The Circus Master: The Curse of The Robots: Part 9

The Demons, now back in their Robot bodies instantly started open fire on the slaves whose enchantment no longer worked. As more and more of the workers were butchered, Florence’s spell started to wear off, and the majority of the slaves got on their knees and begged for clemency. The Demonic Robots however continued the slaughter.

The humiliation the Robots had suffered at the hands of the Circus Folk and the Jiang Shi in particular made the metal monsters keen to reassert their dominance on the aliens, though it was detrimental to their cause to slaughter so many of their servants (especially after their recent troubles.) The Demons wounded pride and bloodlust sadly overcame their better judgement.

Florence watched the massacre from the top of one of the mines. She had managed to flee from the Demon after her visions had temporarily incapacitated the brute, though she didn’t know how much longer she could hide here.

There was nowhere for the Siren to flee too however. The entire mine was crawling with the bloodthirsty robots. She wanted to help the slaves, but what could she do? The Siren had never felt so useless.

The blue skinned time traveler tried to crawl down the mine without being noticed, hoping she could maybe help at least a few of the slaves to escape out into the open. As she crawled down the walls however, suddenly she heard the sound of the gigantic fused Demon coming down the corridor she had just escaped from.

The monster could clearly sense where she was and had followed her from their last confrontation. Florence had no choice but to jump head first into the warzone, of rather slaughter up ahead. At least if the Robots blasted her it would be quick. She couldn’t bare to see the hell the Demons had come from again.

The leader of the Demons, now back in its black robotic casing approached Denika, Ashlei and Keptis.

“It appears your magics have worked. We have another task for you.” It said.

“I won’t help you again I don’t care what you do.” Denika replied.

“Why bother making pointless threats? We broke you before, we can easily do so again.” The leader said as one of the Robots grabbed both Ashlei and Keptis.

“What do you want me to do.” Denika said with shame.

“The boy.” The leader of the Robots replied.

“One of our scientists attempted to posses him. We are not sure if the Professor is alive or not. You need to help retrieve the him if you can. He may have been a foolhardy idiot, but we need him to help repair the generator.”

“Trust me, if one of you freaks was stupid enough to possess a Jiang Shi, then he’s dead. The Demon in there will rip him apart. “

“You’d better hope he’s not. You’ve seen the pit. You know what we can do to your friends. Their deaths will be just the beginning.”

With no other choice Denika used her magics to try and put a lock onto the Demon possessing the Strange Boy. No force in this universe could remove the Jiang Shi Demon from the boy sadly, but the Demonic Professor, provided he hadn’t been torn apart would be no problem.

As Denika got a trace of the Demon however, she found its grip on the boy stronger than she had expected.

Denika used her magics to force her mind into the Strange Boy’s. She had tried to do this once before in an effort to communicate with and maybe even help the boy, but the Jiang Shi within nearly tore her apart.

Naturally she wasn’t eager to try the same thing a second time, but it was seemingly the only way she could pull the Demon out.

After making the connection with the Demonic Professors mind, Denika suddenly found herself in a small dark room where she saw the Demon scientist holding a knife to the Strange Boy’s throat. The Strange Boy looked different however. He looked normal. There was actually an expression on his face for once, one of terror. In the distance meanwhile, Denika could see the Jiang Shi spirit that had attacked and almost killed her the last time. It stood over seven foot tall and was not too dissimilar to a Kardon in appearance, though its skin was bright green.

“It’s no use in growling.” The Demon scientist taunted the Jiang Shi spirit.

“I know if this boy dies you do. The magics that originally bound you both together have fused you too.”

The Strange Boy’s human side spoke.

“You don’t know what a monster he is. There’s nothing that can subdue his bloodlust. I feel it every second of every day. I takes all my will power to influence him.

“If that were true my boy then you wouldn’t be here. Clearly whoever used the magics to keep your spirit trapped in here, when it should have been ejected found a way to subdue him. Now that I’ve got him to sit, let’s see if any of my magics can make him a little more agreeable”

Denika started to slowly charge up her magic to use against the Demon Professor. She hoped she could maybe use him as a bargaining chip to free Ashlei and Keptis.

As Denika prepared to attack however, the Strange Boy’s human side noticed Denika. At first he smiled at seeing her, but then he called out on her to stop.

Unfortunately his scream alerted the Vampire spirit and it jumped Denika before she could retaliate.

“Please you have to help her.” The boy pleaded with the Demon.

“Why should I care? If anything she can be a good way to test the Vampire’s power.”

“I won’t help you if you do.”

The Demon held its knife to the boys throat.

“I don’t need your help you worthless little freak.”

The Vampire threw Denika around like a rag doll and started to claw at her. Fortunately if it bit her in here, then it wouldn’t be able to transfer the curse of the Jiang Shi, but it could still nevertheless destroy her spirit easily.

Though magic could harm the beast, it moved so quickly that Denika wasn’t able to land a hit on it.

The Strange Boy’s human side started to sob, but when he screamed out, the Jiang Shi suddenly stopped in its tracks for just a few seconds, allowing Denika to hit it with a full blast of magic, sending it flying back into the darkness.

Unfortunately the boy screamed at the same time and nearly fainted, nevertheless the fight had distracted the Demon Professor long enough for Denika trap him in an energy field.

Whilst he was helpless, Denika ran to the boys aid.

“Denika, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you.” The boy said.

“Likewise, it’s good to finally be able to talk to you.”

Their reunion however was cut short by the sound of the Jiang Shi spirit re-emerging. Denika picked up the Demon’s knife and held it to the boys throat. Obviously she would never harm the boy, but she had to make the Jiang Shi think that.

Unfortunately the Demon didn’t even stop for a second.

“You stupid Witch. The Jiang Shi and the boy are linked. Everything he knows, it knows. You’d never harm him. If anything it has the advantage that way as it knows you’d never kill it or else you’d kill the boy.” The Demon Professor sneered from inside his prison.

With no choice, Denika was forced to encase herself, the boy and even the Demon professor in a forcefield, that held the Jiang Shi back. Unfortunately however she couldn’t hold it up for long as in here the Jiang Shi was even stronger. Worse the strain of holding both the bloodsucker and the Demon back was getting to Denika.

“You have to try and control him eh.” Denika said.

“I’m called Rong.”

“Rong, all this time and I never even knew your name. None of us did.”

“How could you?”

“I tried you know. I was always looking for ways to find a way to communicate, but I.”

“It’s okay I understand. In spite of everything I still consider you all friends. You’re the only people who ever took me in after what I became.”

“You didn’t become anything. That thing over there is taking you over, but you can beat it. Most of the time you’re in control of your body.”

“No I’m not. He always is. I see through his eyes. I feel what he feels when he tears into people’s throats. All I ever do is influence him from in here. I’m able to redirect his bloodlust onto Demons, Vampires and other monsters. He’s always in the drivers seat however. I’m trapped in here, and when he doesn’t get a chance to live out his violent urges, I have to do all I can to keep him locked in his cage. I don’t have a seconds relief from it. My father, or rather my adopted father did this to me. After I was infected. He used all the magics he could to trap my spirit in this body. He wanted to save me, but instead he’s locked me into hell with that thing.”

“I’m so sorry you’ve been trapped like this. For how long?”

“Over 100 years.”

“Oh my god. I can’t even begin to imagine.”

“All this time it’s that thing that’s been helping you. It’s been fighting the monsters. Not me.”

“You’re the one who’s influence it Rong. What you’ve done, in spite of everything you’ve been through. You’re the strongest one out of all of us. That’s why I need you to be strong again.”

“I can’t. When we encountered the Kardons, their presence caused the Jiang Shi to become stronger, more feral. I sometimes wonder if he’ll even kill me. I can’t control him.”

“I can help if you’ll let me.” The Demon said.

Denika ignored the Demon, and continued to try and hold up the wall, but within a few strikes the Jiang Shi spirit completely tore it down.

Denika tried to fire at it again, but the monster was too fast, and with no choice Denika was forced to flee, using her magic to carry the boy and the Demon across the darkness ahead.

Outside of the Strange Boy’s mind meanwhile the Demonic Robots could see Denika was struggling.

“That Witch is useless.” One of the Robots said in frustration.

“Now, now it’s not entirely her fault. That fool is always getting himself into trouble. Still she has ten minutes left at the most. We can’t waste any more time on this. That Demon child gives me the creeps. ” Their leader replied.

“It’s got the mark of a Kardon on it, how could it not.”

Whilst the Robots were talking, Keptis reached backwards and grabbed a piece of lab equipment. He didn’t know what it was, but it looked unstable. It was a new kind of magical explosion that the Professor had only begun to develop. Keptis hesitated for a moment more for his team mates sake but he soon realised that they would all be dead if he did nothing anyway. He hurled the explosive straight at two of the Robots, and it broke off of their armour, but still produced a minor explosion, enough to knock the Robots next to Keptis and Ashlei, as well as the two time travelers themselves, off of their feet.

None of the Robots were damaged, but Ashlei instantly jumped up and followed the Martian’s lead, grabbing another bomb. As she was about to throw it at the center of the lab, the leader of the Robots begged her to stop.

“You fool you don’t know what you’re dealing with. If you blow that up you’ll unleash dark magic on this place, the likes of which almost killed that freak friend of yours.”

“Almost? You mean Carlene is still alive?”

“If that is the name of that alien with the large black, domed head, then yes. It somehow overcame our black magics. You will not be so lucky.”

Ashlei was so overjoyed to hear about Carlene she almost let her guard down, but as soon as the Robots started to advance on her, she held her the explosive up again.

“You wouldn’t dare. You’d kill your friends too, there’s not a chance” the leader of the Robots said, only for Ashlei in response to drop the explosive, and catch it just as it almost hit the ground, making all of the Robots jump back in terror.

“You really want to test me? My friends are dead anyway.”

The Robot knew that he was beat for now and allowed the Martian to go free. Keptis was of course reluctant to just leave Ashlei here, but she insisted that he find help.

Ashlei also insisted that the Robots let Denika and the Strange Boy go too, but unfortunately the Witch was still trapped in the Strange Boy’s mind.

“Get her out.”

“Easier said than done.”

“I’m sure you’ll figure a way in. You’ll have to unless.” Ashlei said as she dangled the explosive over the dark magic.”

“Hello come in, can you hear me?” The Roslax commander said through the communicator.

“You’re wasting time.” The Robots former slave said.

“Our platoon has agreed to help you, against our better judgement, the least you could do is be patient. We need all the help we can get if these eh Demons are as bad as you say they are.” The Roslax commander said.

The Roslax commander had decided to help the Hensekos, simply due to what his men had told him.

“Patience? While your wasting time, thousands of my people are being slaughtered by those things.”

“He’s right. If what the Robot says is true the rebels are our best bet of banishing the Demons.” The Circus Master said.

“They’re useless” the slave said bitterly.”

“Well even if they are Mr eh, sorry I don’t think I caught your name?” The Circus Master said much to the slaves, irritation.

“Why would you care I’m just a nameless, faceless drone aren’t I.”

“Oh please drop all that self pitying crap darling.” Carlene interrupted.

“We didn’t exactly have time for pleasantries when we were being chased by Demon Robots.”

“My name is Uiskan” The slave said.

“I’m sorry about my temper, it’s just that. I never thought I’d live to see the day those monsters that took my family actually pay for what they did. Now it seems like it’s actually possible.” Uiskan continued.

“I wouldn’t get too carried away.” The Robot said.

“We cast them out of their machines. We actually made it off the planet. For so long it felt like nothing could harm those monsters and now.”

Uiskan was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a voice coming through the speakers.

“Hello, this is the Hinsekos rebel command do you read me.”

“Yes this is Commander Aesoka, of the fifth Roslax airfleet.”

“There was a pause on the other end.”

“This is a trick” the leader of the Hinsekos said. “You think we’d fall for this.”

“It’s true Oskioa.” Uiskan said.

“You know me, you know what I lost against those Demons. You know I would never lie for them.”

There was another moments silence before Oskioa spoke again.

“What do you want Roslax. You made it clear that you don’t want anything to do with us. Is it to simply gloat over our misfortune.”

“Believe you me I could care less about you, but after seeing what was down there on your planet, well.”

“Is your government behind this or?”

“No, we’ll only be able to send our own fleet, of forty or so ships. The Robot told us you have a spell that can send all those…. Demons back.”

“Yes but we’d have to make it into the mainframe of their city to program the spell into their computers. All our attempts have failed, but with your extra firepower.”

“You still won’t make it”  Uiskan said.

“We need the backing of this entire planet.”

“Trust me that isn’t going to happen. You’re lucky that we took the time to listen you.” Aesoka said.

“He’s right we have to strike now that the Demons are vulnerable anyway.” The Circus Master said before being cut off by the rebels leader.

“The Robots have regained control of their machines. We detected their power shortage, but before we could do anything about it, they had repaired the problem.

“Well still” the Circus Master said.

“I agree that it could take years for the Roslax government to want to use time and resources to help the Hinsekos. Maybe they’ll be reasonable and listen to us, maybe they’ll stop the one fleet willing to help us from going. Maybe there are Demons in your government already? Who knows.” The Vandal continued.

“There are no Demons in our.” One of the soldiers protested.

“Trust me I’ve seen it on billions of planets throughout history. They always place themselves in high places. We can’t take any chances. It’s now or never.” The Circus Master said.

The Circus Master: The Curse of The Robots: Part 8

“Incredible, absolutely incredible. This beast bears the mark of the Kardons.” One of the Demons said about The Strange Boy as it read his soul.

The Demon could also detect a human soul in the Demon’s body too.

“How could a natural creature survive against such a thing. That Demon within is constantly clawing at that boys soul, trying to take him over. If we could only extract the Demon think of what we could accomplish.” One of the Demons said.

“Are you insane? A pack of those things down there set us back by decades.”

“Yes but in here we can contain it. We’ve found the beasts major weakness is magic. In time perhaps we could find a way to control it. Think of the untapped well there is in that Demon. The power of the Kardons lies within our grasp.”

“Precisely why we shouldn’t interfere. We’re at the bottom of hell’s food chain, the Kardons are at the top.”

“Yes well the Kardons are sealed away for good now, whilst we endure. Power means nothing if you don’t know how to use it.”

Without any further arguing the Demon cast another spell that would allow him to possess the Strange Boy. It was essentially a spell to boost the Demons natural possession powers, which would normally be used to overcome powerful magics. The Demon hoped if he could possess the boy he could take control of the Vampiric spirit within and extract it.

It was an incredibly risky venture as the Jiang Shi spirit up close could easily shred him to pieces, but the Demon felt he had no choice. He wasn’t going to let this golden opportunity pass him by.

“What happened, why aren’t we crashing?” Carlene asked.

