Burrunjors Tall Tales is a fiction blog featuring several ongoing fantasy, horror and sci fi series starring both original and classic genre characters.

Most of these series take place in the same multiverse, creating a shared continuity, called the Omega Multiverse.

The Circus Family

Illustration by Caio Vinicius Corsini Filho.

A fantasy, horror series about a time travelling, magic circus, piloted by a misfit group of Vampires, Demons, Witches, Aliens and people from throughout history.

The Circus Folk are led by the eponymous Circus Master, a reformed Vandal (soul sucking Demonic arch rivals to the Vampires.)

Professor Fang

Illustration by Caio Vinicius Corsini Filho.

A time travel series. Professor Fang is a reformed Vampire professor who travels through time and space in his gigantic Bat shaped spaceship battling monsters and aliens with the aid of his two companions, former rock star Kirsteen Williamson (who is believed to have vanished in the 1980s) and Vampire killer Lindsey Kate McIntosh.

Doctor Who: An Alternate Sequel Series

An alternate sequel to the original Doctor Who series (1963-1989) that takes place in an alternate universe to the 21st century version of Doctor Who.

In this universe the Time War never happened and so the 9th-13th Doctors are completely different to those from the revival and are based on different actors.

The 9th Doctor is based on Dylan Moran, the 10th Doctor is based on Tim Curry, the 11th Doctor is based on Robert Carlyle, the 12th Doctor is based on Julian Barratt, whilst the 13th Doctor is based on Julian Richings.

The series runs in a serialised format like the original, and is a return to the style of the original series.

(This takes place in its own universe called N-Space.)

Gina: Queen of the Forest

Illustration by Caio Vinicius Corsini Filho.

Set in the far future after human civilisation has been destroyed by alien invaders. In an attempt to restore the desolate earth using magic, a group of Witches and Warlocks have instead caused all of the lands of the earth to be covered in a magical forest. This series follows Gina a former human who was being trained by the Vampire horde to be one of the soldiers, as she travels the world fighting evil and seeking redemption for her past sins.

1967 harry hausen valley of gwangi - Flashbak

All stories are also available on Webnovel and Royal Road.