The Mega Family: Part 3: Kosarak

Kosarak, the famous robotic titan from the stars, was in reality two very different life forms merged together through strange alien magics.

Not as much of his history is known when compared with either Jocaziah or Daharain for the obvious reason that he came from another planet. All that we do know of him comes from Vanessa Shoniwa’s interactions with the Mega Family. Whilst she had the strongest bond with Daharain, she ultimately ended up becoming the friend and in some cases the protector of the entire Mega Family. Despite their power, they still needed someone to watch over them and keep them safe from the outside world.

Still even Vanessa would struggle to understand or know Kosarak, until one important mission when the robot was near death saw Vanessa use a similar mind reading spell on Kosarak to access memories that were buried. She needed to do so in order to learn how his machine worked to make repairs.

What Vanessa saw from both life forms memories almost overwhelmed her. In fact the knowledge very nearly put her in a coma. Thankfully an alternate method was found of saving Kosarak, by infiltrating a base from his people, (though more on them later.) Over time Vanessa was able to process at least the basic outline of Kosarak’s history, and subsequently write down a fair idea of both sides of this incredible creatures life.

One of the two life forms that would become Kosarak was originally a machine creature named Tersia, who belonged to a race known as the Mysophians.

These robot creatures originated from the planet Draska several hundred thousand years ago. They were created using magic by a highly advanced species, the Drask. Like many species across the universe, the Drask’s society changed as soon as they discovered magic, which they used to build great machines and eventually robots. The magic however would grant the robots sentience, but fortunately the Drask, who by this stage were all wizards and all connected to the magic in their world, recognised the Mysophians as sentient beings and treated them as equals, with both races living in peace for many centuries.

Unfortunately however as both species continued to progress, the robots and the machines kept requiring more and more magic until they eventually drained Draska dry, which would lead to the Drask and the Mysophians expanding to and eventually draining other worlds. The more they expanded the greater their needs became until eventually they developed a fully fledged empire.

At first they only targeted uninhabited worlds, but eventually they soon discovered that the magic from living creatures was more potent and eventually both species set out for inhabited worlds, becoming conquerors, though they did not drain them dry like they did the uninhabited worlds.

In the resultant war against numerous other great powers, the Drask would be killed off. Not only where they less powerful than the Mysophians, but the fact that they still reproduced naturally meant that they were easier to pick off, and took longer to create armies.

The Mysophians mourned their creators and would later seek to exterminate the races involved in their creators destruction above all else. Prior to this they would allow races they conquered to still exist as long as they served them. The would even reward certain races that proved loyal. Believe it or not, certain species even wanted to join their empire to reap the benefits of their magic. In this case however, even the worlds that surrendered were still butchered, which would turn many of the Mysophians allies against them, as well as set a terrible precedent for the Mysophians in dealing with other enemies. By the time of Korsarak’s creation they had wiped almost all of them out.

Tersia meanwhile was one of the oldest of the Mysophian warriors, having been created not long after they first left their home planet.. He was single mindedly devoted to his duty, and had even rejected numerous offers to achieve a higher rank throughout the centuries, simply because he always wanted to be out there on the battle field. Even among his own kind Tersia was both feared and respected. According to the legends he had never lost a battle, and wherever possible he preferred not to take prisoners. In the early years this approach had ironically temporarily led to Tersia being dismissed from the service. As time went on however, and the robots became more ruthless. Tersia soon became the standard by which all other soldiers were to be measured in terms of doing what needed to be done, though thankfully very few would ever live up to it.

Tersia’s time however would come in the final war against the people of Glosiak. This was the last planet in the alliance that had destroyed the Drask. Like the others, surrender was not an option for the Glosiak.

Their only hope lay in their leading scientist and warlock, the 500 year old Hastar. Ironically Hastar had retreated from the war many centuries ago. He too objected to the alliance’s final strike that killed off the last of the Drask population. The alliance hadn’t actually wanted to destroy the Drask, rather the Drask’s last colony was simply seen as too important a strategic point to miss. Even then however Hastar argued that they kept blitzing the planet even after it had surrendered. Of course this was always denied by the alliance’s leaders, but Vanessa knew it was true when she read Kosarak’s mind.

After this genocide, Hastar flew the solar system to a remote colony where he would live in isolation for centuries. He had no idea what had become of the war, and it was only when one of his own descendants approached him that Hastar saw what had happened to the other worlds, and was shocked that even the Mysophians had gone that far. Hastar soon became desperate to try and make it up to his people and the other races who had died as a result.

In the few years he would work with them after his exile, Hastar discovered how to reactivate one of the robots after it was destroyed. It wasn’t the same as bringing it back to life. The robots magical soul was still gone, but within the machine another life form could take its place and control the robot’s body. Naturally Hastar wanted to use this tactic to try and infiltrate the Mysophians base of operations, but he would need a more senior robot to take over in order to get in deep. As the Glosiak’s final defences began to collapse, Hastar was able to lay a trap for Tersia, and finally make the monster pay for his sins, with a special weapon that shut him down. Afterwards, Hastar hollowed out the centre of the robots body, removing its soul and then placed himself inside it. None of the Mysophians either knew that Tersia had been captured, or indeed what Hastar was working on, allowing the warlock/scientists to successfully infiltrate the Mysophians base. Sadly however before he could do anything to sabotage their weapons system, Hastar suddenly found himself falling under the seemingly dead robots influence.