“We’re caught in a tractor beam.” The Circus Master said as he tried to regain control of himself.

Carlene looked out of the front window and saw beneath them what looked like a gigantic city that stretched out into the distance. The buildings were of a strange design. At least to Carlene, they were all too familiar to the slave, whist the Circus Master had seen far more spectacular sights in his long life.

Four small, cube shaped vehicles started to fly from the largest building in the city towards the vehicle.

“We made it.” The slave said with joy.

“We’ve landed on Axiurus.”

The Circus Master and Carlene both responded with blank expressions.

“You really aren’t from our world, or even this galaxy are you?”

“You’re only just getting that darling?”

“They were once our closest allies, but it came to an end when, well I don’t think that matters now.”

“Does it not, there has to be a reason they haven’t helped you against those Demons?” Carlene asked.

“We just haven’t been in contact, now that we’re here we can tell them and.”

Suddenly the ships two main doors opened, and three short yellow skinned, green eyed, humanoid creatures carrying strange weapons emerged from them.

“What is this a Hinsekos? And what are those things.” Their leader said whilst waving its gun in the direction of The Circus Master and Carlene.”

“We’re earthlings, well sort of. Earthlings fused with Demons.” The Circus Master said jovially before he was forced to clutch his sides in pain again.

The aliens raised their guns.

“Relax” The Circus Master said. “Those guns wouldn’t work on me anyway.”

“Look I can’t explain everything that’s going on right now, but rest assured we’re only here because we need help.” The slave interrupted

One of the aliens smiled. “We know.”

“You know? So you’ll help us.”

“No, we’ll send you on your way.” The alien said before lifting out a small radio like device.

“We have them secured, a Hensekos, and two aliens. They don’t seem to be any danger, but their ship is in no state to go. Better take it down.”

“Emergency, emergency headquarters is under attack, one of the Demons screeched as it came hovering down a nearby corridor.

“The rebels are using enchantments to banish us, you have to get the power back on soon.

“I think I might be able to find someone that can help.” One of the Demons in the command said with a wry grin.

In reality it wasn’t the rebels, but rather the slaves, under Florence’s command were chanting the banishing spell constantly against any Demons that came near the mines. This not only dwindled the monsters forces, but also kept their attention making it easier for Florence and Cricex to sneak their way in. Unfortunately however Cricex didn’t have any way of contacting the rebels back at the base to help.

Florence didn’t like using the slaves this way, as despite the enchantment she was sure she was putting them all in danger.  Still the distraction had proven vital, though even then she had been forced to banish more than a few of the Demons along the way. More and more Demons kept emerging from the base.

“Just how many of those monsters are there.” Florence asked.

“The Demons have found a way to keep the portal to their hell open through their magics. If we banish all of the originals here it will close and they will be cut off. It’s not far ahead to the mainframe now.” Cricex said.

Unfortunately however when the Alien and the Siren reached the mainframe they saw it was guarded by a gigantic, black Demonic spirit, far larger and more ferocious looking than any of the monsters they had encountered in the base. It was surrounded by several lesser Demons.

“Oh no I had feared this.” Cricex said.


“It’s exceedingly rare, in fact I thought it was just a myth, but apparently several of these Demons have the power to merge into one. According to the legends when they do however they can never separate. Eventually the power consumes and destroys them, hence why they don’t do it that often.”

“I take it our banishing spell doesn’t work on them in this state?”

“Nothing can harm them in this state, or at least nothing we know.”

“I honestly wouldn’t have thought that any Demon would have been willing to sacrifice itself for the greater good?” Florence said.

“They aren’t. They’re just scared of being thrown back into the hell dimension they came from. Those Demons are the lowest on the food chain down there.”

The larger, merged Demon started to behave erratically and clawed at several nearby walls, causing the lesser Demons to back away slightly.

“It can sense us.” Cricex said.

“It can sense me. I’m a Demon just like it. Which is why I have to draw it away.”

“That thing will kill you.”

“As long as it doesn’t take my head off then I can take whatever it can throw at me. You need to get to the mainframe before they switch those machines back on.” Florence said as she jumped out to confront the Demons.

The monster struck Florence with its full strength before she could even lift a finger against the abomination. The Siren was hurled over 30 feet across the room and into one of the steel walls, hitting it so hard she made a massive crack in the metal.

Such a hit would have smashed a normal person or a Hensekos into nothing but mush. Instead it simply broke every bone in Florence’s body.

The Demon laughed at her plight, whilst Cricex looked on in horror. However within a few seconds Florence’s bones started to nit together again and she stood up.

“Okay I’ll admit that hurt a bit.” As soon as she had finished the Demon struck her again sending her back into the wall, but yet again her bones quickly started to heal.

“What are you.” The Demon asked.

“Does it make a difference you’re going to kill me anyway.”

“Yeah I suppose you’re right.” The Demon said as it tried to strike again. This time Florence was ready however, though she only just managed to just narrowly dodge the monster’s fist and jump through the Demons non corporeal body.

It was a most unpleasant experience. Whilst in the monsters body, even just for a few seconds, she saw flashes of the individual Demons lives, the hell they came from, the suffering they had endured there, and the suffering they had in turn inflicted on the aliens of this world. At the same time the Demon had also seen flashes of her life, though they had no effect on the monster except to let it know how to kill her.

The Demon spun round and grabbed Florence by the foot whilst she was still dazed on the floor from the experience and reached out to grab her by the throat.

Meanwhile Cricex had made his way into the mainframe. There were still a few Demons guarding and so he had to say the enchantment several times from a distance to keep hidden.

Florence managed to crawl inside the Demon again after pulling her foot free. (And losing a massive chunk of flesh and skin in the process.)

Inside the Demon, Florence started to conjure up her most nightmarish memories of all the monsters she had seen on her travels including recent memories of the Kardons, and the Hylexans to try and intimidate the Demon.

At the same time images of the hell the Demon had come from once again plagued Florence’s thoughts, but she held on for as long as she could.

The pain Florence had endured in her life was nothing compared to the Demon, but the images of the terrible creatures, even from this universe that it saw such as the Hylexans was enough to scare it.

The Demons had been somewhat naive about how dangerous the creatures of the natural world could be. Having only ever invaded a few primitive planets, they had become somewhat complacent, viewing natural creatures as nothing more than cattle. Even with their technology however, the Demons would be lucky to stand against many of the species Florence and the rest of the Circus Folk had encountered on their many travels.

The Demon pulled Florence out of its chest and threw her across the room, though this time it didn’t pursue her. Instead it simply sat there trying to take in the new horrors it had seen.

Carlene, The Circus Master, the robot and the slave were brought before the commander of the aliens platoon, whilst their ship was being repaired. The aliens had also managed to find a way to recharge the Robot, much to its shock.

“I cannot thank you enough.” The Robot said a few minutes after coming back online. “Your technology is clearly far in advance of our own. Once my power runs down, my systems freeze and no power on our planet can restart it. Incredible.” The Robot said, in a tone that almost suggested happiness.

“Yes well we’re happy to help you get back to your planet, but don’t expect anything else from us.”

“Look darling, do you mind if I talk.” Carlene said.

“Me and my eh, friend, companion, whatever, we’re kind of outsiders to whatever tiff you lot have going on with each other, but if you’ll”

“Exactly alien, this does not concern you. I do find it amusing though that the Hensekos haven’t told you the truth? Could it be that you finally feel shame for how you treated us.”

The Circus Master, who was trying not to show the discomfort he was in from the Demons spoke.

“Whatever happened here it doesn’t matter. What’s going on on that planet is a danger to every life form in this galaxy.”

“You really don’t know do you?” The commander said.

“Allow me to explain.” He continued, whilst the Circus Master rolled his eyes.

“The Hensekos here were once among the most advanced life forms in this galaxy. While the rest of us were just mastering space travel, they had already expanded beyond the solar system. At first our people, the Roslax, along with the others in this galaxy were their allies. They helped us, gave us access to their technology, built us up, but then came the war with another race of creatures known as the Iscalia. To this day none of us even know what the war was about. A planet? A solar system? A galaxy? We were recruited as foot soldiers in this war. Millions of us died for them until our leaders finally saw sense and pulled out of the war.

The Hensekos however launched their final deadly weapon. A plague that could spread through space. It destroyed the Iscalia, but it also spread throughout our solar system too. Only their planet was safe. Millions more died in a few weeks from that filthy plague than had died in their pointless war.”

“I’m, I’m sorry I don’t know what to say.” Carlene said, before the Circus Master interrupted her.

“I don’t care.”

Even the slave was shocked.

“Now, now Demon” The Robot said. “Our planet’s history is shameful, we have to be mindful when.”

“No we don’t. Believe me I’m sorry for what happened to your people, but that doesn’t change what’s happening now. Demons are threatening your solar system. They’re using the people of Hensekos”

“Actually our planet is called Hensika.”

“Of Hensika, to create weapons, warships and magics to conquer as many worlds as they can. They’ll kill more people than the war and the plague combined. You can either let a petty grudge get in the way, or you can help stop that. If you choose the former well, you’re no worse than the Hensekos who made you fight.”

“Whatever tin monsters they’ve created on their world, we can handle. You’ve seen how we’ve already begun to surpass them in technology. It’s been terribly amusing to watch the Hensekos own inferior technology turn on and destroy them whilst we prosper.” The commander said confidently.

“Yeah except they’re not just tin monsters. Those robots you’ve seen are possessed by Demons. Creatures from a Hell dimension. They’ll fuse the Hensekos technology with the black arts to create weapons you can’t even conceive of. Don’t think a small lead of a few decades because the Hensekos have been too busy battling Demons is going to save you.”

“You expect us to believe these ludicrous stories.” The commander said as he signaled his troops to take the prisoners away.

“Yes actually” The Circus Master said as he opened his shirt to reveal a circular blue light in his chest.

“I do.”

Several green Demonic faces started to swirl round in the blue light, the “digested” remains of the Demons the Circus Master had devoured. He’d been holding them in now for as long as he could, but after relaxing for just a few seconds the Demons started to manifest, and even began screaming.

“YOU WILL DIE, ALL OF YOU” The voices screamed before the Circus Master was forced to repress them again.

“What, what trickery is this.”

“Oh for god’s sake do I have to let them take me over for you to believe? Those are some of the Demons that have taken over, or rather the remains of some of them. I’m also a Demon, but I’m one of the nice ones. I consumed some of them, but I bit off more than I could chew and now I’m having trouble keeping them down. Anyway this is what’s waiting for you on that other planet, unless you help us now.”

“I’m afraid even I did believe you there is no way that the government would be willing to let a battle fleet go to.”

“We’re not asking for one.” The slave said.

“We just need a few ships to attack the Demons while they are vulnerable.”

Many of the Roslax soldiers had seen or had experiences with the supernatural and now felt for the first time they could talk about it properly with their Commander.

Like most worlds in the galaxy Axiurus had its own history with supernatural, but there had been an increase in paranormal creatures recently. Sometimes when one planet became a hotspot for Demons, it would draw others in from different dimensions, even just instinctively to the entire solar system or even galaxy.

“I told you Sir, that something unnatural was happening on that planet.” The second in command said. “I’ve seen men on our world taken over, turned into horrific beasts.” He continued.

“The first platoon I was ever a part of, one of our men he, he was taken over by something sir.” Another one of the soldiers said.

“I heard about that story” the Commander replied.

“Klister, went mad from the shell shock and shot 7 of the platoon.”

“It wasn’t shell shock sir. That was just the official story. Something got in him. Something made him a monster.”

“The same thing happened to my son. One day he just changed.” Another of the soldiers at the back said.

“He was attacked by an animal. It attacked him and his fiance. Just a few days later he called me up. Told me he was feeling sick and he needed to save me. By the time I got there he’d. He’d changed into something like the animal that attacked him, but it was larger, more ferocious. He tried to kill me. I ran and I managed to escape him, but my son, he, or what he’d become fled into the woods. I never saw him again.”

The Commander had heard the odd story about monsters from the soldiers in the past, but he often assumed they were just tall tales, or funny jokes, but now he could see that they were true.

“What have you done to him you monsters.” Denika said as she saw the Strange Boy contained within the Demons forcefield.

“He’s just a boy.”

“We both know that isn’t true.” The Demons commander said.

“Don’t worry about the boy however. If you want to save your friends, you are going to help us.”

The Demons gathered around Ashlei and Keptis. (All of the slaves with Ashlei and Keptis they had captured were simply locked in the cells below to be used for later experiments.)

“You see witch, the magics from your reality can if applied properly be used to block our magics. We have ways to counteract yours, before you get any ideas, but still we never mastered your magics as they were too harmful to us. Now given there is a tear in one of our power lines, if you were to cover it with a spell, it would allow us to use our robots whilst we repaired it. We could get the job done in no time if we had the machines to help us.”

“Don’t help him Denika.” Ashlei said.

“It doesn’t matter if he kills us, you can’t give in.”

“Who said anything about killing you.” The Demon said as his form began to spread out and envelope both Ashlei and Keptis.

Just like Florence had done when she passed through the Demon, Ashlei and Keptis started to experience the monsters memories of hell. These weren’t just any old Demon’s memories. This Demon had risen to the rank of commander after escaping the worst, most heinous hell dimension.

The briefest flashes were enough to bring Ashlei and even Keptis to their knees screaming.

“They won’t die, not at first, but when they do, even death won’t ease their pain for I’ll keep their souls trapped in here, constantly reliving the agonies I endured for thousands of years.

Denika tried to look away from the sight of her friends torment. She had always prided herself on being level headed and cool in a crisis, but eventually after just a few minutes she couldn’t take it anymore.

“All right!” she screamed.

“You’ve got me, for now.”

And with that Denika cast her spell, even from up here that was able to create a forcefield over the rip. Within seconds the Robots and their city started to come to life again.

The Circus Master: The Curse of The Robots: Part 7

“What are you” one of the hordes of Demons that surrounded Denika and the others asked.

“What are we, well that’s a bit tricky. How do we explain the history of humanity in just a few minutes?” Denika said.

“We’re not great, but we’re a bit better than you lot? I think that covers it.” Denika joked much to the monsters annoyance.

“You have no idea the agonies we can dream up for you, the suffering we’ve seen in the pit, the”

Whilst the Demonic spirit was boasting, Denika summoned up a massive energy ball with all of her strength against the spirits, but as the smoke cleared she saw much to her horror that they weren’t phased at all.

“Well that was a bit anti climactic.” She said with regret.

The Demons then effortlessly knocked Denika and the others out, but their leader stopped them from going too far and killing either the time travelers or the slaves.

“No these are strange aliens, the leaders above will want to interrogate them.”

Up above in one of the mines Florence meanwhile had been completely overpowered by the Demonic spirits. She had fought valiantly, but she ultimately had no way of dispatching the Demons and they were able to dogpile on her.

