Burrunjors Tall Tales is a fiction blog featuring several ongoing fantasy, horror and sci fi series starring both original and classic genre characters such as The Doctor and King Kong.

Most of these series take place in the same universe, creating a shared continuity.

The Circus Master

A fantasy, horror series about a time travelling, magic circus, piloted by a misfit group of Vampires, Demons, Witches, Aliens and people from throughout history.

The Circus Folk are led by the eponymous Circus Master, a reformed Vandal (soul sucking Demonic arch rivals to the Vampires.)

(This takes place in a reality called Theta Space)

Carlene: The Jazz Vampire

Former soul and Jazz singer in 1960s London Carlene Philips is turned into a Vampire by a deranged stalker and must now learn to control her thirst for blood, whilst battling the forces of darkness. This series is a period piece and combines gothic horror and crime fiction.

(Theta Space)

The Cushings

Many centuries ago Professor William Cushing, a scientist and the latest in a long line of Vampire killers discovered through his experiments with magic, a place outside of time itself, called the Nexus. There he constructed a castle using magic where he recruits Vampire hunters from all over time and space to battle the undead throughout history. This organisation would come to be known as The Cushings after Williams family.

The Vampire menace is not just restricted to earth however. Due to infecting the Martians who visited the earth early in man’s development, the curse of Vampirism was able to spread to Mars where it destroyed the red planet, before spreading out into the wider universe.

The Vampires have since built up an empire and destroyed countless worlds and galaxies. The Cushing must also battle the creator and father of the Vampire race, the first ever Demon, Khastran.

(Theta Space)

Gina: The Monster Princess

A new horror series involving a small group of people who find themselves stranded on a remote island populated by supernatural creatures and monsters.

The humans only hope of survival is the last of a race of creatures known as the Giarangos (nicknamed Gina for short.)

(Theta Space)

King Kong

A reimagining of the classic story. Taking place just before the First World War, this series follow a group of criminals and murderers trapped on Skull Island, where they are forced to survive against such threats as Dinosaurs, giant insects and of course the great Ape himself. This series also explores Kong’s origins through flashbacks.

(This takes place in a reality called the Kaijuverse)

Doctor Who: An Alternate Sequel Series

An alternate sequel to the original Doctor Who series (1963-1989) that takes place in an alternate universe to the 21st century version of Doctor Who.

In this universe the Time War never happened and so the 9th-13th Doctors are completely different to those from the revival and are based on different actors.

The 9th Doctor is based on Dylan Moran, the 10th Doctor is based on Tim Curry, the 11th Doctor is based on Robert Carlyle, the 12th Doctor is based on Julian Barratt, whilst the 13th Doctor is based on Julian Richings.

The series runs in a serialised format like the original, and is a return to the style of the original series.

(This takes place in its own universe called N-Space.)

The Mysterious Mr Diassa

Set in a world filled of magic, Dinosaurs, Demons and Monsters, Mr Diassa is a legendary wizard who travels the world fighting evil with his half snake woman sidekick Jade.

(Set in an alternate universe to Theta Space)

Professor Fang

A time travel series. Professor Fang is a reformed Vampire professor who travels through time and space in his gigantic Bat shaped spaceship battling monsters and aliens with the aid of his two companions, former rock star Kirsteen Williamson (who is believed to have vanished in the 1980s) and Vampire killer Lindsey Kate McIntosh.

(Theta Space)

Burrunjor: King of the Beasts

The mysterious Cryptid Burrunjor, a Dinosaur from another universe full of magic and strange creatures is accidentally banished from his reality alongside various other monstrous creatures to places all over our earth. Aided by his benevolent Witch companion, Ainslee Inglis, and an aborigine woman named Alinta, the Burrunjor must track these renegades from his own world down and either help them return home or defeat them.



Set in the far future of the Kaijuverse after Dinosaurs have reclaimed the world thanks to a natural disaster, a group of scientists attempt to create several Kaiju to reclaim the earth, but unfortunately a disaster destroys their lab and allows many of their new mutants to roam free.

Dynamosaurus, created to be the ultimate Dinosaur is saved from the destruction of the lab at the last minute by the last of the scientists, a young woman named Emma Marie who raises the Dinosaur. Now the two unlikely allies must survive in a dying world filled with monsters, and deal with the scientists other escaped creations who are vying to be the ruler of this monstrous world.


The Orca

Mark McIntyre is caught up in a time storm thanks to an experiment from the future by Professor Vicky Clowes. The storm leaves Clowes trapped in the 21st century, but also horribly disfigures Mark. In her attempt to save Mark’s life, using advanced technology from the future. Vicky ends up turning him into a mutant.

Able to retain his human appearance by day. At night Mark is able to turn into a mutated creature with unnatural powers. Dubbed the Orca by the press, Mark alongside Vicky must battle the new supervillains created by the time disturbance.

1967 harry hausen valley of gwangi - Flashbak

All stories are also available on Webnovel and Royal Road.