Spook Family: Part 1

Throughout our history there have been many heroes and influential figures who have come from somewhat humble beginnings, only to defy all expectations and achieve a greatness few can ever dream of. Perhaps no group of people embody this idea better than the somewhat unconventional band of heroes operating in the late 20th century, knownContinue reading “Spook Family: Part 1”

Gina: Queen of The Forest: Origin

Some would argue that there is no such thing as a hero. Scratch the surface of any great, inspiring figures life story and you will find the sordid, unsavoury details they’d rather you not know about. From world leaders, to vampire killers, to great artists. All of them are better known for the artificial imageContinue reading “Gina: Queen of The Forest: Origin”

Aimee Agyeman: Demonic Adventurer: Origin

Aimee Agyeman was a pioneer who explored all the corners of the earth and then some. Her bravery and passion for discovery ensured that she left no stone on this world unturned, and helped future generations learn the truth about so many hidden aspects of our history, as well as uncover secret threats to humanity.Continue reading “Aimee Agyeman: Demonic Adventurer: Origin”

The Trials of Ching Kwan

Ching Kwan was quite possibly the most skilled non mystical vampire hunter of all time. He is believed to have killed up to 700 vampires during his lifetime, as well as over 200 Demons. His greatest legacy however was his creation of the new fighting style, “Jineng Chaoguo Liliang” skill over strength, which through careful,Continue reading “The Trials of Ching Kwan”

My First Experience with Vampires

It’s difficult to describe your reaction the first time you meet a vampire. Many things go through your mind at once. On the one hand you try and rationalise it any way you can, on the other however there is a twisted fascination because it challenges everything you thought you knew. If vampires exist, whatContinue reading “My First Experience with Vampires”