The Demons however unlike with Denika and the others, were so enraged that they tried to kill Florence. Not knowing anything about the weaknesses of her breed of Vampire, the monsters tore large chunks of flesh out of her stomach. One of the Demons pulled her intestine out, whilst another stuck its hand right through her chest and grabbed her heart.

“Why won’t you die” The Demon screamed as it crushed her heart in its hands.

Suddenly however the Demons started to fade away into smoke. “What, what’s happening, what are you doing you freak.” The leader screamed at Florence.

“I have no idea. I wish I could take credit for it as it’s brilliant but sadly?” Florence said whilst spitting up blood.

The Demons in the mine soon all faded away into nothing but mist.

As Florence’s natural healing powers kicked in and she tried to stand she was helped by an alien similar to the slaves, but dressed in what looked like a military uniform.

“I assume you were responsible for this?” Florence asked as she held her guts in.

“Yes, my name is Cricex. I am a member of the resistance. The exorcism I used disipates the Demoninc spirit. It takes a few minutes to kick in. Hasn’t been useful in years as the machines these creatures normally wear protects them. Hardly anybody has bothered to learn the exorcism in fact apart from me. Thank you for ejecting the Demons from their robot bodies. I assume that was your doing?”

“No it wasn’t I don’t know who or what did that, or if it’s permanent or not, which is why we have to hurry.”

“Yes you’re right we need to make our way to control.”

Cricex lifted out a disc.

“This contains the enchantment that will banish the Demons as a code. If we find a way to stick this into their mainframe it will spread as a code throughout all of their machines, stopping them from climbing back into them.”

“But there will still be hundreds here?”

“Yes but we can banish them, also the Demons can’t stay in this reality for an extended period of time. They’ll eventually vanish back to their own world, which can then be sealed off.”

“Well let’s not waste any time then. They’ve taken one of my friends, the others, I’m not so sure of. I hope they got away. I know that some of them must have as I can’t imagine what else short circuited the Robots machines.”

“Wait I have to tell the prisoners here about the spell so they can defend themselves when more of the Demons come along.”

“You can’t worry about them now.” Florence said.

“We have an entire planet to think of.”

“I’m not going to leave them to those monsters.” He said firmly.

“Well in that case give me the spell, I can speed it up. I hope. I’m not sure this will work or if the magic will interfere. My hypnosis is very delicate you know, but still.” Florence said.

After reading the exorcism (and getting the pronunciation right which took Florence a few minutes much to her annoyance,) she was able to hypnotise the workers in the mine, many of whom had still just carried on working. Florence gave the slaves the command to repeat the exorcism, which she then spoke, if any of the Demons arrived.

“I can’t guarantee that will work, but it’s the best we can do for now.” Florence said.

The ship Carlene and the Circus Master had stolen spun completely out of control. Whilst Carlene tried to wake the Robot up, the Circus Master did his best to try and pilot the vehicle.

“It’s not like if you slap him he’ll wake up.” The Circus Master said. It had taken the Vandal a few minutes to get used to the controls. On his many travels through time and space the Demon had learned how to pilot many ships, but after a few false starts which nearly crashed the ship he had managed to barely get a handle of some of the controls. The technology was fairly primitive by the Vandals standards even if it was unfamiliar.

Unfortunately however just as the Circus Master had stablized the vessel, the Demonic horde had managed to catch up with them. The monsters had sat back and laughed in amusement as the vessel looked like it was going to crash, but now that it had begun to stablise the Demons weren’t prepared to let the prisoners slip away again.

Several of the monsters held the ship in place, whilst others phased through and started to attack.

Just as before the Circus Master was able to absorb the Demons, but as more and more kept pouring through however he had to stop. The Vandal had gone far beyond his limit and “eaten” so many of the monsters that they their evil was now beginning to affect him and he collapsed.

Fortunately however the remaining Demons that had attacked fled. Demons were not known for their bravery.

Carlene and the Alien slave tried to help the Vandal up, but he still clutched his sides in agony.

“I can feel some of them inside me. See their memories. The pain they’ve lived through in their own hell dimension. No wonder they’re so angry all the time.” He joked, though Carlene looked worried.

“I just have a bit of indigestion, but I’m afraid I don’t think I can eat another one of those nasties without getting a really upset tummy.”

“There’s hundreds of them outside.” The slave said in panic. “What are we going to do.”

Just then the Robot raised its arm.

“Oh thank god love, I thought you were dead.” Carlene said as she tended to him.

“I have never been alive” the robot said in a faint voice.

“My power is about to go but here.”

The Robot printed out a small bit of paper from its chest unit.”

“The enchantment, it’s the only thing that can hurt the Demons.”

The Robot then collapsed. With no choice Carlene read out the enchantment. (The Circus Master was in no fit state. He had collapsed on the floor, writhing from the pain in his stomach.)

After reading the spell aloud nothing happened, except that several more Demons came bursting through the walls screaming in rage.

The Demons had managed to bring the Strange Boy back to their headquarters. Along the way the child Vampire had killed one of the Demonic spirits by slashing at him, but they had nevertheless managed to restrain the Demon child for now.

“It’s like us master.” One of the underlings said. “Only stronger. Even in our robot bodies.”

“I know. It caused a plague in the mine, infected so many of our workers. That thing set us back about 30 years in one afternoon. We should cut its head off now.”

“No please” one of the Demonic scientists at the back said.

“This is a creature from hell just like us, but it’s clearly higher up on the food chain than our kind.”

“That wouldn’t be difficult” Their leader said with regret.

“What’s even more fascinating is that when I get close to this creature I can sense there is something natural about it. Like there are still traces of a lesser natural in there. I want to find out what the key to this beasts secret is. Through any means necessary.”

On board the ship the Demons had swarmed the Circus Master. Whilst he had managed to fend a few off with his claws, the rest of the Demons had overwhelmed him and viciously beat and clawed at the Vandal.

The only thing that kept the Vandal alive was that the Demons didn’t know his kinds weaknesses and that they wanted to prolong his death. They slashed and slashed at him, and tore the Demons guts out, but he was still in more pain from the Demons inside.

Carlene meanwhile used the gas bombs from inside her beehive to try and slip through the Demons whilst protecting the slaves. The smoke did confuse the Demons, but as there were so many of them it didn’t really make much difference. She kept reciting the enchantment, being not sure if she had said it correctly.

The monsters slashed blindly managing to hit Carlene, and the alien slave, who Carlene did her best to try and shield. Whilst he was hit several times, fortunately Carlene was able to shield him from any serious blows.

After a few minutes however several of the Demons vanished, thanks to the enchantment.

“The spell it worked. Took its sweet time but still.”

“Great” The Circus Master said sarcastically as he held up his intestines.

“The good news is my stomach isn’t hurting anymore because those Demons tore all of my guts out.”

As Carlene helped the Circus Master up, his wounds already beginning to consume him, the Demons within almost brought him to his knees again. He had greatly underestimated the Demon’s who weren’t simply consuming his stomach, but borrowing their way into his very soul.

Still the Vandal fought through the pain and took control of the ship once more. He only had minutes before the spells energy would dissipate and more Demons would be coming.

The Circus Master piloted the ship at a tremendous speed to the point where Carlene and the alien were thrown off of their feet, with Carlene managing to catch the alien before he plummeted down to the cargo hold as the Circus Master had even upturned the ship as he took it higher.

The Circus Master took the ship out of the atmosphere of the planet in a couple of minutes and into space where it crashed into several meteorites. Worse than that the ships engine was beginning to overheat too.

Carlene could see that the Circus Master was not himself. His face had begun to twist into a more Demonic form, unlike a Vandal.

Hurling herself forward with her Vampiric strength. (Which was risky as she almost missed the Circus Master and went straight out of the window.) Carlene tackled the Vandal and pulled him off the controls, causing the ship to narrowly miss a massive asteroid.

The Circus Master however then jabbed his claws straight through Carlene’s stomach and spine.

The Vampire however reached into her beehive and pulled out a silver knife. (A weakness of the Circus Masters breed of Vandal) and stabbed it into his arm.

“I’m sorry darling but I don’t have time to talk this over.”

The Circus Master dropped Carlene and screamed from the pain in his arm. After he pulled it out however he then held it above his heart.

“I’ll do it, believe me I’ll do it.” The Vandal said after which the Demons began to release their hold on him, for now.

“Thank you Carlene. I’ve bitten off more than I can chew it seems.”

“I thought those Demons were supposed to die when you sucked em up?”

“Yes they normally are, but the fragments of various Demonic spirits have hung on in there and have merged together. It’s why I can’t eat too many at once, I have to wait until they’ve been completely dissolved or digested or whatever you want to call it.”

“So do we just exorcises them or something?”

“I’m afraid not, the creature possessing me isn’t a conventional Demon anymore. I have to overpower it and wait until it is consumed. If it takes over however then it can hold it off and.”

“I don’t mean to be rude or anything” the alien slave interrupted but we’re heading for that planet.

Up ahead the Circus Master and Carlene could see out of the front of the ship a small completely blue planet. The Vandal tried to take control of the ship, but unfortunately when the Demon had possessed him it had burnt out the engines.

To Be Continued.

The Circus Master: The Curse of The Robots: Part 6

Denika, Ashlei and Keptis along with several of the slaves ran down a nearby tunnel before the magical energy could engulf them too. The Vampires meanwhile were not so lucky as Denika using what little energy she had after recharging hurled the bloodsuckers back as they tried to flee as well. One of the Vampires was able to dodge her attack, but Keptis knocked it back into the magical blast with a kick to the chest.

“What the hell was that”. Ashlei asked after they had finally managed to get clear.

“Concentrated magic. I’m guessing for the robots up ahead to power them.”

“From the looks of things” Denika continued. “They tunneled down to this area first to build their power core, and then mined the rest up above that they didn’t get to before hand for more metal to build their robots.”

“If you’ve destroyed their power core, does that mean you’ve shut them all down? We’ve won then?” Ashlei asked.

“I don’t think it’s going to be as easy as that.” Denika said with regret.

Up above all of the power to the city had been temporarily halted. The robot who had saved Carlene and The Circus Master was still powered as he didn’t draw on the Demons magic, (fearing it would corrupt him.) Instead he was powered by a special battery at his core.

“Incredible. The power source has been shattered.” The Robot said.

“What does that mean?” Carlene asked.

“It means there might be hope for your friends after all Alien. Perhaps one of the slaves made their way down there to the core. I can’t imagine how, but I also can’t imagine that the Demon’s power just short circuited by itself.”

“Well that’s good isn’t it?” Carlene asked.

“No, not only will they repair it in no time, but now without bodies they.”

Before the Robot could even finish, a Demonic spirit rose from a Robot at the end of the corridor.

It was brown in colour, covered in long thin spikes, had clawed hands, a single yellow, veiny eye, and bat like ears, as well as a large mouth filled with long curved teeth.

The creatures arms stretched out across the corridor and grabbed Carlene. It was spikey to the touch, and burned her arms as it gripped them. The Vampire tried to reach into her beehive for a weapon, but the Demon put it’s arm through her chest and brought Carlene to her knees. The Demon’s strength was nowhere near as great as it had been in it’s robot body, but it still dwarfed Carlene’s.

The alien slave who had escaped with Carlene tried to attack the Demonic spirit, but his arms just phased through it.

Fortunately however the Circus Master was able to hurt the monster with one scratch. His kind, the Vandals fed on souls. Whilst only the souls of natural creatures nourished them, their claws were still more than capable of slicing through and absorbing the souls of any creature.

The Demon fell to the ground from the Circus Masters wound, shocked that anything could actually hurt it in this form. The Circus Master then held his hand out and sucked the Demon’s soul into his body through his claws.

“God that Demon tasted rank”. The Circus Master said.

“How did you do that?” The Robot asked.

“Oh my kind we, eh, we eat souls. If a souls in a body we have to rip into it, but when they’re out and about like that, I can just scoop them up. Don’t worry I don’t eat souls anymore. I get by on a kind of magical energy. It comes from the future in a time where.”

He could see the Robot wasn’t interested.

“Never mind, the point is I can eat souls if I want to. Normally I don’t.”

“This is fantastic.” The Robot said.

“Okay that’s an odd reaction to finding out you’re with a soul eating Demon?”

“Don’t you see” The Robot said. The Circus Master almost felt he could hear a hint of frustration in the robot’s monotone voice.

“Now that the Demons are just spirits, with your power, we can actually fight our way through their base. There is an enchantment I know that can harm them in their Demon form, but it can take to long to take effect and can only destroy one of the Demons at a time. This way is more efficient.”

“To the control room?” Carlene asked?

“No. I had hoped to try and download the enchantment to banish the Demons onto the mainframe of their computer, but I would have to put it on a disc and they would be able to sense that. I’d never get near the mainframe. Even now the bulk of their army will be guarding it. Too many even for your friend to devour I’d wager.”

“Correct if I eat too many of those things, they’ll start to affect me.”

“We need to get to one of their spaceships instead.”

“Spaceship?” The Alien slave who had escaped with Carlene said.

“Yes. The Robots or Demons have been building their own war vessels, or should I say modifying your old ships. Once they’ve built enough war machines they’ll use them to attack and conquer other races. We however can use one of them to escape to another world and bring help.”

“If the power has been shut down, how can we pilot it.”

“I can sacrifice my power into the ships engine. I’ll permanently shut down, but that’s a necessary sacrifice.”

“Isn’t there anything else we can do?” Carlene protested

“I’m afraid not, the sacrifice must be made. You may all have to make similar sacrifices in the war against these creatures.”

Just then they were interrupted by the sounds of more Demons screaming.  A small platoon of three Demons emerged from the nearby wall, but the Circus Master was able to absorb two of the Demons, whilst the third just as it was almost pulled in managed to strike the Vandal with it’s last ounce of strength and knock the Circus Master down.

Carlene then attempted to restrain the monster, but it swiftly overpowered her and started to attack the Robot.

“I always thought there was something off about you. What did you do to our power.” The Demon asked the robot.

Fortunately before it could harm the Robot, the Circus Master jumped up and with one swipe of his claws, sliced the Demon’s head clean off. After its head fell to the floor, the Demon evaporated into a puff of smoke.

“You see Carlene this is why everybody prefers Vandals to Vampires” The Circus Master said smugly.

“Right, that why there are all those films, tv series and books about Vandals then love? You’ve been terrorizing humanity as long as us, yet no one’s ever thought you guys had any star quality.”

“Okay, okay” The Circus Master said wanting to get off the topic.

“Let’s get to this rocket, I don’t want to have to eat any more Demons than I have too.”

Florence wasn’t sure what had happened. She and the remaining slaves had managed to flee, whilst the Strange Boy, in his fury had torn several more of the Robots apart.