Not all of Tersia’s soul had been removed as Hastar had believed. Small traces survived and were able to slowly merge themselves to Hastars body. Tersia, unlike the other lowly robot that Hastar was so old, that over the centuries a combination of the magic that powered him building up, and his own upgrades had enabled him to develop resurrection powers. Little did Hastar know, Tersia had in fact died many times in battle. Of course this had always been covered up, as Tersia himself didn’t want anyone to know that he had ever lost.

Still whilst Hastar had been more thorough in scooping out the vile robots soul than previous attempts to kill him, unfortunately parts of it were not only able to survive, but soon began to reform, and with Hastar now in the souls traditional place, both soon fought for control over the body, with the soul ultimately winning.

Hastar was literally trapped, unable to move inside the cold metallic casing, as Tersia returned to the battle fleet and took part in the complete slaughter of the Glosiaks.

The warlock wanted to scream out at his friends and allies who expected him to help when Tersia arrived at their base, but there was nothing he could do.

Hastar would remain trapped inside that monster for the next year or so. Tersia could and in retrospect, should have told the others about what was inside him, but he didn’t for a number of reasons. First of all again his own vanity meant that he didn’t want to admit that he had been tricked and defeated. Second he wanted to make Hastar suffer for attempting to use him that way. The evil robot butcher made it clear to Hastar, that only when he was bored of the latter’s suffering, would he finally destroy him.

The magics of Tersia kept Hastar alive without the need for food or water and again completely inanimate as he was forced to watch Tersia not only kill off the last of his own kind, but numerous others as well, which Tersia did with a renewed vigour just to make his prisoners torture all the more potent.

After a year of suffering however, Hastar would gain his chance at revenge, when the Mysophians came up against the Federation of Magic.

Founded by witches and warlocks from all over the entire galaxy, the Federation consisted of worlds where magic had overtaken the natural order, though it did have many close alliances with non magical worlds too. It was not a magical supremacist empire. It absolutely respected other planets rights to avoid magic, it simply wanted to supply help to those who were magical.

The Mysophians had long wanted to conquer the Federation of Magic not just to gain access to their knowledge, but because the Federation had provided a more peaceful alternative to desperate worlds that needed magic for help.

Ultimately however the robots ended up biting off more than they could chew, and Tersia in particular would suffer the most, when a particularly powerful witch named Klos, sensed the presence of another life form within Tersia, struggling to get out and performed a spell that merged them into one. She could sense that both individuals hated one another, and also that their morality and drives were conflicting too.

Klos wanted to make Tersia pay after he had launched a successful attack against a small planet on the outskirts of the Federation. The Mysophians hoped to use that world as a base to begin their war, but little did they know, Klos, one of the oldest and most powerful witches was particularly fond of that world. It was a place she could go to relax and be anonymous.

The witches spell did not simply free Hastar however. Klos whilst overall devoted to peace like the rest of the Federation, could nevertheless be very cruel and ruthless if she was wronged and sadly the chance to punish Tersia mattered to her more than saving Hastar. There are some who argue however that Klos could sense the important role that Kosarak was to play, but whatever her reasons, Klos’ spell essentially destroyed them both as individuals.

In their place was a new being that we would know as Kosarak, that had the memories of both, and personality traits of both. Physically it still resembled Tersia, with Hastars body inside, though now Hastar’s body could not be removed without killing both. Whilst most have viewed Kosarak as a new being, some have argued that it was still just Tersia’s mind but with Hastar’s memories and aspects of his personality, whilst others have argued that it was the reverse. Some have even argued that Kosarak is both minds operating at the same time in perfect sync with one another.

Vanessa said that even Kosarak itself wasn’t sure who it really was hence why it felt responsible for both of its predecessors actions, but whatever his real identity, this new merged mind retained Hastar’s morality and felt guilt for the horrors that Tersia had carried, which would ultimately drive the robot to atone for them. The name Kosarak which the merged being christened itself, is from Harstars language. It means hero, which reflected how Tersia’s arrogance and ego still played a huge role the new beings personality.

Kosarak’s first act of atonement would be to fight against the Mysophians and help drive them back from the Federation of magic, after which he would travel the stars, battling all manner of demons, monsters and hostile alien threats from all over the galaxy.

Over the course of several centuries he would become a hero to many worlds, though not only would he be hunted by the Mysophians, but also many of their former enemies ironically, who could not forgive Tersia.

Sadly many of these adventures are lost to time, as they spanned such a long period, that Vanessa was barely able to take them in.

Vanessa did know however that Kosarak almost never travelled with a partner or a companion during this time at all. A unique combination of Hastars self loathing, which prevented him from wanting anyone to see him like this, and Tersia’s arrogance in not trusting anyone to be as competent as him, made the strange robot hybrids life very lonely for centuries.

The Robot’s final adventure before coming to earth however, would see it go up against what would be the Mega Family’s first major adversary. The demon known as Coraziax.

