The Mega Family: Part 4: Charcaria

Charcaria, the fourth member of the Mega Family like Kosarak did not originate from this earth. Rather she came from one of the worlds within ours. As we explained earlier in Jocaziah’s chapter, every single world within our universe is a mini universe in a way, as each planet contains what are essentially mini worldsContinue reading “The Mega Family: Part 4: Charcaria”

The Mega Family: Part 3: Kosarak

Kosarak, the famous robotic titan from the stars, was in reality two very different life forms merged together through strange alien magics. Not as much of his history is known when compared with either Jocaziah or Daharain for the obvious reason that he came from another planet. All that we do know of him comesContinue reading “The Mega Family: Part 3: Kosarak”

The Mega Family: Part 2: Daharain

Drawing by Caio Corsini Filhio Daharain, also known as the king of Point Nemo was perhaps the most unusual member of the Mega Family. Unlike all of the others, he was a truly unique creature, being something of an amalgamation of many different species, some not of this earth. At the same time however heContinue reading “The Mega Family: Part 2: Daharain”

The Mega Family: Part 1: Jocaziah

Drawing by Caio Corsini Filhio Family can mean many things to different people and culture’s, but I think most would agree that the defining feature of any true family, is a unique bond that unites a group of individuals together no matter what. Culture, heritage, and even blood are all ultimately of secondary importance toContinue reading “The Mega Family: Part 1: Jocaziah”

The Secret Life of Dionne P Nash: Part 7

Drawing by Caio Vincent Corsini. Dionne’s old archenemy had somehow survived his death, but much to his chagrin, Dionne was more angered that she had failed to avenge Trian than scared of what Jakarian might do. She hadn’t failed quite as badly as she had thought however. Dionne had completely destroyed Jakarian’s body all thoseContinue reading “The Secret Life of Dionne P Nash: Part 7”

The Secret Life of Dionne P Nash: Part 6

Drawing by Caio Vincent Corsini. The metropolis of Karsen was in many respects more beautiful than any of the cities Dionne had seen during the apparent golden age of Tairos. It was surrounded on all sides by a gigantic wall, though as Dionne would later learn, it was actually something inside that provided the keyContinue reading “The Secret Life of Dionne P Nash: Part 6”

The Secret Life of Dionne P Nash: Part 5

This wasn’t the Tairos that Dionne knew at all. The effects of Jakarian’s bombs and the many more devastating weapons created and used by both the vampires and the allies since had destroyed huge sections of the forest. Before Tairos looked beautiful, but now its ugliness was there for all to see. The Circus FamilyContinue reading “The Secret Life of Dionne P Nash: Part 5”

The Secret Life of Dionne P Nash: Part 4

Illustration by Caio Corsini Filho The Spinosaurus eventually tore through Dionne’s forcefield, though doing so had produced many gruesome wounds all over the animal, to the point where the golden waters went red with its blood. The sail backed beast didn’t seem bothered at all and let out another massive roar, before bringing one ofContinue reading “The Secret Life of Dionne P Nash: Part 4”

The Secret Life of Dionne P Nash: Part 3

The vampires had three rulers in the age of Tairos. The Emperor, the king and the queen, with a supreme council ruling below them. The Emperor who it is believed lived through the aliens destruction of the earth, and was responsible for bringing the rest of his kind back, was their overall ruler, though heContinue reading “The Secret Life of Dionne P Nash: Part 3”

The Secret Life of Dionne P Nash: Part 2

More than a few hours passed before Dionne woke up in a cage, surrounded by six other people. All survivors of the city of Mosterik, who like Dionne had fled into the woods and been captured by these monsters. Outside the cage meanwhile was a huge campsite where the mangled bodies of several Dinosaurs andContinue reading “The Secret Life of Dionne P Nash: Part 2”