She had been waiting for the right moment to strike. She wasn’t scared for her own safety, but for the slaves who would have no chance without her. She so wanted to jump in and help the Strange Boy as the Robots were beginning to overwhelm him, but she knew there was nothing she could do except to give away the Slaves. The Jiang Shi probably wouldn’t accept her help anyway.

Suddenly however the robots collapsed in a heap above the child Vampire.

Florence waited a few minutes to see if anything would happen, but when the Strange Boy crawled out from under the robots she could see it wasn’t just a trick.

“Come on” she said to the slaves as she crept slowly away from the Strange Boy, not taking any chances with her former travelling companion just yet.

Florence and the slaves made it over a nearby hill where they saw on the other end, another gigantic mine. The bodies of the Robots were scattered all over the edge of the mine, whilst inside most of the slaves were still working. A few had gathered around some of the fallen Robots, but they were too scared to even touch them.

As Florence headed to the mine to convince the slaves to follow her, she was stopped in her tracks by the sight of hundreds of Demonic spirits emerging from the Robot bodies. The Creatures started attacking the slaves who had not continued to work.

Florence instantly ordered the slaves back the way, but as soon as they turned around they were met with a fleet of Demon souls descending on them.

Four Demons were holding The Strange Boy by both his legs and his arms. It looked an almost comical sight as these 4 large Demonic spirits were all carefully carrying this tiny boy, clearly terrified of him.

The rest of the Demons meanwhile started to attack Florence’s slaves. Two were killed, which broke Florence’s spell over the rest of them. She tried to sing again, but a Demon pounced on her and pinned the Siren to the ground.

As the Demon slashed at the helpless Vampire, Florence could see up ahead the Demons were flying the Strange Boy into the mine.

“Why would they do that? Bringing a Vampire into a mine didn’t work out well for them before.” She thought as she tried to fight off the Demon.

Carlene, The Circus Master, the alien and the Robot meanwhile had managed to make their way through the Demons base. The Demons at this stage had not been prepared for an enemy that could actually hurt them like the Circus Master. Most of the Demons as soon as they spotted him ran at the Vandal, and didn’t even try to dodge his attacks, allowing him to slice his way through the monsters easily. Carlene had also found a weapon in her beehive that could hurt the Demons. Anything made of iron or copper could slice through the Demons spirit (these were common weaknesses of many Demonic spirits.)

The spaceships were kept in a gigantic hangar, though there was only ten or so ships, the hangar was only so massive because the ships were.

“When I last worked in this area, only one of these things was ready to take off into space. Even then with all the work we’d done on it, it was still unstable. There’s a good chance it might not work.”

“I think any chance up there is better than down here with those things.” The Circus Master said.

The Robot led them to the gigantic blue rocket at the very end of the hangar. By diffusing power from himself into a panel around the ships door, the Robot was able to make the doors open.

Once inside the Robot then continued to deposit the energy from his battery into the ships engine, causing it to start up.

With seemingly his last ounce of strength, the Robot then set the ship on a course for the nearest planet. Just as the ship took off however it suddenly stopped in it’s tracks.

Dozens of the Demons who had witnessed the Circus Master slaughtering their comrades had still followed the strange alien. Now that he was vulnerable in the vessel the beasts seized their chance and not only held it back, but started to tamper with its back engine to cause it to explode.

The Robot however poured more of it’s energy into the engine which gave the ship a strong enough boost to break free from the Demon’s grasp and fly across the hangar, smashing through the wall at the other end, and out into the open.

Once outside and in the sky of the planet however, the ship started to hurl out of control.

The Circus Master and Carlene had no idea how to pilot the ship. When the Circus Master tried pressing some of the buttons, he simply knocked himself, Carlene and the former alien slave off of their feet.

Carlene tried to rouse the Robot, but it wasn’t responsive.

On the lower levels of the Demon’s base meanwhile, Denika, Keptis, Ashlei and the remaining slaves had reached what looked like a gigantic assembly line of Robots. All along the line were Demons hovering over the robot bodies, growling furiously at them.

Fortunately they didn’t notice the escaped prisoners, who treaded carefully so as not to alert the monsters.

Once they reached the end of the assembly line, Denika, Ashlei and the others could see a gigantic portal which more and more Demons kept emerging from.

“We need to move back slowly” Denika said, but almost as soon as she had finished one of the Demons emerging from firey pit noticed them. Within seconds the time travelers and the former slaves were surrounded by hundreds of fiends from hell.

To Be Continued

The Circus Master: The Curse of The Robots: Part 5

The fire slammed the bubble Denika and the others were encased in back into the nearest wall of the mine, nearly smashing it.

The Jiang Shi had managed to clutch on, with it’s claws even penetrating the sphere somewhat. Ironically lesser Vampires would have been able to rip through the sphere no problem, but fortunately the Jiang Shi’s greater weaknesses to magic meant that it was actually struggling to get through.

The creature however didn’t give up even after it had been reduced to nothing but a skeleton, but fortunately the flames soon blasted it’s skeleton to pieces.

Denika screamed as her flesh began to sizzle, but she held on in spite of the agony until the flames had finally died down after which she then using the last of her power, blasted a space below among the rubble for them to land. The bubble instantly vanished after, and Denika and the others fell onto the scorching earth. Denika who had collapsed would have landed face first into the burning dirt had it not been for Keptis, who instantly jumped back up and caught her.

Keptis tended to the witch, whilst Ashlei checked their surroundings. They were completely surrounded by large burning boulders on every side. Not only would they not have the strength to lift or push them, but they were scorching to the touch.

The mine looked largely blocked at both ends, though there appeared to be some space between some of the boulders. The only way up was to climb.  Ashlei tried to put her fingers on one of the rocks, but it was so seering she had to pull away instantly.

She suddenly noticed a hand peeking out from underneath one of the boulders. Though badly burned, Ashlei could tell that it belonged to one of the Jiang Shi as it’s fingers were clawed.

The hand started to move. The Vampire had managed to survive the flames by shielding itself behind the boulder. It hadn’t intended to, it had essentially lucked out when the boulder was blown into the undead monster, knocking it across the mine until it was trapped between two boulders and “protected”, though it’s body was still scorched.

The Vampire pushed the boulder off of it’s back, nearly hurling it on top of Ashlei in the process. The bloodsuckers entire body was burnt, and it’s left leg appeared to be broken as it limped after Ashlei very slowly.

Up above more rocks started to shake, as more and more of the Vampires that had survived started to crawl out from under them. One of the boulders from above was pushed on top of two of the surviving alien slaves, crushing them to death.

Another, female Vampire then jumped down from where the boulder had been pushed, it’s body just as scorched as the others, though it was otherwise undeterred.

Ashlei lifted a large flaming rock despite it being burning to the touch, and managed to hit the female Vampire over the head from behind, but it did little to deter the Jiang Shi who then grabbed Ashlei and prepared to sink her fangs into the time travelers neck.

Keptis however tripped the Vampire up from behind and then repeatedly hit it in the face with the rock Ashlei had used, the male Vampire meanwhile managed to creep up on Ashlei, but when it grabbed her, she was able to wrestle free by kicking the bloodsucker in it’s broken leg.

Some of the prisoners started to join in the fight, with three more alien slaves dogpiling on the male Vampire. One of them tried bludgeoning the beast over the head, whilst the other two hit the Vampire in it’s broken leg over and over.

Another three tried to hold down the female Vampire that Keptis was still trying to finish, but unfortunately the slaves ended up making things worse. The male Vampire was angered by the pain in it’s leg to such an extent that it reached out and tore it’s claws into one of the slaves stomach and pulled his guts out.

The bloodsucker, after licking it’s victims long intestines, then used them to strangle Ashlei. The other slave tried to pull the Vampire away and even tried to hit it’s leg again, but the Vampire with one slash of it’s claws cut his throat and sent him head first into the burning earth.

The female Vampire meanwhile managed to push the attacking aliens off, after which she grabbed Keptis and pinned him to the ground.

The Vampire’s face was burnt and broken beyond all recognition, and the monster lifted Keptis’ own rock to crush his face in, but Denika woke up just in time, and blasted the Vampire through several more rocks before it could strike Keptis, after which Keptis then hit the Vampire strangling Ashlei with a massive boulder knocking it back.

“You need to get us out of here now.” Keptis said to Denika.

“I’m too weak.”

“I know I’m sorry, but there’s no way we can climb through this mess and there are Vampires all around. They’re like roaches.”

“We’ve dug ourselves into a hole, we’ll just have to dig deeper” Denika said as she blasted a hole in the ground.

Denika, and Keptis were the first to jump down the hole that was about 20 feet deep, with Ashlei and the surviving slaves following.

“What the hell are you doing?” Keptis asked?

“I don’t have the power to knock away all of those boulders, but we might be able to make our way down to somewhere safe, while I recharge.”

Denika placed another bubble around herself and the others before pushing it through the hole in the ground, though even that was taking it out of her after how spent she had been after the blast.

One of the slaves however had not made it down the pit, having decided to stay and hold off the Vampires. Unfortunately by the time one of the slaves warned Denika, she had already dragged the bubble 100 or so feet deeper into the ground.

Some of the Vampires had jumped down and landed on top of the bubble, Denika tried to push it back up to rescue the slave, but the Vampires were pushing against it, and worse this bubble was much weaker than the previous one, so the Vampires were able to rip their claws through the sphere and grab hold of one of the slaves in the bubble. The Vampire then pulled the slaves arm out through the sphere and bit her.

In the middle of the commotion, the mutilated corpse of the slave who had been left behind fell on top of the sphere. Worse still the slave who been bitten instantly began to turn into a Jiang Shi and tried to attack the others. Ashlei and Keptis, catching the Vampire off guard, pushed her back through the sphere, which was getting weaker by the second.

In spite of her weakness, Denika managed to push the sphere through over another 200 feet of rock until eventually she reached a gigantic cavern.

There cavern below was several hundred feet wide, and at the far end of the cavern was a huge machine, connected to a long pipe that ran down a nearby massive tunnel.

As soon as the sphere hit the ground it shattered just as before, sending it’s occupants and the Vampires all over the room. One of the slaves was knocked straight between two Vampires who jumped on top of her, and mauled her to death before any of the others could help.

Up above in the Robot’s base Carlene and the alien slave had become lost in the maze like corridors. They had been spotted by two of the Robots, just as they were about to reach the control room and had only managed to barely escape thanks to Carlene’s fantastic speed.

“We’re lost alien. I’m afraid in our haste we.”

Carlene suddenly pushed him to the side and put her finger to her lips. Someone was coming around the corner. Carlene reached into her beehive for a weapon, not that it would do her any good, but still.

Fortunately she soon saw it was the robot she had abandoned earlier and The Circus Master himself.

After he had made his way into the base, the Circus Master had been swiftly captured by the Robots. Fortunately Carlene’s Robot after hearing that one of the aliens had been recaptured was able to rescue him, by blasting the two Robot guards from a distance.

“Carlene I thought you were.”

“I nearly was, but thanks to our friend here” She said pointing at the Robot. “He fixed me up with some magics. Where are the others.”

“Florence I last saw trying to escape the mine through the top. Denika, Keptis and Ashlei I, I.”

“No, please”

“I’m sorry Carlene but they were trapped in the lower levels of the mine. It’s possible that Denika could have used her magics to escape but.”

“No it is not” The robot said coldly.

“The metal of the shutters that seal off the lower levels is designed to withstand any kind of magical blast. I’m sorry but there is no way they could have escaped. ” The Robot said.

Carlene started to cry.

“You know that Denika can create a forcefield around herself. Believe me Carlene we’ve been through worse.” The Circus Master said, not sure if he meant it or not.

“Even if they by a miracle survived the power of the blast, they will have been buried under thousands of tons of rock.

Carlene darted back down the hallway, forcing the Circus Master to run after her.

“She always does that.” The Robot said bitterly.

“What are you doing Carlene?” The Circus Master said as he tried to hold her back.

“Those metal bastards are going to pay. “

“How do you think you are going to do that?”

“We’ve already lost, all that matters is taking as much of them down with me before I die.”

“You’ll be lucky to last against one.” The Robot said.

“Furthermore we haven’t lost. You just feel that way because the people most important to you will sadly not see the end of this fight.” The Robot continued.

“He’s right Carlene we need to think of the bigger picture here. There are still millions of people on this planet who need our help.” The Circus Master said.

“The bigger picture” Carlene said derisively.

“That’s all you ever think about isn’t it?”

“Funny you didn’t seem to disagree with me when it was just the Rysteians and not Ashlei that was being sacrificed for the greater good? Besides I lost my friends too. I’ve travelled with Denika and Keptis for years.”

“You’re right I’m sorry, it’s just. Ashlei, she put her trust in me. I promised nothing was going to happen to her.”

“Well like I said, don’t write them off yet. I don’t care what that Robot says, but he is right that we need to do what we can for the people of this world, and a pointless sacrifice is not going to help anyone.”

Back in the lower levels of the cave, the aliens, Keptis and Ashlei did their best to try and fight off the Vampires, but the monsters were too strong, and their burnt flesh and broken bones had begun to heal.

Denika meanwhile was too weak to carry on in the fight and she crawled along the cave floor, hoping to try and find somewhere safe to charge up.

As she got away from the Jiang Shi however she found herself drawn towards the pipe that ran through the cave. She didn’t know why, but she could sense something powerful in there.

The closer she got to it, the more she could feel her own power growing. Suddenly  just as she was getting stronger, she noticed one of the Jiang Shi had followed her. The beast slashed at her, but the Witch managed to dodge his attack and instead riped a hole in the pipe.

A massive blue energy fired from the pipe, striking the Vampire in the face and vaporising it into dust.

The energy spread throughout the room vaporising more Vampires and slaves that were unlucky enough to be caught in its blast..

To Be Continued

The Circus Master: The Curse of The Robots: Part 4

The Jiang Shi slowly surrounded their prey, the Witch, the Martian and the Urchin.

“Get behind me” Denika said as she started to fire magical rays at the Jiang Shi, knocking them off of their feet and back down the mine. In order to actually kill one of the Jiang Shi she would have to use up far more of her magic. If she killed even just a few of the Vampires she’d be completely drained. It was better to just simply fight her way through them and get out that way.

After clearing a path, Denika placed a barrier around herself, and her two companions before flying deeper into the mine.

As the trio descended they could see hordes more Jiang Shi feasting on their victims, with some corpses already beginning to rise as Vampires.

The remains of various Robots were also scattered around the mine too, though one of the Robots in the far distance was still trying to hold off a few Vampires in a futile gesture.

In the very distance Denika could make out what looked like a young girl, emaciated and worn down, being pursued by two more Vampires.

