms souls.

The Frankenstein family would attempt to distance themselves from Victor, but sadly their reputation would never return and over the ensuing centuries, many of them would even attempt to follow in his footsteps. The most infamous of these was Peter Frankenstein, born in the year 1913. Following several horrific experiments with the dead, in the 1960s he fled to an area in the Amazon Rainforest, that had become a safe haven for demons. Having turned to the black arts, Peter hoped to create a life form from different animals and demons. The result would be Ginko. Though he bore the traits of many different demon species, Ginko was primarily a Yeti, one of which Peter had slain when ironically the Deaneria sent it to capture him.

Unfortunately for Peter however, Ginko proved to be as unstable as his other creations, and the difficulties of keeping it under wraps in such a hostile jungle eventually allowed Ginko to escape.

The Yeti hybrid would soon become one of the top beasts of the area. Despite containing demon DNA, Ginko however soon developed a degree of affection for native Kayapo woman named Manko who would help the beast keep its more violent urges in check. She first discovered the giant ape when it had been driven from its territory, by the combined might of several demons, who had only bandied together to stop this new threat to their domain.

Manko would help nurse the gorilla back to health, before using it to defend her people from several demons of the forest. After this the two would develop a friendship akin somewhat to that of Anjelica and Jocaziah, with the native girl being able to call on the ape in a way that no one else could.

Jocaziah and Anjelica would have their first encounter with this unique creature when the Deaneria learned that Peter Frankenstein had tampered with one of their Yeti and wanted Jocaziah to either destroy or capture the beast. Though the Tyrannosaur and the Yeti would confront one another, Jocaziah soon saw that unlike the majority of the other Frankenstein’s creations, he was not a monster.

The two after stopping Peter from creating another monster, would part on good terms, with Anjelica getting into trouble with her superiors for not capturing the beast. Luckily for her, she was too vital to them to suffer in the same way as other renegades, but it still hurt her standing.

Jocaziah and Ginko meanwhile would reunite against other adversaries, including a battle against King Damancus. Jocaziah would also save Ginko when the great ape was captured by a former member of the Deaneria. Known to world at large as the fantastic Raymond O’Brien. This renegade ran a circus which showcased captured and tame supernatural creatures as freaks. Ray however was more than just a ring leader as whilst his Circus helped him become a wealthy man to carry out his experiments. His ability to train demons and beasts that he learned from Deaneria would allow him to sell tame and loyal unique monsters around the world for his own profit. The Deaneria wanted to arrest him, but he threatened to reveal several of their secrets if they attempted to, secrets that very few, including even Anjelica were aware of, but that he had made sure to discover before he left their island.

Ginko was showcased to the public as a unique animal and went through great suffering at the hands of O’Brien in an effort to tame, to the point where his violent instincts overcame him. The Yeti eventually escaped during one of O’Brien’s shows and went on a rampage throughout the city of San Francisco. Jocaziah would be sent in to stop him, with the two having a battle atop the Golden Gate Bridge. The Dinosaur ultimately triumphed over the Yeti, and after regaining his senses, Ginko would help Jocaziah defeat the other escaped monsters of O’Brien’s that were loose in the city, with Ginko personally crushing O’Brien.

This event was an absolute nightmare for the authorities to cover up, but they just about managed it, though Anjelica had arguably even a harder time convincing the Deaneria not to exterminate Ginko. The fact that he had killed one of their most notorious renegades obviously counted in his favour.

Fortunately for Ginko however, he wouldn’t have to worry about the Deaneria for much longer. In the 1980s, their city and order after several thousand years would finally collapse.

It was a combination of their age old enemy Daskensia, the atrocities of the 20th century and finally the Deaneria’s own corruption.

Daskensia had spent centuries entombed, but he had always managed to retain some degree of power within his cell thanks to the Deaneria’s experiments on animals, and the odd renegade. It was never enough to break free, but as time went on it would be enough for him to cause the Deaneria many problems and even corrupt several of their order.

Things would change however during the 20th century. The suffering and horrors caused by the two world wars and numerous other atrocities would only increase Daskensia’s strength to the point where he was able to transform an entire section of their city into monsters known as Glochenia in the year 1950.

A civil war very nearly tore their city apart, but the few surviving Glochenia would escape to a nearby island, where aided with stolen Dinosaurs and magics and creatures, they started to build their own city. The Glochenia would then attempt to build an army of magical and demonic Dinosaurs and Yetis and other beasts in order to gain dominion over the earth.

For thirty years their efforts would be opposed by the Deaneria, but as the war took its toll on both cities, the Glochenia would become more desperate and soon began to create a magical plague that could wipe out all life on Deaneria, though even the Glochenia did not know what to do if the plague spread beyond their island. (They would be immune as they were no longer human.)

Before the Glochenia could perfect this plague however, Anjelica, Jocaziah, Lekinsa, Brandon Rodriguez and Ginko would infiltrate the Glochenia’s island. The Deaneria had launched a full attack on the island, with both’s forces being taken up by this final conflict. Anjelica once again clashing with her superiors decided to adopt a more stealthy approach. She summoned Brandon, Lekinsa and Ginko on her own violation, as the others at Deaneria would obviously have never allowed them to take part.

Together the Tyrannosaur, the war hero, the Yeti, the demon and the witch were able to make their way through the Glochenia’s island of monsters, demonic Dinosaurs and Yetis and not only stop their plans to create the plague, but cause the island to sink beneath the waves after tampering with the Glochenia’s black magics.