This creature originated from one of the darkest of the demon worlds, near the centre of the hellish realm. (The centre of the hellish realm is the most feared place in all of creation. It is where Khastran, the father of all of vampires is said to have originated.)

The further a demon universe is away from the natural realm, the harder it is to travel to and from, from our universe. Still it is possible with the darkest and most powerful magics.

Sadly that is exactly what would happen on the planet of Aixos. This world existed within the Andromeda galaxy, and was famed for being the most hostile and demonic planet in that galaxy. It had been overrun by its own corruption many centuries ago, when its mightiest civilisation, that had conquered all of the others, embraced a demon king known as Carax. They did so because Carax, despite it being known he was a demon, proved to be an effective ruler who single handedly crushed their enemies and rebels. Unlike most other natural civilisations, the people Aixos came to see demons as strong supermen who simply had the courage to do what their human rulers should have in crushing their enemies.

Slowly over time the Aixos people came to see becoming a demon as an honour, an ascension and eventually the planet not only became overrun with them, but soon became a haven for demons from all over the Andromeda and even other galaxies.

As a result of this it soon became a target for many other intergalactic powers and whilst it was able to hold off the invaders for a long while, eventually when Kosarak stepped, its demon rulers soon attempted to recruit help from one of the darkest demon realities.

They were only able to harness one demon from this reality however due to the fact that their power had been reduced by the constant bombardments. (Before they were beaten back, even the demons of Axios did not want to summon anything from the darker realities, as even they feared them. This was their last resort.)

The single demon that was unleashed, Coraziax, proceeded to decimate the planet of Aixos, by tricking them and using the Aixos demons own weapons against them to desolate its surface, whilst he remained safe in an interdimensional bubble. It did so because it wanted to make their enemies believe that the planet had been destroyed, so that it could then use the Aixos demons magics to allow the rest of its kind to escape into our universe, as its army to ravage billions of worlds.

Kosarak however was suspicious of how easily the demons had been defeated. The others were so eager for victory, they accepted that one of the demons own weapons must have gone off and destroyed them, but Kosarak wisely felt there must be something else going on.

He and Coraziax would battle it out over the now dead planet, with this demon causing Kosarak more trouble than any of his other enemies until now. In the end however Kosarak managed to win by disrupting Coraziax’s spell, which ultimately ripped the entire planet of Aixos apart.

The planet was completely uninhabited at that point after Coraziax’s attack, but Korsarak was still horrified at what he had caused. As corrupt as the Aixos were, they were still a race with a history, culture and art stretching back hundreds of thousands of years, that was nowall lost forever because of a petty battle between a robot and a demon.

Coraziax would flee through the universe, searching for another planet with dark magics powerful enough to allow him to free his kind. He eventually found it, with our world, earth.

Whilst earth is famously invested with dark magics and demonic energy to a greater extent than most planets in the known universe. It was the weakening of realities around Point Nemo that the demon was really drawn to, believing that he could perhaps use this hot spot of interdimensional travel to create a portal to his world.

Not long after the demon arrived on the island, his experiments with its unique magics (which involved killing and dissecting several of the native creatures.) Drew the attention of Jocaziah and Daharain. Both giant monsters found themselves out of their depth however against Coraziax, who attacked them with a wide range of alien magics he’d found on his journeys through the universe.

Vanessa would soon lead another team to Point Nemo to try and contain the threat, but they too failed.

It was only with the help of Kosarak that Jocaziah and Daharain were able to stop the demon from completely shattering the weakened out barriers between universes around Point Nemo.

Kosarak however despite his own limited success against the demon, initially did not want their help, or Vanessa’s. At the very least he could communicate with Vanessa verbally, as his magics allowed his language to be translated to that of any species, and vice versa.

Still he felt they had nothing to offer him, considering earth to be something of a degenerate planet, due to its mix match of different magics, which he felt had to be as a result of the natives abusing them. Both the Hastar and the Tersia sides of him would have been undoubtedly disgusted at our misuse of magics throughout the centuries.

Another battle with Coraziax however would leave the robot wounded and vulnerable to the other creatures on Point Nemo, who attempted to tear Hastars body from his damaged armour. The robot would only be saved by the combination of Jocaziah and Daharain who held the monsters off long enough for Kosarak’s self repair unit to function.

Following this he reluctantly agreed to work with them for now, though even the combined might of the robot, the Dinosaur and the mutant were not able to destroy Coraziax, though they were at least able to drive him from Point Nemo. Unfortunately however, the demon was still able to create a small rip in the barriers between realities. Though Vanessa and her team managed to close it on Point Nemo’s end, the energy from the rip still spread across the world, until it reached another area where the barriers where weak the island of Delquahan, where it would create several portals to demon worlds.

Kosarak, Jocaziah, Daharain and Vanessa would instantly travel to Delquahan, where they would encounter the next and final member of the Mega Family. The Shark woman Charcaria who had also been drawn in by the influx of demons, and in the next chapter we will not only explore her history, but the battle she, Kosarak, Daharain and Jocaziah would endure against the creatures from the rip between realities.

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