She headed in their direction as fast as she could, with her sphere vanishing as soon she blasted at the Vampire chasing the girl, knocking it over the edge of a nearby shaft, whilst Keptis and Ashlei tended to the slave.

“It’s okay we’re here to help.” Ashlei said.

“Please there are others back there, you have to help them. I’ve never seen anything like these monsters. Even the Robots can’t contain them.” She said.

Up ahead there was an entire pit filled with the bloodsuckers, with various slaves struggling to get free as the Vampires tore into them.

Denika fired a massive blast at the horde of Vampires sending several back at once, but they instantly jumped back up.

“Don’t just stand there, help the slaves.” Denika said to Ashlei and Keptis who ran into the pit to help as many of the aliens as they could get to safety, whilst Denika continued to blast at the horde of Vampires.

Florence and the Circus Master had managed to get some of the Aliens to behind a nearby hill, whilst all around where Robots and the Vampires fighting with one another.

“We’ll never get by them without being seen.” The Circus Master said.

“I’ll distract the monsters you get the people to safety.”

“Okay right you are.” Florence said.

“What that’s it?” The Circus Master said?

“No I’ll go in your place, no you’ll be killed?”

“Well what do you expect me to say? You can’t lead those aliens out like I can.” Florence replied.

“Well of course, but a bit of concern wouldn’t go amiss. Honestly this reminds me of being with Denika.”

“Well if it’s any constellation I think we’re both going to get killed in the next 20 minutes or so. I might last 5 or so longer than you.”

“Yes that does make me feel a bit better.”

The Circus Master jumped over 20 feet through the air and landed on the back of a flying robot as it was blasting at a small pack of Vampires. The Circus Master tore the machines innards out from the back using his claws and sent it hurling into the three Vampires, causing a small explosion.

Both the Vampires and the Robots soon turned their attention towards the Vandal who was forced to simply dodge their attacks. Nevertheless he managed to lure them away to the other side of the mountain, whilst Florence commanded the aliens to follow her.

She had no idea where she was going, but up ahead she could see the top of the mine shaft that led out into the open. For all the Siren knew there could be a whole army of Robots waiting at the top, but she definitely couldn’t afford to wait here. She would have to command some of the younger, stronger aliens to carry the old and infirm up the slope ahead.

“It’s okay you can come out now.”

“About time” Carlene said as she crawled out from behind a nearby door.

“Most of the Demons have gone to the mine to contain the outbreak of whatever it is.”

Carlene knew what it was, she just didn’t want to admit to herself that the Strange Boy was beyond help yet.

“I almost gave away my ruse for nothing.” The Robot said.

“If they’re all busy in the mine darling, why don’t we just attack those metal wankers while they’re vulnerable?”

“There will still be hundreds of them guarding the Tent. No we have to play this smart alien. I don’t care what tricks you say you have in that strange compartment you have on your head, trust me. We need to get you to the rebels first so you can launch a proper attack.”

As the Robot and the Vampire ran down the nearest corridor together, they suddenly heard another alarm.

“All Robots are to retreat to base. Mine B must be destroyed. It has been overrun with a new type of Demon that can infect the workers. You have five minutes to return to base.”

The Demons spirits would not be harmed by the explosion, but naturally they were conscious about wasting their robotic bodies.

“Mine B, is that where my friends escaped to?”

“I’m afraid so alien.”

“We have to stop them”

“There is nothing we can do. The mine is rigged up to a device in the main control room. Not only is it protected by hundreds of guards, but in a few seconds these corridors are going to be crawling with more of the Demons. We have to go now.”

“What do you think my friends chances are of getting out of the mine?”

“Well they will have heard the warning too.”

“Don’t bullshit me.”

“The mine’s are the most heavily guarded areas. It’s why I didn’t escape through that area before with you. The pandemic of Demons might have taken care of many of their guards but.”

“Then we have to stop the Demons or Robots or whatever from blowing up the mine.”

“We can’t. I have seen many of my comrades die in the war against these monsters, we all have to make.”

Before the Robot had finished Carlene ran down the other end of the corridor. She didn’t have any idea where she was going, but she couldn’t just leave the rest of the Circus Folk. She felt bad for the Robot. He had saved her, and she was endangering him. She just hoped he wouldn’t be foolish enough to try and stop her and blow his cover in the process.

The Circus Master instantly jumped onto the back of one of the Robots as it flew back to base. He caused the machine to smash into a nearby wall in the process. The Circus Master then used the broken robots body as a shield against the few Robots who noticed him as he ran back into the Robots base, with the rest flying up ahead frantically.

In the base, the Circus Master was cornered by two more Robots, but before they could blast him, the Vandal rammed the dead robots body into one of the other two, and then pushed it into the other, before jumping over them both and down the nearest corridor.

“Alert, alert alien has escaped into the base, capture it, capture it.”

“They must know I’m here” Carlene thought to herself. She hid behind a nearby door as six more of the Robots came rushing down the corridor before she ran down the other way.

At the other end of the corridor, was another prison cell, filled with strange bald looking aliens. The aliens were pounding on the doors furiously in panic, whilst the Robot guard was trying to calm them down.

Carlene was torn about what to do. If she released the prisoners it would create a commotion that would give her a better chance of reaching the control room. There was also a chance one of them may know where it was. On the other hand if she released the prisoners most of them wouldn’t make it out alive. Was she therefore to sacrifice their lives for those of her shipmates?

After weighing it up for a few moments, Carlene felt it would be better to release them. She deluded herself into thinking that the prisoners would be safe if she freed them, as she could then protect them, even though she would be lucky to protect herself. In all fairness however Carlene wasn’t just thinking about her ship mates. She also thought of all the potentially thousands of others in the mine who would die if she didn’t stop the monsters from blowing it up.

Carlene slowly crept up on the single Robot guard and jumped it from behind. She wrestled with the monster for a few minutes before being able to rip a large chunk of metal from the Demons body, after which she then pulled several of it’s wires out causing the body to break down.

Even though the Demon was stronger than Carlene, she was lucky that she knew it’s weaknesses whilst it was completely unaware of hers.

“Use it’s hand on the door” one of the prisoners shouted.

Carlene pulled the Robot’s arm out of it’s socket and used it to open the doors one after another.

“Thank you, eh, I assume you are not from this planet.”

“No love, I’m from earth.”

“Earth? I don’t believe that’s in any of the known galaxies?”

“It isn’t. I’m not even in the right time love. For all I know this is a billion years after my planet’s gone.”

The alien looked at Carlene in a strange way for a few seconds before continuing.

“Wherever you’re from thank you, we need to get out of here as soon as possible.”

“No please we have to stop them from blowing up the mine.”

“I’m afraid we can’t do that. There is no way you can make it past the control room.”

“I’ve got to try, my friends are in there. One of them, is only there because of me. She trusted me, saw me as her family. I can’t leave her.” Carlene said.

One of the aliens, a large male at the back agreed to help Carlene.

“I know what it’s like to lose a daughter to these things.”

The other five prisoners however refused and begged Carlene to come with them, but she insisted on staying behind to help.

“We have to move now, we probably won’t make it to control room alien.”

“I know but I have to try.”

Outside in the mine, most of the robots had fled, allowing Florence and 20 or so prisoners under her control to make their way to the top of the mine. Just as they had almost reached the top however they were attacked by a handful of the Robots.

The robots shot three of the fleeing prisoners in the back, which broke Florence’s spell over them. One more prisoner went falling to his death in panic at suddenly being at the top. Florence however jumped one of the Robots, and forced it to get in the way of fire from the other, before jumping onto the others back.

The Siren and the Robot flew around whilst the prisoners still instinctively crawled up to safety.

Sadly Florence wasn’t able to completely control the Robots line of fire and it managed to blast another prisoner off of the cliff to his death. As Florence and the Robot continued to struggle, a large metal shaft started to close at the top of the mine, to seal the prisoners in.

Florence thinking quickly, forced the Robot towards the top of the mine where she used the robot’s body to jam the shaft before it shut.

The aliens frantically crawled up the mine to safety, but the strength of the shaft soon began to crush the Robot’s body entirely.

Florence using her supernatural strength tried to keep it open for as long as she could, but her arms soon began to give away, and four of the prisoners were still a good distance from the top.

Florence knew she couldn’t hold it open much longer. “I’m sorry” she said to the aliens, but just as she was about to let go, she felt something else push the shaft back.

When she looked around, she saw to her shock it was The Strange Boy. Using the body of the Robot, the Strange boy helped push the shaft back even further with his much greater strength. Even then however he was only able to hold it back by a few minutes, but that was enough to allow the prisoners to get by before Florence pulled herself and the boy free, allowing the shaft to shut.

Outside was nothing but a wilderness, just like where they had first landed, though Florence could see the entrances to several more mines in the distance.

Three more Robots from a nearby mine flew towards Florence, but before she could even react the Strange Boy attacked them. He tore one of the robots out of the sky and then threw it into the other. When he tried to attack the third, it blasted him backwards, but Florence managed to jump the creature from behind and sent it crashing to the ground.

When Florence went to help the Strange Boy up, the Vampire child simply growled at the Siren.

Florence wasn’t sure what to make of the boy. There was clearly something of him still in there, but how much?

The child soon hopped off in the other direction and as more and more Robots began to emerge from the other mines, Florence was forced to flee along with the Alien slaves.

“It’s no use. It won’t budge.” Denika said as she fired her magic at the shaft.

Denika had managed to pull several more of the slaves away from the ravenous Jiang Shi to a safe upper level using her magics.

She spent as long as she could helping the survivors, but now with only a minute to spare, all of her energy was spent trying to smash the shaft covering the exits, but unfortunately she hadn’t even made a dent.

“It’s no use, nothing can break those shields.” The slave girl said. “I’d rather be blown apart than become one of those things.”

With the countdown to the explosion about to go off, Denika did the only thing she could to save herself, her friends and the handful of slaves she had rescued. She placed a magical sphere around herself and the others. The magic shielded them from the blast, but the power of the blast still threw them to the other end of the mine.

Denika was in constant agony the entire time. She felt the flames burning against the sphere, and the debris and corpses smashing into it. One Jiang Shi was blown on top of the sphere. The Vampire grabbed on with it’s talons and clawed and bit at the sphere in desperation as the flesh was burned slowly off it’s bones. The pain was becoming too much for Denika, but if she gave in for even a second they would all be burned to dust.

To Be Continued

The Circus Master: The Curse of The Robots: Part 3

“Oh that’s right I’m dying.” Carlene said to herself jokingly as she woke up.

The pain had knocked her out several times. Each time she dreamed she was back on earth in her Victorian mansion. Though she was still in agony in the dream, at least she was somewhere familiar.

As she could feel herself blacking out again for what would probably be the last time, one of the robots came in.

“Oh god what do you want, you metal wanker.” Carlene spat back at the robot that bent over her, chanting some kind of spell.

Within a few seconds the pain was gone, and Carlene felt her strength returning.

“All right what’s this? I don’t care actually, I won’t help you no matter what you do.”

“Relax alien I am not here to hurt you, the robot said.” As it spoke the fire around its face vanished, and it’s face took on a more human form.

“I am not like the others young lady.  I assume you are the female of your species?”

“Of course I am you cheeky bugger.”

“My apologies, but the potential for variation among different life forms is infinite. I am not possessed unlike the others. I don’t have time to explain, but you must follow me now.”

Suddenly the alarm went off.

“No, they must have discovered me. Come we don’t have time alien.”

“It’s Carlene love.”

Outside deep in the mine, the rest of the Circus Folk were still being pursued by the robot troops. The Circus Folk had managed to take refuge in a small hole behind several large rocks. It appeared to be a tunnel the Robots, or rather their slaves had started digging only to abandon. Ashlei and Keptis were both exhausted and could barely keep up.

“We can’t keep this up much longer.” Denika said. “Their repulsers can deflect anything I throw at them.”

Suddenly just up ahead the Circus Folk could see what looked like one of the slaves stumble out into the open, near the Robots.

“What are you doing? Get out of the way you idiot or they’ll kill you.” The Circus Master shouted at the figure ahead.

Instead however the figure outstretched its arms and started to hop towards the Robots.

“It can’t be.” The Circus Master said with horror.

The Circus Folk (except for Ashlei) knew that it was a Jiang Shi, which meant that the Strange Boy must have infected one of the workers. There was seemingly no going back for the boy now. The Circus Master didn’t think there was after his attack on the Rysteians, but at least he hadn’t spread the curse of Vampirism there.

The Robots instantly turned their attention towards the Jiang Shi and fired on the monster.

Some of their dark magics appeared to hurt the Vampire. Despite their strength the Jiang Shi were more vulnerable to dark magics than some other breeds. Nevertheless the bloodsucker responded by jumping through the air with its strength at one of the Robots and grabbing the flying machine in it’s talons.

The Vampire tore the machine into several pieces effortlessly with it’s inhuman strength. The Demon inside screamed as it’s metal body was torn open. The Jiang Shi didn’t just destroy it’s body however. Its claws were able to shred the Demonic spirit inside too, destroying the monster completely. The other Robotic Demons in response surrounded and overcame the Vampire with a barrage of magical blasts, until it was nothing but a charred corpse on the floor.

Unfortunately for the Demons five more Jiang Shi began to emerge from the mine up ahead. The Robot’s tried to hold them off, but this time the Vampires managed to overpower several of the Robots and temporarily drive them back, before more Robot soldiers arrived to take care of the Vampires.

“I can’t believe it.” The Circus Master said. “I thought, I hoped he could fight it, but.”

“I’m sorry.” Ashlei said.

“You should be.” Florence snapped.

“This is all your fault.”

“No it’s mine.” The Circus Master interrupted.

“I should have never brought him on that last mission.”

“Perhaps, or perhaps this is what was meant to happen.” Denika said.

“What are you getting at?” Ashlei asked, not sure if she wanted to know the answer.

“Look around you. The Jiang Shi have probably killed more of these Robots in 2 minutes than the inhabitants of this planet have in decades. If we can take control of the Jiang Shi then we can use them to fight the Robots off.”

“You can’t be serious! You want to let those monsters infect others.”

“No of course not, but the Jiang Shi that have already been created we can use. I know magic’s that can tame them.”

“No, we can’t use these people like that.” Ashlei protested.

“People? They’re just Demons in the corpses of the people they murdered. Didn’t Carlene explain the different types of Vampires. At least this way those people won’t have died in vain.”

“No, Ashlei’s right.” The Circus Master interrupted, much to Denika’s surprise.

“For now at least. We might have to use the Jiang Shi later if there is no other choice, but right now, we have to try and get as many of the workers out of here as we can. The Vampires and the Robots can fight it out together, but we can’t let anymore people be caught in the crossfire. It’s the least we can do.”

