About The Author


My name is Joseph Wilson. I am from Glasgow and I am a lifelong fan of science fiction, fantasy and horror stories.

I currently run 3 different blogs. This one, Burrunjorsramblesandbabbles, where I review sci fi, fantasy and also discuss my political views, and Dinosaurs and Tall Tales where I post my original science fiction stories..

Don’t worry though NONE of the stories here or on Dinosaurs and Tall Tales will be political. I for one am fed up of politics being forced into every form of entertainment, from comic books, to award shows. I want these stories to be for everyone. If you don’t like them, then I want it to be because you don’t like them, and not because I have squeezed my own political agenda in there.

I am the sole author of all stories and articles on each blog, though I hope to get other writers in for this and Dinosaurs and Tall Tales soon enough. Please let me know what you think of all my work and in what way you hope I can improve in the comments below and subscribe if you like what you see.