For a short while, Anjelica was hailed as a hero by the Deaneria, but unfortunately one of the Glochenia had survived. Specifically their leader, who had just managed to get off the island in time. Now completely on his own, the monster sought to make the Deaneria pay, by any means necessary and would a little over a year after the sinking of his island, find a way to finally release Daskensia. The ancient monster had tried to contact the Glochenia since it first created them, but they all knew too well how dangerous it would be even for them, if Daskensia escaped. Now that the leader of the Glochenia had lost everything however, it didn’t care and if anything wanted to bring the entire world down with it.

Using both its own knowledge of the prison, and Daskensia’s guidance the leader easily infiltrated the weakened Deaneria’s city and released their ancient enemy. Almost the entire Deaneria were wiped out overnight, except for Anjelica who fled to the jungles with Jocaziah.

Lekinsa, and Brandon were sadly unable to help as not they had become trapped in another mini world. Under the circumstances there was nothing any of them could have done anyway. Brandon and Lekinsa had actually become romantically involved over the course of their adventure against the Glochenia. Sadly however after the death of his fiance, Brandon would never be able to commit in the same way, and he would go through many failed relationships throughout his life.

At the very least however Anjelica would be able to summon Ginko for help.

Upon his release Daskensia hoped using the corruption of the modern world, to spread his dark magic to a greater extent than ever before and potentially transform billions into monsters. Anjelica however, working with both her loyal Tyrannosaur, the Yeti and the last of the renegades, including Captain Tucker in the jungle, who only helped her to save themselves, was able to defeat Daskensia, tragically at the cost of her own life. Anjelica used what had always been a back up plan from the Deaneria in case their enemy had escaped, to literally blast the abomination into space where free from humanity’s influence it would wither away, though not die. The Deaneria however ultimately did not go through with the plan as it was too risky and they had been caught off guard by Daskensia’s escape before they could even attempt to implement it. Now with no choice, Anjelica activated it, whilst Jocaziah and the others kept Daskensia distracted.

Anjelica’s gamble paid off and blasted Daskensia to the furthest corner of our solar system, though unfortunately the magical feedback not only vaporised her completely, it caused more than half of Taskrov to sink into the ocean. Jocaziah and Ginko were only barely able to survive the disaster and life afterwards would be very tough for them and all the survivors on the island.

Not only would many of the animals and Dinosaurs be mutated but there was now so much less terrain for the numerous species of carnivores and herbivores to survive on.

For over ten years until the late 90s, Jocaziah would be forced to live on this now hellish place, though to some extent he was still able to establish himself as the king of the island, it was a position he was nevertheless constantly forced to defend.

During this time however the Tyrannosaur would make new friends. A cruise that had been overtaken by pirates would crash land on the island, not long after Anjelica’s sacrifice. For centuries the island had been concealed by magics that would influence any passing traveller to leave the area without even being aware of not. Now that had unfortunately vanished with the city and this ship simply stumbled into this lost land of Dinosaurs, Yeti’s and monsters.

The survivors of the cruise and the pirates would be forced to work together against the island’s inhabitants, though Jocaziah was at first apprehensive of the strangers (particularly when the pirates started to attack him.) He eventually came to befriend at least some of the crew, thanks to a kind hearted woman named Laura Delussey who helped Ginko when the latter had been wounded by a band of renegades led by Captain Tucker, who would also transform several of the pirates and crew who had landed on his island.

The Yeti and the Dinosaur would become the unofficial protectors of this band of humans until they were able to escape the island several years later in the early 00s.

As harsh as the remains of Taskrov were however, the island nevertheless became a new home for the Tyrannosaur and the Yeti, to the point where when Brandon and Lekinsa finally escaped their mini world after ten years, neither wanted to leave it with them. To be fair it’s not like the outside world would have accepted the Dinosaur and the Yeti either and at least here they both knew they could handle the monsters and threats.

A few years later however, Jocaziah and Ginko would willingly leave the island with Brandon and Lekinsa, (whose relationship had since broken down.) To help defeat Jocaziah’s old archenemy, King Damancus. The battle was long and hard and though Jocaziah finally managed to destroy his old archfoe, sadly Brandon would meet his end in the process. He died in Lekinsa’s arms, though not before telling her that he loved her.

Following this Lekinsa would go her own separate ways, needing time to be alone after Brandon’s death. This time the Tyrannosaur did not return back home however. No one was quite sure why, but it was believed that he may have wanted to stay here to make sure that King Damancus could never return. Ginko meanwhile was also believed dead during the battle, but was instead merely wounded and would drift off through the ocean until he washed up on another island which he would make his adoptive home for many years to come.

The next few years would the quietest of the Tyrannosaurs life, but his very presence would soon draw the attention of another organisation. The black mosque.

Founded and run by Vanessa Shoniwa, this organisation whose headquarters were based in Timbuktu were devoted to hunting down and containing the supernatural. Worried that Jocaziah would alert people, Shoniwa’s team were eventually able to capture the Tyrannosaur. Not wanting to deposit him back on the ever crumbling remains of Taskrov (which she was sure would soon sink into the sea.)

Vanessa instead felt that the Tyrannosaur would be better placed on Point Nemo, the most remote island on earth, where her forces were already struggling to contain a dark power.

There the Tyrannosaurus would meet the first member of its new family, an amphibian monster named Daharain and in the next chapter we shall explore this creatures incredible history.

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