The others agreed, though Denika was still reluctant.

More Vampires began to crawl out of the pits nearby. It was obvious that the Strange Boy had jumped into the lower levels of the mine, as most of the workers were stationed there.

The Circus Master and Florence ran to the nearest group of alien workers who had all backed away towards a wall. In spite of everything they had been through the aliens clearly still had some self preservation instincts, and the Jiang Shi were quite unlike anything even they had seen before.

Some of the miners tried to approach the Jiang Shi, believing them to still be the people they once were, but the Vampires turned on the hapless aliens just as soon as they had the Robots.

The crowd were somewhat taken a back at the sight of the Circus Master himself. His wild hair, colourful clothes and the massive talons at the end of his fingers made him look almost like a monster to these hairless aliens.

The Circus Master tried to reason with them, but the aliens still cowered.

“We don’t have time for this, Florence if you’ll use your voice, I’ll cover you.”

Denika, Ashlei and Keptis meanwhile headed down one of the pits. The Vampires and the Robots were engaging in an all out battle across the mines. More and more Robots were flying down from above, whilst more and more Vampires were emerging from the mine below.

The robots outnumbered the Vampires greatly, but it took several Robots to take down just one Vampire. The Vampires were also a lot faster than the Robots and could leap through the air and knock the Robot’s out of the sky.

The Robots fired frantically in all directions they were so terrified of the Vampires. It had been a long while since they had faced an enemy that could harm them. The Robots vaporised several alien workers, and destroyed massive pieces of machinery that the slaves had been working on for months, if not years in their frantic attempt to take down their undead opponents.

The leader of the platoon tried to keep the Robots in control, but it was no use.

The aliens meanwhile having been completely entranced by Florence’s hypnotic voice, followed Florence, whilst the Circus Master covered them all from behind.

Most of the Vampires and the Robots were too busy fighting each other, though the Circus Master and Florence still had to push some of the aliens out of the way, of stray blasts from the robots and falling rubble. The Circus Master even got in the way of one blast.

Just as they had almost got out of reach, one of the Robots spotted the two time travelers and their slaves. (It had only done so because it was fleeing from a Jiang Shi.)


A horde of Robots soon descended upon the Circus Master, Florence and the aliens.

The Circus Master jumped onto one of the robots, narrowly dodging it’s rays, he grabbed onto the Robot, and dug his claws in as deep as he could. He managed to pierce the metal, albeit only just. The Robot tried it’s best to shake him off, but the Circus Master not only held on, he pushed the Robot into the fleet above knocking four more of the monsters out of the air.

When the Circus Master tried to grab onto another one of the flying Robots however, they blasted the Vandal back into a large rock, causing it to collapse on top of him.

Florence meanwhile commanded the aliens to hide in a small cave, whilst she tried to hold the Robots off. Florence hurled several large boulders at the mechanical monsters and managed to smash two out of the sky, the monsters however bombarded her with so many blasts that she was forced to spend most of her time simply dodging them. At the very least she was able to draw the robots attention away from the aliens.

The Circus Master struggled to push the boulder that had fallen on him away, but even his great Vandal strength could not shift the boulder.

Florence tried to help him, but she’d only moved it a quarter of an inch before one of the Robots fired at her again causing her to flee. Fortunately the blast destroyed a large section of the boulder, allowing the Circus Master to not only push it off, but with Florence’s help pick it up and hurl it at the Robot’s crushing three more of them.

Several more Jiang Shi soon entered the battle, but fortunately they focused their energy on the Robots, though at least two of them went after the Aliens in the cave who they could sense.

Florence shouted at the Aliens to run away, but the Vampires still managed to catch several of the aliens and tear them apart.

The Circus Master air kicked one of the Jiang Shi from behind, knocking it over, whilst Florence was able to flip one of the monsters over her shoulder and into more of the robots behind.

In the mine meanwhile Denika, Ashlei and Keptis found nothing but the remains of several aliens, and robots’ Blood literally ran down the walls of the mine, whilst most of the bodies were mangled beyond recognition.

“I can’t believe The Strange Boy caused all of this.” Keptis said with utter revulsion and shock.

Suddenly the three time travelers heard the sound of something large and metallic close above. As Denika flew up she saw that the all of the entrances to the mine above had been closed off by metal hatches.

At the bottom of the bit meanwhile Ashlei and Keptis could see several figures begin to slowly emerge or rather hop from the darkness all around them.

To Be Continued

The Circus Master: The Curse of The Robots: Part 2

“We haven’t heard any word back from them.”

“We have to open the portal. I’ll go, I.”

“I’m sorry but we can’t risk it. Any more magic and they’ll be able to trace where we are. The chances are after that portal’s presence, they’ll be monitoring the area. You won’t be able to open anywhere without running into one of those mechanical freaks.”

“So that’s it? We just give up on our best chance?”

“I never said that. We’ve just got intel from our inside source that the robots have captured some strange creatures.. They seem to be terrified of these monsters as they called them, who apparently came here in a strange craft.”

“You don’t mean? Aliens? After all this time. I know I probably shouldn’t ask, but is it.”

“No. They’d never help us. Apparently these creatures were similar to us in some ways, but, there’s something about them that scares those robots. I don’t know if they’d want to help us, but at least it seems we share a common enemy.”

The Circus Folk’s cells had been prepared for them. The Robots leader decided that it would be better to interrogate them. As each of the Circus Folk was place into their cell, one of the inquisitive Robots started to inspect the enchantment on The Strange Boy’s forehead.

“I wouldn’t touch that if I were you” The Circus Master said, only for the Robots to completely ignore him and stupidly pull the enchantment off of the Vampire’s head. As soon as The Strange Boy awoke he attacked the Robot nearest to him and ripped it apart. The other two robots managed to blast the Vampire backwards into his cell which they then sealed shut.

Even away from the Kardons, their effect on The Strange Boy was still evident. He didn’t say it to his team mates, but the Circus Master was worried that the Vampire would never be himself again. Whilst he may have been angry with Ashlei, in truth he blamed himself. Had he not taken the Strange Boy with him then he would never have come into contact with the Kardons. From the start of their previous mission, the Circus Master knew there was a risk in bringing the Strange Boy near the Kardons, but he still did it because the Jiang Shi was the most powerful member of the team after Denika.

“What are they going to do to us.” Ashlei asked nervously.

“I’m sure they’ll just give us a nice box of chocolates and ask us to name our 10 desert island discs. What do you think? They’re Demons.” Florence snapped.

“Demons? They looked like robots to me.” Carlene said.

“They’re both. They’re Demonic souls that have possessed Robots.” The Circus Master interrupted.

“We’ve seen it happen on many worlds. Planets that don’t deal with their Demon problem, but advance in technology. It makes sense that the monsters hiding in the dark would use it to their own advantage. I’m most worried about what these Demons will do if they experiment on the Tent. If there is any magic still in there and they let it out, well it could be dangerous.”

“We are more than equipped to deal with your vessel.” An electronic voice said through the communicator.

“Even we don’t know the full power of that ship you morons.” The Circus Master said back.

“We are not reckless. We never make a move unless we know what we are getting into. We have been scanning you all for the last few minutes, testing your powers against our replusers to see if you would be a threat to us.”


“Your powers are quite harmless. One of the female’s has a wide array of magics from another realm, but we have visited that realm and know how to counteract her power as well.”

“I’m impressed” Denika said, sincerely.

“If you have all of this power why are bothering messing around with these robots.”

“In your world we are vulnerable to certain magics and rituals that can destroy us, or worse. Banish us back to the Hellish Realm. Like your leader said for centuries we lived in the dark, we took over the frail bodies of a few of the pitiful creatures of this world, we made them fight among themselves for our own amusement. The fools had no idea we even existed during all the years we made them slaughter one another. As amusing as it was, we soon realised that we could use their ingenuity, and their intelligence for a far greater purpose. We pushed their race forward, took over the bodies of their greatest scientists, political figures until we had progressed to the point where they could build bodies for us that were indestructable, and spaceships that would take us beyond this miserable world. Each time we enter a world in the natural realm, or any other, we have to start from scratch. This time however we will be able to take multiple planets, even galaxies when the time is right.”

“Well I admire your ambition, but I think you’re going to need more than a few tin robot bodies to take on a galaxy.” The Circus Master said in response.

“We will strike when we are ready, and from the looks of things your vessel could help to accelerate the process.”

“Yes I was wondering when you’d get to that.”

“You will help us repair your vessel and then you will show us how it works. It’s the only reason we didn’t dissect you as originally planned.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. Well I tell a lie, I can but I don’t want too. Trust me if you knew the burden of time travel you wouldn’t want me too either.”

Whilst the Circus Master was keeping the Robots distracted, Carlene reached into her beehive. The Robots hadn’t taken it from her. They must have assumed it was a part of her anatomy. (The aliens on this world didn’t have hair.) Though they could detect magic in her hair, they could detect unnatural forces throughout her entire body.

She reached in for a knife made from Lasterian, the strongest metal in the entire galaxy. (It had been given to her by the Circus Master.)

The doors to their prison were locked using magic, but the magic was still channeled through cables and physical objects in the cell. The only problem however was that they were covered by the metal floors and walls of the cell. The metal used to make the cells was so strong that Carlene, The Circus Master and even the Strange Boy had been unable to make a dent in it with their great strength.

Carlene started to hack at the walls. She could sense where the magic was being channeled through, and kept hacking away at the spot.

“What are you doing. If you strike the cables you’ll be vaporized.” One of the Robot guards from outside warned.

“Thanks for the heads up darling, but I’m a lot tougher than I look.” Carlene said as she hacked through the wall with her knife.

It only took her a few seconds to reach the cable. As soon as she struck it a form of extremely dangerous dark magic flowed through her body. It was sheer agony and the force threw her back across the cell. Nevertheless cutting the cable caused the magic locking the doors in the block of cells to vanish.

The Strange Boy was the first to run out and he tackled both of the Robots guarding the cell instantly. He jumped on one and ripped its head off, and then tackled the other to the ground. After dealing with the creatures fled the entire cell block and ran outside. Keptis and Florence attempted to stop the Vampire child, but he was too fast. (Even if they had caught him, he could have easily thrown them away.)

The Circus Master and Ashlei meanwhile tended to Carlene, whilst Denika started to power up her magics for defense.

“I’m not gonna lie that fucking hurt.” Carlene said as the Circus Master tried to help her up.

The Vampire tried to stand by herself but she was too weak, so the Circus Master tried to carry her, but he soon had to drop her as the dark magic had permanently soaked Carlene’s body and anyone who came into contact with her would soon be infected with the magic too. Carlene’s incredible Vampire constitution had allowed her to survive the blast, which would have vaporised any natural creature to dust, but she was still unable to fight off its lingering effects.

“Come on Carlene we don’t have the time.” The Circus Master said as he tried to help her up again despite the pain and the risk of infection.

“Quite right love, that’s why you gotta leave me.” She replied as she pushed the Vandal away.

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I can barely move. I’ll infect you if you try and carry me. Besides I don’t think I’ve got much longer anyway.”

“No we can’t!” Ashlei said as tears began to well up in her eyes.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to go on without me love. We knew the risks when we signed up, just promise me you lot won’t be too hard on her eh. She’s a good girl underneath it all.”

“Nonsense if you give her time, Denika can come up with something to counteract the dark magic.” The Circus Master protested.

“You don’t have time, now go before you make my death pointless.”

“She’s right” Denika said with regret.

“I can’t whip up anything now that would counteract those magics. Maybe if we were back in the ship, but I can’t.”

“You can’t just leave Carlene. Not after everything we’ve been through.” Ashlei protested.

“I’m sorry” Denika said gently. “I really am, but trust me on this. There is nothing we can do.”

“Just go now Ashlei. No need to draw this out. I’m already gonna die horribly and slowly. You need to find the Strange Boy. There are enough monsters on this planet.”

“I promise we will come back for you.” Ashlei said as she gave Carlene a final hug. Even hugging the Vampire for a few seconds was agony for Ashlei however, due to the dark magic. Ultimately Keptis was forced to pull Ashlei away from Carlene and out of the room before it was too late.

“I hope she doesn’t” Carlene said to herself as she struggled to even lift her arm.

Outside their cell block, the Circus Folk saw what looked like a gigantic mine, beneath a small cliff. It was filled with hundreds of human like aliens of all ages being forced to work constantly.


The Circus Folk were forced to jump straight off the cliff and into the mine to avoid the Robots lasers. The workers didn’t even notice the commotion around them, as the folk dodged the laser beams and headed off through the mine.

The Robots that were pursuing them were a different model those that had earlier captured the Circus Folk and their time machine. These Robots flew at tremendous speeds. They had a similar upper body to the earlier robots, but they had no legs, only a round base which glowed blue underneath.

“Those slaves they’re not doing anything to help.” Florence said dismissively as she ran past them.

“Well its not so surprising is it? Pick axes against death rays. Wouldn’t be much of a fight.” Keptis replied.

“Maybe I could sing, influence them to fight back, do something.”

“Again what are you going to influence them to do? Get slaughtered. Sorry Florence, but you’re thinking too far ahead. We need to get ourselves out of this mess before we can help anyone.”

“Like Carlene.” Ashlei interrupted.

Back in the cells, three standard Robot drones had cornered Carlene.

“Worthless creature. You were warned.” One of the drones said.

“Yeah well” Carlene said as she started to cough up blood.

“You metal wankers would have killed me anyway, so I’d rather go out on my own terms.”

“If you had been useful to us, we would have spared you. We may still spare you. We can easily reverse the dark magics that are killing you, if you agree to help us.”

“No thanks. I don’t even know how that Circus thing works. Besides I’ve had a good innings haven’t I? A life with you lot isn’t worth it.”

“You insolent.” One of the robots said before another held it back.

“Leave her. She’s not worth it. You’d be doing her a favour if you killed her now. The dark magic she consumed will finish her in a couple of hours, but they will feel like years. The other humanoids will help us. This pathetic creature clearly knows nothing about the vessel. Leave her to rot.”

To Be Continued

The Circus Master: The Curse of the Robots: Part 1

“Please, please I beg you.” Cricex screamed as he pounded on the ground to no avail.  The portal that had brought him here had been closed. He knew the risks when he went on the mission, and had prepared himself, yet when actually faced with the reality of these monsters and what they had done to his team mates, he was still shaking with terror.

Suddenly however as all seemed lost, Cricex heard someone calling for help in the distance.

It was his team mate, Graceia. Cricex had thought he was dead as Graceia had been the first to disappear, and Cricex hadn’t heard anything back from him for two days. Graceia had not only obviously managed to escape from the monsters, but he had also clearly been waiting here the entire time. (The portal would only open at a particular time.)

Much like Cricex however Graceia had missed his chance to get to the portal as the creatures had ambushed him at the last minute. He was calling in desperation for help that wouldn’t arrive.

In fact Cricex used this opportunity to slowly crawl away from the monsters. He couldn’t look at what they did to Graceia. There were a few times where he was tempted to shoot Graceia and put him out of his misery, but he couldn’t as then the beasts would notice him. As slim a chance as he had for survival, he had to take it.

“Where am I, what’s going on?” Ashlei said as Carlene gently helped her up.

“I don’t know where to start love? If you’ve got amnesia, well I don’t want to be the one to bring your memories back but.” Carlene said.

“It’s okay, I remember. I’m just amazed we survived.” Ashlei said as she stumbled up with Carlene’s help. Ashlei looked around and saw the Circus in ruins. The walls were cracked and broken, the magic water in the fountain had dried up, and the rags from outside were poking through the walls. The Strange Boy sat near some wreckage at the back, with the enchantment still on his head.

“We might as well not have.” The Circus Master said in despair.

“The Circus has been destroyed. Worse we have no idea where we are. For all we know, the second we step outside the Tent and step on a bug the Guardians will snatch us.”

“Then what do we do.”

“Honestly I don’t know and if I did I wouldn’t share it with you Ashlei” The Circus Master said scornfully.

“You betrayed our trust and you nearly doomed us all to the Kardons.”

“What I did? You’re the one who trapped an entire species down there with those monsters.”

“Me and Denika were the ones willing to sacrifice ourselves for the Rysteians. We were willing to endure an eternity with the Kardons just so some of them could escape. Don’t you dare say we were happy to leave them. We had no choice. If their plan had gone ahead, then the entire world, billions of worlds would be suffering the same fate as the Rysteians. The fact that you don’t understand that shows that you were never cut out to be part of this team.”

“Maybe I’m not. I can’t turn the other cheek to people’s suffering like you can.”

“We need to get rid of her right away.” Florence said as she emerged from the wreckage behind with Keptis in tow..

“I ought to tear that bitch’s head off.” Florence said in anger.

“You lay one finger on her darling and I’ll make you wish you’d gone down with that stinking ship of yours.” Carlene threatened.

“I already went down with the Titanic you moron. Believe you me though after spending a few months with you, I wish I’d gone down with it permanently.”

“You prissy uptight cow, you’d have been dead several times if it wasn’t for me.”

“We got on fine without you before, and we’ll do so again.”

The Circus Master was forced to get in between the two Vampires.

“Lets not lose our cool here. Unfortunately we’re all in this together.”

“Well I don’t agree with Florence completely, but I do think we should drop Ashlei off next time we get back to earth.” Keptis said.

“I for one don’t like to travel with people who pull guns on me.” The Martian added.

“Keptis’you probably don’t believe me, but I would never have done it, I just couldn’t let them do that to the Rysteians.” Ashlei said.

“I don’t believe you. It doesn’t really matter though, you’ve proven that you’re too weak to travel with us.”

“I agree.” The Circus Master said. “Sadly we can’t get rid of her just yet. Remember history says we will have at least another adventure in the 20th century with her. That’s the only reason I took her on in the first place. It’s also why we need to get this ship working. If we don’t then we won’t be around to prevent whatever disaster we have to in the 20th century, and the Guardians will come for us as Ashlei’s very presence here will be a paradox. However that doesn’t mean we have to have anything to do with Ashlei until then.”

The rest of the Circus Folk, except Carlene and Ashlei walked outside to join Denika who was doing her best to fix the ship.

“It’s okay darling I understand why you did it.” Carlene said.

“You were wrong, and you’ll have to live with the consequences of it, but I’ve done worse, much worse, and so from what he’s told me has the Circus Master, that wanker. Florence killed people when she was a Siren. They’re all hypocrites.”

“They’re right Carlene” Ashlei said.

“I should never have come on board. I never cared about them. I just wanted to be with you. That’s all I ever wanted. You were all I had after my brothers died. Please when all of this is over, can we just settle somewhere quiet. Away from all the monsters and creatures.”

“I don’t know if I can do that love. I think in spite of everything that’s happened, we’re needed here. The timeline wants us here or some reason. We just have to remind the others of that.”

“I don’t think they’ll ever trust me again. I’m not sure if I want them too. Regardless of how he spins it, the fact is that we had to leave innocent people down there with those monsters. Call it weakness, but I don’t think I will ever be able to turn a blind eye like they do.”

“I wish I could say it was that easy love, but well it isn’t always just black and white. Still lets see what we can do to help. If the guardians get us we’ll all be trapped together forever. Eternity with that stuck up cow Florence? I’d rather stake myself now.”

Outside Denika had been trying to repair the ship for hours to no avail.

“I’m sorry everybody. That’s all the magic I have left. That Kardon literally ripped the power from the ship when we teleported. I’m amazed we got here, wherever here is. Must have been some residual magic left over. We might be able to restore it, but I’m going to need a lot more equipment.”

Suddenly the Circus Folk’s attention was drawn to stomping sound from the distance. Just over a nearby hill, the Circus Folk could see a horde of what looked like metal creatures marching towards them. They were humanoid in shape and whilst their skin was definitely metal, they appeared to glow bright red. Their faces meanwhile were nothing but fire.

“Magic detected, restrain the humanoid creatures.” Their leader said in a voice that sounded electronic, yet also had a more emotional aspect to it.

Denika was first to attack. Her magic was limited after she had used so much of it on the Tent. She also did not want to use lethal force against the robots until she knew what their intentions were.

The robots however easily deflected her blasts and sent the weakened Witch backwards through the air. Florence tried to surpress the monsters with her singing, but they were completely unaffected.

Carlene then tried to throw a gas bomb from her beehive at the robots, but they were able to scatter the gas and quickly stun Carlene, Florence, Keptis and The Circus Master himself with their blasts.

“The aliens have been subdued. We shall find out what they really are, after the dissection.

To Be Continued

Doctor Who Vs Scratchman: Part 17

I Was In The Hall . . . I Know Because I Was There.” | My Geek Blasphemy

(Based on a story by Tom Baker and Ian Marter)

The Black Knight charged at Garmr, swinging its sword. Despite its fantastic size, the mighty Wolf backed away somewhat from the knight whilst the Frost Giants were also stopped in their tracks.

“I can assure you I’ve never met this gentleman before, but I do appreciate his help.” The Doctor said to his companions.

The Black Knight enjoyed scaring the monsters just a little too much and he almost let his guard down when the Garmr jumped him. It was only thanks to Elena’s warning that he evaded the monster in time.

The Black knight swung his sword at Garmr who instantly retreated. Again however as the Black Knight followed its prey one of the Frost Giants tried to intervene. It was not so lucky however as the the Black Knight managed to land his sword straight onto the beasts hand.

The slash wound turned bright red and then caught fire, with the flames spreading their way across the beasts entire body.

The rest of the giants and Garmr started to flee in response.

“They’ll be back.” The Black Knight said.

“We have to hurry.”

“We?” The Doctor said. “I appreciate you helping us there old boy, but I’m afraid I’ll need to know a bit more about.”

“We don’t have time. I am on your side Time Lord. That monster is using your vessel to try and rip its way into your reality. If we don’t act fast another universe will fall to Scratchman.”

“Well when we you put it like that.” The Doctor said. “I don’t suppose you could maybe bring the portal down the mountain. It’s just a rather steep climb for a man of my years.

“Of course, I’ll just make my own.” The Black Knight said as he created a gigantic portal to Scratchman’s domain.

“I will have to accompany you through the portal. It will kill anything that Scratchman doesn’t want getting through it, but fortunately I have a way of bypassing that.”

The Doctor looked somewhat embarassed.

“Well just as well we didn’t make it up there then eh?” The Time Lord said sheepishly. “Sorry about almost getting you all killed.”

“You’ve never apologised for that before?” Elena joked.

“Yes well at least it would have been over.” One of the Elves said grimly.

“We need to move now” The Black Knight interrupted as it rushed them all through the portal.

The inside of the portal was like a black abyss at first, but all of its occupants were soon assualted by nightmarish Skeleton creatures.

“The souls of the people who tried to cross the breach on the mountain before. If all else fails, Scratchman uses them as back up. Don’t worry though they shouldn’t be a problem.” The Knight said as he slashed at the creatures, shattering them into nothing but dust.

After a few more seconds the group suddenly found themselves in a small dungeon, filled with horrible bug like creatures crawling around their feet. In the distance the Doctor could see a figure chained to the wall, though it was dark and he could barely make out who it was.

Whilst the others got their breath back, the Doctor (who was less affected being a Time Lord) approached the figure who greatly resembled Scratchman himself, only with a full head of hair and a beard.

It was the hero whose face Scratchman had taken. This was where the monster kept him locked up, forced to watch as his image became one that was despised by the rest of his universe.

“I don’t care what you do to me anymore.” The figure said pitifully. “You can’t do anything else to me.”

“I’m the Doctor. I’m here to help you.”

“You can’t help me”

“Well nothing ventured, nothing gained I always say.” The Doctor replied as he lifted out his sonic screwdriver to try and loosen the chains.

“He’s right you can’t help him.” The Black Knight interrupted.

“Not only is that trinket incapable of harming anything devised by Scratchman, but even if it could, those chains are the only thing holding him together. He’s lived so far beyond his natural life span, that the second you release him from those chains he will crumble to dust.”

“Maybe we should still release him” Elena said with regret.

“We won’t need to. When this world collapses he will be free.” The Black Knight said as he left the dungeon, not even bothering to ask the others to follow.

Outside was a massive hall, filled with hordes of Scratchman’s enemies and former servants working together against the Frost Giants and the Griffins..

Elena recognised the leader of the Harpies among them. She was clawing a Frost Giant in the face, and managed to tear the monsters eyes out, causing it to fall on three Griffins below.

Elena tried to call out to the Harpy for help, but not only could the Harpy not hear her amidst the chaos, but the Black Knight quickly silenced her.

“We can sneak past them. I know a secret passage come on.” The Black Knight said.

As they crept past the two mighty armies, down a small passage, the Doctor asked the Black Knight what his story was. He couldn’t bare the thought of not knowing at least something about this world before it vanished forever, though Elena and Yarox found it more than a little inappropriate that that was what the Doctor seemingly cared about more than anything else.

“I come from your universe Doctor. I was once a mighty warrior, some called me a hero, some called me a villain. I was one of the many fools who came to earth thinking he could slay the legendary monster Scratchman, but he not only defeated me, and dragged me to his domain, he made me his servant.”

“Hopefully you’re not still his servant? If you are I may need to consider another regeneration. That’s three times in the same day I’ve walked into an inescapable situation.”

“I was never really his servant. He tortured me like he did all of the other monsters that obey him. Some refused to ever obey him, and were sent into the lake. Others were broken and became his lapdogs. I was more practical shall we say.”

“What do you mean?”

“He never broke me. I have been working against him from within all this time, but in order to be accepted by him I had to do things. I had to bring people from the earth to here. I was one of Scratchman’s few servants who could cross dimensions for him, which is why I was able to by pass that little defence of his. I’ve condemned thousands of people to this pit Doctor. Soon we will see if it will have been worth it.”

Unfortunately as they reached the end of the passage which led to a staircase to Scratchman’s lair, the hideous beast Garmr came smashing through the wall nearest the staircase and it wasn’t alone.

Ammit having escaped its cave being flooded had managed smash its way through the castle, devouring any creature unfortunate to cross its path. (Or rather fortunate given the circumstances.)

The two giants approached the time travellers and their companions cautiously, with both being terrified of the Black Knights sword.

“Now, now doggie, you know what happened the last time.” The Black Knight said as he nudged his sword forward, causing both monsters to back away slightly.

After a few more minutes however, neither beast backed down and so the Black Knight was forced to attack both. Waving his sword at them he sent both beasts running, but Ammit managed to get a lucky hit in with its paw and send him flying through the air.

The Black Knight hoisted himself up almost instantly, but unfortunately Ammit managed to grab 3 of the Elves and devour them.

The Black Knight jumped onto the back of Ammit, holding his sword up high, though he didn’t strike it down.

Garmr meanwhile attacked Ammit in an effort ot get at its enemy and though it was able to knock the Knight off of the creatures back, Ammit in retatliation struck Garmr.

“Go all of you, I’ll hold it off.”

“That thing will devour you.” The leader of the Elves said.

“Please compared to some of the other sacrifices I’ve made, that’s nothing.” The Black Knight said as he hurried them up the stair case.

The two gigantic beasts clashed, with both ripping massive chunks out of the others flesh, only for their wounds to instantly heal. The Black Knight kept his distance, waiting for the right moment to strike.

After a few more moments, Garmr was able to pin down Ammit and started to throttle his enemy. Seizing his chance The Black Knight struck Garmr from behind causing the giant Wolf to be engulfed in flames.

Before Ammit could pull himself back up, the Black Knight jumped onto the monsters back and held his sword to its throat.

“I know you are intelligent. That’s why I spared you instead of that animal.” He said.

“Do as I say or you’ll end up like him understand. Take me to Scratchman.”

The Doctor and the others meanwhile hurried up the staircase which led to a tiny cliff where Scratchman and the TARDIS were perched.

Below the Doctor could see what was left of the castle crumbling into the black abyss. All of the monsters were struggling just to hold on now, though the Harpy Queen had managed to fly to where Scratchman was, Scratchman held her back with his psychic powers.

“His power is fading. Otherwise he’d just vaporise her” The Doctor said.

“Now’s our chance.”

Before the others could disagree, the Doctor ran to confront Scratchman.

“That’s not possible? How did you escape my hell!” Scratchman said in both shock and anger.

“Let’s just say your losing your grip in more ways than one.”

The Doctor looked up at the endless black above (with the Castle’s roof having faded away into nothing.)

“Not long now Harry, why not just admit defeat. You had a good run, a couple of hundred trillion years or so. That’s more than most universes last.”

Scratchman just laughed.

“You’re honestly offering me the chance to bow out gracefully?”

“You’re weak Harry. You can barely hold onto the TARDIS. Even you underestimated how little time this universe has left. Your spare hell dimensions have run out trying to keep it afloat.”

“Your machine can’t hold out for much longer, I am the master of this domain, I”

Whilst Scratchman was talking the Doctor simply ran towards the TARDIS. Scratchman tried to stop him, but the Elves, Elena and Yarox all swarmed the monster, who was now too weak to fight back. They all jumped him and for a few minutes were actually able to hold the Demon down. The Elves kicked and pounded furiously. They had waited for this moment for so long.

However sadly Scratchman soon threw them all off (and sent another two Elves tumbling ove the edge and into the mass of monsters below.)

Old Harry resumed his true form, a 50 foot tall winged Demon made of fire (though in actual fact Scratchman wasn’t even sure if this was his true form. He had certainly used it the longest, but for all he knew he took it from one of the many universes he conquered. They tended to get mixed up in his old age.)

Scratchman didn’t like to use his Demon body as in that form he absorbed more power and therefore would use up his few supplies. He had no choice however, as most of his pets, the Frost Giants and the Griffins weren’t even fighting for him now. They too were simply scrambling to try and find a place to escape from the abyss.

Scratchman prepared to bring down a ball of fire on all of the Doctors companions, but he was jumped from behind by Ammit who leaped dozens of feet through the air (with the Black Knight riding on the monsters back.)

Though they weren’t able to harm Scratchman they nevertheless brought him crashing back down to the floor below the cliff.

Scratchman was shocked at first to see both the Black Knight and Ammit, what he believed were two of his most loyal servants attacking him, but within a few seconds he blasted them both over the edge of the ruins of the castle, though Ammit managed to hold on with his claws, with the Black Knight in turn holding onto Ammit.

The Doctor was horrified to see the state his TARDIS had been reduced to by this monster, but he kept a level head as he started to tamper with the console.

The Doctor tried to reset the system, but Scratchman’s hold, though weakening by the minute was still too strong.

In desperation the Doctor tried to schiphon off all of the TARDIS energy into the fast return swich, which would take the Doctor to the last place he visited (Earth, though only in a few minutes when Scratchman’s power was too weak. At the very least however being forced to hold the TARDIS when all of its energy was positioned her would drain Scratchman quicker and prevent him from being able to use it to escape.)

Scratchman started to rip the cliff apart in rage, except for a tiny patch around the TARDIS which Scratchman placed a barrier around. Two more Elves went tumbling into the mass of monsters below as did Elena, but fortunately the leader of the Harpies managed to catch all three and flew back towards the TARDIS.

The Doctor, despite Scratchman’s best efforts was able to open the two doors by sending a huge power surge to them, smashing Scratchman’s weak forcefield. The 6 remaining Elves, the Harpy and Elena and Yarox fled into the machine just as the last piece of the cliff vanished. (Neither the Harpy nor the Elves even noticed that it was bigger on the inside at first they were so desperate.)

Scratchman started to strike the TARDIS from the outside but it was no use.

“You miserable wretched.” Scratchman shouted as the TARDIS started to take off. Though it wasn’t able to leave Scratchman’s domain, the inside of the TARDIS started to return to normal. The hideous green swamp on the floors vanished, the walls returned to their pristine, white look with gold roundrels. Elena and Yarox couldn’t help but breath a sigh of relief, though neither were foolish enough to believe they were out of the woods yet.

“The fast return switch.” the Doctor said smugly.

“Scratchman’s power is so weak he can barely hold the TARDIS in place. That’s only because I sciphoned off all of the energy into the fast return system. The power’s too much for him in his weakened state.”

“What’s the catch? There’s always one” Elena asked with dread.

“It means we can wait him out. We have a few minutes at the most before this reality crumbles, but in doing so, the TARDIS might burn itself up. Depending on whether or not it’s forced to use all of its energy powering the fast return switch. Even if we make it out, the TARDIS lifespan will be shortened by my calculations, at least about half and it will lose a number of features, it’s size will also be reduced to less than half too.”

“What features will it lose?”

“I’m not sure, it’s a risk that we’ll have to take, but that’s not even the main issue. All of those people out there. Fighting for survival, there’s a chance I might be able to help them, but I.”

“Leave them alien.” The Harpy Queen said much to his surprise.

“None of us expected to make it out of this. I don’t intend to go on living after this war either. As long as we helped to bring down that monster, that’s enough.”

“I’m sorry I understand you’ve lost hope against that thing old girl, but I’m not just going to sit and watch more people die because of that infernal bounder.” The Doctor said proudly as be clutched his lapels.

“We’ll never get all of them in the TARDIS.” Yarox counteracted.

“I never said we would. I’m going to do something incredibly dangerous and unprecedented. I’m going to link all of the creatures out there to the TARDIS’ camoflauge.”

“It’s what” the Harpy asked.

“The outside of the TARDIS is in a different dimension to the inside. It’s how it’s bigger on the inside than the outside. The outside is the way it interacts with the world out there, without that the inside, it would just be a pocket dimension cut off from all realities, at the same time it’s the inside that moves the outside to different places in time and space. Now If I’m able to link those aliens to the outside, then the control panel here will be able to drag them away too. I won’t take them back to earth. I’ve mapped out the co-ordinates for them. It’s a small planet, habitable in a galaxy that is mostly uninhabited. It will be a good place for all those life forms out there to start over.”

“They can’t start over. After what that Demon has put them through. All they know is pain and suffering. You will be bringing monsters into your own universe.” The Harpy said.

“Separated from Scratchman’s influence, they won’t be compelled to violence anymore. Some of them yes were willing participants but.”

“They’ll still have the memories of suffering under his rule” The Harpy Queen interrupted.

The leader of the Elves was quick to agree with the Harpy.

“They aren’t worth saving Time Lord. You’d simply be prolonging their agony.”

“You say that, but if Scratchman were really all he was cracked up to be, then me, Elena and Yarox wouldn’t have gotten this far would we? As it was dozens of his servants or slaves held onto themselves and helped us get to where we are now. Let’s return the favour.”

The others knew the Doctor was right, though the Harpy Queen was the most reluctant. She couldn’t bare the thought of her and the others suffering being for nothing. There was also the fact that none of the rest of her kind had survived the battle. Even if they were to make it out of this, she would still be alone.

The Doctor ripped a massive cable out of the TARDIS floor (which he opened up using his sonic screwdriver.)

“Point this at the rabble below. It will link them all to the TARDIS chamelion circut. I’ll dislodge some of the power towards it. This will mean we will be more vulnerable.” The Doctor said to Elena who took the cable.

“Then you can’t do it” The Harpy shouted.

“We can’t give Scratchman even a fraction of a chance.”

The Doctor however simply ignored the Harpy and opened the doors.

“What can we do?” Yarox asked.

“I’m going to need all of you to help me. Scratchman won’t be able to make the TARDIS create a rip for him, but he will be able to send things in here to attack us. They’ll just be illusions, but we’ll all need to stick together.”

Elena ponted the cable at the rabble below, who were now all crowded in one tiny room that was all that remained, along with a tiny cliff the TARDIS was perched on of their entire universe.

Scratchman hovered above in his giant flaming form with all of the monsters below cowering in fear. Their fear was keeping him going for now, but it wouldn’t be enough to sustain him for long.

As soon as Elena blasted the rabble with energy from the TARDIS Scratchman started to fill the TARDIS full of hallucinations. The floors turned into a green swamp, and several of the Elves and even the Doctor himself began to sink. Several rotting hands also began to emerge from the floor and started to attack everyone.

Several hands surrounded Elena and pulled the cable out of her hands, but Yarox threw himself at the hands, distracting them long enough for Elena to pull free and fire the last of the energy at the aliens below, linking them to the TARDIS.

The Doctor meanwhile grabbed onto the console, but each time he tried to reach for the controls, the hands would try and stop him.

Elena, Yarox and the Elves all tried to help him, but the hands got in their way, whilst several tentacles from the ceiling grabbed the Harpy as she tried to fly towards the Doctor.

The middle of the console turned into fire, with Scratchman’s face appearing on it.

“You honestly thought your cheap tricks could fool me. I have devoured entire universes. You are just a tiny little spec of one insignificant universes, with delusions of grandeur, do you understand.” The Demon said.

“No Harry old boy, you’re the one whose tricks are cheap, hackneyed and old hat. You’ve spent so long in the one universe, you’ve gotten lazy and boring.” The Doctor said as he proudly thrust his hand through the flaming mass at the centre of the console.

The others at first screamed at the Doctor to stop, but they soon saw the Doctors hand was completely unaffected.

“I told you it’s an illusion. He has nowhere near the power left to make these things solid anymore. Maintaining this place, and trying to hold the TARDIS up have taxed him. These illusions only hurt you if you let them now.” The Doctor said as he effortlessly pulled himself free from the zombie arms which faded away.

“Well Harry I can’t say it’s been pleasant. It has been interesting, but I hope you’ll forgive me if we don’t keep in touch. Even if you don’t there’s nothing you can do about it.” The Doctor gloated as a yellow light engulfed the TARDIS and all of the aliens.

The light caused the Doctor and all of the Elves and the aliens and his companions tremendous agony for a few minutes. It got so bad Yarox almost felt like jumping out of the TARDIS, but eventually the TARDIS and all of the creatures vanished, with Scratchman being helpless to do anything.

Scratchman looked down at the last tiny little patch of his castle, all that was left of an entire universe as it faded away into nothing.

The monster screamed in anger through the eternal nothingness he now found himself trapped in. He vowed that he would make the Doctor suffer, that he would keep regressing him back through each of his 10 previous lives only to keep killing him again and again, but it was no use.

For now at least Scratchman, for the first time in his miserable existence felt as helpless as his victims.

“I’m not beat yet.” The Demon kept trying to assure itself. “I have minions on the outside. They will find a way to free me, and when they do, Gallifrey shall be the first world I crush.”

“What, what’s going on.” The Doctor said as Elena nudged him awake.

The Doctor felt his face.

“Ah good no regeneration. I was worried there for a minute there it was so painful. I don’t ever intend to travel like that again.” The Doctor said as he bounced up and checked the TARDIS.

The console was burnt black, but it still seemed operational.

“Everything seems to be fine for now, though I we lost about 3 quarters of space.”

“Please tell me the library isn’t gone.” Elena said.

“No but I’m afraid the garden is. I’m sorry Yarox.”

“That’s okay Doctor. I don’t think I was eager to go back there after what happened with the Daleks. It was beautiful though. Honestly listen to me getting upset over a fake garden. We’ve just seen an entire universe burn away.”

“Speaking of which did it work? Did you send those creatures to another planet.” Elena asked.

“As far as I know yes. I’m not sure if I’ve done the right thing Elena, but after everything they went through I just couldn’t leave them.

“I understand.” Elena said. “I just can’t beliebve we’re back on earth. How did you know Scratchman’s tricks were just illusions? I know Pan’s were, but old Harry as you called him, was a step up from that.”

“I didn’t know for sure. I just wasn’t scared.” The Doctor said.

“Don’t get me wrong I do value my life.” The Doctor said.

“Perhaps a little too much, but when you reach my age you learn that there are some things that you can’t fight like death and you learn to accept them. You never stop being scared to some extent, but you know there is no point in fighting the inevitable. Scratchman despite what he claimed was something that could be fought.” The Doctor continued with a wry smile as he checked the controls.

“Everything seems to be working for now. Where are the Elves and the Harpy.”

“They’ve gone outside. They wanted to see our world in all its glory, or rather my world.”

“Well I consider the earth sort of a second home you know” The Doctor said.

“Still I understand. After living in Scratchman’s home it must be.” The Doctor stopped as he looked down at the console.

“What is it?”

“We’ve landed in the year 1998. Decades after we last landed on this island. I do hope there aren’t any people around or else we might cause a scene.”

Outside the Doctor could see the Harpy sitting atop a massive tree, whilst several of the Elves were marvelling at the simple sight of the birds around them. The TARDIS had taken them to the exact same spot they had first landed on the island

The Harpy was crying.

“It is beautiful. It is just like the legends of our world. I never thought I’d. It’s not fair. Those who were younger than me, fought harder, were braver can not be here to.”

The leader of the Elves was similarly mournful of his fallen comrades.

“Doctor” he asked. “When you sent those other creatures to the far away planet, were you able to help the Elves that still remained in.”

“I’m afraid not. Scratchman’s spare hell dimensions were gone by the time I was able to do anything. All that remained was the castle. If I could I would have helped. You know that.”

“I do know, and I am grateful for everything you have done for us Doctor, I just can’t help but feel that it isn’t over. Any second Scratchman will emerge from the TARDIS and.”

“It is over. That monster will never die, but he’ll never escape the prison they sealed him in.”

“I almost don’t want it to be over, as that way I won’t have let them down.”

“You didn’t. You helped us defeat Scratchman. That monster can never hurt anyone ever again, and you can now make sure that what your friends went through in that wasteland isn’t forgotten by the rest of your people.”

“What do you mean.”

“I’m going to take you home. The TARDIS is just working out what time period we can send you to so it won’t be a problem. As for the Queen, well I suppose I could take her to the planet I sent the rest of Scratchman’s minions too.”

“She was the last of her kind Doctor. There is no one for her there.”

“Well we’ll see if we can find somewhere for her. If not I always have a spare room on the TARDIS, though I’ll have to check actually to see if I still do.”

Elena and Yarox both emerged from the woods, having gone off to explore with a look of disguston their faces.

“What’s wrong?”

“The villagers. They were just left.” Elena said.

“We saw the body of one of the Scarecrow’s victims. It had rotted away into a skeleton.” Elena said with a tear starting to form in her single eye.

“I’m sorry Elena, but no one could ever know what happened here. The world wasn’t ready for it. To be honest I’m not even sure any world is ready to know the truth about that monster.” The Doctor said. What happened here always had to be kept a secret.”

“After all those people went through, the suffering they endured here and in the pit, and they’re just left to rot.”

“An entire universe and billions more before that suffered the same fate earthling.” The Harpy said as she descended from the tree top.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.”

“No it’s quite alright. We all only care about the people closest to us. Right now I’d wager in this universe there are billions of life forms slaughtering one another, but does anyone care?” She said grimly.

“If that’s the attitude you’re going to have you might as well have let Scratchman won. I’m not going to deny that the universe can be a horrible place, but compassion will always emerge even in the darkest places of the universe. Even in Scratchman’s realm he couldn’t eliminate it completely. Which is why we are standing here and he’s floating about in an eternal nothingness. I can’t even begint to imagine how hard it must be to lose your world, and I hope I never have to, but it can live on through you. It’s history, it’s ideals, it’s culture. It all depends on what you choose to do with this second chance.” The Doctor said as he headed back to the TARDIS.

The others were quick to follow, though the Harpy whilst angry at what she felt was the Doctors condescension, nevertheless took on board what he said to some extent. She wondered how she could possibly begin making sure her people’s culture could continue to exist in this reality.

“The TARDIS has found a time to take you to in your worlds history. It’s several thousand years in the future from this point. Your planet will have changed in the meantime to put it mildly.” The Doctor said.

“Are you sure you want to do this? I’m not familiar with the history of your planet I’m afraid. It could be a good future it could be a.”

“We’ll cope” the leader of the Elves said.

“If we can survive Scratchman’s realm, we can survive anything.”

“Well then lets not waste anymore time.” The Doctor said as he took the TARDIS to its next destination.